Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Blogs… Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer And BH Producer RuPaul…

Kyle Richards… here.

“Unfortunately people simply cannot understand our relationship from watching a TV show.  This relationship is decades in the making. Plus, there are many contributing factors that you will never see because I am not comfortable sharing them with the world. I am sorry about that. You may feel frustrated at times, angry, or curious why I have said or done certain things. For now, I have to wait until my sister is ready to speak up and explain things herself.”

Camille Grammer… here.

Some of Taylor’s storied were inconsistent which led to our confusion. It was a very touchy and difficult subject and so sad and unfortunate. All we really wanted was the best for her and to help without crossing the line.

BH Producer, Dave “RuPaul” Rupel’s blog… here.

“It was clear to me after the séance that Taylor was not going to confront Lisa at a big event. However, it was equally clear to me that once Lisa found out she had not been invited to Taylor’s event, Lisa would call Taylor out about that and then the confrontation was bound to happen.

I knew Lisa’s feelings would be hurt by this realization, and they were. It was a very vulnerable moment for her. Please know that I don’t get any kind of personal satisfaction out of filming moments like these.  (OH… PUH-LEEZE, GURL!!!)  I felt bad for Lisa because I adore her and I knew this news upset her. However, I also adore Taylor and it was her right to choose to not invite Lisa for the reasons she states in the episode.”

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30 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Blogs… Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer And BH Producer RuPaul…

  1. Watching Russel and Taylor interact it is hard to believe he beat Taylor. He was joking with her and looked proud she was nominated for that award. It looks like all her lies were catching up to her and she was coming unraveled at Lisa’s tea. Kyle is so two faced it is sickening. She is constantly crying too.

    • Hi Cathy. I dont believe her either. And last night I saw no,zero,zip, nada tears falling down her cheeks. I reckon Traylor would like to have us believe that ole Russel yucked up her tear ducts too. But we aint buying it. Honestly last night was hard to watch knowing that a man was convinced that this show was gonna crucify him and seeing how it was being played out with no one(cept stoopid Kyle) believing her. Sure wish Russel could have stuck around to see it.
      Something was off in the editing last night. I re watched the part when Camille confronts Traylor on her lies and its obvious that they had to edit or dub in an extra “we’ve been protecting yooou” to cover up something else that was being said. If anyone still has this on their tivo check it out and tell me if I am just hearing things.

      • Hi Madepiley Nice piciture. I still haven’t figured how to do that. I don’t tivo it but usually watch it a couple of times. I wish they would have rerun it last night instead of running the HWOA episode again. Traylor is sickening to watch. You are right about the tears.

    • You may not have saw it, but that just means he’s good at covering up- many abusers are. It doesn’t matter, because he had admitted to getting physical with her and has plead guilty to battery before.

  2. My take on the show is that the women are all having a hard time believing the stories that Taylor has been telling them over the last year. Everything from her financial situation to her marriage appears to be a web of lies. Taylor went after Lisa expecting the troops to rally around her and was hit with a hard dose of reality, not her reality. I came off really liking Lisa and Camille. Kyle sat there trying to keep off the hot seat. It’s sad that she has so little respect for her friendship with Lisa. This from someone that always needs someone to have her back.

    • I agree with everything here. I don’t think last night was really about “abuse or not abuse?”- I think Taylor has lied to too many people about so many different things that they were angry. They have every right to be, no one likes to be manipulated.

  3. Shana is digusting. I don’t know how Lisa sat there while she insulted her. I would have slap that ugly witch silly. I swear, when they were giving out ugly, Shana got on line 5 times.

    • I liked the way Lisa handled it. She tried to stick up for herself, but when it was clear Taylor was just bonkers and nothing would come of it, she just kept saying “I’m sorry, okay you’re right” to end it. Very mature.

      • CC/MC, that was a good one! I really think part of the problem with Taylor like I said in another post was how much she was drinking…she’s nutso/bonkers but she might as well have picked up the bottle of bubbly and been swigging it verses pouring the many glasses………it would’ve went with her trailer park background.

