Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Brandi Glanville… VIDEO UPDATE… Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump… BravoTV Blogs Are Up!

Kyle Richards Bravotv blog… here.   Kyle-ee really has nothing to say… BORING!

“Then there was the tension between Lisa and Adrienne. I think this is a case of “there is more than meets the eye”. . . In watching a show like this , you must keep in mind that things happen off camera as well. We can’t always explain everything that happens that the camera didn’t see. Sooo, let’s not be too quick to judge.  Just keep watching!”

Note to Hagface Kyle:  No one wants to read a recap of the episode we all just watched.  What we all want is for YOU to explain everything that happens that the camera didn’t see… OK??

Brandi Glanville’s Bravotv blog… here.

Brandi really does not have too much to say, BUT she does drop a hint about next week’s episode:

“Seeing the preview for next week’s episode gives me a giant knot in my belly. Beware: it’s pretty intense. After waiting two hours for my guests to arrive, I may have dipped into too much Chardonnay and then World War 3 broke out.  Oh my! Stay tuned!”

From next week’s RHOBH… Brandi kinda “gives” Lisa a gift… how awkward:

NOTE:  I’m really gettin’ tired of Lisa’s ‘cutesy’ remarks… really, a “Maloof hoof?”  That’s not funny even with a British accent…

                Adrienne Maloof… “Here’s to Lisa’s shoe line causing feet to callous throughout the US AND Canada!” 

Adrienne Maloof’s Bravotv blog… here.

Adrienne goes on about her shoe line and Lisa Vanderpump’s reaction to the phony-baloney producer-induced “shoe wars” between Adrienne and Lisa…

“I know a lot of people wondered where my footwear collection was that evening — Lisa  and Kyle in particular brought this up. At the time, the collection was not yet fully produced. We had just finished the design process, and were entering the first stages of production. It’s a long and lengthy process to create a beautiful line, and it’s vitally important to me that we do this just right. The pair you saw me wearing is the pièce de résistance of the collection. We worked really hard to have that particular shoe crafted for the show. With more than a thousand hand-placed Swarovski crystals on it and with my team and I unwilling to sacrifice on quality – that was a huge task in itself. We made only forty pairs of that shoe, and I’m madly in love with it. It’s truly my Cinderella shoe.

However, it was really disappointing to see Lisa’s snide remarks about all of it. It’s something that has not sat well with me. I get that people make sarcastic comments, or careless ones, but I really believe that you have to take care not to insult someone’s family or their business. Simply put? Not cool. You’d think women would encourage each other instead of getting catty. I was taken aback by what I consider to be her classless comments on my new business and how she approached the bachelorette party. I truly felt that she was envious of what we’ve accomplished and maybe what they say is true – jealousy is the root of all evil…”

Here’s the shoe of which Adrienne only made 40 pairs…

Lisa Vanderpump’s Bravotv blog… here.

About next week’s trip to Las Vegas… interesting that Lisa discloses that Hagface Kyle wears the pants at the Beverly Hills franchise!

“Kyle told me we all had to go. She wanted to go with me. I disagreed, I had no intention of seeing my daughter doing whatever a whole bevy of young girls do in Vegas. It was time for them. I would certainly organize her engagement, her shower, her wedding, but in this instance, she was on her own!

Somehow, to cut a long story short, I was roped into this trip, and obviously, now you, the viewer, will get to witness it, so everything changes. What was to be Pandora’s trip became a major production, and I was suddenly in trouble for it. I resent the fact that suddenly I am to blame…”