Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… Kim’s New Boyfriend… First Pics!!… AND Video!!

 We’ll let our love transcend… both of your sisters’ wrath!!!

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards revealed her new boyfriend… someone named “Ken” that she met at her mailbox.

                                                                                 What Kyle thinks of Kim’s new boyfriend, Ken…

 “Ken” … giving a very Tom Sizemore vibe… and IS wearing a wedding band!

Kim has been seeing Ken for a year.  All those reports that Kim was seeing someone named “Todd Jason Voisine” were certainly a curve ball thrown… probably by Bravo.

Ken is, however, the same person in the photos taken with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while they were in Hawaii… here.

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114 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… Kim’s New Boyfriend… First Pics!!… AND Video!!

  1. SH, id like to go back in time before the first pics. Im sorry, he simply hurts my eyes. Im sure he is reeeeally nice.

    • ok. we need to figure this out. i am pretty sure “ken” IS todd jason voisine. i know the voisine family from fort kent maine. his sister louisa is a hat and costume designer. i think she is calling him ‘ken” as a trick. ken todd, lisas husband…get it. i have emailed louisa and i will let you know.

    • Greetings from Monmouth County! :) I hate to be uncharitable, but as a woman close to Kim’s age and blessedly single, I agree with you that this fellow is rather … visually unpalatable.

      • It’s no wonder her said no one’s ever said those things to him before. Substances have altered Kim’s perception…..

  2. WHAT THE?! This guy looks like a cross between Mr. Bean and a garbage pail kid. I know she’s no prize, but the only logical explanation is here is that she’s been BLIND drunk for the last year and hasn’t actually seen him yet.

    • Yes Cathy, I did think he was twitching and other (odd) things he was doing… like snorting his nose ( many times) while the cameras were on, and licking his lips… coke and or meth add. and then add ” Huffing” to the mix. Def. an addict or ex…
      Its sad to me that KIM would choose him, however she has been with other (men) with serious mental/ and catalyst problems.

    • That’s the same thing I thought. Plus his skin tone looks off, like someone who does serious amounts of illegal drugs.
      How bizarre this woman is. I read that in her younger days she even dated Donald Trump, and now look at her. Of the three sisters, it looks as though Kim has followed in her mother’s footsteps.

  3. I don’t even know what to say… He looks like he got in a horrible accent, mainly with his face. HOWEVER, anyone who can stand Kim for more than 5 mins gets major bonus points or is on drugs with her!!!

  4. Those bobbin for boobies dudes on WWHL were trick or treatin at my house. No joke. With the short shorts, boy scout costume. One of them was Bam Bam. I gave them such a hard time. They were prolly like, “Damn, that bish… ” Totally laughed them off my porch!

    • OH. MY. GOD. I did not think it was possible for Andy to annoy me anymore than he already does, but HE DID. That yapping was like nails on a chalkboard. I think he was getting on Chris March’s nerves too. I don’t think he’ll ever make another Giggy costume again.

  5. Ken is no Ken and Kim is no Barbie…yuck? The photo looks as though he is wearing a ‘Work-Release’ uniform. Perhaps he was picking up debris around Kim’s mailbox as part of his Work-Release requirement?

  6. Wait, this dude is wearing a wedding band, right?
    SH – that link for the Hawaii photos isn’t working for me.

  7. I said it before , he looks like a cross between the rock eater from the Never ending story and Leprachaun from the horror flick. Whoever said garbage pail kids got it right too!! poor guy.

  8. He looks exactly like Joe Guidice to me. Am I the only one who thinks his head looks purple and painful? Wonder why he wears a wedding ring?

      • Really? Joe Guidice is the antithesis of my type so I guess I can’t find anything attractive about him. Maybe it is Joe Guidice’s short stature and shape and excessive eye skin over beady eyes on a thick face, but it just looks like he has trouble breathing, seeing, and moving his arms to me.

  9. If you look reallyyyyyy close…you will see a band/ring on Kim’s left hand also. Maybe that’s why Kim looks at her sister in next weeks show and says…surprise !

