Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia’s Husband, Peter Thomas, Yaps MORE About RHOA!!

Peter Thomas, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey’s white-bearded husband, is talking AGAIN!

Peter’s first interview with UPTOWN magazine (here) caused a huge stir among the Atlanta Housewives and Peter is talking with UPTOWN again…

Peter talks about Sheree:

“She talks about everybody f****ed up all the time, especially my wife. She said my wife is spineless. She said my wife has no backbone. She said my wife follows around NeNe like some little puppy. She says a lot of really f****ed up things and my wife is too much of a classy chick to even go in on that so, when they ask me what I think, because me and my wife is one, I’m gone say how I feel.

She thinks she’s cute but I don’t think she’s cute. If she thinks she’s cute, then that’s on her. It’s like when I watched [the show Sunday] night and she said ‘well, I know I’m cute’ and my answer was ‘really.’ It didn’t change how I feel.

Read Peter’s entire interview with UPTOWN… here.

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42 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia’s Husband, Peter Thomas, Yaps MORE About RHOA!!

  1. Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater–Why did your mother come to your wedding wearing the same color dress as Cynthia? By the way, get a real job. Sheree is Cute.

  2. First of all Sheree is cute. Peter is the only husband talking trash about women, that tells me alot about Peter. Why can’t Cynthia stand up for herself. Cynthia is being used by Peter and Nene.

    • Cynthia needs to open her eyes and see everything regarding Pee-tah for what it is and that includes NeNe too. I still say that Pee-tah and NeNe have/had something going on, I mean why else would you speak so highly of her of all people on the show. He only went in on Sheree because he does think she’s cute. IJS what MAN would say that about another woman in the first place? Kim Richards said the exact same thing about Brandi which proves the point that it’s something a woman would say and not a real man.

      • I agree. His interview was sooo unmanly like. I just dont get it. My husband is too fricken busy out making a living to worry about any petty drama that might be going on with my girlfriends much less have the time to stir up some fresh drama It really chaps my butt when these “men” get involved in their women’s drama. Its almost comical the way Peter does a very girly type thing like that and then wants to puff chests with Apollo about who is the better man?? Please. I know of no males that act like this. Only on Bravo.

        • Samsies, MP! In fact, even if i try and talk to mu hubs about friends, drama, etc. He stops me and says, “im not a woman, babe. I hate gossip.”

  3. Peter has a big chip on his shoulder and who knows why; picking on the other housewives shows he has no class. I heard through the Hotlanta grapevine; he has always thought he was all that and failing of his restaurant made his chip bigger; he has played the field and thinks he is too good for most of the women he’s been with. Note; what I just wrote again is here say?

    • I can believe it. Didn’t Wendy Williams tell us he has 5 children with 4 women? Guess he thinks he is a stud. It’s too bad that the failing restaurant didn’t make him more humble. Ever since Phaedra called him Papa Smurf, that is all I can think when I see him. LOL

  4. I know this is completely off topic but when do we get to to see Teresa G on Wendy Williams today. I missed it cause i had to be at work. Would love some video clips from that! =)

    • And on topic…I still can’t stand Peter. Stay out of it Peter. If you wanna prove Cynthia, your wife, has a backbone then let her stand up for herself and you SHUT IT.

      • I don’t think it was a repeat, I watched it today and all of the questions Wendy asked were about things that happened after the reunion…with that said, u guys didn’t miss much, Teresa didn’t really answer anything.

      • Wendy taped everyday this week except Thursday (jill’s repeat episode). Just like Hoda and Kathy. I think because everyone is home during this week they all wanted new shows. Teresa went to Joe’s parents house for Thanksgiving.

  5. Man Peter gets on my last nerve. A real gentleman, especially a Southern one would NEVER speak about a woman the way he has about the ladies of ATL. I read both interviews and all I could do was smh, sure he may publicly say what alot are thinking but when you have to “work” with these people day in and day out I would think it just creates more tension and drama for his wife and I liked her last season, actually felt bad for her but this season? I don’t know, I guess I will wait and see how it all plays out. As far as NeNe goes, in my opinion she is using Cynthia because she has just about burned all her bridges with the rest of the wives more or less. Her holier than thou ” I am RICH” statement is like the most classless thing I have seen yet. Maybe she needs to pick up a copy of Class with the Countess or whatever the hell the name of that book is and learn some!

    • Peter is not a southern gentleman, he is Jamaican from Jamaica, West Indies..He’s an Island man..he would never take crap from anyone; male or female.

      • I dont think peters level of jerkiness is related to race/creed, etc. Hes an a-hole, plain and simple. (Just like being a gentleman has little to do with where u were raised/live…)

      • That has nothing to do with where he’s from, he’s just a [insert synonym for female dog]. He’s like the mean girl at the party that instead of trying to have a good time sits in a corner snarking about everyone else because no ones noticing him, ‘did you see her handbag? It was so fake’ ‘OMG look at her, she thinks she’s cute but she’s not!’ ‘her husband left her for leann rimes, that’s her claim to fame!’ [cackle cackle cackle].

        Before his first interview noone had said anything about Cynthia. He just wants to use her as an excuse because everyone sees what a [synonym for female dog] he is. Why the hell is he stirring the pot? It’s real housewives not real deadbeat husbands!

