Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… Adrienne Needs Some Money… BUY Her Shoes!!

Well, at least you can actually SEE her shoes…

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof’s shoe collection debuted.   If you were paying attention, a SH reader sent undercover photos of Adrienne’s shoe party back in August… here.

Now that the episode has aired, Adrienne’s collection is now available… just in time for Christmas!  WOO-HOO!!

AND… Adrienne’s favorite shoes…

Clearly Adrienne “designed” her $1,500 pair of shoes based on the shoes she wore to Shana’s birthday party during the first season of RHOBH.   If you’re gonna buy a pair of $1,500 shoes, just add another $1,200 and buy Adrienne’s inspiration for her shoes… the Lorenzi shoes…


NOTE:  Of course, Bravo has set up a huge shoe competition between Adrienne and Lisa…  who thinks up these lame storylines??

Lisa’s VanderPumps…

   Lisa’s shoes… Yours for only $902.10!!!   Love that the 10 cents was thrown in the price…

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30 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… Adrienne Needs Some Money… BUY Her Shoes!!

  1. My Bass Weejuns need some tweaking, they are so plain… I wish one of the “ladies” could work on a comfortable shoe that I could wear without fear of falling over or bunions. Maybe a decorative ole lady shoe. I really envy the people who can wear these super high heels – I never could – not even in my younger years. If I had to choose, I would vote for the VanderPump, I think they are the prettiest, but that Lorenzi shoe is absolutely gorgeous too. Adrienne’s shoes are pretty and kind of affordable. I’m sure in Adrienne’s world, her shoes are dirt cheap. I want to see the sole, did she put her insignia on them?

  2. I hate to admit it, but she’s done a great job with these. They almost all look wearable to me, and my feet are very picky. Can’t wait to see them at Marshall’s! :)

  3. Her fave shoe looks exactly like the christian louboutin sparkle peeptoe pump, actually. Exactly. I bet she owns it. It was the IT shoe last year. Im pleasantly surprised at her price points. They look well made at that price. Lisas price point sounds like nordstrom. My uncle has jewelry lines there- even nordstrom branded- and its 2x+.90 cents or 3x+1.20 often times.

    • you’re right ames!! her fav looks just like the louboutin– i didn’t notice
      until you’d pointed it out– good call

  4. I would actually buy the Val high, Imogene and the Isabella clog. They have really nice shapes to them. The others are nice too, she did a good job.
    While Lisa Vanderpump has THE best name to start a shoe line with, there’s nothing special about those pumps. You could find shoes that look just like that at Aldo/DSW/Zappos for way less than $900.00. Excuse me $902.10.

  5. Well no doubt they are beautiful shoes but the price range is still high especially considering (now I am just guessing here) alot of the fans who watch the RH shows don’t have the kind of money to purchase these products. I personally think if they launch new products/businesses aimed at their fans they should take into consideration that alot of the fans don’t have the kind of money they are pricing these items at. It’s too bad too cuz if I could afford it there are a couple of pairs I wouldn’t mind owning and wearing. Love Lisa’s shoes as well, can’t wait to see the rest of her collection as well.

  6. I have noticed how competitive they are, enhanced by Bravo. But I do like Adrienne. Although I like Lisa in some ways too, she’s been bothering me. Everything has been lavish in her life and with Pandora’s wedding, which that’s fine, but Lisa always plays to the camera and public like it’s not how she is. It’s just contradicting to me and I’m likely the only one to think this way, lol, a silly thought when watching last night.

  7. I think the shoes are at a decent price point compared to other brands with similar designs. Too bad I can’t wear any of them because I have totally damaged my feet from wearing high heeled, pointy shoes!!! They sure are pretty, but buyer beware!!!

  8. I am completely unimpressed with the shoes. If Andrienne already did spike heels then Lisa should have done a different style of shoe. I refuse to spend more than $100.00 on a pair of shoes I would not wear more than every fews months.

  9. I don’t really care for Adrianne’s shoes, but I do, however, like Lisa’s shoe….even though I can get a pair similar to them from Macy’s or somewhere that are about $800 cheaper!!!

  10. I want the Victorian sandal, I’m not a heels girl, only for weddings, I wonder if she ships to Australia?

  11. I cannot wait for this extended platform to go away. I love me some heels but the tranny platform is not what I like in the least.

  12. I don’t hate all of A shoes. The vernica’s, and the sandlas a cut and priced well. Lisa are nice but boring. Something you would see on shoe dazzle though. Speaking of which Kourtney K is preggo again

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