Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Rent… Nene’s RICH, VERY RICH!!

                                                            Nene Leakes…                                                      and her 2008 house…

Nene Leakes has been mouthing off about all her new business dealings and how rich she is… Nene recently tweeted about Sheree and Kim RENTING their homes.

Well…Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was evicted from the above house in Duluth, GA in 2008… details here… and lived in this house after she and Gregg got thrown outta the above house… details here.

                                                                                      Nene’s last house… before she downsized to her townhouse

Now that Nene is RICH… VERY RICH, where is SHE livin’?  In a townhouse that she pays $1900 per month rent.

Oh, Nene… youz RICH, VERY RICH!!

Details… here

From Kim Zolciak’s blog:

“NeNe is so money hungry that she’s constantly trying to present a life that she doesn’t live! If NeNe is such a ‘rich bitch’ like she says she is, why would she have tried to take money from Sheree?”

Note:  Good question, Kim!


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  1. I know almost all the housewives addresses. Lots of people do. It’s called google on the internet. I don’t drop in and visit, or send them letters and gifts at their homes, they have P.O. Boxes for that.


  2. Seems to me like you people don’t know the meaning of Hood Rich. Hood Rich is when you live in the ghetto where there are gangs, shoot outs, and drug dealers all around and you have a brand new Infiniti,Audi,Jaguar,Mercedes,BMW,Lexus,Cadillac,Acura or Volvo parked in a alley way or parked on the street. Thats a form of Hood Rich. In fact Nene doesn’t live in the hood and hasn’t ever. When she moved to Athens,GA when she was much young her description of the area was “country”. People seem to blame Nene for her husband Greg’s mistakes with there 1st home on season 1 of RHOA. Nene has clearly said before at that time before the show was airing she was a real housewive, she didn’t work Greg was working in real estate paying the bills or at least trying too. She had no part in that 1st house getting evicted. They have been living in that house since it was builded in 2006. Then after the hit tv show RHOA was a total success Nene was the one who was paying the bills in the new house we see in tv now. The rent ownership is in her name not Greg’s and Nene is paying her $4,000 rent every month to live in that house.


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