Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… HOPEFULLY, This Is The Last Chapter Of Her FATSUIT Ridiculousness…

  Look at Mommy!  Doesn’t Mommy look beautiful???

Hopefully, this is the LAST installment of Melissa Gorga in a fat suit.  Melissa, from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, did wonders for “fat discrimination” by putting on a fat suit and parading around New York City.  Melissa also provided major research in “fat discrimination” by actually eating a hot dog; walking down subway steps; getting in a cab; and accepting an offer from a pedicab driver for a ride.

                 So good of Joe Gorga to like Melissa… even at 4o0 lbs!  

The last line of this short, and hopefully FINAL, installment of Melissa’s sacrifice for fat women says it all:  “Melissa will be less critical the next time SHE LOOKS IN THE MIRROR!”  Unreal…

NOTE:  Pretty sure Melissa “co-wrote” her song…

9 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… HOPEFULLY, This Is The Last Chapter Of Her FATSUIT Ridiculousness…

  1. Thank goodness for her willingness to suffer to affect social change!

    Wait – what? Her stunt didn’t change a thing? Oh well.

    Thanks MsSH for posting the whole story. I had seen only little dribs and drabs.


  2. I will try and write what I think Joe is saying to fat Mel…”.If you ever get that fat I will divorce your fat ass!” “Next time you decide to get on camera can ya make it an expose on strippers who are trying to go straight?” “Or maybe lipsincing in the nude, is it really for you?” I would imagine he is telling his daughter,”If you ever get that fat no guido man will ever feel you out”……Actually the one reason Joe would never let Mel get fat is how could he make any money off of her if she became fat? What a short,penis envy little man he is……


  3. So nice that fat people can help MeGo feel better about herself. Cause she’s not fat. Cause that would be awful. It would make her daughter cry out of fear her mom might be fat. And….hey, ET, what was the point of this story again? Oh right, to feed a famewhore’s ego and remind the country what a useless program you are. ET is Winning!


  4. Poor Antonia. These people need to remember that kids are very sensitive about seeing their parents (aka the stable safe adults whom they can always turn to) in any dramatic or unstable situation. I completely understood Gia crying when her drunk father chipped his tooth and was bleeding. It was frightening for Antonia to see her mom altered like that. It rocks their sense of stability. Only for a moment, but still.


    • Quite So “sugarygoo”. (sits up and stretches out a bit)-Imagine how all those children(I do believe there were babies there too) at that christening event felt. It was the episode that aired in May. Child services have been called for acts of violence and drunkenness less than what happened on that day(its all on tape). Shame on them all. I dont think any of the parents on that show give a dang about their kittens-not a one of them.


      • Well you KNOW Kathy does… because while she was herding her children out of harm’s way, she picked up all the ‘unattended’ children as well


  5. I find this so odd, because all I ever think when I see MeGo is “wow, big time butter face.” Was this experiment meant to challenge that sentiment?


  6. SHFan(rubs head with paw)- I would have to disagre with you on that one(you made me research that one). I have seen the footage a few times and a short interview she was in about the christening and what she did- It does not add up-We all know how Bravo can edit things. When she leaves the worst is over already. In fact, it seems there were many little kittens there.

    I also just saw where a women HOLDING A BABY was trying to calm down crazy Joe Gorga-I dont think he even noticed it. What other parents were trying to protect the kids from that mess. You never hear anyone say “Look out for the kids!” Did Gorga drink that much? If he did-why at his kids christening(rolls eyes). I really can’t believe much of what is done or said on that show nowadays-for obvious reasons stated in my first post ever on this site.(blinks her blue eyes)


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