Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Brandi Glanville… VIDEO UPDATE… Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump… BravoTV Blogs Are Up!

Kyle Richards Bravotv blog… here.   Kyle-ee really has nothing to say… BORING!

“Then there was the tension between Lisa and Adrienne. I think this is a case of “there is more than meets the eye”. . . In watching a show like this , you must keep in mind that things happen off camera as well. We can’t always explain everything that happens that the camera didn’t see. Sooo, let’s not be too quick to judge.  Just keep watching!”

Note to Hagface Kyle:  No one wants to read a recap of the episode we all just watched.  What we all want is for YOU to explain everything that happens that the camera didn’t see… OK??

Brandi Glanville’s Bravotv blog… here.

Brandi really does not have too much to say, BUT she does drop a hint about next week’s episode:

“Seeing the preview for next week’s episode gives me a giant knot in my belly. Beware: it’s pretty intense. After waiting two hours for my guests to arrive, I may have dipped into too much Chardonnay and then World War 3 broke out.  Oh my! Stay tuned!”

From next week’s RHOBH… Brandi kinda “gives” Lisa a gift… how awkward:

NOTE:  I’m really gettin’ tired of Lisa’s ‘cutesy’ remarks… really, a “Maloof hoof?”  That’s not funny even with a British accent…

                Adrienne Maloof… “Here’s to Lisa’s shoe line causing feet to callous throughout the US AND Canada!” 

Adrienne Maloof’s Bravotv blog… here.

Adrienne goes on about her shoe line and Lisa Vanderpump’s reaction to the phony-baloney producer-induced “shoe wars” between Adrienne and Lisa…

“I know a lot of people wondered where my footwear collection was that evening — Lisa  and Kyle in particular brought this up. At the time, the collection was not yet fully produced. We had just finished the design process, and were entering the first stages of production. It’s a long and lengthy process to create a beautiful line, and it’s vitally important to me that we do this just right. The pair you saw me wearing is the pièce de résistance of the collection. We worked really hard to have that particular shoe crafted for the show. With more than a thousand hand-placed Swarovski crystals on it and with my team and I unwilling to sacrifice on quality – that was a huge task in itself. We made only forty pairs of that shoe, and I’m madly in love with it. It’s truly my Cinderella shoe.

However, it was really disappointing to see Lisa’s snide remarks about all of it. It’s something that has not sat well with me. I get that people make sarcastic comments, or careless ones, but I really believe that you have to take care not to insult someone’s family or their business. Simply put? Not cool. You’d think women would encourage each other instead of getting catty. I was taken aback by what I consider to be her classless comments on my new business and how she approached the bachelorette party. I truly felt that she was envious of what we’ve accomplished and maybe what they say is true – jealousy is the root of all evil…”

Here’s the shoe of which Adrienne only made 40 pairs…

Lisa Vanderpump’s Bravotv blog… here.

About next week’s trip to Las Vegas… interesting that Lisa discloses that Hagface Kyle wears the pants at the Beverly Hills franchise!

“Kyle told me we all had to go. She wanted to go with me. I disagreed, I had no intention of seeing my daughter doing whatever a whole bevy of young girls do in Vegas. It was time for them. I would certainly organize her engagement, her shower, her wedding, but in this instance, she was on her own!

Somehow, to cut a long story short, I was roped into this trip, and obviously, now you, the viewer, will get to witness it, so everything changes. What was to be Pandora’s trip became a major production, and I was suddenly in trouble for it. I resent the fact that suddenly I am to blame…”

32 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Brandi Glanville… VIDEO UPDATE… Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump… BravoTV Blogs Are Up!

  1. I thought Adrienne’s blog was highly inappropriate in light of what is known about this situation, and it is clear that she still has no understanding at all of the difference between accepting a gracious gift offered by a family friend versus providing profit for a mere neighbor. Much more, this was a gift to Pandora and what she wanted. How misguided and absurd that Adrienne felt she should have profitted from this event. No mention of Shana having a party in Vegas and not at Adrienne’s casino in that blog; that would deserve this kind of reaction, but not in Pandora (who is not a housewife) choice to accept a gift.

    Greed and envy does not look good on Adrienne and she should expect that this will be a huge blow to her shoe dream.


    • Sistah: I must step in and remind you that this “shoe war” is all producer-induced fakery. Lisa and Adrienne both announced their interest in shoes and their lines at the same time! Just do a search on SH and you will find both Adrienne and Lisa’s shoes… posted months ago!

