Real Housewives of Atlanta: Cynthia Bailey… Cynthia on the Wendy Williams Show… CYNTHIA IS STOOPID!!! … VIDEOS

 Cynthia Bailey and Wendy Williams… “You STILL stoopid, Cynthia.”

Cynthia Bailey from the Real Housewives of Atlanta made an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show… unfortunately.   Why “unfortunately?”  Because Wendy has spotlighted Cynthia many times on her show as being beautiful, but brainless and Cynthia attempted to placate Wendy… but Wendy wasn’t goin’ for none of Cynthia’s nonsense.

                                                                                         Cynthia Bailey… Youz a Big Dummy!!

Wendy has labeled Cynthia “stupid” for a number of reasons…

  • Cynthia married Peter
  • Cynthia continued her marriage plans to Peter despite her mother and sister having strong reservations about Peter
  • Cynthia married Peter
  • Cynthia proceeding with an elaborate wedding, ignoring Peter’s lack of finances
  • Cynthia married Peter

BEFORE Cynthia sat down with Wendy… Wendy had this to say about her upcoming guest:

Cynthia’s chat with Wendy… Cynthia comes up with a lot of excuses for Peter…

AFTER the show… Wendy talks about her interview with Cynthia Bailey…

NOTE:  CANNOT disagree with anything Wendy says regarding Cynthia!  Sorry, Cynthia… but Nene is using you.  Your husband, Peter, is using you.  You is STOOPID!!!

As for Cynthia’s allegation that Kim Zolciak did not give Cynthia and Peter a wedding gift, this is what Kim had to say about that!!

More details from “Straight From The A”…  regarding Kim’s squabble with Cynthia AND Nene Leakes… here.

(Thanks to  SH reader “Audrey”!!!)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting the after show as I totally missed that.

    Ugh. Cynthia was given ample time to give a deeper explanation to a lot of questions and she failed. My mom doesn’t watch the Atlanta show, but asked me today, ‘Who was that boring woman on Wendy Williams last night?’ LOL

    Why does Cynthia say she didn’t get a gift when Kim says she gave her cash? That is the question I wished Wendy had asked, but she probably didn’t see Kim’s blog as it was posted very recently.


    • Good question. Her modeling school must have already bit the bullet or surely she would have mentioned that. Maybe she makes all her paying modeling students work for free at Peters place? Calls that graduate school for the cream of the crop in the ATL?
      Oh yeah and I think its funny when she says she is team peter. Sorta like Nene being strickly dickly.


    • Yes he is!!! Her ex Leon is super sexy!!! I live in Atlanta and in person this man is even more yumdelicious…I have also been to Uptown, Peter’s old business and is was a hole in the wall. So I have no idea what Cynthia was thinking when she dropped the hero and picked up the zero; Stoopid I guess…


  2. We dont get Weeeni(i mean wendy) here. I dont think if we did I would watch her anyways. She kind of erks me. Cyn baby is not to smart but I do think she must have something upstairs as most models her age dont work at all. I think she has very low self esteem issues and thats why she lets people like Peter and Nene boss her around. I also think she has been abused either in her past or maybe is being abused. She seems to be alot of times acting like a deer in the headlights. She doesnt fight for herself. She rarely argues with anyone and even when she does its so passive you couldnt tell that she is even upset about anything. I dont know she just doesnt act right. I feel kind of sorry for her. I mean to be so pretty but be so unhappy. Its sad because her daughter is going to see her mother acting like a scared rabbit and it will effect how she grows up as a young woman. Has anyone seen Cyn ever get mad? I dont remember her ever losing it unlike most every housewife out there.


  3. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as if Wendy has something against beautiful women. She’s talked about her own self-esteem issues, which is admirable, yet she turns around and tries to put female celebrities known for their beauty in a “hoe” box or a “dumb” box, as if it’s impossible for a beautiful woman to have a brain and not be a slut. Prefacing her insults with “She’s beautiful” or “You could look at her all day long” doesn’t change the fact that she’s insulting these women. The only time I remember her being less catty than usual was when she interviewed Amber Rose.


