Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… **SH EXCLUSIVE**… How Did She Get Her Black Eye???

  Taylor and Russell Armstrong… 

If you have been reading SH for any length of time, you are aware that when I have a question that needs answering regarding one of the Housewives that is beyond my personal experience and/or expertise, I ask one of my sources, who are experts in their field and/or I ask one of my “insiders.”  They always come through with the information.

                                                                                Shana… Taylor Armstrong… 

And… if you’ve been reading SH for any length of time, you are well aware of my opinion regarding Shana/TraylorTrash Taylor Armstrong.  If you are not aware… IMO, Shana is a very experienced con artist, scammer pro.

Shana has been caught in so many lies that she can’t keep them straight herself… Shana’s scamming ways have taken her across the US, from Oklahoma to Texas to Florida to California.  To say that I am ‘not a fan’ of Taylor Armstrong would be a huge understatement.

However, I am a huge fan of the TRUTH; whether that goes against my opinion or not.

  Shana… Taylor Armstrong… what happened???

The latest question involves ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong’s recent injury… the black eye… Taylor Armstrong has appeared on Dr. Phil and ET, explaining her injury, which she states is the result of her husband, Russell Armstrong, punching her.  Shana continued to state that she was told by Russell to tell the attending medical personnel that the injury was caused by their daughter, Kennedy, accidentally kicking Shana in the eye.

I sent photos and videos of Taylor Armstrong’s ET and Dr. Phil appearances to one of the top plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, whom I’ve known for a long time… and asked him how such an injury could have been caused.  

                                                    Dr. Dennis Hurwitz on the Today Show…

Just a bit of background about Dr. Hurwitz:  One of his offices is located in Beverly Hills; he is a colleague of Paul Nassif (well, Paul Nassif probably was taught by him…); he has an impeccable reputation; he has been on numerous television shows and has been quoted many times by just about any magazine you can think of;  and has invented/developed many of the plastic surgery procedures used by other plastic surgeons worldwide.   Dr. Hurwitz is just the top of the top…

After reviewing the photos and videos, Dr. Hurwitz responded:

 “… I have viewed the videos and several comments. It does appear that she suffered from fist blows to her face. The pattern of bruising is classic for an orbital floor and rim fracture. The surgery appears to be related to her prior Lasix surgery, but could be due to setting her fractures if they were displaced, which I cannot tell by looking at the photos. These bruises and swelling do tend to resolve within a week or so without residual sequel.


Dennis J. Hurwitz, M.D., FACS”

As much as I find Shana… Taylor Armstrong…  a despicable proven scammer,  I have 100% confidence in Dr. Hurwitz’ assessment.   

Shana/TraylorTrash… Taylor Armstrong maybe, just maybe… be telling the truth… for once.

                                                                                            Oh, save it, Shana…

There will be MORE about ShanaLynetteHughesSipesTaylorFordArmstrong… SCAMMER PRO… coming in future posts

FYI:  The links sent to Dr. Hurwitz’ for his review:  

40 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… **SH EXCLUSIVE**… How Did She Get Her Black Eye???

  1. Oh wow, SH! Thank you for all your hardwork and integrity!
    I cannot stand Traylor, but believe she was abused. I think she’s playing it up for the media and has zero credibility… I know there is at least one person out there that feels similar :)
    It’s just an icky situation all around, I think.
    I don’t have anything funny to add. I just really wanted to thank you for your reporting and sharing your journey in searching for the truth behind all this HWs craziness.


    • SH… you’re awesome! I might just re-evaluate my thoughts about her face.

      Mythunker, I think you’ve got it. That’s exactly why she has no credibility. She may have been abused, but she’s making herself out to be a martyr (IMO of course)


  2. Awesome investigative effort, Ms SH!!

    Ok, so it’s still iffy. On the one hand, the Dr. can see how it appears to be from a blow, but then also it could be the result of a Lasix surgery? So the jury is still out, even in light of professional expertise.

    I appreciate your stance on this issue, and agree 100% with what you’ve blogged so far. Con artists and liars can suffer abuse, so there is always the chance that indeed Russell caused this injury. But I’m not convinced either way. A lot does not add up here. She’s lied about so much and is so narcissistic, it’s a challenge to take Taylor seriously.


    • Thanks for the Information I still think she is lying or at the very least embellishing on some facts
      Even if he did hit her whose to say it wanst self defense or a football to the eye as
      origianlly reported While I do agree it could be a fist it also could be a number of other things as well and the story may not be what it seems either now that he is dead she can put any spin on it she wants. If he in fact did abuse her the last few months of the marriage which if tru she didnt deserve that dosnt mean her tales of abuse for 6 yrs are true.
      I would like to hear from the dr who is fact treated her for the “abuse” before i declare her telling the truth but what your dr friend does say id compelling of course

      Thanks SH for your detective work.

      Happy Halloween everyone


      • Is there any proof that she indeed had obitial fractures at all
        I know they showed xrays of someones cheekbones on ET but was it confirmed those were Taylors?


      • Oh I know you aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything. I sure didn’t mean to imply you were. Not at all. I think your Exclusive is well written and easy to comprehend. At least for most of us here. ;) And most definitely appreciated.

