Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… Russell and Shana’s Therapy Session… VIDEO

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

                                                                   Russell Armstrong… with wife, ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong.  Dr. Charles Sophy… celebrity fame seeker.

Despite Russell Armstrong’s family warning Bravo NOT to air segments involving Russell, Bravo went ahead with Shana’s storyline and aired a therapy session with Dr. Charles Sophy, a graduate of the Dr. Drew School of MedicalFame.  (2008 Interview with Dr. Sophy and his involvement with Dr.  Drew and Celebrity Rehab… here.)

At the time of the filming, Russell agreed to seeing a therapist, but Russell did not want the therapy sessions to be filmed.  Shana’s insistence that her “abuse” storyline combined with her and Russell’s marriage difficulties won out… Shana and Russell’s therapy sessions were filmed and her “abuse” storyline continued.  ( reported Russell’s reluctance on March 25, 2011… here.)

 Shana… Where is the lip-to-eye cut???

The therapy session is included on SH to illustrate the lengths to which Bravo, Shana, and a “professional” therapist, Dr. Charles Sophy, will go to keep Shana’s storyline and the show going… despite Russell’s death on August 16, 2011!!!  (9-26-11… Bravo tells the HollywoodReporter that no decision has been made on using Shana/Russell footage… hereobviously, Bravo made their decision.) 

In the video, Dr. Sophy points out immediately that he had several therapy sessions with Shana without Russell.  Dr. Sophy then throws some key words at Russell:  anger, aggression and talks about “Russell not being good” to Shana.

The main reason this video is posted is this:  Shana could shed light on her claim that Russell abused her by allowing her private sessions with Dr. Sophy to be shown.  HOWEVER… if Shana allowed her sessions to be made public and Shana was telling Dr. Sophy about her alleged “abuse,” why didn’t Dr. Sophy report the “abuse” to authorities?

NOTE:   Bravo is negligent in airing ANY footage of Russell Armstrong.  Let him rest in peace.

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119 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… Russell and Shana’s Therapy Session… VIDEO

  1. That was pretty uncomfortable viewing, especially since we all know how horrible it ends. That’s very true about the therapist, if he did believe the tales of abuse why didn’t he intervene and report it? Most likely because it wasn’t as bad as Taylor would like us to think.
    I think Taylor exaggerates alot of what went on. I don’t doubt he used his hands on her more than once but I can also see how she might have driven him to that point. I could see her getting hysterical and him maybe pushing her or at worst slapping her just to get her away from him, then her telling everyone he beats her. I think they’re both guilty of something, they probably feed into each other’s psychosis. Who knows I could be wrong, the whole thing is just sad, especially for poor Kennedy. I really feel for her.

    • Just because he is addressing anger and asking Russel to find the source of his anger doesn’t mean he is talking about physical abuse. Every therapist teaches couples to fight fair without screaming and name calling. What are the chances we will see Russell bring up any issues he has with Taylor or the pressure their finances or the upcoming lawsuits have on their marriage. Never going to happen because life according to Bravo this doesn’t exist! I’m going to have to pass on the rest of the season. It makes me feel like an accomplice to continue viewing. I think I’ll stick to reading the recaps and bug the heck out of poster with my questions.

    • I feel the same way cc/mc. It is very sad. I think Taylor probably blew everything out of proportion to get sympathy from her friends. Russell actually seems like he was a pretty nice guy. It is hard to think about them sitting there holding hands, and her telling everyone how horrible he was, and now he is gone. I do think Bravo is crossing the line here with common decency toward Russell’s family. The only good thing about it is their daughter can ond day watch it and see her dad in a pretty good light.

      • But.. Wait… Not at all the same way… I totally do not have the same reasons to be sad. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have just blurted that out. I get sad, but have a greater understanding of your sadness now. Geez. That came out all wrong. I’m sure you know me well enough to know what I meant! Or at least I hope so! Mwah!

  2. This whole thing makes me so uncomfortable. They shouldn’t be showing him at all. It just doesn’t feel right. Especially because his death was so tragic.

    • I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it would be to see Russell and the storyline of their marriage until the show aired.
      I wish Bravo had taken them both totally off the show and re-edited around the gap it left.
      I hope I’m wrong and something good comes out of leaving their storyline included on the show, because right now it seems totally disrespectful and self serving of Bravo.

