Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… YO! Adrienne!… We Wanna See The Shoes!

                                                                                   Lisa Vanderpump, Dana Wilkey and Camille Grammer… “Hey, AlienShapeShifterPam… do YOU see any shoes?  Like, where are they??”

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof’s shoe collection was debuted… with fashions by Kevin Hall.

Unfortunately, the fashion took over the fashion show and Adrienne’s shoes were hidden on the runway by long fabric… and Adrienne’s fellow Housewives wanted to see Adrienne’s shoes!

A scene that was not seen on the last RHOBH…


6 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… YO! Adrienne!… We Wanna See The Shoes!

  1. Whats up with these shoes that are like platforms, and then have a 6-inch spike heel. Hell I would be 6’5 if I wore her shoes. How in the hell do they walk? These California women…with there botox, hair extentions, plastic surgery, lip injections, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake anything, have become a new species. I seen a commercial with Jackie Zeman recently ( she used to be on General Hospital) and I was shocked. DO they think they really look more attractive? From Suzanne Summers, who looks just weird, to Priscilla Presley, they look like Frankenstein experiments.

    Patti Stanger said on her reunion, “everybody is doing it”. Oh Patti…NOT THEY ARE NOT! Only these superficial women who have relied on their looks are insecure about growing old. Getting a face-lift will never make you 25, 35, 45 again.


    • not to mention they are all in competition to see who can eat the least amount of food, nothing ages you more than being too skinny, just look at Taylor, I thought she was 50 years old!


  2. They did show some of the shoes as I said before, but as Ms SH said they should of shown more of her shoes and not covered by the long gowns.

    I so agree with you Sable…I saw Jackie Zeman recently and was SHOCKED with what she did to herself. My guess is some are trying to capture their youth and others are trying to re-live it in surgery., Anyway you look at it , it is so very sad!


  3. So the thing I learned from Adrienne Maloof in this episode is that it’s every girl’s dream to design her own shoe line. Well, actually, to be born into an incredibly rich family and pay a team of designers to create a shoe line for you based on ideas you stole from other shoe designers. Thanks A!


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