        I meant that no matter what I read (anywhere), and there have been so many articles, I’m never going to be convinced either way of what really happened based on photos, statements, testimony from counselors and doctors, etc. Because the only other person who really knows what happened is dead. Seems a bit too convenient for me, but maybe I’m too cynical. And of course, the history of lying and bullying, etc. It’s obvious where I lean.

        But, learning more about this is most defintely interesting. Anything is possible.


        • sugary: Unfortunately, that is the case… Russell is the ONLY person who can either confirm or deny what Shana is saying or has said. At this point, we can only rely on solid documentation (court documents, medical reports, etc…).

          The post was, by no means, an attempt to sway anyone… one way or the other. Simply an expert’s analysis of what was presented to him. Despite other medical professionals giving their opinions via ET, Dr. Phil, etc., who were given the same photos and information, I prefer to obtain answers/information from the people that I KNOW are the best in their field…. and that answer was shared with SH readers.

          I agree with your comment… anything is possible. TFC!! SH


  3. Aha! But nobody can say it was Russell’s fist or definitively if it was a fist. Did someone measure his fist against the bruise? Shana could have told one truth: Her daughter kicked her. The doctor could not prove that. Seeing how low she is willing to go to get attention, I would not be shocked if she punched herself in the eye. I asked an MD eye specialist who does plastic surgery around the eyes as well as Lasik to give his opinion on the photos. He said he would need more information. This is not a court of law. Russell is not around to be questioned, nor is Taylor being cross-examined. More information is needed to prove facts. Just because a doctor gives his opinion does not make proof. It begs more questions and the only one who could give answers is lying in a grave. The surviving spouse is a proven liar and has reason to lie. She has also gained financially from this, which makes her an even more unbelievable source.

    If there was a police report, I’d be willing to accept this doctor’s opinion as corroboration. Even expert witnesses (which he is not: he is only giving an opinion) are subject to examination and cross-examination. I’m not willing to be fooled this easily. There is no police report. None.


    • I don’t think the dr. or SH are trying to “prove” anything. This is just an opinion as you and SH have said. There’s no definitive statement in this post, merely a POV from a very respected surgeon. I think it is good to look at all sides of this…


    • mrsc: There are NO conclusions being drawn here. And no one is on trial here on SH. YOU are jumping to conclusions that are way out of line in re to the post. It is simply stating the viewpoint of an extremely experienced plastic surgeon.

      AND… no one is claiming that this is PROOF. Kindly step back and take a breath. None of what you have written really has anything to to with information provided. SH


      • Easy, tiger. Giving my opinions is not deserving of jumping all over me. I would invite you to step back and read my comments. I am not out of line, nor am I jumping to conclusions. I am giving my opinions. I never insulted you or your writings. I cannot say the same for you. I gave my opinions and raised questions. I use “I” statements quite clearly.


      • And SH I love your site and the fact you do so much research before you post stuff I am sorry if said something to upset you

        You are the Bestest.


  4. I just wanna say one thing on this subject and then I’ll leave all my other musings to myself.
    I have and will never understand why the abuse stories and her being a total douche have to be mutually exclusive. Can’t she be a totall liar scum bucket and still have been abused? Of course her scammin’ ways lessen her credibility. I just think she can be both. A total liar, a probable exaggerator and an a abuse victim.


    • Me too MT… My only issue is with the ‘I’m gonna go all Oklahoma on your @ss’ stuff. To me, she always seemed like the aggressor (sp?) – the fact that she’s a liar, scammer, etc AND that Russell is now dead and can’t defend himself… Always makes me question her story. I’m glad SH did this / got this information because I’d HATE to think she was that evil. At this point, I’d almost rather believe she was abused rather than believe she made all of this up, but I’m confused.

      Now, since we’re talking to SH so much, I now realize I need to change my name again… Can’t have anyone confusing her brilliance with me because of the name


    • Ill answer that..they arent
      however her history of lying makes one think twice, its like the boy who screamed wolf no one believed him when the real wolf showed up
      But her lying is only one reason why i dont believe her
      Her behavior,her jumping into a new relationship a week after she moved out(which leads me to believe she may have been seeing him prior) and now she is on BF #2 parading him around as “just a friend” she continued to meet Russell alone if she was so “abused” why would she do this The “abuse pictures” were not entered into the divorce complaint Russells lawyer had no idea they excisted and was perplexed as to why she would keep that secret as do I the fact she claims they were taken by a friend but then says russell never left her side then she back peddles and says oh he left for a few minutes that when the “nameless faceless friend” took the pictures
      The absence of Police records,911 calls or any witness to her bruises or beatings you
      would think in 6 yrs someone would have heard or seen something. the fact her stories are ever changing evolving..thats what liars do people telling the truth stick with one story.

      so IMO her scam artist lying backround is just one of the many reasons I am questioning her story.
      So yes one can be a douchebag and be be a horrible human and be abused but In Taylors case there is SO MUCH more to consider.


      • My opinion is you can be a douchebag and be be a horrible human and get your clock cleaned and its not abuse. Its called karma. So weather it was her itty-bitty husband that laid her out or some great big chick she scammed the life savings out of makes no nevermind to me.


