Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Rent… Nene’s RICH, VERY RICH!!

                                                            Nene Leakes…                                                      and her 2008 house…

Nene Leakes has been mouthing off about all her new business dealings and how rich she is… Nene recently tweeted about Sheree and Kim RENTING their homes.

Well…Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was evicted from the above house in Duluth, GA in 2008… details here… and lived in this house after she and Gregg got thrown outta the above house… details here.

                                                                                      Nene’s last house… before she downsized to her townhouse

Now that Nene is RICH… VERY RICH, where is SHE livin’?  In a townhouse that she pays $1900 per month rent.

Oh, Nene… youz RICH, VERY RICH!!

Details… here

From Kim Zolciak’s blog:

“NeNe is so money hungry that she’s constantly trying to present a life that she doesn’t live! If NeNe is such a ‘rich bitch’ like she says she is, why would she have tried to take money from Sheree?”

Note:  Good question, Kim!


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87 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Rent… Nene’s RICH, VERY RICH!!

    • I’m a Georgia resident – a little north of the city…Atlanta is the kind of place where lots of folks are broke but make sure they have their designer shoes, bags and clothing…while they’re catching the bus and paying for food with food stamps.

      • On the flipside, I also know families in GA who drive pick-ups but could be driving a Bently, so it’s a wash. It seems to be a cycle that some people can’t get out of, if you start “frontin” you can’t stop.

    • There are lot of peole who do not wish to buy a home. It’s really not about how much money you have. Some people do not want the responsibility that goes along with buying a house.

      • That’s a good point. Kroy prob doesn’t want to buy because his contract is up next year…but then why is Nene blasting them for doing it when she does it? I think that’s the point…

      • A 139K condo is not “rich” even by Atlanta Real Estate standards. I live in NY and I’m not paid by Bravo or “rich!” like Nene but my condo costs several times more than that and is paid off. A rich person would buy a higher end condo and easily pay for it in cash.

        • To expand the Bentleys you see on Housewives OC and Ferraris etc. cost more than her entire home. $139K is not even enough to buy a car for real “rich” people.

  1. They have to know by now that the more outrageous the claims you make, the more ppl are going to dig for the truth and the truth aint pretty when you set yourself up to be something your not. This a nice home by most ppl standards. But certainly nothing extravagant if your very very rich. Jackhole

  2. I’ll pay more attn on the next show, but it doesn’t look like a townhouse that Nene is living in now. When you see the boys playing basket ball you can see her driveway, right? Nene has moved A LOT and it’s not because she is rich. It’s because she doesn’t pay the rent. :)

    • Yeah the shelves in her home look pretty transient. I thought that was just cause Gregg took all his stuff with him. And speaking of homes and whatnot I think it would be funny if Bravo places little gnomes and other oddities in the background of various scenes. Let us play search n find. Make a game out of that (much better idea than the Tramona the turtle bull)That was we dont get bored of the same o same o when it comes to the camera housewife scenes.

  3. This is what you call new money but in NeNe’s case rented money! Some people get a little money and it goes to their head; when this has all passed and housewives is yesterday where will Nene be?????

  4. How can she buy? Her credit is whacked – foreclosure in her past. She had to pay CASH for her delinquent son and his very used car (which was a crap deal – she sure can pick ‘em!). Sure, she is rich – hood rich. Scams and schemes to get ahead and will bully and moose over anyone in her way. She is getting BravoTV to make sure she has a roof over her head in a decent location but her and Gregg are just grifters with attitude. And not very good at it either – her charity went bust before she could complete her stay on Celebrity Apprentice. She QUIT because she realized Star Jones was onto her and her lying and ranting. And every second she puts it out there she was on the program. Did she forget to say she QUIT? And that Trump called and called and called without a return call or answer to WHY SHE LEFT? NO! Lying piece of garbage. Hope she ends up like Jillzy Zarin – or as they say – NENE – YOU’RE FIRED!

    • Hood rich! that is so hilarious almost spit my turkey sand and Dr. P on the screen. Thank you for making my day with Hood Rich.

  5. I really hope Nene is saving or investing some of her new money, even though I highly doubt it. If I have my facts straight it seems Kim is currently the richest thanks to her new husband, I would guess kandi is second because she seems to be smart when it comes to investing her money and she’s had numerous hits in the music industry. I think Nene has money and considers herself rich compared to what she had just a few years ago, but ranks third among the housewives. Phaedra is probably 4th, though out of all of them is tied with Kandi in the prediction of having any money ten years from now. And Sheree, well she’s last because even though she married into football money she wasn’t able to make more money out of it and is constantly battling for child support.

