Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… Details About Her Eye Injury

                                   Taylor Armstrong… can’t believe her own words!

More to unlocking the mysteries surrounding the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong’s claims of abuse.

Shana took a break from shooting a commercial for Ciroc and something for Bravo’s New Year’s Eve Party to speak with Access Hollywood about her eye injury…

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39 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… Details About Her Eye Injury

      • But then how did she get pics of a bruised face Those pics where clearly took at a Hospital In which she claimed Russell never left her side in fact he RUSHED to her side and told her the lie to tell the “amazing Doctors” and now she claimed it was several weeks before she went to the hospital.
        so if she waited for the swelling to go down for several weeks the bruises would not look fresh and didnt go that night then those bruises are not from being punched in the face and she is Lying about the ‘abuse pictures” and what they really are.they are bruising from surgery not abuse.
        Man she really needs to start taking notes on her stories maybe some flow charts might help

        or maybe i have just had to many Candy corns

        and SH ahahahahaha Yea I cant imagine Mortin would have cut it..

        • I just noticed she said russel never left her side. Im throwing in the challenge flag. As i stated earlier i had two instances of “suspicious” bruising (self-inflicted) and raised welts (allergic reaction). My doctor (who is an anesthesiologist/pain doc, NOT an ER doc, made me husband leave the room to try and coax the truth out. He then spoke with my husband, separately (outside, door closed) to hear his understanding/version of events. The next time i had the allergic reaction, my doc had a stern, serious talk with me and asked me to re-tell both stories again AND told me he had to write it in my chart for liability reasons. (My doc did call my husband on the phone and questioned him about both events, as well.) Even now, 2 years out, he brings it up slyly, “what happened to your back that one time?” And allllways asks how me and hubs are doing.
          If that ER doc saw taylors injuries and did not split them up, i bet hes violating hospital policy… Or taylor could be lying.

          • Ames in the Video she clearly says she didnt get treatment the night of the abuse but weeks later and she just “toughed ” it out Until the swelling disappeared and took time off and Bravo knew “sorta” what happened
            But the bruising on the pics look fresh in another interview she said she went to the hospital that night and ” Russell either never left her side or he rushed to her side and never left it” and told her what to say, Maybe im reading to much into her story but either she got treatment that night and that’s when the friend took pics or she waited and the pictures are not from abuse but from the surgery
            and you are right When i worked in maternity we always kicked the spouses out so we could have one on one times with the women.. we did it as to not raise suspicions pf course but it was WARD Policy to have one on one time and if a spouse refused that was a big red flag. Taylor had 100% freedom what abused woman has that?

            • I didnt go right after my bruises/welting, nor did i go to treat either of those things. Its my pain doc who injects me 1-2 times a month and he noticed suspicious markings. No way do i go to a doc FOR those suspicious marks and not get grilled even harder. She has too many lies, stories, exagerrations out there and cant keep them straight. Who took her photos? When? Why? ive taken photos of my face after an allergic reaction which left red dots all over my face. My sis took pics because it looked like adorable freckles! If i tried to lie now, im pretty sure my photog would come out swingin!

            • I would LOVE if msSH did a montage of these abuse video clips… the other lying one. I just don’t have the strength to look up all of the stories she’s told.

            • hereswhat: Working on that! Mr SH gave me an unbelievable gift for SH’s one-year anniversary (which I actually forgot the exact date) and am getting acclimated to the new equipment and what it can do! Was overwhelmed and extremely surprised when Mr SH walked in the door with the new stuff!

              I will take a second here to just say “Thank You” again to all the readers and commenters of SH. Especially readers/commenters who have been with SH since day one… you know who you are!!! In one year’s time, SH has had over 3.5 million hits… there actually may be more, but the counter was not added until SH was two-three months old. TFC!! SH

            • SH do you have a friend who is a investagive reporter who would love to blow the lid off a Liar and expose her.

            • Looking forward to it msSH….that’s something I would pay to see. And kudos to the hubbers for the new equipment….hope it makes your job easier….after you make it through the learning curve, that is!

            • Congrats., Ms SH on 3.5 million hits! I wish I had found this site when you first started it, I think Ifound it in july or maybe august and I sure am happy i did! :)

          • Doctors, teachers and counselors are mandated by the state to report any suspicion of abuse here in California. If a doctor doesnt report abuse or suspicion of abuse, he can lose his license to practice medicine. I am sure you are not accusing her of lying about the abuse, but perhaps the details surrounding the abuse. I work in Domestic Violence. The majority of women dont lie about abuse, in fact, they do everything in their power to cover it up.