  3. It looked to me likeTaylor told the Doctor her story about abuse from Russell, Russell, however, seemed to know nothing about the alleged spousal abuse.

    • Exactly! And Traylor had that rat trapped in a corner look to her too. Same one she had in the limo and more than likely it will be the same one that leads to her pouncing across the table in next weeks episode. She is a horrible person and one that deserves to get her ass whooped (and I am not taking it back this time) the does not deserve any human kindness. She is below an animal in my book.
      She was never abused, but she should have been. HARD!
      Russel said something so pitiful in that session that I cried. Something about its amazing how far a little decency will go. He was BEGGING her to be a human being! She is incapable.

      • made you are so right! she is playing for the caremas and her 15 minutes of fame. she needs to be knocked down a ton of pegs for performance. she freaks and then shen people try and calm her she goes all flingin arms and hair whippin. i would love to see tamra barney go after her azz!

        • Im not mad at bravo for keeping this storyline bc i think it exposes more about taylor and what russell suffered through. I dont think she told the dr. about the physical abuse lies- he could see through it, address it with russell and notify authorities. Surely, he wouldve also seen the so-called lip to eye scar, no? I wish russell was alive to clear his name, but think bravos trying to help do the same.

          • I agree. They never should have helped her slant it like they did. But now they are trying to clean up the mess.

      • I caught what Russell said too. You know that Shana only showed that poor man respect or decency when she knew she had just lied to another person that he beat her to a bloody pulp and was manipulating him again. She is a truly evil person.

        • exactly my thoughts. Sistah T, we are very like-minded when it comes to that she-beast shana– after last nights show, i am not sure i can watch that program any longer. now i hear shana will be on wendy williams, and watch what happens live within the next few weeks. my personal issue is, that i don’t believe either andy or wendy will do much more that placate shana, and continue the wildly irreverent bashing of a dead man, just to save having to call a liar out on her wickedness. why will no one publicly say what a lot of us think?? i honestly don’t know.

      • Taylor didn’t tell Russell the truth of what happen with Camille and of course Kyle had to bring up Camille. I agree Taylor was not abused she is a horrible person, she has no empathy, getting tired of her pity me (bad acting).

        • No she was not abused. And her bs story about Russel hitting her for fixing his kids pizza was bogus too. No doubt she was prolly a wicked wicked rotten to the core festering puss-ball of a stepmother and he prolly called her out for it but no one in that house got hit unless Traylor was the trailer trash one doing the hitting. Russel should have tossed her out on her bony lil butt sending her skipping like a rock on pond as she went for being a shithead to his kids but he didnt and I reckon he paid for that too.

        • I thought the same thing last night; very awkward; and the other thing; Kyle questioning how Russell is not the person Taylor keeps discribing. It does put a huge question mark; but like they say there are two sides to a story and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Too bad we’ll never know Russell’s side. I sensed when Taylor and Russell walked in to Adrienne’s event their financial reality was all over their face; I am saying; going out on a limb; Taylor put so much financial pressure on Russell to she could try to keep up???

          • yeah buddy “their financial reality was all over their face” that explains Traylor’s snippy little “look just like our backyard” hardy har har har comment. She went out of her way to emasculate him.

            • When they were in Colorado and Taylor was having her break down; remember she said something to the effect; Adrienne doesn’t have a care and no problems and her friction with Lisa; she covets what they have and thats why she trys so hard to compete; ie; the $60K/$70K birthday; Taylor is so caught up in money and her need for it; and Dana thinking she can throw her labels around thinks she’ll fit in as well. Cameille knows what she is worth and has been honest on what has be sold from her divorce. If you notice; the intro for Kyle she states “I am not the richest but the luckiest” relieving herself of any financial pressure; I think Kim doesn’t even try to get caught up in the game. It’s Taylor who is consumed and has lost her way.

  4. Did you guys see her question him about how she reacts to things in the limo (when she said she is more apt to be sad than get angry)….that was very telling….she said…”oh you thing I get angry?” or something like that. That’s not the first time she’s done that. You know, I believe he hit her but I believe she is as volitle as he is…I mean, look at this season? She is snap, crackle POP, go OKLAHOMA ON YOUR A$$!…..funny though….I think she’s the kind that get’s going and is so crazy people drop their mouth and stand their staring at her, hold her back & I’ll be she’s never hit anyone herself….all drama up in your grill to get you going (like Russell) then slowly slithers back down.