    Oh I forgot about cynthia…which is kind of her role in the show, she’s easily forgettable. I would put her around Nene and Phaedra money wise, although before Peter she was probably closer to Kandi’s money.

    • I think Kandi is the richest of the Atlanta group. Kim is obviously doing well (her own Bravo show and some tabloid paying for her wedding pictures) but Kroy isn’t making millions (yet) and Tardy for the Party didn’t net anywhere as much as a song like No Scrubs.

      • yes and glee has picked up one of Kandi’s songs too Bills Bills Bills so she gets coin on that too right?

      • One thing I’ve always liked about Kandi is her house. It looks like wherever they were living when she was a teenager and first started making money, she stayed and added on like she said. There’s so much fancy she could get wrapped up in as far as house/car/clothes etc, but she seems to keep it pretty low key compared to the rest of them. She’s had to have made a LOT of money. Isn’t writing/publishing music a gift that keeps on giving?

        • I don’t know how well residuals pay; I don’t think it’s very good though. In T-Boz’s BK application, she sates that she only gets $1200/month in royalites. T-Boz! As in TLC!

          • Kandi probably has LOTS of money. Songwriters make more money than the performers. Plus, Kandi has been in the music industry since I was in elementary school…I think she’s by far the richest one.

        • Purple: Kim dropped her wig line because she wanted to manufacture human hair wigs, like the ones she wears, and found that they were very expensive to make… DUH! As for the jewelry… hmmm. Well, that wouldn’t be surprising as ALL the HWs seem to have a jewelry line! I just cannot see Kim’s jewelry selling… TFC!! SH

    • Kandi has the most money those royalty checks and song writing checks are no joke, The writers get paid more than the artist. Phaedra is next in line. She has stable money from being a lawyer, then Kim since Kroy while making a a decent penny, hasn’t come into the major football money yet. Then Cynthia, but then again her and Kim could be neck and neck. Cynthia has a lot of modeling credit to her name, but unfortunately she has no sense when it comes to finances. Sheree may have more money than Nene but I consider them to be neck and neck, but at least unlike Bull Moose, Sheree have some stable income coming in. I’m sure Bravo don’t pay the ladies in this franchise the way they do the others even though this is the highest rated show of it’s kind

  6. Any word on Nene’s claim that Sheree’s house that she is shown building was never built because of her lacking funds? I tend to believe this claim just because of the outlandish floor plans that were shown on the show, there is NO WAY she has anywhere close to the money to build that. I think that is what the contractor was referring to when he said that building the house by christmas depended on how much money Sheree had.

    She should of just rented a house and pretended to live there like the rest of them instead of pretending to build a huge mansion, didn’t she realize that once she claimed to be building a mansion we would expect to see said mansion?

    I’m sorry but Sheree just rubs me the wrong way, her only claim to money is her ex-husband and child support. She personifies what a gold digger is, at least Nene is working and earning herself some money. Even Kim earned money through her one hit wonder. I would have more respect for Sheree if Bravo showed her earning money…does anyone know if she has a day job?

    • …..and enter the no child support story line.
      Here’s how it will go down:
      Her ex refuses to pay child support so she is forced to take him to court and all her money will have to go to that fight so her dream home will not be built. Bad bad baby daddy(smack his hand) Dang, I should be a producer.

      • Yup. I don’t get how she feels so entitled to use the CHILD support for her faux-rich lifestyle. I feel so bad for dad in that situation: reduced to nothing but a paycheck. She really grosses me out with her airs and self-entitlement.

        • im so over sheree’s pretense. if you pay attention she has these items of grand status and everyone else in her life seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. love her mom for supporting her at court but really, that outfit looked like she was going to shuck corn on a back porch. her sons bed seems to be on the floor. i would think if you are trying to portray your doing so well, your kids and mom should be dressed and live just like if not better than you, instead of name dropping about what designer suit to wear to court, concern yourself with the seemingly low social skills of your son. do you want a library because it gives the appearance of being well read and learned? because your response or lack there of when the contractor asked you if you like to read made you look fake and imitating. get it together girl. real housewives take pride in what they have accomplished as well as the provisions they have made for their family. you seem to be lacking in that area.

    • I don’t like Sheree either. I think she is lazy and feels very entitled to the things she has. However, I think it wrong for a man to be ordered to pay child support and never pay a dime. Based on other footage, he doesn’t necessarily spend time with them either.

