Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Entire Interview With Wendy Williams…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes paid a visit to the Wendy Williams Show yesterday… and the short version of Nene’s interview was posted.

Nene had a bit more to say on the extended version of her chat with Wendy…

NOTE:  Don’t be gettin all up ma grill about the FF around the 7:50 mark!   Just didn’t want to break up the video into two parts…

5 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… Nene’s Entire Interview With Wendy Williams…

  1. oh Dang. Wendy was treading thin ice pointing out the eczema. Clearly NeNe goes out of her way to correct that. Wendy broke girl code on that one. and it was fuNeNe. Now why is it that Nene didnt get all up in Wendy’s grill? Cause Wendy could drop kick her into next season dats why.


  2. MeaNe is faker than fake. That laugh. UGH!
    Wasn’t he supposed to be on the other day w/everyone else? I love the look on MeaNe’s face when Wendy says “a woman who’s alone.” It’s all “i can’t believe this witch is gonna get real and lay me out in front of these people”

    Big, Black and Bold will predispose some to naming one a bully, but then she acknowledged that MeaNe is mean-spirited and bossy…. A bully by any other name and all that.

    “I’m always soft” right after miming the walls she put up? What is she a rock w/a heart of sludge?
    She has no friends, but she’s rich in life. How does that work? I hope she’s using a rearview for all that backpeadaling…

    @10:28 bless you!

    She’s so jealous of Kim. I never thought so before now.


  3. Nene was pretty full of herself. Wendy mentioned she Googled Nene’s net worth and it was something like $3 Million; again going back to my statement;there’s rich and then there’s wealthy!


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