  5. i have an odd take on this i think, i think russel was sexually confused. taylor is very male looking at times and he is soft spoken and totally appears to be in real pain about his marriage. she seems to be acting, she is using all the correct buzzwords and russel looks sick to his stomache. bravo is so wrong in showing this, it makes me very sad for his children, and kennedy should be removed from her mothers care as she has been a pawn in this for far to long.

  6. its very wrong they are showing this and even mentioning the abuse since non of it can be confirmed and Russell cant defend himself
    this therapist was bought and paid for by bravo just like the allergist was what legit serious therapist would allow cameras in a session unless it was scripted and he was getting paid a fee from
    plus im no expert on abuse but if the claims of abuse are true and russell really beat her senseless for 6 yrs does anyone really see him or any man going to therapy to get help voluntarily and why would a therapist even try to keep a couple together if someones life is in danger and broken bones had already happened.

    • If abuse was the issue, the therapist WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SEEING THEM TOGETHER (sorry, all caps necessary): That’s like the cardinal rule of therapy (and mediation).

            • Someone that that deals in bones and muscular problems. When we see Taylor and Russell go in to his office the credits read OSTEOPAtH.

            • There is an article in the Los Angles Times (9/2/2011) about doctor Sophy who is the medical director of the children and family services in LA. It brings up questions regarding the “sessions ” with trailer trash and Russel and others are mentioned, as well as the problems with the agency under his direction. As SH mentions in her post, he is a fame seeker himself. Although he claims to feel so much better helping underprivilaged children rather than” the rich and famous”.

            • Cali girl, Dr. Charles Sophy is a doctor of osteopathic medicine (called a D.O.) as opposed to a doctor of allopathic medicine (called an M.D.). He went to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathy is NOT weird. If you ask me, its better. Basically, doctors of osteopathic medicine get the traditional medical school training and experience but they are also required to learn rigorous curricula in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM). This means they are specially trained to learn the feel of the body by hand to detect any skeletomuscular problems (usually in the neck, head, and back and joints). Sorry if I seem like a total know-it-all, but I am actually on this career path. Most patients of osteopathic doctors I have spoken to say they are the best, even better than the MDs. They take a more holisitic approach towards a patient’s health. Like when you go to the doc and say, “Doc, my head hurts!” the doc generally just checks out your head/sinuses. BUT the D.O. doc will go even further and look at the whole body and see if maybe there are problems in the neck or vertebrae. He/she will even massage you and feel for irregularities. I think its pretty amazing, not weird but hey, that’s me!

            • So I reckon it was a D.O from that old blonde joke where the girl goes in and says “Dock, I hurt all over. When I touch my nose it hurts, when I touch my knee it hurts, when I touch my ear it hurts.” And Doc looks at her and says “yep, you got a broken fanger”
              Congrats on your carreer path. What is you take on how a DO would be better to be a marriage therapist though. Perhaps he could diagnose her chronic assholedness via hole lipstickness? lol

            • MP, i haven’t looked too far into his other qualifications (he has a few) or specialty training. DOs can go into many specialities. I’m just stating facts about DOs and my own opinion.

            • From your description of what a D.O . it does sounds like an honorable profession.So many times, I am sure, symptoms of illness shows up in other areas of the body and It makes sense that a professionally trained D.O. would check out the whole body to rule out the possibility of merely treating a symptom. I just suspect this particular one though is a few fries short of a happy meal like Dr Drew. plus.. he doesn’t wear socks. You did mention massage though, is possible he was walking on her back before Russ showed up :) seriously though no sock?

            • i work with some amazing DO, patients tend to request them more because of the holistic way they practice medicine like you say they look at the whole body not just where it hurts

            • So if she told him she was being abused, wouldn’t he be bound to report it? Do the DOs you wotk with wear socks? is this like a thing?

            • Lol! I dunno maybe he was “massaging” shana. Earlier, I spoke of DOs in general. Im sure some professionals are creepy people too. I mean this guy has got the creep look down. Professionally speaking, I would NEVER ALLOW taping of a session or treatment for entertainment purposes. So yea, he’s a media whore. Yes, if he knows about abuse he must report it, he has taken an oath to report it. All health care workers have.

