The Real Housewives of Beverly: Kim Richards… Moving In With My Boyfriend, Ken

On next week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kyle Richards stops over at her sister, Kim Richards house…

… to find out that Kim is moving in with her boyfriend, Ken…

And Kyle is not happy about the idea…

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37 comments on “The Real Housewives of Beverly: Kim Richards… Moving In With My Boyfriend, Ken

  1. What s with that guy? He kept twitching. Did Kim meet him in rehab? She said something about finding him by her mailbox. He gives me the creeps.

    • I never like to use the word “ugly” but, man! That is one UGLY dude! The skin, the teeth, the nose, the wrinkles….! It was hard to take it all in at once!!

  2. Whatever……….Kim’s no prize herself……….I can’t believe that she is only 47 years old…..please!!!!

  3. Sorry, but did anyone read Teresa’s blog, she called Caroline a “big fat bully” who “blows hot air” that no one listens to. She called Jac a “twitter maniac”. I actually like it, she asked Caroline to make up her mind about her (T), is she a bumbling idiot or a master manipulator. She also said that Caroline makes up fantasies about her own life.

  4. Where did you find Teresa’s new blog. I checked Bravo and her own site and couldn’t find it.

  5. She’s pretty gross and dumb, but he’s really, really scary! They were both sniffing a lot. Yuck, that whole thing was just GROSS!!!

  6. That guy looks like either the rock eater from the Never ending story or that little guy from the horror movie Leprachaun.

  7. Kim is a complete mess. Even Adrienne’s husband Paul, who IS a surgeon felt that she was intoxicated when they went to Sacramento. Now, she shows up with a guy that looks straight out of the rough part of town, sniffing like he just blew a couple of lines. That’s probably why she’s on the show in the first place, she’s dirt broke from buying drugs.
    (And I totally agree, she’s one old-ass looking 47 yr old)

    • I agree about the dirt broke thing. I was looking at her filmography on wikipedia & she has been in a LOT of stuff compared to Kyle. Also if she was telling the truth in S1, one of her baby daddies is loaded so she must have got some kind of money from him.

  8. Last night I was flipping through the channels and an old Magnum P.I. was on. Guess who was a guest star? KIM. God, she was so pretty. And her voice, was so different.

    I flipped by during a commercial for HW’s and there she was. So weird.

  9. Good God, what an ugly dude! Both of them kept on sniffing and snorting their noses and this nasty guy kept rolling out his tongue, all lizard-like and disgusting… Ugh, it looks like Kim hooked up with her drug dealer…

  10. Gosh! Can u say…judge judge judge? Why is Kyle acting like my sister? JK! not really but not the time or place…

    Kyle slurs her words now, Kim is a mess yea, but something is goin on w Kyle…

    she should b happy for her!

  11. My aunt lives by Kim, it’s a really expensive area to be in. We visited in April and I didn’t see anyone walking in that area (since it’s hilly). I did see lots of pool guys, lawn guys, working on people’s house kind of guys…and this guy is standing by her mailbox. That doesn’t happen there! She should have been scared, but being stupid and intoxicated dulls your wits.

    • I know Ken and they lived next door to eachother… that can explain being at the mailboxes at the same time.

  12. Bro, you live in Beverly Hills. Get someone to fix that monster schnoz! He looks like a troll! I literally had a physical response to his image on TV. I was listening to the TV with headphones and woke up my husband because I jumped and said “AHHH!” when I saw him.

  13. This is truly the ugliest man i have ever seen. And you better believe me when i tell you, he is doing either meth, or coke. No one sniffs that much and his eyes, its so obvious to everyone. Kims behavior is irrational at best. Does not fit with the medication she is on. She gave a hint when she said that she likes the way she feels when she is not drinking. How many times in the bathroom? Its so obvious to all who are watching that this is about up the nose drugs. Not the kind she is describing. And that hideous creature that is her boyfriend, good lord girl. No wonder you did not want to have him meet your family. Halloween for sure, but thats not a mask. Talk about coke blinders on. Ughhhhhh. Kim is way out there, and i feel sorry that no one takes it real. everyone watching the show knows she is using. But no one wants to admit it. This is by far not the reaction of prescription drugs unless she is drinking with them. Get help Kim, Kyle your little sis is in trouble big time. She is a hot mess.

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