Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Havin’ A Real Snit… After She Was Outed On WWHL By RiDICKulous!!

                        Nene Leakes… reacting to Phaedra’s gift to Kandi… the stripper “ReDICKulous”

Nene Leakes is having one helluva fit after being called out by the stripper, RiDICKulous.

                      Phaedra Parks and her biggest client, RiDICKulous…

Ridick told Andy Cohen on last night’s Watch What Happens Live that he had met Nene at least three time prior to his appearing at Kandi Burruss’ 35th birthday party… and apparently Nene doesn’t like being associated with “his kind” any longer and is really ticked at BravoAndy!

                                                        “Mama” Joyce… “I gotta go now, Kandi!  No, I mean I REALLY gotta go!  I gotta get home to take off all my Spanx to pee.. “

“IamSaneri” tweeted the most important question to Nene Leakes and Nene has yet to answer:  “IS REDICKULOUS11 LYING ON YOU!”

WELL NENE… IS RiDICKulous lying on you???

Another good observation:

For your convenience… just so you don’t have to bounce between posts… here is RiDICKulous talking with Miss Andy about meeting Nene on last night’s WWHL…

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62 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Havin’ A Real Snit… After She Was Outed On WWHL By RiDICKulous!!

  1. I dont buy that she has never had a lap dance by a stripper. In fact Riduclous and his hella coptercok move might have been what knocker her back teeth out to begin with. (just jokin yall, dont virtual kill me)

    • Oh my gosh you’re hilarious!!!! Your comment made me make a funny noise – kinda like a dry spit take! Good thing I’m home alone… ;)

    • Did anyone find it odd that NeNe left AFTER ridick did his strip?? Even kandi was like, where u goin (now)? And when sister joyce asked who brought him, NeNe was happy to tattle. Joyce and kandi on wwhl were the ones who said they have strippers at every bday party… Phaedra just took it up a notch. Kandi seemed to like her gift (i found it hilare phaedra supplied the ones).

    • OMG! LMAO! “Hella Coptercok”! You couldnt have described it more accurately! MP, you seriously crack me up!

    • too funny….I agree with you though…NeNe acts like her stinking butt never seen a stripper before. I’m sure she’s appeared as a stripper at some parties where her act was totally unappreciated as well. That heifer makes me sick trying to be something she is not. I would love to meet her and let her try to crap on me she try on the show cause her teeth would be gone and her royal richness will be buying dentures:)

    • Hey, Patricia. Have you ever seen a horse dong? Well, that’s what he has. His face is not so nice, cuz he’s a freak show and you don’t even look above the belt.

      Hey–why are you running to the bathroom?

    • Patricia, I do hope you are feeling much, much better today! If I could, I would bring you over some great fresh Kosher-deli chicken soup with a matzoh ball!

  2. Gawd, can NeNe be any more flippin’ envious of Phaedra? She’s always calling her, “Phaaydruh, the classy atturnee.” It’s exactly how NeNe treated Starr Jones. She has MAJOR insecurity issues and an inferiority complex. Phaedra has nothing left to prove; she’s done it and is living the life that she earned. Phaedra doesn’t need to take an opinion poll on herself; she OWNS it.

    NeNe appears to feel like quite the underachiever, always trying to level those who are more successful. She acts like the “trash” that she calls them. Her comment, “The party don’t start ’til I walk in,” and that whole “I light up the room” crap is right in line with her comment of today, “It’s always my fault.” She wants so desperately to be the star of the show. But she’s like a damn bull in a china shop.

    • Isn’t it crazy how Phaedra is turning out to be likeable …I could not stand her on the first season , but I am starting to like her a little tiny bit.

      • I know. I am totally getting her this season. She was a class act going over there to apologize woman to woman to Kim. I like her style .

        • I think Phaedra is a scream, from her luscious thighs to the Tazer in her purse to her pink “Mrs. Nida” sweatsuit.

            • Sorry bout that. Speaking of stuff up the nose. On Thanksgiving I just got a mouthful of creamed corn and my mom said sumpin funny and I was trying not to choke, at the same time I had to sneeze. Well,I was not about to send mutilated corn flecks across the room so I held it in and I swan I still think I got corn guts all stuffed up in my sinuses.

            • sorry i think she is telling a fib about the tazer and the 357 what is gonna do taz the person who tells her to cover herself with a prayer cloth

            • She was gonna taz Redic just to see what it would do mid hella copter. Might look like a great big ole sparkler. Yeehaw!

        • I do like Phaedra this season; I think she meant well; maybe she should of used a disclaimer; “warning penis may apprear larger through your glass of wine”. Now the part about Re DICK U Less showing he could act like a dog and lick it; that’s another story!

      • ..

        I’m like her more this season. She’s interesting and off the charts with business to watch.

      • Same here! Now that I know it’s all for the cameras, I can see the humor. I like her and her donkey booty-ed self.

    • Agree MsS. Nene is so jealous of all the other housewives. She is so full of herself but is so incsecure. She is really annoying to watch.