        He needs to stop [female dog]-ing and grow up! He and kyle could be best friends.

        and worst yet he B to the itches like a female and attributes it to him being a real man…

  6. Sorry but he is waaay too creepy in an abusive sorta way. Cynthia lost alot of respect by marrying this guy when SHE cried and whined all season acting so unhappy with him.
    Don’t hate me but I don’t think Sheree is cute. I think she looks like a man. Her crimal record and fakeness are a real turn off as well.

  7. Peter looks like leon’s midgie dad. Sooo old, unhip, grumpy, set in his ways, disrespectful to men and women, not understanding, not financially secure (at his age?!), and the only thing young about him is his high school isht-stirrer/ backstabbing/ gossiping/ tough guy act. Zzzz

      • NeNe was cool when she got along with kim and sheree. I really thought her and kandi would hit it off, too, but NeNe had 2nd season syndrome… She believed her own hype that she was the break-out star and felt there was only room for 1 at the top. After she aevered ties with dwight, and started calling phaedra fake-dra, i called curtains on my love of NeNe

        • See, I liked Dwight… Sure he got a bit outta hand with that $30,000 bid’ness with Gregg/NeNe, he said she said, but he a trip!

          • I like dwight, too. Thats what i meant when i saud NeNe cutting ties with him was the last straw for me. Once she feels slighted, she will throw away a longterm relationship or friendship. I dont like how aggressive she gets, either. Yelling in someones face, as you posture above them, outweighing them and towering above them? To me, thats verbally a usive and i prob wouldve popped her in the mouth.

  8. I ignore Peter & Cynthia usually cause they are such a snooze. I cant lie though….Peter is right on the money about Sheree….she’s always talking about how fly she is and throwing herself parties & fussing others (they all do that) but no one really puts her in her place. Peter has plenty of flaws, but Phaedra DID insult him to his face and Sheree is trifling. They all bore me this season. I love Kim & Kroy though!!

    • I like the Kim/Kroy storyline the best too Kay. I didnt take the “dirty man” thing to be an insult to Peter. She was just stating her preference in her Phedra character way. And lets face it, If given a choice no one really wants a man with 5 kids from 4 different mothers. Only Cynthia for whatever reason. “dirty” would not have been my word choice. “messy” is more on point. But again. Phedra is playing the role of hoity toity southern bell snob hence the messy. I will say that these other mothers of peters brood are at least smart enough to keep their kids off this show. I assume he still interacts with them and is more of a presents in their lives than a support check so the fact that we never see them is more of a reflection on the intellect of their mothers than on Peters “stellar” decision making skills.

      • Peters kids are all probably Grown or at least older he is in his what 60s?
        anyone know for sure?

        Phaedra is rude 99% of the time even though she isnt as bad as last yr i can barely tolerate her judgmental attitude and the thought she never has to be held accountable her Husband will fight her battles and she can sit there and act like a china doll who may be shattered if anyone breathes in her direction

        • I love phaedra. I find her antics highly amusing (she is an entertainment lawyer) and her hubs is scrumptious.

  9. Peter commenting on Lawrence’s shoes was just stupid. This is not his first time seeing Lawrence in pumps so no need to mention it.

    • He is a a closet case homophobe. So he wanted to throw that out there to distract everyone from the very girly thing that he had just done(the uptown interview) where he comes off looking like such a gurl! After witnessing that display, I wouldn’t be surprised if he used fluffers while conceiving his many children. Yeah I said it.

    • I know, just get over it, Peter! How do u not get along with MissLawrence? Next to Kandi he’s my fav… Peter’s lucky that Kroy is so docile or he’d have the ATL football team after his low budget azz! Old man in the Shoe

      • I know, i love Kroy. what a prime example of a gentleman with true class. Kim lucked out. i really felt for Kroy while he was watching peter and Apollo go at it. Disappoinment, embarrassment, this was his first childs baby shower. Tasteless behavior on both parts. apollo annoys me too with his high pitched voice.

  10. The only reason i would show up sooo late to a party is so i could say congratulations, apologize for missing everything, and giving a very nice gift. I would not sit down or fraternize with guests- i would leave… Anything else is totally disrespectful and detracts from the event. The fact that peter and cynthia arrived so late – and without a gift (it doesnt matter what theyve ever given or not given to you)- was petty, immature, and sick. If you felt so neg about what happened at your event, hash it out or forget it. You dont hold it over their head and do payback.

  11. Boy this guy is “deep” ….. love the PaPa Smurf comparison… I think Cindy is too nice~which is why she ended up w/this idiot.

  12. Peter is using Cynthia for money. He needs another $40k for the new bar when his so called investors fell through…i.e the bounced $40k check he was referring to on the phone…He is going to get the money from Cynthia because she is afraid to tell him “No.”
    I am almost 100% sure Peter is very abusive to her behind closed doors…and he knows she’ll keep dishing out the cash for all his pathetic business ventures doomed for failure!

  13. The jury is still out for me about Peter. my husband mentioned how much Peter looked like his grandfather. I pulled out the pictures and Peter is the spitting image of my husbands grandfather. My husband comes from a long line of Thomas’s. I have been in the Thomas family for 30 years and I have known them to have lots of hair brain schemes but they always seem to come out on top. I think Peter will be alright. The atitude and that gruffyness that he has sure fits in with the Thomas men I know. I think it is a man thing with them do not show your true feelings, be tough. But behind closed doors they are gentle and kind and caring. Perhaps as with me, this is what Cnythia sees in Peter. Everyone is so judgemental of Peter but none of you know what goes on behind closed doors. On another note are all of your lives so perfect that you can afford to malign anyone. We all live in glass houses so no one can throw stones.

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