  4. I want to retract my earlier statement. I watched the whole wendy show and yep Cyn is stoopid. She acted like a dumb kid. Never once coming out with any straight answer to any question. I cant figure her out. Maybe she just plays dumb? I dont know its hard to make a call on her as who knows if she is following the Andy script….


  5. Doesn’t Kim have a freaking trailer to crawl into?? GAWD.

    Whenever her wigged ass is on my screen, I have to fast forward. I completely remove her out of place ass from the show using my remote. Thank the lawd.


  6. Thanks for posting these videos. A couple of things:

    1) I adore Wendy Williams and have been following this woman since the very beginning of her US career (she used to do radio overseas). I think she often gives great advice and has a very motherly/sisterly way about her that I find endearing. However. She is in NO PLACE AT ALL to make accusations about any stupidity on Cynthia’s part or any usery on Peter’s part.

    Wendy’s husband is the same fat slobbery bastard who was riding a young girl with a wig on a video tape that went viral. He was looking directly at the camera and was aware of the camera. He didn’t give a damn. It was the most disgusting mess to ever witness, and Wendy (and the country) found out about the tape and she stayed with him.

    What does Wendy’s husband do?? Oops, he’s her “manager”. Whatever the f that means. If by manager she means live off your wife while she makes the bread and your passive-aggressive ass uses her, spends her money, and brings her conflict and drama, then yes, he’s one hell of a manager.

    This same slob sexually assaulted one of Wendy’s staffmembers and the story was corroborated by all those present at the station. This was supposedly the main reason for Wendy losing her radio show (but hey, she got a TV show, so she got the last laugh). Most would call Wendy an f’ing IDIOT for staying with this bastard who is a user, unfaithful, and a passive-aggressive jerk. Btw, they also stated in court documents that Wendy and her husband created a hostile work environment by Wendy getting her ass kicked by her husband AT THE STATION (wbls).

    So who the hell is stupid??? Wendy or Cynthia??

    My money is on Wendy, I hate to say it.

    2) Peter is a Jamaican man. In Jamaica, it is NOT a “sin” to have numerous wives or what is called “outside women”. It’s a relic of African culture. The purpose is to expand the family and ensure descendants and the life of the blood line. The same practice was in the US amongst the Black population, until the white population stamped it out with laws and torture for those who did not abide by their cultural rules.

    So it’s unfair to knock this man because of his own cultural practices. Wtf is that about. In France, people eat horses and sh!t. Snails. Tiny and cute animals. Should I knock them and call them savages because they do shit differently from me??


    How many descendants Peter has or how many outside women Peter has is not my damn business. I’m not sucking from their breasts. I’m not his child.

    People need to stop judging people when they want to live in their culture. If you don’t like it, make sure you don’t adopt his culture. Otherwise, stfu Miss Wendy and look in the mirror at real STOOPID.


    • teehee Lipsy. I did nt know all that about Wendy. Crazy stuff. Anyways I dont think Peter’s 5 kids from 4 different women is anymore indicative of his Jamaicaness than Kim’s 3 by three different men. Its what we call here in America dumbassery. Phedra was not slamming him or his choice to serial populate she was just saying she didn’t want that for herself. It shouldn’t have bothered him that bad since he wasnt aimin to propose to Phaedra. It obviously touched a nerve in him since he held a grudge about it or so long. Maybe he is ashamed of it himself?


      • Thanks MP, frankly it would have bothered me if anyone brought my family up on a show like that. YOU (the castmember) sign up for the show, not all of your family. I doubt he is ashamed of his family, as it is a part of Jamaican culture (and African culture) and is by all means nothing to be ashamed of in the first place.

        I’m not sure of what you mean about Kim and I don’t know what Kim’s motives or intentions were with her children and their fathers (I know well that polygamy is not a part of her culture). So they are not at all comparable to me; but I do know that Peter and his children and outside women are COMPLETELY normal in caribbean culture, including in Jamaica. So it’s f’d up when you come to another country and have to defend your family and way of life to ignorant people.

