Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Blogs… Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer And BH Producer RuPaul…

Kyle Richards… here.

“Unfortunately people simply cannot understand our relationship from watching a TV show.  This relationship is decades in the making. Plus, there are many contributing factors that you will never see because I am not comfortable sharing them with the world. I am sorry about that. You may feel frustrated at times, angry, or curious why I have said or done certain things. For now, I have to wait until my sister is ready to speak up and explain things herself.”

Camille Grammer… here.

Some of Taylor’s storied were inconsistent which led to our confusion. It was a very touchy and difficult subject and so sad and unfortunate. All we really wanted was the best for her and to help without crossing the line.

BH Producer, Dave “RuPaul” Rupel’s blog… here.

“It was clear to me after the séance that Taylor was not going to confront Lisa at a big event. However, it was equally clear to me that once Lisa found out she had not been invited to Taylor’s event, Lisa would call Taylor out about that and then the confrontation was bound to happen.

I knew Lisa’s feelings would be hurt by this realization, and they were. It was a very vulnerable moment for her. Please know that I don’t get any kind of personal satisfaction out of filming moments like these.  (OH… PUH-LEEZE, GURL!!!)  I felt bad for Lisa because I adore her and I knew this news upset her. However, I also adore Taylor and it was her right to choose to not invite Lisa for the reasons she states in the episode.”