Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Havin’ A Real Snit… After She Was Outed On WWHL By RiDICKulous!!

                        Nene Leakes… reacting to Phaedra’s gift to Kandi… the stripper “ReDICKulous”

Nene Leakes is having one helluva fit after being called out by the stripper, RiDICKulous.

                      Phaedra Parks and her biggest client, RiDICKulous…

Ridick told Andy Cohen on last night’s Watch What Happens Live that he had met Nene at least three time prior to his appearing at Kandi Burruss’ 35th birthday party… and apparently Nene doesn’t like being associated with “his kind” any longer and is really ticked at BravoAndy!

                                                        “Mama” Joyce… “I gotta go now, Kandi!  No, I mean I REALLY gotta go!  I gotta get home to take off all my Spanx to pee.. “

“IamSaneri” tweeted the most important question to Nene Leakes and Nene has yet to answer:  “IS REDICKULOUS11 LYING ON YOU!”

WELL NENE… IS RiDICKulous lying on you???

Another good observation:

For your convenience… just so you don’t have to bounce between posts… here is RiDICKulous talking with Miss Andy about meeting Nene on last night’s WWHL…