Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: ShanaLynetteHughes… Taylor Armstrong… Does Taylor Get Angry?… VIDEO

ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong… “I ain’t got no anger issues…”

On Monday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… 

Russell Armstrong and Shana were on their way to Adrienne Maloof’s party; stopping to pick up Hagface Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio.  First, what was the point of that?  Hagface and her husband couldn’t drive to Adrienne’s themselves?  Callin’ producer-induced scenario on that…

Second, Russell (rest his soul…) very subtly calls out Shana on her anger issues.  After Russell mentions Shana’s anger, Shana acts surprised… obviously, Russell knows Shana.


NOTE:  Bravo needs to trash ALL of Russell’s footage… let Russell rest in peace.


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30 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: ShanaLynetteHughes… Taylor Armstrong… Does Taylor Get Angry?… VIDEO

  1. Oh they soooo need to do a montage of all her over-the-top out of control angry outburst spliced in with her “what? you think I am a person who gets angry?”

    • yea…you know what? the ONLY person in the whole show we’ve seen go into hysterical fits of anger, crying, laughing is ShanaTaylorFordArmstrong. Not even Kim’s few minutes of reclaimed fame have been as sick. And she does it with cameras on without any thought and no matter who is in the room.

  2. Traylor is repulsive. Bravo needs to stop showing Russell. It is heartless to continue showing him. They need to put all the scenes with him together and give it to Kennedy and his sons so they have it in memory of him. You can see what a liar Traylor is especially in the limo ride. You can see the look on Russell’s face. He has no idea what she has been telling people about him. It is really disgusting. it is a shame none of them made a comment in some way insunating what she had been saying while Russell was present to put her on the spot.

    • and another thing….Maricio, as a man, to sit and play so whatever about these accusations? At dinner, in a limo? what MAN would agree to give away precious time to a woman beater and keep his mouth shut?! He’s got THREE freakin daughters and a stepDAUGHTER, a MOTHER and a WIFE!? apparently Traylor confides in Kyle more than anyone wtf? Wouldn’t ANY normal person with a thriving career be like “I’m not going to be associated with these people even for a second and especially while cameras are on me.”

  3. Russell was a sick man who found a sick woman. I cannot even imagine what will happen with their daughter. When Shana found Russell hanging, she had her daughter with her. First of all, no mother would bring their daughter along if they had even a slight inkling that something was wrong. But then, when you do see it you don’t think of your daughter, but start crying for your therapist? WTF????

  4. I’m going to need anger management if I keep seeing clips of how this b*tch played that man ! The whole thing is disturbing how it is playing out and since I have no faith in Bravo EVER doing the right thing with their producer scripted crap ( like outing this liar before the end of this season ! ) I imagine it will get worse.

  5. I’m confused???!!!
    1.Shana told Camille that Russell abused her and she wanted to stay at her home
    2.Camille called Shana out in front of the group for possibly lying about her abuse
    3.Shana and Russell have a conversation about Camille telling lies about them??

    Sooooo is Camille lying that Russell abused her or is Camille lying about Shana making it up?

    If your husband is abusing you and you’re telling all your girlfriends about it and one of them calls you out and there is a big scene you go home and tell your husband the whole story with all the abuse allegation details? Um did Russell even know what she and Camille where even fighting about? If he did would he realize that it was probably Shana leaking all the divorce stories to the gossip mags. I don’t get it, it does not make sense!

    • The part that chaps my butt is it looks like now (in real time) Camille is swallowing the whole abuse story lock stock and barrel according to her blog. If Bravo is trying to edit this to highlight Traylor’s lies and treachery then someone better get a memo out to the other ladies pronto.

    • I’m with you sd, none of it makes sense. Camille did blurt that abuse business out at the tea party, but Taylor had told ALL the women about it. It wasn’t a surprise to any of them. I wonder if that footage was in the original episode (prior to the post-Russell edit)? Do you think that was added back in after Russell’s suicide? Editing keeps us from knowing so much of the truth. Bravo had a lot of filming and many choice pieces to slice and dice I’m sure. My opinion is: either Russell’s shady dealings were going to ruin him but good and he had the added pressure of Taylor jumping ship to save herself and pull out these allegations from filming to really rub salt in his wounds….(sorry, can’t buy the story that he broke her jaw, someone would have noticed…..Camille let us in on that one, thanks Camille), or the wrong someone got swindled and paid Russell a final visit. Another time to wish we had all the film to review ( like Scary Island, but alas, we’ll never see it all).