      Remember… Bravo has their hands in on every HW-related product, so it is good for their bottom line to stir up the fake shoe controversy between Lisa and Adrienne. TFC!! SH


    • ditto–now it is all about AM. If they are such friends why hasn’t AM jumped to host an honorary party in celebration of PV marriage? It is not like Lisa is actually hosting this soiree.


    • Good point, Sistah in bringing up Traylor’s Vegas bday wkend. I wouldn’t want to celebrate anything at the Palms anyway. Adrienne’s bro ran it in the ground. Should they even comp such a big group for 3 days? Like Lisa said. That’s prolly how they got in such a mess. Having the Paris Hiltons of the world take advantage of Georgie… and what was the significance of Adrienne driving home the point that she will be in Vegas the exact same wkend as Pandora’s bachelorette party? So?!


        • Ah ha… good stuff, Who! Altho Adrienne’s approach wa baaaad for bid’ness. She needs to get over Pandy’s bachelorette stoopid thing and put Lisa’s vino in the Palms. Pronto! Lisa knows too many powerful people. A move like that will be big in Lisa’s eyes.


  2. Those shoes look really similar to the shoes Kyle tried on in the little scene with Adrienne where she was getting rid of shoes and Kyle was trying to score some for free. Just saying.


  3. There has to be more to this “problem” Adrienne obviously has with Lisa, either that or she’s delusional. I really liked her last season but now she has a chip on her shoulder that is soooo unattractive. Love Lisa! Don’t understand why everyone’s against her this season (~_^)


  4. I love them both! I can’t pick a side! I am so disappointed at how bad both of them are coming off this season. It’s like Bravo alternates episodes between Adrienne and Lisa over being the villian. Now Bravo is going to mess-up BH for me too!


    • If you go to the shoe department at Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor and Saks, you will see similar shoes. Would I buy it? No, but if I was stil in my 20’s and kept up with all the trend, I would.


  5. Again let me save someone some money, these shoes look just like the shoes on the fredricks of hollywood website!!!!!!!! lol


  6. OK I gotta gripe. I just went to Alexis B website because she had a cute white dress that my daughter feel in love with on her site last year. I had forgotten all about it when the line came out but I just checked her site to see if it was there and the price for a Christmas gift possibly. (It wasn’t BTW) but I foolishly looked at what she has and her size chart. She is a cute blue dress for $349 and it goes up to to 2x!! Great right? NO! In Alexis B world a 2X is 14-16!! . WTF ?? On what planet .Body Issues much??


  7. The arguing between Adrienne and Lisa is hard to watch, particularly since they live across from each other. Or they did anyway. I wonder if that is really why Lisa moved?

    And when the heck is a 2X 14-16????


  8. Adrienne was such a bore last season, but this season she is being a straight up biatch. Going from snoozer to loser isn’t a good look for you, Adrienne. Pick your battles wisely if you are going for more camera time.


  9. I think Adrienne realized that she came off as boring last season and probably under the pressure of Bravo decided to join Kyle in becoming the new mean girls. Creating fake drama and trying to turn the viewers against certain housewives has backfired terribly, I’ve come to dislike Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne this season so far. The less Kim is on the more I forget that I started to dislike her because of her bratty childish behavior towards Brandi.


  10. I’m not even sure why Adrienne cares about the Palm. The Maloofs only own 2% of it now. And George Maloof doesn’t even run it any longer! Obviously manufactured spat by Bravo as usual.


  11. ive always liked adrienne but she so out of line over the party if she wanted then why didnt she say something to lisa no wait till the ball is moving to say i want to have the party!!! I thing she need to get over it so not like she was last yr.I love lisa she just shoot from the hip kind of lady she been honest Tylosser is just to ….what the word i want 2 face lier who cry over everything no matter what it! DRAMA QUEEN !!!!!!


  12. I feel badly that Pandora is going to be stuck with these women and it’s her party! If she was concerned this group couldn’t behave at her wedding I bet she was thrilled about them intruding on her weekend.


  13. I will never understand why these women agree to play out Bravo induced story lines that make them look petty and ridiculous.
    Do they participate in the direction of their character on the show?
    Are they allowed to stop a scene and say that they don’t like where it’s going?
    I wonder if they have any control once they sign on to do the show.


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