The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss… “No Scrubs” AND… Takin’ A Detour With TLC!!!

                                                  I don’t know what those other chicks are doin’ over on those other Housewives shows, but I can sing, boo…

On last night’s Before They Were Real Housewives of Atlanta…

Kandi Burruss… who can actually SING!… tells how she came up with the lyrics to TLC’s “No Scrubs”…

I loooove TLC.   Here’s “No Scrubs” by TLC…

TLC singin’ “Creep”

TLC singin’  “Waterfalls”…

“Diggin’ On You”… TLC

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13 comments on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss… “No Scrubs” AND… Takin’ A Detour With TLC!!!

  1. Hello: I watched last night the before they were Housewives of the Atlanta I enjoyed it; well done! Now I will be Nosey Nancy does anyone out there know the 411 on Big Papa; who is he; was he really married while he was with Kim? Where does his income come from. Just the basics and just curious;) Thank you!

  2. Just curious as to why nothing was said about Sheree’ Whitfield, since she’s been on the show from the beginning. I thought the show was boring since we’ve all seen most of this stuff before.

  3. SH: Totally off topic, but the B-side blog guy made a “Taylor” pumpkin!! It’s quite good–and scary.

      • I LOVE him too.

        Sorry I couldn’t link you right to it. That’s another in along line of things my computer does when it feels like it. It’s essentially a Housewife: expensive and almost useless.

        Oh, and did you scroll a couple entries down to see his friends’ sighting of Ashlee at CVS??

  4. If it were not for TLC, I would not have made it thru my divorce, after 20 years of marriage. I wore out more casettes of them than one can imagine. Were there CD’s back then, in 1996, can’t remember!!!!! Laughing now, but was hell back then. I just LOVE THEM, then, now and FORVER!!!! Thank you for the treat Miss SH!!!!!!

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