Watch What Happens Live: Miss Andy Cohen… What Happened To Miss Andy’s Drinking Game??… VIDEO

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Miss Andy Cohen skipped over a very important ritual which had been a part of every WWHL since the show began five years ago… Lord of the Housewives, Miss Andy, did not ask his guests, Kristen Johnston and Brad Goreski to partake in the drinking game!

Are Kristen and Brad non-drinkers?  Or, is Miss Andy cutting back on the drinking game because WWHL is going from two days a week to five?


Oh yeah… the big question on last night’s WWHL was “Who is the most fashionable Beverly Hills Housewife?”   Camille and Lisa tied for most fashionable… Kim Richards took last place…

7 comments on “Watch What Happens Live: Miss Andy Cohen… What Happened To Miss Andy’s Drinking Game??… VIDEO

  1. From PJ’s to gowns Camille always looks great.
    Lisa has great taste but not always my taste.
    Kim pulls off casual but when she gets dressed up she looks terrible. like a clown
    The only thing I’ve ever seen on Kyle’s body that I’ve liked was a ring.
    Taylor has some cool shoes and some cute clothes but they’re ruined by being on her.
    Adrianne’s style is kind of tacky and overblown for my taste.
    Brandi has great style thought she’s not on the list.
    Pamdana has horrible taste and fashion sense.

    I remember reading in an interview with Kristen J that she had an ulcer that burst and at that time had a very unhealthy lifestyle where she was drinking too much, so she gave up booze.
    Might be code for ” I was an alcoholic”.
    Probably why there was no drinking game on the show out of respect for her.


  2. There have been times when there was no drinking game. I remember it was earlier this year but AC announced they were taking the night off from drinking.


  3. I agree with the poll, I think Camille always looks good; her clothes are taylored well. Lisa also looks good as well, very sophisicated; I can tell she wears great labels. Here I go again; Kyle has the worst taste in clothes; that gree dress was a mess!


  4. I am assuming the 2% that voted for Kim and Taylor were themselves..LOL. Not that their style is completely horrible, but compared to the other women, there is no comparison.


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