  7. Sherre is always bragging on her clothes, but why is she buying clothes and shoes if she does not have enough money to take care of the children. Most of these women are backwards and trifling. He son wears a size 12 shoe. Come on now Sheree! you need to be more responsible than that. And where does she have money to build a house to look like a chateau? Her priorities are really screwed. I just pray that whenever she goes to court for the child support, she drains him dry and if he still does not pay, he should be incarcerated. As simple as that. He is not even trying to leave nothing on the earth for his own children. He is disgusting. He doesn’t even know if they are eating or if they are sleeping comfortably. Lord, please give Sheree the strength to take care of her children.

    • I thought you were baggin’ on Sheree, but then went all off on HIM? How do you know what he’s paying or not paying? You REALLY think that fair “child support” should equate to tax-free alimony to that mooching ex-horsewife? Gawd, I hate Babydaddy Welfare-freeloading biotches!

        • I thought you were stating the obvious: that she squanders all the money she’s handed. But then you went off on him for “not knowing if they’re eating or sleeping comfortably,” which I don’t get. Clearly, they’re fed and clothed. But his ex-horsewife is a domineering, alienating biotch. I don’t see any room for the father in the kids’ lives. And I hate biotches like her, who live on Babydaddy Welfare as if it’s THEIR tax-free entitlement.

          • Whatever a wife or ex-wife and no matter her financial standing a father has a responsibility to provide emotional and financial support for his children. I remember a father excusing his ex of using his child support for buying a new car. The fact is once the courts force him to provide for his children, it freed up his exes’ finances to afford a vehicle.

            • Child support needs to be reformed. The children pretty much always go to the lesser-earning parent, so that the higher-earning parent (usually the father) can get ordered to pay “child support,” through the Title IV-D agencies: The more $$ they circulate, the more federal funds they get for their state. Child support is a prolific industry that uses kids as economic stimulation; same with “DV”: both noble causes that are MAJORLY abused. Child support is not supposed to be tax-free alimony; it’s an abuse of the intent of the law. Period, the end. And I can’t wait to see the end of Babydaddy Welfare!

              That concludes my soapbox. Please don’t unleash the dragon.

              • Yeah, I hear ya ms.sub, but I know more women that struggle because of absent daddies than women that abuse the system. I know some dads that even run from state to state to avoid paying a dime. It’s easier for these men to just cut and run and there needs to be ways to force the men to be at the very least financially responsible.

              • My knee-jerk reaction would be to put em in jail. However that would not solve the money issue that these men owe. Also most of the ones I know that struggle over dead-beat baby-daddies had struggles with the same jerk being a dead-beat boyfriend and then husband too. Most(not all) of these men dont just up and become deadbeats they have pretty much been shiftless from the get go so some of the responsibility must lie with the woman who makes a decision to bed down with these fools.
                That being said, the ones that do pay usually only have to pay like 15-10% of their income which is pretty light. So I aint lining up to give em a pat on the little head for the bare ass minimum input either.

              • You sound bitter ….i’m a bit confused by your whole though on child support. I understand where you are coming from in a sense but you are generalizing and its actually offensive. Have you lived any of this first hand or are you just speaking out of what you think happens? (And being married/dating someone who pays child support doesn’t count- thats bias ) You do realize that many women give up jobs and a life to stay home and raise children ( for years and years ) while their husbands continue to move on in their careers etc…allowing them to make more money and yes the children would usually go to the mother who would In hand make less money. A car , a house etc goes towards raising a child and that would mean child support would go towards that and yes there are women who spend child support how they deem fit and we may not agree but who are we to judge? As long as the children are well taken care of thats how it goes. Maybe I’m reading what you wrote wrong or what, but no one knows what sheree has in her bank acct and if she was getting child support from Bob what she would do with it. Its just coming across like you are saying women who recieve child support are free loaders. NOT cool.

              • Some women are fortunate enough to be stay at home moms because their husbands make enough money to pay all the bills. When that gravy train ends then the woman has to get a job to support herself and the man should pay his part of child support. Both parents are equally financially responsible for the rearing of the child/children. Child support is not meant to be used as alimony.

          • Although I agree with you that child support shouldn’t be alimony, I don’t believe Bob Whitfield has paid any child support at all…? So nothing can’t be appropriate either. And even if he disagrees with the award, he should pay it. It’s the court decision and it only hurts him and his children if he gets into trouble.

        • she is coming fromt he mindset of some women who seek out pro sports figures and get knocked up or marry them thinking there will be a lifetime of big money. they see their kids as a paycheck and will go to all ends to get the money. sheree’s ex knows more about the story than we do, but i bet he is also paying a hefty amount of spousal support and she just keeps wanting more as her fashion line with no clothes went no where fast. and sheree has pretty fancy standards and wants to keep gettin what she had while married. she should get a job and at least try and appear to be less money grubbing.

