Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… Russell and Shana’s Therapy Session… VIDEO

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

                                                                   Russell Armstrong… with wife, ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong.  Dr. Charles Sophy… celebrity fame seeker.

Despite Russell Armstrong’s family warning Bravo NOT to air segments involving Russell, Bravo went ahead with Shana’s storyline and aired a therapy session with Dr. Charles Sophy, a graduate of the Dr. Drew School of MedicalFame.  (2008 Interview with Dr. Sophy and his involvement with Dr.  Drew and Celebrity Rehab… here.)

At the time of the filming, Russell agreed to seeing a therapist, but Russell did not want the therapy sessions to be filmed.  Shana’s insistence that her “abuse” storyline combined with her and Russell’s marriage difficulties won out… Shana and Russell’s therapy sessions were filmed and her “abuse” storyline continued.  ( reported Russell’s reluctance on March 25, 2011… here.)

 Shana… Where is the lip-to-eye cut???

The therapy session is included on SH to illustrate the lengths to which Bravo, Shana, and a “professional” therapist, Dr. Charles Sophy, will go to keep Shana’s storyline and the show going… despite Russell’s death on August 16, 2011!!!  (9-26-11… Bravo tells the HollywoodReporter that no decision has been made on using Shana/Russell footage… hereobviously, Bravo made their decision.) 

In the video, Dr. Sophy points out immediately that he had several therapy sessions with Shana without Russell.  Dr. Sophy then throws some key words at Russell:  anger, aggression and talks about “Russell not being good” to Shana.

The main reason this video is posted is this:  Shana could shed light on her claim that Russell abused her by allowing her private sessions with Dr. Sophy to be shown.  HOWEVER… if Shana allowed her sessions to be made public and Shana was telling Dr. Sophy about her alleged “abuse,” why didn’t Dr. Sophy report the “abuse” to authorities?

NOTE:   Bravo is negligent in airing ANY footage of Russell Armstrong.  Let him rest in peace.