Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Kyle’s Take on Game Night…

                               That’s just not me… even my kids say that’s not me!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards talks about Game Night at PamDana’s house…

LizardLipLickin’Hagface Kyle blames her behavior on her sister, Kim.  LLLH Kyle insists that she is just not herself when she’s around Kim.

Hmmm… really, Kyle? You’re really gonna blame your own sister for your ‘mean girl’ streak??

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14 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Kyle’s Take on Game Night…

  1. I think we’ve all done things we regret… When we get caught/ called out/ or realize our errors, we have to accept the situation, take responsibility, apologize, and prove we are sorry by committing not to repeat said behavior. Kyle’s not just being a bad, ugly person, but a bad mom. How will her kids learn accountability and respect when their mother shows them you need only to blame someone else and deny the behavior was done by “the real you.” Bad Mom.

  2. She threw her sister under the bus in season one finale and now she is hitting Kim with a mac truck in season 2.

  3. Yeah, this is getting tiresome, the ol ‘it’s not me’, but we saw it with our own eyes, and we saw the limo scene. I wish she’d just say something like, ‘I’m not proud of that, looking back, I was trying to be supportive of my sister because I didn’t do a good job of that last year and I now realize that I got it all wrong and it’s embarrassing. I took a hard look at myself and am going to do better going forward.’

    • Half the time she says “that’s not the real me” or some variation of that and then the other half the time she says “that’s just how me and my sister joke around” so … which is it?

    • I agree sharon….if you say over and over again, that’s not you, that’s not how you normally behave etc then something’s amiss. The more times she uses the excuse the more she drives it home. Yes, Kyle that IS the real you!!! you’re consistency confirms it.

      I hate that she also repeats “that was really hard for me to watch” too. If that’s the case then give a sincere apology and take accountability…

  4. So much ego here. How hard is it for a person to simply humble themself and admit that something very ugly and very wrong came out in their character, and they are truly sorry for the hurt they caused with their behavior, and need to work on themself. Own up to it! People will respect you soooo much more. That’s how you grow. You’re allowed to be flawed and screw up, but when you try to excuse it one way or another, you make it far worse. Kyle almost goes to that place of ownership, but then at the same time claims she’s not herself around Kim, and this just isn’t her, etc, hey just ask her kids she’s never like this. Then why did she behave this way? I guess we can’t expect Kyle to come right out and say she felt jealousy and insecurity when she first saw Brandi hobbling into the charity event. But that’s the obvious reason, imo.

    • yep sugarbooger….hated that she tried to use her kids to bolster her claim….not buying it. She is only on camera a fraction of her time and it just so happens that they catch her when she isn’t herself????yeh….no!….still ‘not winning’…..

  5. A little off topic, but…
    Did anyone catch Tre’s new blog? She says she didn’t watch the reunion. But she talks about/defends herself on all the topics that made it to air on the reunion. Hmmm

  6. I have a hard time with this awkward apology, it was “not my best moment.” During her “sit down” narration that was cut through the episode, she was not regretful. As I understand it, these interviews are done towards the end of the shooting schedule as editing is coming together. So, she had many weeks and maybe months to think about her behavior and seemed to feel her actions were justified. Her change of heart came after the episode aired aired and she saw how terrible she came off.

    I’m one of the few people who thought she was awful to Camille last year, so this behavior is simply who she is, not a series of “not my best moment” s.

    • Speaking of editing times. Last night at the engagement party I noticed alllll the girls jumping on the weird woman who called her hubby daddy. Is it possible that they thought she was gonna be one of the replacement HWs? Because they sure did seem to be giving her an awful lot of attention.
      If what Brandi said about her take on why the girls treated her ugly is right then maybe this engagement party was filmed before Brandi was a confirmed friend of the housewives and they were simply sniffing out potential “new” blood ?

      • If she was a potential HW I’m glad that didn’t come to fruition. Kyle was right on when she called her a whack job. The manly face, the daddy bit, and something about possibly leaving pregnant because there was something on the floor, but it might have been hers(Huuuu???). Did anyone else catch that??? WTH?!?? Skeevy-man/woman-perv…..(shivers)

  7. She’s just as weird as the guy that gave the party….but leave it to Kyle to bring out her “mean” OH! that’s really not me self once again to a stranger to the group no less.Maybe she’s going to replace Kim as she runs off to la-la land with Ken…

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