              Taylor is simply struggling with her role in BevHill as a glamless mom/wife. Typical middle american who had dreamed of endless money and a lavish lifestyle. WAKE UP PEOPLE! You need a brain and sometimes a little wit and charm to be successful. Russell has all the hallmarks of psychological instability ex: social withdrawal (at least from what we see on RHOBH).

              It appears that when the financial goin’ got rough, Taylor didnt “love” Russell anymore. Instead of leaving him bc he’s broke and looking like an a$$, she decided to go to therapy and work on her marriage. Shows us shes trying and shes a good person. As my moniker states, Yearite! She is mentally ill as well (more crazy, Russell seemed depressed). I think most these women on RH are mentally ill.

            • MP, as he is also working for the department of children and family services..YES , if he knew of any “abuse” he should report it. He is a DO and also has a private psychaitric practice in BH. Although he supposedly practices Adolescent Psychiatry(which might be just the thing with trailertrash).

            • Year, How dare u make me choke on my coffee? “… Shows that Taylor’s a good person.” Don’t worry, I’m fine. Also, have you seen Russell away from the show? He was a completely different person. That socially inept person Bravo portrayed him as was a character. YouTube him in action at one of his seminars or read any article that quotes him in business. The Fix has a good one that reps him as the confident wheeler and dealer that he was. He had anxiety issues, but was not like the HW character.

            • Romo, i was being sarcastic! I guess i didn’t do a good job writin that semi novel. Ah well, long day ahead. Happy wednesday everyone!

      • thats what i was thinking MS once i disclosed to my shrink what was going on in my marriage he went from saving it to getting me out of it..he helped me with a plan and even helped me seek employment he meet with my ex once but didnt disclose what i had said he just wanted to get a feel of him himself. my ex basically said he wasnt the problem and the marriage was fine…um ok

        • I so agree! My therapist was about removing me from the situation. We even faked a RX to back up his story I was bipolar to take the pressure off of me. Sounds strange I know. The difference between Taylor and myself is that I had concrete evidence that I was being physically abused. This was family therapy so you got more than one view of our life. My Ex’s view was very self serving not at all about saving our marriage more about making me look crazy. That is why it is so telling that Russel admits some faults, so unlike an abuser. Then again what do I know.

    • How about the little promotional commercial for Dr. Sophy in the middle of Lisa’s event where that random woman was raving about how great he was?
      It seemed like she was acting.
      He probably agreed to do the show if he got that 30 second blip mixed in about what a lifesaver he is. Lame.

  7. There are so many things wrong with Bravo airing this footage. I know Russell&T signed away their lives and all… but Bravo really has no decency what so ever…Bravo Andy I’m looking at you. I’m really kinda done with all of these shows and Iam putting my money where my mouth is…watched my last RHBH, not buying any of the advertisers’ crap..I know I’m just one person..but whatever, it makes me feel better. I’m still hooked on NJ because that’s my backyard (for better or worse)..and Iam rooting for Teresa who has been crucified by Bravo/Andy and her cast mates. She’s picking herself up and dusting herself off nicely and paying off her debts. I know when I get snarky DM’s from Jac Laurita (who follows/unfollows) about T that Iam on the right track. Jac is the most defensive person on Twitter IMO although she doesn’t block like Kyle.

    • Kyle blocks? Ha! No surprise there. Her talking heads and blogs make me ill. She thinks she does nothing wrong and when she can’t explain it away, she down plays it. I am sure she can’t bear to hear the truth about herself. She is a bad person.

  8. I am going to go out on a limb here and insert my own take on these events:

    It was clear from the beginning of this series that Russell was never comfortable in front of the camera. Editing made it appear that he “controlled” Taylor to a large extent, even showing him removing her from a party in Las Vegas where it appeared she had had a lot to drink. He probably knew more of his wife’s ability to change into a comabative person when overindulging but it was edited to make it look like he refused to let her have “fun”.

    He was also portrayed as a man who went against her wishes in buying Kennedy a dog. It appeared that this was the one gift the child actually appreciated since she did not come across as having a great time at the $60,000 birthday party that featured her mother in the “star role”.

