Real Housewives of New Jersey: “Someone” Made “BabyJoeGee” Twitter Account Disappear! Wonder Who!?!? UPDATE…

UPDATE:  Keep in mind that “Baby” and now “JoeGee” are not only beloved by his family… the Laurita/Morons…  BUT the PRODUCERS of the Real Housewives of New Jersey also!

If you were not aware of how personally close the RHONJ PRODUCERS are to this Bravo franchise, read here.  And, if for some reason you were not aware of the original totally disgusting “Baby” tweets, read here… or simply do a search on SH.

Being that the PRODUCERS of the Real Housewives of New Jersey…in particular Jacob Huddleston and Rebecca Resnick… accepted and encouraged the “Baby” tweets… how far does the acceptance of a two-year-old being used in this fashion go up the Bravo chain??

Is Andy aware of these tweets?  Is ANYONE at Bravo aware of the idiocy and vileness of their NJ franchise?

IF Bravo IS aware of this, why have they not stepped in?  Yes, the “Baby” twitter account has been deleted.  However, the disgusting, offensive tweets of the Laurita/Moron relative still goes on…

Are these the type of people that Bravo wants associated with their network??

Are these the type of people YOU want to watch on a Housewives show???

If you’re looking to read the disgusting tweets from “BabyJoeGee”… you will be sorely disappointed, as that twitter account no longer exists.  “BabyJoeGee” has been attempting to clean up his tweets… but, after tweeting yesterday suggesting a “threesome” as a reply to a tweet, cleaning up his tweets must have been too much of a chore and “Baby’s” twitter account is gone.  If you REALLY want to read the tweets, simply do a search on SH… the tweets are there for all to read.

However, “Baby’s” dad, Joe Gee, is continuing his own twitter account and is tweeting in the same vein as “Baby”…

                              This idiot isn’t even aware that Joe Paterno is still alive…

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57 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: “Someone” Made “BabyJoeGee” Twitter Account Disappear! Wonder Who!?!? UPDATE…

  1. How ironic that “JoeGee” makes fun of the Penn State molestation scandal and criticizes Joe Paterno when “JoeGee” has sexualized the online persona of his own infant.

    • I know right. Weirder still that when SH first outed him as being the creep that he is he didn’t take it down immediately. It took people threatening to call child protective services for him to do it. Obviously he knew it would be frowned upon by them. so poof!

      • MP: The “dad” isn’t that smart to realize what he’s doing. Certainly, as was suggested earlier by other commenters, there was probably a huge family meeting, “encouraging” him to stop with the “baby” tweeting; which he ignored. Then came the “unfollows”… from members of his family who want to distance themselves from anything that may tarnish their **cough, cough** sterling image. But, even that did not stop him!

        IMO, the “family” threatened to fire him from his job with the black water crap… but, that’s just a THEORY. You did see him driving around in the black water van… didn’t you?? If not, just do a search on SH… it’s there.

        Every time I look at the undrinkable black water I still got, I think of the “babyjoegee” tweets… just makes the already disgusting beverage even more disgusting. TFC!! SH

        • You’d think the MOTHER saying to him ” Are you out of your f’in’ mind???? Take that sh*t down NOW!!” would have been enough. I’d be interested to be a fly on the wall for that conversation more than the Manzo/Laurita group meeting. You have to wonder if she’s just super timid about disagreeing with him or is as demented herself and thinks there’s nothing wrong with his behavior toward their child?

    • AOM: Your descriptive irony of the “Dad” tweets is the reason for the post… and that da Laurita/Manzo’s apparently cannot rein this guy in! AND… they all still think he’s the funniest/most clever member of their family! AND… he certainly is showing what a great representative he is for his entire family. ‘Cause ya know, they’re all about faimly! TFC!! SH

      • Maybe I don’t understand Twitter well enough, but when I log in and type babyjoegee in the search bar the account still comes up. But what is no longer there is the profile link and the little buttons for following, followers, etc. Because, although JoeGee cutely said he wasn’t babyjoegee, he was the kid’s first follower–now how the heck did he know about the account to be its first follower if he either wasn’t the author or wasn’t sitting in the room with the author. And even if he was not the author what father would “follow” an account that had his own son inviting people to look at porn sites involving old men and anal sex?? And that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of all the LaMo-rons who followed him, and wrote encouraging twits. Now, without the followers button we can no longer see, but surely Twitter can produce if necessary, the stellar list of family members following him.

        And of course, JoeGee has purged babyjoegee from his list of who he is following. Babyjoegee began selectively restricting his messages a few days ago. The reference to the old man porn site was taken down earlier, but the invitation to SH to visit was still up. He deleted older tweets is two stages, the latest being Nov 2. He also selectively removed the invitation to the two tweeters who have been excoriating him lately to have a threesome, but some of the other handiwork remains. One of his tweets following Lauren’s finger in poop hillarity was “It’s still not the worst place I’ve had my hands” or something to that effect. It is gone too.