      • Yes the editing is whack. Camille’s third (yes third and yes its noticeable production if you’re reading this) “We were all protecting yooooooo” was spliced all to be damned. I am supervised they didn’t borrow the soul diggaz from NJ to auto tune it.. it was THAT noticeable.

  6. I just do not understand why the women on this show are even entertaining Shana’s antics. Did Adrienne forget that she blatantly lied about her being Kennedy’s godmother last season? Do the other ladies not know about the four name changes that Shana has had? Didn’t any one of these ladies think it might be the least bit strange that Shana was more upset at Lisa’s “tea party” about the fact that Lisa did not accept her as a friend as opposed to the fact that Camille just outed the alleged abuse that Shana had told each and every one of them about? Finally, the limo scene in the past episode was infuriating to watch. This vile woman really took her late husband for a ride. I don’t think he had any idea what she was telling everyone about their relationship. Bravo needs to have some sort of moral compass and get Shana off the show, but it might be too much to ask for Bravo to have any kind of moral compass.

  7. Did anyone hear about Kyle stating on a blog somewhere that they all lied at the tea party? Like they doubted Traylor’s truth about the abuse only on camera cuz they were worried about her safety if russel saw it? Sorry I’m vague.. The whole thing is confusing and I haven’t had time to keep up on here! I’ve read the posts, but not all the comments (sadly).

    • I cant remember where that came from but I am sure she is doing the flip-flop now too . Camile did it in her blog too. Just when I thought that Bravo was editing this to expose Trayor the girls seem to be backing her up. Sooo weird.

      • my guess they are changing their opinion out of guilt and feeling sorry for Taylor
        who knows what they really think behind closed doors

          • True, she’s a total loon. However, I can see why it might be bad for business for any of these girls to expose Traylor. That would make all of them look purdy awful… I mean, not to us SH readers, but to the general public and before you try argue with shock and confusion saying “the entire general public reads SH!” let me say (in my best/worse Phaedra voice) everybody knows that only the best of the best HWs fans read SH.

            • Well ifn ya ask me the “general public” that buys this horse pucky sucks. But not nearly as bad as the ones that are covering it up with… what was it? Fabreeze?

    • supposedly he (russel) sent camille a nasty violent text at some point which was in the papers right after he died and thats what pissed camille off.

  8. What difference would it make if Russell saw it or not he would be furious (if he truly was abusing her) them denying what she said would not matter to a abuser.

    • She tried to pawn it all off on Lisa and Camille. I have said before that I think she leaked the story that Russ was pissed about. Sue pissed. And she would have let him sue Lisa too instead of admit what she was doing to him. I don’t think he is a dumb as he played. I think he was fishing for the truth at the dinner with Kyle and Mauricio. Mauricio was shady for not cluing him in.
      Lets go a step further, if the goal was to hide the fact that she even made the accusations to protect her from a ho-down smack-down then she would have tried to keep her hungry cougar moves that she displayed at the b-day party off camera too.

      • yea. Traylor gave him bits and pieces about what was going on and he called the bluff at the dinner table and that spineless ass kisser maricio didn’t say a word and kyle just a two faced back stabbing bitch so why the hell would she say anything to protect her “friend” lisa? NOW I believe Camille from last season lol Kyle DID say “why would anyone want to film you without kelsey there?”

        • Actually, I bet kyle did not put it that way, like Taylor thought Lisa said I am not your friend when she actually said I am not your best friend. I have posted many times my disdain for the Grifter Taylor and how excited I am to follow the lawsuit in LA courts in Dec that will reveal all the lies and money Taylor stole from investors; however, I do believe that because Camille was so insecure at the time, she read into what Kyle actually said. Camille is calm and self-assured this year. Last year she was an insecure mess. She has really cleaned herself up this year, standing on her own 2 feet. Don’t forget all those obnoxious comments she made about hierarchy, etc. No one says the kind of stuff Camille said last year. She has cleaned up her act this year and is more self confident. A different person. Don’t give her a pass for all her nasty jabs though from last year. Go back and watch the episodes. She had a major superiority / insecurity thing going on.

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