    She then goes on to complain to Kyle that Russell does not give her all that she needs. His abscence is noted as she stands alone outside the party waiting for her ride to appear. Again, edited to assume that Poor Taylor is without marital support.

    I have a feeling that Taylor laid down the law to Russell: either you go along with my appearing in this series or the marriage is over. I think she set him up. Using that “storyline” and hinting about “abuse” was done in scenes in which he had no involvement. Perhaps to keep his marriage intact he agreed to film, allowing “issues” in their marriage as a backdrop but bewildered at the hostility shown to him by the other cast members “acting out” their own roles in this sham.

    This season afforded Taylor an opportunity to “act”. Crying, weeping on cue, throwing herself all over the furniture because “no one knows what I am going through!” she was forced to lead a doublelife before the cameras. Russell appeared bewildered in some scenes, particularly when he accused Lisa of being behind that tidbit in the tabloids concerning his marriage. Could not seem to figure out why this happened.

    I think had he known up front about the accusations of “domestic abuse” he would never have agreed to it. If true, then he would have been ashamed and his business career would suffer. If not, then he was made into something he was not and all for the sake of a woman who had wiped away all boundaries of deceny when it came to her “career”.

    The producers and the castmates were all “let in on the storyline” but I have a gut feeling that Russell was not. Not until the end when it was revealed how low this series had become and permitting the children involved to live with the knowledge that their father was involved in criminal behavior that was turned into a segment for “entertainment purposes” which will remain with them for the rest of the lives.

    • You nailed it.

      And . . . Russell gave Kennedy a dog because he knew that that poor child is lacking LOVE and genuine AFFECTION. She has a psychologically-absent/abusive mother; therfore, she hasn’t had her basic need for healthy attachment fulfilled. I think Kennedy has Attachment Disorder, for starters. I think Russell sensed Kennedy’s sadness and emotional void, but didn’t know what to call it. And he had his own internal struggle . . . while trying to be a “man” in “control” of his home and do damage control with his BPD-sociopath wife. The whole thing is just beyond tragic.

      • Let’s ask ourselves this: Would an abused woman have EVER had the guts to wage war on that dog, a personal gift from Father to Daughter like that?

        That was a very personal F-you to Russell for one-upping her at gift giving. (Also, caring about what his daughter might WANT)

    • I think you just hit the nail right on the head!! I completely agree with what you have said. I really believe that in some way or another this man was severely despressed and unfortunately once they make the decision to kill themselves they will do it and to me it is heartbreaking. I also believe that Taylor in some way contributed to his death. Do I think she was abused? I don’t know, I am leaning towards no, look at the way she dresses and if she was getting beatings on a regular basis she would cover up with her clothing and she doesnt. Men who beat on women usually hit where it can be covered and when they do beat them where they have bruises, cuts etc that can be seen of course the woman always has some sort of lame oh I fell, walked into a door etc for an excuse. Since Lisa’s tea party and what Camille said and the look on Taylors face as well as the rest of the HWs spoke volumes, seems she has been telling them all different things and now they are piecing together that something isnt quite right with Taylor and her stories and on top of that she is involved in charity that helps women and children that are victims of
      domestic violence, you would think if she was involved in that she would reach out to the organization for help. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • have you noticed that you hardly ever see tears though, i mean taylro gets the crying voice going, but hardly ever any freakin tears.

  9. First and foremost, I think Taylor/Russel should have totally been removed/edited out of this season (and SHE terminated from any remaining seasons). With that said, I was glad to see Russel footage b/c it showed his side that he will never be able to explain again. If anything, it showed me that Taylor has lied and has continued lying. She is telling “the girls” one thing and Russel another. IMO, she really farked up and told on herself in the limo ride. She definitely didn’t want Camille and Russel to “chat”.

    • Makes you wonder what was all the business about Russell emailing a nasty note to Camille. Did Russell send that to her, or did Traylor?

      • Prolly Traylor. Notice how she had to scamper away when Lisa asked her about the email in Dr Paul’s office? Mumbling something like Russel will be at the seance so you can ask him then… then guess what .. no Russel at the seance

        • Hmm…I missed that. I am beginning to think Bravo is outing her and opening her up to criminal investigation. I would have much more respect for them if they did. Murder is more serious than crashing the White House…seems that they could help bring justice to Russell and his family by telling all.