        For those people saying Don Caro should be boycotted on her show, I say No. Let’s have DonCaro use her new platform to invite JoeGee and his relatives and her kids and sit on that stage and dissect everyone of babyjoegees’ tweets and each of their responses to it and how those responses are in the least bit appropriate. And when and why did DonCaro un-follow? And what took so long? And the same for Albie. And how did Albie respond when babyjoegee asked him if folded his privates into a mangina before he un-followed?

        Unfortunately for DonCaro, her family is the eye of the whirlwind of stupid she complained about at the reunion. For JoeGee to rag on PennState and not see the irony of the vile exploitation of his own son that he either perpetrated or allowed to be perpetrated (anybody remember how fast LilMilania’s account got taken down??) is just too stoopid for words.

    • Amen. I posted twice here that I thought he needed to be reported for child sexual exploitation. I wonder if someone “talked to” him.

    • The depths of their repugnance is too much to look at sometimes. NOT entertainment. This NJ cast is just vile and filthy.

    • I’ve been tweeting that people should boycott the show and all advertisers as long as Caroline is co-hosting. I copy NYLive as well as the local NBC station in NY and Caroline too. Besides the fact that she doesn’t do a good job (weird faces, neck tilts), her husband bilked NJ taxpayers out of health benefits and salary until Gov. Christie called him out. I just can’t stand the woman or her family and I believe I have a right to voice my displeasure as a (now former) viewer.

  2. The Manzos/Lauritas looked in the mirror and saw an ugly reflection.. via that sexually suggestive, vile account in a 2 year old baby’s wait they don’t have that kind of was just a matter of being jacka***s who got exposed and being afraid of possible DYFS action here in NJ. The Dad’s comment on Joe Paterno is disgusting and very odd.

    • odd indeed. I still want to know what lead to cousin Joe living with the Manzo’s during his formative years. Sumpin smells odd about that as well.

      • MsMP, Did cousin Joe sleep in the same bed, all the Manzo children shared in their humble beginnings? Before they were all children of privilage like Billy Joels daughter?

        • I am thinking these were the later teen years that cousin Joey lived with them in the big fancy house. He is a little bit older than the boiz. What i want to know is where is JoeGees daddy. Ms Suburbia, any ideas?

  3. I’m not good at reading tweets, but is he…oh nm….I just think his resignation should be effective immediately….who knows how many more children suffered as a result of his inaction.
    and when he said JoePa I thought he might have been referring to his dad or something…I mean they are all “joe’s” arent they? …. what do I know …. I’m the moron who can’t decipher twitter.

  4. I can’t believe what hideous people they have turned out to be on the inside. And they have the nerve to rag on Teresa? Give me a friggen break. At least with her, what you see is what you get. They must bathe in that sludge water they’re toting.

    • The baby is real right and someone is tweeting using the Babys likeness
      Why do people use their kids in this manner sickening

      and a Bit ot but not really Taylor now has a Twitter for Kennedy she says Kennedy all 5 yrs old asked for one and Taylor will be tweeting all the fun and happy things she says…
      sure You will Taylor attention onyou isnt enough you need to use your sweet child to get more..

      • oh dang! if that diabolical nitwit puts words about her daddy in that kids mouth it will be further proof of what an absolute horrid mother she is. Can you post the link?

        • I think its @whatkennedysez or @stuffkennedysez

          Taylors twitter is @Taylorarmstrong i know the link is there
          Im at work i cant do the link thing here.

          Apprently she got a lot of flack about giving Kennedy a twitter.

            • its called @stuffkennedysez Its Taylor tweeting for Kennedy like she couldnt do that on her own twitter.
              She plain as day said KENNEDY ASKED FOR HER OWN TWITTER PAGE
              Taylor =queen of back peddling

            • Yeah I picked up on that too Lisa. Does she really think for one minute that people thought she set up a twitter for Kennedy and handed her an ipad and told her t go to town on it?!?!? She misses the point entirely. I hope Russel’s family is taking note of this malarkey.

  5. Well, on a side note, Joe Pa is still alive and kicking. He just resigned today from Penn State due to the scandal. Whirlwind of stupidity must follow the Manzo family like the dirt cloud surrounding Pig Pen!!!

  6. Hello everyone……Now that I finally got my computer(I can’t comment on my phone…Anyone know why?) The past couple RHONJ post have made me so mad. How can Bravo just sit back? This family is terrible and I feel bad for the family members who are not on the same filth level as the ones mentioned.

  7. I took the comment about JoePa not being alive to see what’s happening to Penn State to be sarcasm. In other words, JoePa is so friggin’ old, he’s practically dead and probably doesn’t have any idea about what’s going on around him.

  8. It actually makes me sick to my stomach! Kinda reminds me of Spencer from the Hills (totally revealing more about me–yep I watch some BAD TV!). Anyway, he’s trying to by funny, and it’s coming off like he’s a psycho. And frankly when you involve your 2-year old child in your sick antics, you are a psycho!

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