            • You’re right Advocate. No one wants to be known as a victim of abuse and I gathered that much from my research of abused women. Regardless of their race, religion, status in life etc they do NOT want to be seen as an abused woman

            • Uhm. Normal, non-famewhore, non-pathelogical lying women do fit into your description… But shana hughes ford taylor armstrong is her own kind of crazy grifter. This woman didnt say or do anything about the abuse while it happened, but as soon as russell committed suicide, she went from talk show to talk show to gossip news and tabloids to defame him and traumatize his children. Nothing could be gained from going on her Abuse-a-palooza tour… Except hurting the kids/family in exchange for media coverage, money, and a possible excuse for her parts in the mma fraud.

            • AMEN. It is total Neandrathal/trashy behavior. As one who has been abused (and PERMANENTLY crippled as a result) I cannot express the HUMILIATION and DISCRIMINATION I have suffered due to the cruel, ignorant comments and attitudes of others. And I was only involved with the s.o.b. for 3 months, he beat the living sh!t out of me when I was trying to break up with him, crushing my spine.
              What stands out to me above all, is that Lisa offered help to “Taylor”/Shana (even her name is a lie) and all “Taylor” could do is make rude, snide comments. Believe me, if you are truly in physical danger, you do NOT care how close a friend is, who is kind and caring enough to extend any kind of help at all.
              She also stated on Dr. Phil how afraid she was of Russell. She said he threw her against a wall when she was pregnant for serving pizza without a veg to his kids, controlled ALL of the money and threatened her with poverty if she ever left. But on the last show she wasn’t afraid to hire a chef to cook for *2* dinner guests or plan another extravagant birthday party, including ordering a $2,000 cake, for their daughter who couldn’t care less. Or the way she had carried on about that tiny puppy, which obviously cost some $$, only to give it away– why wasn’t she fearful of Russell’s wrath? Especially if the guy supposedly went crazy over what his kids were fed for dinner.
              Somehow these actions do not resonate with me as a woman who was “walking on eggshells” as she has proclaimed.
              Watching her having the nerve/sense of entitlement to attend a party to celebrate the engagement of another woman she obviously cannot stand, at the home of someone that “Taylor” and Russell ripped-off (to pay for their chefs, pure-bred puppies, birthday parties, redecorating of the rental they were living in,etc) just showcases how low-class she truly is.

            • Debra, thank you for sharing your story. Your insight on this issue is so important because abuse IS real and my anger at Shana/Traylor steams from my belief that she is making a mockery of real abuse that real women suffer. And good point on her going to that party. You could tell Lisa really wanted her to just bow out of that invite but she didnt. Shameless. And I think it speaks highly of Mohamed that even allowed her to walk into his home after she and her husband scammed him.(very different than the trashy Marco sister’s husband who crowed on and on about one thousand dollars!) And on top of that her gross over-reaction to the camel and the snake lady. So not buying that either. She is a rude rude woman.

            • haha..the fear of snakes was so overplayed…”ach! we have a problem here”…she was just itching for attention from the get-go…..cannot tolerate those attention seekers

            • Then she had the audacity to wonder why Mohamed would allow Dazza to the party. Well, I doubt she is a scammer. Also, it’s none of her business who he invites. Lastly, Traylor should NOT have gone to the party. She has made it quite clear that she does not like Lisa. In the same ep Russell announced he was considering suing her for an article run re their separation they blame Lisa as the leak. Traylor talks mess about Lisa every chance she gets. Why would she care to celebrate her daughter? Then she risks going behind her husband’s back that she claims abuses her to attend an engagement party of a person that her husband was just in talks of a law suit against and the party is at the home of at a person that he scammed? Oh ya, it’s also on camera for a tv show… I think he might find out. Oh wait.

            • Thanks for sharing your story I am so sorry you were abused and hurt perm Thanks for sharing your story I know its not easy to do so. *hugs*

            • I’m so sorry for the pain you have been through and continue to go through because of an abusive person. Thank you for sharing your story. I used to be with a man who was controlling and abusive. It’s hard to understand that getting out of the relationship is the most dangerous time for the abused (and for the kids and pets). Taylor might have been abused. Methinks she is playing it up to make money and avoid her responsibility in the lawsuit. SHAMEFUL!!!

            • Advocate your right Most dont lie But some do esp when there is a divorce Looming its happens and IMO Taylor is one of those who for her own reason is a lying peice of doodoo who is harming real abuse victim like the ones you help
              Which I aplaud you for. I wanted to believe her I did but I cant not right now not with her changing her story yet again claiming she waited when she said over and over she went straight to the hospital is not just a slip of her memory.
              I agree no one wants to be known as a abuse Victim Taylor seems to go out of her way to make sure everyone knows she can help abused women w/o going on ET tonight once a week

          • Hereswhat, I feel your pain….I mean, the bite size snickers are going down way to easy! I love that size though because it doesnt SEEM like you’re eating alot! (yes, that was me justifiying my actions!)