          • Ya, It’s murder. Also, Schram was found laying in the street. If suicide, he would do it while sitting in his car most likely. There are other details that the dots just aren’t connecting… I don’t want to get detailed here on Russell’s …

            • Interesting. Are the Feds are investigating this? I haven’t really been interested in finding it out until last night when Shana looked so cornered in her lies in front of America.

        • I believe that too. I also think Traylor lit the fire under his butt with the whole “media outing of the marital issues” story. It was probably Traylor, herself, who set that one up. She only benefitted from it.

      • Oh wait . your talking about the “Camille smells like beef jerky” ones. right? Wouldn’t surprise me if she sent those too.

  10. I have said it before Russell was ok with the we have a bad marriage storyline but wasnt ok with the abuse storyline Taylor came up with to stay on the show (tho bravo denies it i firmly believe they tell the HW to amp up the drama or they will get the ax) What man wants to be portrayed as a brute when he isn’t

    • True. And I want to crawl thru my screen when she goes out of her way to feign shock when Russel says something nice to her (every dialogue they have had) It’s like she is thinking “Dayam dude, your blowing my story..please shut up!”
      1-when he told her she looked pretty when she was coming down the stairs
      2-The entire Limo ride
      3-Telling her she did a good job on the birthday party
      Its not an accident that we are all picking up on these things. She is the devil

      • And at the fashion show, when they are genuinely sharing a laugh about the therapist kicking their butts to get to work, she puts her hand on his shoulder…when was that fashion show? I remember SH had some insider pics on a post in August but the event had to have been earlier than that.

        • Yeah even then she had to throw in the line about “when we want to throw in the towel” I think those insider pics were taken of Lisa Vanderpumps show if I remember right.

      • I haven’t seen these scenes yet, but what you’re describing doesn’t come from an abuser. Here’s the abuser’s version:

        1. “Hm, when did you get that dress? Looks expensive, heh, heh. Good thing I work so hard.”
        2. (haven’t seen it yet)
        3. “Well, that was fun. Glad it was everything you wanted it to be, and now you can get back to focusing on what’s important. What?–I said you did a great job.”

  11. This is sort of off topic…. Anyone else notice the grotesque shot of Taylor eating at Adrienne’s. There is an effective diet regimen for you. Just watch her eat and you’ll never want food again. Looked like she had a T-bone steak, a loaded baked potato and a side salad in that one cheek. She is so ugly…inside and out.

  12. I believe there was abuse. Russel admits himself that he pushed her in anger. I also remember a scene when they were at a party and Taylor was tipsy. Russel abruptly wanted to leave and Tay wanted to stay . She looked frightened when Kyle suggested she stay despite what Russel wanted.. I suspected back then, that there was abuse. She reminded me very much of my next door neighbor that was being abused. When he wanted her to leave , all it took was a look and she knew to go . He would also do so when she appeared to be having what he deemed “too good of a time” I came to know the look myself over the first year of meeting them . She took one opportunity to hint to me that he was abusive and the next day, he cut us off. He put up the house and moved away w/i 6 weeks. I still can not find her or the kids 6 years later. No face book, Linked in, nothing. Having said that, I think it is deplorable for Bravo to air this footage. We will never know the whole truth but I believe there is some truth to the abuse for sure.

    • Howdy Loo. Her “frighted” look is an act. One she has been at for a long time. Wouldn’t surprise me if she falsely accused a family member of sexual abuse back in Oklahoma and that’s why no one back home wants anything to do with her. she is a pathological liar. You are entitled to you opinion but dont get sucked in by her bullcrap.

    • If I recall that scene Russell wanted them to get something to eat. I took it as more of a protective thing rather than abusive.

    • I don’t know, I tend to believe there was some physical abuse going on in that marriage along with alot of lying. She could have been acting brave and bold in public thinking he wouldn’t actually have the nerve to beat the crap out of her now that they are on display? Oh well. She does have a HUGE mouth.

  13. The rumor that Taylor started that Russell was gay is also wicked. She was going to take him down no matter what. I see no evidence that Russell was gay or even bent that way at all. I think he may have actually been uncomfortable with the metro-ishness of BH.