          • Years ago, when the the show first came out they were saying that Bob only married Sheree cause his child support was getting way up into six figures (they had kids out of wedlock) and he wanted it erased. If that’s true, then she should have expected he wouldn’t pay this time around either.

            • If that’s true, then I just have to run to the bathroom and be sick.
              Nothing makes me more irrate than scum bucket pappas!

  8. LOL, Coming off as a responsible person isn’t in the top ten descriptors of how Nene and Sheree want to be portrayed.
    Sheree is a gold digger and her ex husband is probably so revolted at himself that he ever married her and bought anything she was selling. I bet he gives her the minimum necessary to care for his children and caps it off with a big fat zero$$ for her to play with.
    She’s pissed because she didn’t get that huge payout she was banking on in season one and probably planning to get from the day she married him.
    Nene is a hustler at heart, yet even with all her antics she’s much easier to like than cold and phony Sheree.

    • No, that was another crazy person–like schizoid. Not NeNe. I’ve seen a post that I was pretty sure was NeNe before though. Can’t remember what topic it was, like the last two weeks. She likes to talk about “the haters.”

    • I don’t think that Rahaha was Nene.
      I think that anyone who identifies so closely with her life that they feel the need to defend her with long detailed paragraphs, is probably in the same genre of person as she is and is gonna sound the same!

  9. My mortgage is less than that – and my home is bigger on the water with a pool. I bought before the market went haywire. 15 year mortgage – no worries. Money saved, retirement funded, good job, health benefits, no debt.

    NeNe? I have news for you – your over 40. You have no husband to speak of. You have two children – one a jailbird father, the other carrying fake LV luggage.

    You have bad teeth and most likely other health problems including being overweight.

    And you think you are rich? Oh no my dear. Your just blind to reality. Got anything in the bank or is all your wealth in your bad plastic surgery, last years trendy too-tight fitting clothes and in your leased vehicle?

    You are going to make a financial advisor and an attorney very rich – if you haven’t already.

    Hood rich.
    Ghetto fab.

    Very sad.

  10. A weird thing – the houses in the Levittown type development linked to as NeNe’s neighborhood had only ONE pool!!! Atlanta more than most places has a huge number of “pool days” – hell – even here in New Jersey it seems as if at least half of homes have them – the Atlanta neighborhood pictured is just a build-em-up-pack-em-in collection of homes – really it’s pretty funny how so many people want to appear “rich” with so little there —–

  11. NeNe is really on my last nerve, I think I have said this before. I used to like her alot because she wasn’t afraid to say what everyone was thinking. She really has some nerve bagging on others for “renting” so what? I can see why Kim and Kroy would rent, he is a NFL player and even though he plays for the Falcons, you never know if he will be traded, get a better offer etc and they would have to move so to me renting makes sense for her and as for Sheree? Her renting as well makes sense, shes divorced, has kids, battling for child support etc so yeah makes sense but what doesn’t make sense to me with Sheree is the whole house thing, I mean seriously?!? NeNe needs to back down and stop trashing everyone because it looks to me like she has one foot out the door and I wonder how long it will be before the other housewives work on pushing her out! Someone said she was ghetto rich or was it hood rich? LOL I dont remember but that is exactly what she is, she reminds of those who are on like welfare or whatever and they get their check and show a wad of money with a 20, 50 or a 100 dollar bill on top and the rest are all ones!! UGH! She really irritates me! Ok I am done rambling, its been awhile since I have had time to do more than quickly read and not be able to comment!

  12. The reason she is “stealing money from Sheree” is to get richer! Seriously though, who cares whether any of these chicks pay their bills , unless you are the people they owe?

  13. The real esate market in the ATL is not that bad, these bitches needs to start buying homes, i stopped watching them a bit, because i know they are ALL fake. Where T-BOZ at, i know she needs money these days. She should join the show.

  14. RICH PEOPLE DONT DISCUSS $$$!!! LOL….its an Obvious way to determine when someone is hustling for cash-caviar taste withhotdog money! Living off of club appearance money is Dumb as Hell! Club money Does Not last…ask Peter We straw, the Devils son-in-law!

      • The townhome is hers and she has owned it for a long time. There is no way Kim can afford the lifestyle she has, unless Big Poppa gave her a lot of money and she saved it. Kroy does not make that kind of money. He is making about the same amount Ed Hartwell was making. Some say she is getting huge alimony and child support checks from one of her husbands. NFL players are not garanteed money like the NBA.

        • Her ex is in jail for stat rape! He was never much of catch! She banked a lot of the money Papa gave her and invested some. She was smart about her money, I’ll give her that.

