Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: HMMMM… Guess The Guest!!

On Monday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

There were a couple of little scenes that may have flown past the normal viewer.

HOWEVER… you KNOW that SH is all over catching these little snaps that those sloppy Bravo producers kept in the episode!!!

LIKE… Who the hell is THIS chick who was hangin’ around Adrienne’s par-tay??  Is she in training to be a Beverly Hills Housewife??  Maybe LizardLipLickin’ Hagface Kyle’s replacement??

  “Adrienne… did you invite her??” 

“NO!  I thought YOU invited her!!”

AND… of course, those dumbass Bravo producers don’t bother reviewing the totally fictional “Lisa owns restaurants but needs Beverly Catering to supply the menu for her daughter, Pandora’s, wedding…”

“Real Housewives of BH – Pandora”… Hey, Sally!  We’ll be givin’ you a call!!

39 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: HMMMM… Guess The Guest!!

  1. The lady in the background is either Taylor’s twin sister and/or Kim’s boyfriend’s sister. This was her screen test.

    *Disclaimer: If anything I say above is truth, it is totally coincidental and and I will be opening up a psychic hotline asap.


    • lol. Well whoever does can also call this number l (866) 666-3711 its the number listed with some of the Sockless Wonders “helpful” videos. Take note of the 666. I told yall these daggum seances twasnt nuttin to be triffled with!


  2. She’s lovely isn’t she?

    Picture her in a pair of those death defying shoes that Adrienne “created”, cleaning out her ears at the same time while falling on her butt from the effort.


  3. “Y’all I’m so pissed! Those ba$tard producers told me they weren’t gonna air that bc I wasn’t ready. I won a contest the last time I was at the Palms to film at the Maloof manor! Here’s me and my big shot, so excited to tell you all about it and look at me caught with my finger in my ear… sheesh”

    Ya effin right… and Taylor is actually a good person! Lol


    • I read Adrienne’s blog earlier and am sorry to say she’s still whining about Pandora’s bachelorette party not being held at the Palms. She needs to get over it and damn soon because she’s beginning to look completely ridiculous. If she was so hot to throw a party for Pandora she should have offered but she didn’t and now she’s all sour grapes. I just don’t understand the reason for her being so bent out of shape.


  4. I noticed her too. At first I thought she was picking her nose, but then saw it was her ear. Was that a goof shot, or was it on purpose?


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