Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss… Kandi’s New Show AND Her Take On This Season Of The RHOA… VIDEO

Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta had a nice chat with “JuicyMagTV”…

  • Kandi said that this season of the RHOA is extra long… running from November to April
  • She’s not upset with Kim, but that Kandi should have taken care of business properly
  • And then… Kandi must talk about KandiKoated Nights and her sex toy bizness

NOTE:  Is Kandi the answer to this blind item???

(Thanks to SH reader “cc/mc”!!!)

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11 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss… Kandi’s New Show AND Her Take On This Season Of The RHOA… VIDEO

  1. I wish Kandi would push her spinoff more, and her toys less. Great to here she got the exec producer credit though. Kandi is one smart businesswoman

  2. Kandi is fake and two faced! 100$! She plays innocent and stupid to her comments but is well aware of everything that she does!

  3. November to April? NOVEMBER TO APRIL??? That’s almost as long as Fakedra carried her baby (wink, wink). I may not last that long. The seasons are just getting too long and they’re overlapping too much. If Bravo wants to kill the franchise through overexposure, they sure know what they’re doing.

    • I wonder if they stretched out the season so that it would dovetail into Kim’s show with Kroy – for continuity reasons.

      Kim is such a talented songwriter/producer/singer – the spin off show makes complete sense to me. It is opposite of ‘jumping the shark’ lol (thinking of recent thread here.)

  4. I really dont know what is going on this season, nee nee is acting like she is to good for atlanta houswives so they should give her what she wants and let her ass go. I am really feeeling sheree this season, she is the only real one. Please bring lisa back and let cynthia go back to where ever she came from with peter, with his nasty attitude.

    • Sheree is real? Have you looked at this show from Season 1..If not, please do..As a matter of fact she is the only fake person on the show..What does Sheree do besides RHOA? She’s the only housewife of Atlanta that bought super luxury vehicle which was repossessed, talked about having no budget even though she has no money, she has no endorsements, nothing, nada..

      • True, either America just hates Sheree or she is talentless because she seems to be the only one unable to prosper off of the housewife franchise. At least the rest of the Atlanta housewives have something else going on for them.

  5. I think Sheree should invest in a being a trainer. Her body is ridiculous and she would be taken more seriously going that route. She has more claim doing that than any of the others shoving wines, shoes, cosmetics, books, hooker tips or whatever else they come up with down our throats. At least being a trainer is something that she can honestly say that she knows a great deal about. I think she’s sleeping on her real potential.

  6. Oh Gosh there you go giving her and idea. Now we will see dvds or something foolish. I used to think she was pretty. I don’t like how she thinks she is better than everyone and something about the way she clips off her words when she talks is uncomfortable for me to listen to almost like a stutter.

    Kim should set him up with a baller so she can move on from this show. All she wants from a man is obviously money.

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