  4. I wonder what Shana/Traylor was about to say when Kyle shut her up saying “you better not play with me like that”, that is the same tatic she used with Kim in the back of the limo last year. I think that Traylor was about to say something juicy that Kyle had said about Lisa!

    • Definitely! Kyle was awfully uncomfortable b/c she knew her involvement in the Lisa-Shana fight was going to be highlighted–or outed at the very least, which it was. I get that friends do talk about other friends, but I don’t think I could ever tell a true friend of mine the hurtful things Kyle felt the need to tell her. Especially someone who is as fragile as Traylor is. I was pretty impressed with Lisa’s restraint. I am sure she was thinking–“you can’t argue with crazy.” And she’s right. Traylor seemed to be getting angier and angier with every apology…probably b/c in the back of her “mind” she knew she was looking really bad at that point–physically (greazzzzy hair) and intellectually (I know–that one is a stretch).

  5. I find it relieving and hilarious that the other girls all backed up Lisa’s stories & they all looked confused and then irritated the more Taylor went off. Its also extremely strange that Camille & Lisa both offered for Taylor & Kennedy to live in their houses….in fact, camille even said that Taylor asked her to live there as she went on her 3 hour sob story & then left on a G4 with the very man she wanted to leave. I’m sure camille was extremely insulted & felt taken for a fool. I woulda done worse. And after everything Taylor said to Lisa…Lisa didn’t retaliate and talk about her. She continued with her concern and kept offering a helping hand to her. The tables have officially turbed on Taylor & I’m loving it! How horrible was Dana at the luncheon to say “i think you did the right thing not inviting her” when Dana was shamelessly kissing Lisas ass a few episodes ago. Such a nasty woman.

    • Uh helloo…….did you NOT see her $200,000 sunglasses and her REAL fur coat? She is just fabulous! She is fun for me to watch just b/c she is sooooooo obvious with the climbing. Maybe most people are like that in BH? But I find it entertaining.

  6. I guess she’s the housewife version of an Alex from New York. She will never get close to Lisa, Adreinne, or Camile. The housewives with the real money. Her and Traylor make good friends.

  7. I’m sorry as someone that was both physically and mentally abused I just can’t buy Taylor’s stories! If someone had offered me a place to go like Lisa I would have been there in a second if only to protect my children. The fact that Russell was going to leave her says so much! Abusers don’t leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor is full of manure and it is about to hit the fan. Everyone is questioning her version of the truth and she is grabbing for straws. Kyle sucks as a friend, sister and a person. I found myself liking Camille for being straight up ! Is Adrienne living in La La land?

  8. Kyle was a big let down in this episode. She was one of my favorites last season, and has really dropped on my list. I really didn’t appreciate that she refused to defend her good friend Lisa, who she has known for years, over Traylor Trash Hughes Armstrong whom she’s only known for such a short amount of time.

    I agree with a lot of the comments, she’s faking a whole lot of B.S.

    Traylor has major insecurity issues, and prefers to focus on “fairy tales”, and put blame on others. She needs to go, I’m getting tired of her.

    Time to take out the “trash.”

  9. shana is lying to and about everyone. including russell. why would anyone repeat the words of such an unctuous, prolific and PROVEN LIAR?? why indulge that ??
    shana hughes/ taylor ford, yada yada, is a colossus of a she-beast.
    well i’m glad to have THAT off of my chest…

    • Totally agree adam12. Shana is a very bad seed. Her ugly personality damaged her face far more than any plastic surgeon every could.

      She needs a heart transplant.

    • Who could forget about the cute lil puppy she made her daughter get rid of that was her favorite bday gift from her daddy. Only to turn around a year later and give her A DOG! Thought Kennedy was allergic? Wouldn’t she be allergic to all dogs? The one she gave away was a hypoallergenic breed… Hmmm

  10. Did anyone see a single tear in that “Tempest in a Teapot” scene? Maybe my TV isn’t HD enough–I don’t know–but I didn’t see ONE single tear. Traylor dabbed her eye with a fingertip, and someone handed her a hanky, but for how hard she was “crying,” it seemed odd that there were no waterworks to match.

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