  1. I’m really, really confused.

    On one of the episodes, Shana was making cookies and her left (opposite) eye had swelling. Obviously they were taping and she hadn’t taken time off.
    In this report she said she had prior Lasik surgery but after he hit her he wrinkled the flap and she needed that repaired (and to heal) before yet another surgery to repair the muscle impinge in the fracture.

    In May she was seen visiting a plastic surgeon and there were a lot of photos of her wearing sunglasses. (Was she having the Lasik performed then while taping was still going on? If so, perhaps the left eye swelling was a result of the Lasik. Does anyone know if they do one eye at a time?

    Lisa said she was visiting Russell and Taylor and left them at 1:30 a.m. (from a party) and they were good but she wouldn’t answer whether or not they were drinking.

    Is Lasik usually performed one eye at a time?

    I’m confused about her story because different things are added and subtracted as time goes by. Also I’m haunted by the notion she didn’t mention the abuse in the divorce proceedings and yet she was going to allow unsupervised visitation of her daughter. After Russell died, she (and the kids) were no longer in danger but she keeps sharing this story. What impact is this having on them whether or not this is true? It’s almost like trying to tell Kennedy, look…I’m nicer than your daddy. I just don’t get it.

    A lot more people have been severely impacted by abuse in their lifetimes then anyone knows which is probably why this topic is so explosive. In any case, I really don’t see this helping anyone because the way she “got out” included being on a reality show and the “abuser” committed suicide.

  2. My laptop was having problems with this video so I had to watch it in slow motion as it tried to load….BOY! that was interesting because when Traylor was answering questions, she would close her eyes for long periods of time and when the interviewer would suggest what happened next, her eyes widened….my point was that there seemed to be alot of exaggeration and it seemed like she was thinking “wow, this chick is really buying my line of BS”.

    Ya’ll have the same great questions I do about this and I know we’ve talked timeline before but this is still not adding up for me…she states it happened around 4th of July…well, according to her own FB page, there is s photo of her and Sonja (RHONY) in the Hamptons and there are photos of her throughout both June & July (4, 12, 22). The black eye then the plastic surgery would take awhile to heal, wouldn’t it?

    I have a few more questions: 1) Why lie about the timeline? What purpose does that serve? 2) What kind of “friend” do you have that takes pictures of your abuse but stands by and does nothing–at some point and time, the friend & her were not afraid to take photos of this abuse so why not grab the daughter and high tail it out of there—where is this friend now that could give their story?; AND Traylor states in this video she had TWO surgeons so there is more than one doctor that didnt report this? Really? That is so disturbing to even imagine that a doctor would not report this. Yet, here is a doctor on trial for giving Michael any drug he wanted so, go figure.

    Sorry so long….I havent posted in awhile and whenever I hear Traylor begin her tom foolery, I see red.

  3. She did just COMPLETELY change the story! She is delusional and confabulates. The first story is that she was taken to the hospital after being punched, Russell wouldn’t leave her side ( but a “friend” got pictures ) and she told the Doc that Kennedy kicked her in the eye. NOW she says that she didn’t go to the hospital, her corneal flap was repaired and she was in the hospital for reconstructive surgery much later. OK, I can’t believe any of it anymore. scammer

  4. Im getting beat up over on IMDB for not believing Taylor abuse stories I cant understand why people think its ok she change her story and no one is allowed to question it

    But OT they cant get me down I bought my ELTON JOHN TICKETS TODAY Row 17 seat nine
    center floor seating I will be so close i will feel Eltons sweat beat off

    • Lisa, imo this is the only site where u dont mobbed for having your own opinion. SH has actively prevented this from happening. Ive been called a moron, idiot, liar, etc. on another site for an observation i made…. I thought i would never comment again.

      • Yea Me to I dont know why i even Post there anymore Its like someone drank the Taylor kool aid. Its not like I didnt base my opinion Blindly Someone told me if you listen to her interviews and try and poke holes in the story That means your obsessed Umm ok and we should just give her the benefit of the doubt because we dont know them personally
        despite Taylor giving all those interviews we are not suppose to watch them or read them if you do we are obsessed,,

        rant over.,.

  5. What I don’t get is why Bravo is going to show the therapy sessions. They obviously failed…not only did they end up divorcing, but Russell ended up committing suicide.

    The only thing I can figure is that Bravo’s doing it for the money. Any other ideas as to why?

    • Bravo is doing it for the money aka ratings., and it makes me ill ( Bravo) them showing Russell & probably will again… the man is dead and how must his children feel? Honestly it baffles my mind and soul. Its just my humble opinion.

  6. I wish Bravo would let/force Traylor to blog so she would have to commit to writing a story. I also wish Russell’s family would step in and stop her profiting from these allegations. I am resentful I am forced to endure this woman if I want to watch the show.

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