  14. Hi MP. Before this whole storyline came up I kinda thought something was hinky in their marriage. To what extent… .. I guess we will never know… but I think there is SOME truth in there . Tay is just so distasteful I think it easy to not believe her but I am not convinced there was no abuse what so ever.

    • If abuse mean not standing there with both hands tied behind his back when she goes ape chit on him then yeah I say he restrained her wild ass a few times. That being said, and knowing how easily someone who is not healthy(eating disorder) bruises then Camille pointing out no man-prints on her arms I even doubt that the occasional restraining was very forceful.

    • there is definitely abuse…both sides…controlling grifter type abuse. just the fact that she is telling EVERYONE he beats her and yet does NOTHING after heading up the domestic violence abuse charity is abusive!!! No woman with ALL those resources and that “history of violence” past would remain in that situation. I’m sorry…I just don’t buy it. She is abusive, He is abusive. they are both abusive controlling freaks but now he is dead and sadly this is the way these things ends only usually it’s the woman and/or kids who end up getting killed. :(

  15. Is it me, or did any one else think that in the middle of the counseling session Russell realized he was being set up as being an abuser. Both Traylor and the “therapist” were dancing around the subject of physical abuse, without actually saying it and Russ caught on…

    • I agree that he started out oblivious and was trying to take responsibility for contributing to arguments and general discord (“nothing so serious that we can’t get past”); but then a light went on right before he checked his watch.

    • I got that too Central A real abusive rageaholic would have jumped up out of that chair and got in that sockless dudes face(he was girl-sized) but Russel just sat there. Traylor is lying. No abuse.

  16. The other part of this scenario that is “off”: Why is the therapist a good-looking male, instead of a non-threatening female? Why is Russell “allowing” Traylor’s private therapy sessions, and where are the “Are you f**king him?” tirades?

    • good point. Now that you mention it, the dude didn’t have a wedding band on, Traylor(whom we know cant cry real tears) looks like she just took a roll in the hay(or the office) right before she let Russel in and … wait for it.. wait for it.. the dude didn’t have his socks on.

  17. Someone should call into WWHL and sneak in a question about Taylor’s lying ways, or at least address the name change and scamming past she has. Anyone else notice Russell putting the dots together when he found out that Dana had referred her doctor to taylor?

    Taylor definitely brought Dana on just so that she could support her abuse storyline…at kennedy’s birthday party there was an interaction between Russell and Dana where Russell tells her to calm down, in a non threatening way, and Dana jumps back and then there’s an edited clip of her talking trash about him as a father.

      • Yes please do Sistah. Let us know if that mean ole Deirdra the phone girl still has a bug up her butt. I cant remember if you have ever mentioned it but do you have a southern accent? I think Deirdre has a grudge against southern accented people.

  18. All I can think of is this poor man was found nearly decapitated from hanging after telling his family that Bravo was going to crucify him. Taylor is so too-faced. She is shameless in her exploitation of Russell’s suicide, and has never put what is in the best interest of her child first. The man is dead. Why can’t she let him rest in peace and let Kennedy keep whatever loving memories she has of him intact. I really do not like this woman. I think she is a grifter.

  19. in answer to ms loo about the abuse. I agree he probably had a temper and they had a yelling scary kind of relationship, but she is an actress through and through that bilked millions out of investors claiming she was a Ford. I am stated many times that I left a husband who was molesting my daughter (his daughter too and abusing me) He wasn’t even that violent with me, just scary and he tried to arrange to have me killed. He never wanted to go to therapy and never admitted even one thing. I could neverhave a friend or even go to lunch with my mom. Taylor then saw him all the time alone after they left. I am telling you she is a scary liar. Nothing fits. Her performance cannot be trusted.

  20. Man, the more I watch her the more I’m having flashbacks of the behavior of my childhood bestfriend…her and Traylor and the manipulation are one in the same! All through middle school it was her way (the popular crowd bowed to her) no matter who’s fault… and when I moved away, grew up, got a job got a boyfriend got friends…and she came to visit…it was so weird…same eyes, mannerisms, pop eyes,never apologized…always your fault…walk on egg shells and we were out one night years later (drunk sitting in car–with a DD- with my new friends & she went off on me about stuff from years earlier)….well, guess what…she was not with people who agreed with her & she was cuckooo-She left the car & went down the street (bad area) expecting people to go after her…and my friends (20’s at the time) were like…what the hell????? (we did go get her cuz she was from a small town and had no clue what she was walking into) Poor Russell….He’s like…”um, look at the time? I”m being accused of beating my wife so, I’m late for a meeting…gotta go.