          • She could probably sell some of those expensive gifts Big Papa gave her, like that “fake” engagement ring…I assume that while the promise of marriage was false that the ring itself is real. I would love to hear what Big Papa’s wife thinks about all of this, especially since her husband’s cheating was made so public. Its kind of like a slap to her face, seeing Kim on tv professing her love for his money and all.

  15. Lets make something very clear, I live in Princeton, New Jersey but my father owns homes in the “St Marlo Country Club” which is a gated community and located in Duluth,GA. NeNe Leakes lives in that community in a 6,900sqft, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 car garage home [address edited] ,Duluth,GA. I know this because my father owns the house directly across the road on the left corner of Cruden Bay Court and Merion Dr. I have met Nene a few times when she 1st moved into her house like 2 years ago. Yes Nene is renting this 6,900sqft home for around $4,000 a month. Nene can talk about Kim renting a 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 11,000sqft house on [address edited] Roswell,GA cause Kim talks about Nene renting a 6,900sqft house. Yes Kim is wealthy because of Big Poppa if you all follow her story plot line since the beginning of RHOA she has clearly said before she met Big Poppa (Lee Najjar) she was a registered nurse. The average salary of a registered nurse in Georgia is $85,000 a year. That salary is not buying you all the fabulous things Kim has. Yes Nene is RICH because her and Kim both made about $4 million each from the Bravo’s RHOA reality show. Nene was on The Celebrity Apprentice 4 on NBC banking about $1 million dollars for doing the show. Nene has launched a new brand of wine called “Miss Moscato” which is selling very well. Nene is also a restaurant owner of “Famous Famiglia”, in the Sacramento International Airport in California. So before anyone starts bad mouthing her Nene is the only ATL housewive besides Kandi that has used her fame to take her very very very far. NENE LEAKES IS VERY RICH NOW.

    • PBC: Kim is not a RN. Kim is a LPN. Big difference. Kimberleigh’s license is on SH… you can do a search to find it. Kim and Nene did not make $4 from RHOA… nor did Nene make $1 million for QUITTING Celebrity Apprentice. Nene does not OWN the pizza place; she owns a part of a franchise, owned by John Kolaj. All this info has been on SH… do a search and you’ll find it.

      Finding HWs addresses means nothing… and proves nothing. Ain’t no big deal…

      As for Nene being “very rich” NOW… that is all a matter of relativity and is totally subjective to what a person thinks “rich” is. IMO, Nene is not VERY rich… or even rich, for that matter. So, before YOU start mouthing off about anything or any of the Housewives… get your facts straight. AND… if you prefer “Mouthing Off” as a form of communication, please “mouth off” elsewhere. SH

      • Okay sense you say NeNe is not rich how can she afford $10,000+ Hermes Birkin bags? And how does she afford all them Christian Louboutin’s she owns, how does she afford to live in a 6,900sqft house in a upscale gated community? Nene is the only ATL housewive who has used her fame to take her far in TV and business land. Nene was the only ATL housewive that has co-hosted The Talk on CBS, Nene was the only ATL housewive who has been a guest on The Wendy Williams Show 6 times, Nene was the only ATL housewive that has been a guest on the Anderson Cooper Show and various other talk shows. Nene is the only ATL housewive who has been on mulitiple shows such as Glee, The Game, & Lets Stay Together and many more. Apparently Nene is dong something right to get to where she is now! Now on to that fabulous Kimberleigh lady, the average salary of a LPN in Georgia is $51,000 and thats not buying her the fabulous material things she has. So that married big papa guy got her to where she is now.

  16. I know almost all the housewives addresses. Lots of people do. It’s called google on the internet. I don’t drop in and visit, or send them letters and gifts at their homes, they have P.O. Boxes for that.

  17. Seems to me like you people don’t know the meaning of Hood Rich. Hood Rich is when you live in the ghetto where there are gangs, shoot outs, and drug dealers all around and you have a brand new Infiniti,Audi,Jaguar,Mercedes,BMW,Lexus,Cadillac,Acura or Volvo parked in a alley way or parked on the street. Thats a form of Hood Rich. In fact Nene doesn’t live in the hood and hasn’t ever. When she moved to Athens,GA when she was much young her description of the area was “country”. People seem to blame Nene for her husband Greg’s mistakes with there 1st home on season 1 of RHOA. Nene has clearly said before at that time before the show was airing she was a real housewive, she didn’t work Greg was working in real estate paying the bills or at least trying too. She had no part in that 1st house getting evicted. They have been living in that house since it was builded in 2006. Then after the hit tv show RHOA was a total success Nene was the one who was paying the bills in the new house we see in tv now. The rent ownership is in her name not Greg’s and Nene is paying her $4,000 rent every month to live in that house.

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