    • I blame my original comment on (legal or illegal, take your pick) drugs or my fever.
      This is a he said he said game and the he in this game is unable to say anything at all… Ever again. If he was alive, he might lie. Even the living lie.
      I don’t know what to believe. I don’t think I’ll ever come to any conclusion re this issue.
      Who I want to hear from however, are either people with facts or people who are in search of facts. All the editorializing from Traylor or the media is just so tiresome. I don’t want to hear exaggerated truths or attention grabbing headlines. I appreciate SH because her opinion is clear but so is her respect for all angles and facts.
      Also very glad you booted that other someone out. He/she has made my blood boil in the past.
      I’ll make sure to mind my commenting while sick, inebriated or just plain ole cranky.


      • Hope you get to feeling better. I dont think you have anything to apologize for. I see nothing wrong or cranky about your comment on this. I totally respect your objective view.


  5. I thought abuse usually escalates, as well. First yelling. Slamming, throwing things. Pushing, shoving, grabbing someone’s arms hard enough to leave bruises. To get punched in the face, which would leave evidence and draw concern and attention, i would think the abuser just blew hus top… I have a hard time believing not one person, medical staff, friends or family, heard/saw abuse. And the fact she never mentioned it to a marriage counselor or in divorce docs makes me all the more skeptical.
    Ive run into a counter and had bruises on my arm, and had an allergic reaction to adhesive tape (holding wiring to a neurostimulator implant all over my back) leaving raised welts. Both times, my doctor questions me extensively, asking for the story again over multiple occasions. He also spoke with my husband. That seems to be the norm when there is any sign of possible abuse… Yet, no records or even suspicion?


    • ames: Your experience is why Shana’s abuse claims are so controversial. There are soooo many unanswered questions and sooo many additional questions raised from Dr. Hurwitz’ observation.

      As I’ve stated, Shana is a major scammer and she knows her way around the “domestic abuse” route by her volunteer work at the women’s abuse center. I’m certain she knew exactly what she was doing when she was treated. If she were really being abused, why are there no records?? There are so many questions that just keep popping up! And, the only person who has the answers to Shana’s claims/accusations cannot answer for himself… TFC!!! SH


      • Exactly. I dont think any of us are trying to bash the victim here, but simply question how its possible for a victim of 6 years of abuse not leave a glimpse, a trace, a feeeling that said abuse occured. If i was being abused by my spouse and considering leaving him, us going to a marital counselor to save the marriage- a counselor bound to confidentiality- i sure would mention his anger, violence, abuse as a problem needing to get fixed. One close friend or family member would suspect or have been told… Even after russels death, and shanas claims of abuse, not a single friend or family member is covering for her, lying for her, or in any way corroberating her story. Giant red flags for me… I could see her hitting her eye on an open cupboard or maybe kennedy did kick her… I just know, shes not credible.


  6. I certainly respect Dr Hurwitz’ opinion and it makes me think twice about my own opinion that Shana’s story doesn’t ring true. I can’t understand why, after Russell is dead, why oh why would she bring this out when they have a little daughter? What good does this do now? She doesn’t need protection from him now. He very well may have punched her, we will never know the circumstances of if it happened or what happened. She has just made herself look bad no matter what. It is a sad situation for Russell’s children and my heart goes out to them.


    • why? Because she is still working her angle that she thinks will hopefully get her out of the legal hot water she was in over her and Russell’s shady biduns dealing. That is the one and only reason. Plus she is a selfish wench who never cared for those children when Russel was alive and it very doubtful that she possesses the capacity to care for her own child.


  7. I love reading all of your postings because it helps me to see things from different angles. I don’t know what to think about all of these abuse accusations. After reading SHFan’s comment about Traylor making her comment about going OK on Kim’s a$*, it put a thought in my head…do you think she bullied Kim because she knows Kim is weaker? Maybe it gave T a weird sense of power to go from being victimized to being the bully. Just wondering if anyone knows if abuse victims do this to others?


    • I’m purdy sure each victim is different. That’s only with my limited experience knowing & talking to victims!


    • Could be nerdysmurf, could be. I think there are some statistics out there that indicate an abused person will usually turn to abusing his/her children (the weaker victim) because they hold the power in that relationship. That could’ve been why Traylor went after Kim… wish I knew the answers but you gave me something to think about


      • Im no expert either but People who have no control over their lives will often seek some way to control some aspect( ie through food or dress) I can see the same being for someone who has no power seeking it somewhere else in their lives like a weakier person.
        If aggression is all Taylor knows from growing up to her “abuse” in the marriage she very well may start abusing those around her unless she breaks the cycle. If you talk to women who are abused they will often come from homes where abuse was a part of growing up and in turn they will abuse there own kids or others It can be a vicious cycle but not 100% I have a friend who had a abusive relationship and her parents never laid a hand on her not once.
        I hope i am making sense i am on chocolate overload


  8. Ms.SH, thank your for your dillagence and integrity, not only do I enjoy your site, but that makes me respect you as a person as well. I am very big on whats fair is fair and that is a hard creed to live by sometimes so thank you again.


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