  21. SH thank you for this post. you are so correct RE bravo’s negligence, etc.. i don’t think i’m overstating the situation, when i say that it is truly sick-making. your commentary on this is well received by me, and i hope the overlords at bravo start to take your point!

    • I hope Russell’s family find their way to this site.
      It would be so healing for them to see that there’s not only doubt regarding Shana’s allegations, but also support for Russell as a human being.

      • I also hope investigators follow up on all this too. Did Kim’s Ken know Russel and his other dead partner? He’s been lurking in the shadows in the background for a year and…. well… just askin. Now Kim retreats to the shadows as much as possible too. Does Traylor benefit from the other dude being dead too? In terms of the upcoming lawsuit?

  22. under california law therapists and doctors are LEGALLY bound to report ANY physical abuse when there is a minor child in the house. Even if that abuse is a shove or push and it occurred while the child was sleeping. If this Dr. is not a “Michael jackson” Dr. then he would have had to report it to child custody services at the very least and they would have talked with the childs school and come to the house to investigate. If it were repeated abuse involving broken jaws and such the state would have stepped in and removed the child from the home.

    Yes, there are loopholes but I now from experience, I admitted my ex-boyfriend had pushed me in the middle of the night to a counselor, my child was a teenager in 11th grade and the counselor reported it without informing me and I had CPS at my door within a week and they had ALREADY gone to the school to investigate. Thankfully the truth was not as horrible to take my child away but they did return a few times to follow up. When I asked the counselor why, she explained the law to me any licensed therapist is required to report physical abuse no matter the circumstance or age of the child. None of this Shanna storyline makes sense and quite frankly this chick is BSC and should be ashamed that she gave a speech about how horrible it was to witness her mother get hit as a child and stand up for domestic violence all the while according to her, her OWN CHILD is living in that hell.
    Additionally her insane desire to throw these elaborate kiddie parties shows how immature and f*cked up in the head she is. I don’t doubt there was all kinds of controlling abusive behaviour in that household from BOTH those whackjobs, Shana AND Russell.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I do think that the therapist should have told you about it beforehand so you had an opportunity to take protective measures if need be once the cps worked left the house. I trigger like that can cause a pusher to turn into a hitter or worse.

    • The same thing happened to me. My therapist reported the abuse to CPS but he was 16 and wasn’t a priority. If he were female it would have been different. Most will report it even if they only if they suspect. It’s better to be proven wrong than be right. I would think that being on camera would make this Doctor more accountable if there were any evidence of abuse.

      • Well I am sure there is some doctor/client confidentiality. However the sessions that were filmed(prolly more than we will see on Bravo) should be subpenaed by the mymedicalrecords victims’ attorneys. The way I see it, The Sockless Wonder should have reported unless he already had Traylor pegged as a pathological liar and was attempting to get her to confront her lies. Still though Traylor is a dangerous liar and Kennedy is still in danger.

        • yea that’s what I said, “you could have warned me.” it was a middle of the night drunken shove and he didn’t even live with me and I was talking it out because it was a one time event and I had CPS up my ass so fast!
          and just to answer @madepiley there isn’t any confidentiality when there is abuse with a child aroudn so this doctor is in serious violation especially since there are cameras. It’s just against the law for ANY licensed therapist, doctor, teacher, social worker or anyone employed by the state of CA not to report physical abuse when theres a child present. So why didn’t ANYONE report it? I don’t understand she clearly didn’t keep it a secret. This whole story doesn’t ring true and thats sad because it’s a VERY serious issue. BRAVO hasn’t even had one PSA about domestic violence running.

  23. @Year, oh good! I was gonna come over there and take ur pulse for a second there… Lol
    Have a good one. :-D

    • Yes MsSH, that’s the Fix article. A good one. Of course ur up on it! Hopefully soon we’ll read a headline of Traylor going to the pen!

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