Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Dr. Charles Sophy… Shana and Russell Armstrong’s Shrink… How Does He Do It??

               “Hey guys!  I just got my fame certificate  from Dr. Drew!!!  Go ahead, start talkin’…”

An article from the LA Times describing the double professional life of Shana and Russell Armstrong’s therapist, Dr. Charles Sophy:

“Dr. Charles Sophy, medical director for Los Angeles County’s beleaguered child welfare agency, carries two cellphones in his pocket.

One BlackBerry tethers him to his county job, where he is responsible for the mental health needs of nearly 20,000 foster children. The second — kept in a plastic case adorned with images of dollar bills — is reserved for his Beverly Hills-based private psychiatric practice, where his patients have included Paris Hilton, and for scheduling appearances on television interview and reality shows. Among his recent on-camera sessions was counseling of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Taylor Armstrong and her husband, Russell, before Russell Armstrong committed suicide Aug. 15.”

Wendy… The Sophy-Shana Connection

Dr. Sophy, who is a graduate of Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew School of MedicalFame, is being questioned as to his ability to share his time between his very lucrative, very visible  celebrity-based practice and his job as the medical director of LA’s Department of Children and Family Services.  How does he do it??

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NOTE:  If you missed the therapy session which Dr. Sophy filmed with Shana and Russell, it is  included here.  May Russell rest in peace…

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  1. He’s in charge of the mental well being of foster kids? And he just let Kennedy twist in the breeze like that? Shameful.


  2. O Magical Sockless One treated Paris Hilton? Fat lot a good it done her huh? Is he also the quacker who has Kim so pumped full of pills too?


  3. I would think that being medical director of department of family services would be more than a full time job. I would think he would his hands full with that!


  4. Doctor of Osteopathy?!?! And hes a psychiatrist? My pain management doctor is a D.O./M.D. My understanding from him on how he explained the D.O. was anesthesia/pain management. So either this guy hold dual licenses like my doc does or he isn’t a real shrink…hmmm interesting I wonder what he is listed as under the licensing board in CA…gonna have to check that out later when I have more time! LOL


    • D.O.’s are definitely not just for anesthesia/pain management. MD’s and DO’s are both medical doctors and can perform all of the same duties and specialities. DO’s can be primary care physicians as well as OBGYN’s, surgeons, psychiatrists, etc. It is really just a matter of different ways of teaching. DO’s have a bigger emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and the biopsychosocial model of medicine, in that they emphasize the impacts of psychological and environmental stresses on the body, in comparison to MD’s but besides that, they have the same 4 year path as MD’s, followed by residency and passing the board exams.


  5. It seems to me that he is the go to doctor for rich women in Beverly Hills for “official” prescription medication. I wouldn’t doubt that he’s Kim’s doctor too. Also, I would lump him with the other medical directors that charge for the hours and patients they don’t work with. Being a medical director is a full time job, but many times those positions within the social services field is occupied by Drs that also hold private practices. The result is that the Director then doesnt actually do anything with the children but is merely on the payroll for his degree. There was a great yet damning article about a Cook county mental hospital that did pretty much that, recently.


  6. I do like Dr.Drew and I have seen this guy on his show. What I saw was that he seems to be good at his job and I tend to think Dr.Drew wouldnt have him there if he wasnt up to his standards. I think that he has made a big mistake associating with bravo T.V. It isnt a good show to try and show people that you are professional and good at what you do. The people on this show are pretty messed up and to be in close with them kind of paints you with the same lying,cheating behavior they are known for. I mean other shows have people that are in specialized fields and when you watch most of the time they are genuine. No one can take the HW seriously so to be involved with it kind of makes a person look bad. Now for the view i had of traylor all night. Those sagging lips! They are bad enough when she smiles. The sad trembling lips that just hung there made me puke! I had nightmares about those things coming out of the walls in my bedroom….Someone make it stop!…lol…Sorry but they really did imprint and everytime I closed my eyes and heard her voice I saw them…Ug…To all the people out there who have careers dont go on this show! You will come out stinking like the rest of them.


  7. I didn’t see where he got his board certification in psychiatry, or if he had dual degrees, where he got his degree relating to psychiatry. All I’ve seen thusfar is that he went to school to get a degree as a D.O.


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