    • You are so right, Nene does treat Phaedra exactly how she treated Starr Jones, because they both shine the light to glaringly on what she’s not and she can’t drag either one of them down to her street fighting level of ridiculousness.
      It’s like when Nene’s around these women for too long, she loses her mind at the awareness that she’s really not on their level of success or intelligence and grace and instead of elevating herself ,she pushes and pushes them to try to get them down to her level so she doesn’t have to feel inadequate anymore.
      I was so glad Starr never caved in and got into it with her and I hope Phaedra stays on level too.

    • I love your response and I stand and applaud you because it couldn’t have been said any better. NeNe sit your a$$ down:)

  3. I love Phaedra – she could plan a party for me anytime. Nene did all of that on purpose because she doesn’t like Phaedra and she wanted to ruin Kandi’s party. Nene is a downer she is the type of person – If I am not the center of attention, then I’m going to bring everybody down. I am so over Nene. She calls all of the other girls haters – BUT – she is the only hater I see on the show.

  4. How is Mama Joyce gonna be OK with Kandi selling sex toys and having a sex-themed radio show, but then get all high post when a stripper shows up at her birthday party? And for NeNe – a former stripper and mom to two kids by two different men – for her to throw shade at ReDICKulous for getting his money the same way she used to get hers and Kim for having more than one “baby daddy” … that was beyond hypocrisy.

    • theres a little bit difference is stripping with a g string on then have a man imatate a helo with his winkie and dip it into your drink Thats just nasty nasty. as for NENE
      my guess is she didnt dance around a stage and dip her labia in a truckers beer while she danced
      I got the impression it wanst the stripper himself but what the stripper was doing
      it was just beyond gross and nasty,

      • Well, NeNe claims to have made “a ton” of money when she stripped. If that’s true, how do you think that happened? Remember, we’re talking about NENE.

      • I missed ReDICKulous dunking his junk in drinks. I guess he hypnotized me when he was twirling it around. :) Seriously, I really did miss that part. And I hear what you’re saying. I just think she (Mama Joyce) should have clearer boundaries with Kandi when it comes to grown folks stuff.

    • EC I was saying the exact same thing about NeNe saying that Kim has 3 baby daddies when she has two herself. She’s just mad that Kim has found someone to marry her in grand style. She really can’t stand that Kim her ex-lap dog is getting everything that she wants and more. Nene s nothing but a big ole amazonian bull moose beast in a cheap blonde quick weave

      • I don’t know what went down with her and Greg, but he seems to have a calming effect on her. I hope they can work it out and that she’ll go back to being fun and sassy.

    • I don’t think Mama Joyce has a problem with strippers, per se. Maybe, just maybe, she has a problem being seen on TV with a stripper who sucking on his own junk? Bravo never seems to know where to draw the damned line and they just keep pushing it further and further and further.

  5. I’m not sure Phaedra wasn’t drumming up customers for her funeral business. My Mother would have had a stroke! If she survived she may have giggled in private. Phaedra is really starting to grow on me.

  6. Votes are now being taken–Phaedra need to be FIRED. Vote Phaedra off of RHOA so she can start her P&N funeral home–therefore, her new clients can’t voice their opinions of her very distasteful MESS that she did for Kandi”s birthday gift. What a disgrace! That was definitely a Hello Pete MESS, really a HELL OF A THING to do and she is suppose to be a SOUTHERN BELLE and she is not even CAUCASIAN.

  7. Did you see that tweet from NeNe? She said ReDick was “ugly.” I never noticed his face at all … did he have a face? Oh wait, maybe she was talking about something else.

  8. I’m really lovin’ Phaedra this season too and like someone said above, I couldnt stand her last year. However, I didnt find ReDICKulous to be funny or appropriate. That’s just gross! And they showed him on national TV, well kind of, lol. I would have to say that I saw more than needed to. The one I’m really disliking this season is Cynthia, but that’s because of her loser husband.

  9. Phaedra has turned out to be a class act. NeNe should move on to other things. Sooo over her and her attitude. Whatever makes her think she owns the room when she walks in?

    • lol….she looks like a big Crane when she walks in the room no matter what she wears. She’s a hotlanta mess. Yes Phaedra is a class act and has the fortune and fame to go with it.

  10. nene totally looks like rerun in that picture
    complete with cap
    ‘hay ridickulous, tell us what’s happening
    because we all can see what’s up..’

  11. Oh wow I knew there would be a video of this out there somewhere. Looks like NeNe has on the same earrings she wore on party night. Hummmm must be her rediculous earrings special just for him.

    • NeNe is a tramp who got lucky with a good husband and met up with people in high places to pull her up out of the gutter. Now she has some cake with icing she forgot she came out of the strip club with Redickulous or whatever his name is. As for Phaedra CLASS is her name and the stripper was appropriate for the party. Mama Joyce should have left the scene because that party wasn’t for her it was for Kandi. I’m sure there some place for Mama Joyce to go until the strip show was over. No disrespect Kandi but your mom spoiled your night with the help of that horse name NeNe. Nene will never be on Phaedra’s level considering she can’t speak in a complete sentence without thinking of the one word she knows (jealousy) and her friend Cynthia lol.

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