        I would have reacted with the same “pissedoffness” if I was in his shoes. When you start talking about someone’s children and judging their family and by extension (in Peter’s case) their cultural identity (which is ironically in Phaedra’s own culture today, though people are mocked for it until they feel ashamed in the US), they’re likely to respond with hostility and venom.


        • I don’t buy that peter perter the wonder peter impregnated all those women out of some loyalty(?) to his culture. He gonna have to sell that bs summers else. Fact is, he is old and most old people (no matter what culture) don’t like using rubbers hence they get more babies that they know what what to do with. Maybe it is against his culture a vasectomy?
          If peter was sooooo into his culture then he would have married a Jamacian woman.
          Whatever the case Pheadra didn’t bring up his family(or kids) She said she didn’t want a dirty man. That’s her prerogative as much as it is Peter’s to go out an populate the earth with his seed while he bums money from his wife(that’s not a Jamaican thing too is it?) Having said that we all have our no-can-dos. I would never marry or date an ex-con. I wouldn’t expect Phaedra to get pissy if I say so since its my prerogative too. In the spirit of that…..


          • MP, I’m assuming you’re not a part of the culture and if you’re not, then it’s not your place to say what he would and wouldn’t do in regards to his culture.

            He can marry whoever he wants. Afro-Caribbean, African-American, Afro-Latino, all of it shares many similarities on behavior, food, language, family ties, and thought. While there are many differences, there are many, many similarities, especially amongst those coming from the South, as Cynthia is. Nationality doesn’t dictate shit.

            With that said, a “vascectomy” is not in the culture. No. Why is that of concern to you? Are you being sarcastic? Should he get one to suit your insecurities??

            You are talking about something that you clearly don’t know about and as I said, if you’re not a part of someone’s culture, then don’t try and judge their marital or familial practices. STFU. Thanks.


      • It was the insinuation that Phaedra made that Peter wasn’t clean bc he had a lot of kids that he had a problem with. That’s what I got out of that deal. Phaedra did say it was not for her. Nonetheless she said she would rather have a clean man, which is what made him mad. I agreed with Peter on that. She could have worded that differently.


        • True, I took it to mean she wanted a less messy man in terms of baggage but like I said she got her own threshold for messy/dirty. She aint got any issues with an excon. Adding to Peter’s ridiculousness is the fact that he is not successful. If he could afford to properly support all them kids AND take care of his new wife AND peruse his dream of being a successful restauranteur with out tapping into his wives funds then more power to him but its not looking like peter is able to do that. Obviously Mal feels the same way. Messy ridiculous mooch. Peter knows this and therefore gets buthurt when someone brings it up;


          • when she said CLEAN” i took at she meant no stds
            then she went on to explain the babymama thing
            All she had to say is i am glad Appollo didnt have kids with other women but to imply if someone does they are “unclean” or dirty both cynthis and peter have kids from other partner(s) dosnt make someone dirty


            • True. I dont think she meant it like that. Peter is exactly what Kandi was tawkin bout in No Scrubs. He cant spatially expand Cynthia’s horizons cause he is a buster,


            • lol Thanks Ms Sub.. Yeah that was a hoot. Not too sure I am ok with Lispy lumping the whole doggone southern African American community in with her theory of the shared ideas and behaviors (really? behaviors?) of the island culture. Or her assertions that the Island of Jamaica is on board with her theory. But since I aint Jamaican and I aint African American I spose I cant speak on it. It just seemed a tad racists to me and Everybody Knows aint no such thang as a tad racists. Other than that Lispy and me gonna get along just fine so long as she knowds I dont like being told to STFU. Its against my culture. ;)


        • I think Phaedra wording was wrong. She meant because she didnt having any kids she also wanted a man without kids ass well. Maybe clean was not the proper word to use


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