  10. I just read a couple of the BH Bravo blogs. The Assoc Editor’s was hilarious, Dana just signed her own death warrant and I think we all know now why the BH producer keeps defending Kyle…….cuz she can do the splits.

  11. I tell you what, that pic of “Ken” is by far the scariest thing I have seen this Halloween and I’ve been watching horror movies all night. Mohamed’s mermaid was a close second.

  12. First off the FIRST thing I thought of was when she said he was by her mailbox while she was on a walk and he was standing there it hit me I WONDER IF HE’S A PAPARAZZI ! I live in Westland where she lives just a few blocks away and I have seen him befor but hell park streets away and there have been many paparazzi planted in front of Kim’s home waiting for her to leave or come home ! So I think he was a paparazzi!

    Secondly when I first saw him I found him creepy he has a creepy hunchback Damiener and the skin discoloration is just a 6 o clock shadow I think but this is deff a shocker he moves his mouth creepy too it looks like he keeps chewing


    • Yes! Oh no, I hope it is not the same situation. Sam Luft was the guy and didn’t Britney’s dad think he was supplying her with drugs so they bared him from seeing her? It is weird Kim doesn’t explain why he was at her mailbox, so your papparazi theory could be right on.

  13. For Kim’s sake I really really hope he is at least filthy rich and not just filthy. Did anyone else think that Bravo was toying with the drug addict theme with the promos of that episode? But thinking about it now, I guess its not really a “secret” and more of a unspoken thing.

    • Yeah they know what they are doing with the sly editing. I will feel really bad if “ken’s” relentless sniffing is just a nervous tick but Kim was doing it too. so….. dont look too good.

    • If he ended up being wealthier than the Hiltons – that would make for an awesome twist! Ha! Imagine Kim marrying a billionaire – and just then Tarantino offers her a lead in a blockbuster flick that revives her career and she’s suddenly an A lister…

      (ok that’s not going to happen, but it would be hilarious to see Kyle’s reaction)

    • Hello:

      I use to live in LA and the men out there want young, sexy and any sign of crazy you’re out! Sometimes the game is they are with you until something better comes along! It’s hunt or be hunted!

  14. I hope they’re good to each other and good for each other. I can’t help but question why he was at her mailbox, unless he had friends there or lived in the neighborhood (Voisine, btw, is French for neighboring) and he happened to walk past her house. Otherwise, it sounds stalkerish, or possibly paparazzi as some here have suggested.

    I’m always happy for people who can find love and something positive and good in their lives, whoever they are. But I’ve always believed that strong healthy relationships begin with stable individuals. Too often, we see single people out there who really have no business dating because they’re too messed up with serious issues such as drugs, alcohol abuse, financial crisis, major mental drama, etc. Rather than fix their problems, they drag others down into them. And most of them appear to have a sense of entitlement, that if only the right person were to come along and “fix” them, then their problems might go away…

    Kim does not impress me as stable or happy this past year. She seems fragile, like she’s going to fall apart. Even when she was bullying Brandi, she appeared pathetic. If it weren’t for the fact that she loves her kids so much, I’d worry about her going the same path as Russell. She’s a mess. Not in the best frame of mind to take on a serious relationship and move in with a man. But that’s what people do all the time. It rarely ends well, but we’ll see.

    Anyhow that’s my big opinionated opinion…

    • He was probably just waiting to intercept that credit card he applied for in someone else’s name or something innocent like that.

  15. well bad looks aside, there must be something “wrong” with this dude or she would not have hid it for a year. Kyle obviously had met him already and was not impressed at all, I like the paparazzi angle the other commenter mentioned. When they were having a conversation about why her family would not like him there was definately something un-spoken there. What exactly did that back roads comment mean? He said about himself, that he was definately back roads, it seemed like a weird comment to me!

      • LOL!!!

        We say “back woods” down here in the South. I am sorry to say, but from the looks of it, he passed “back roads” several years ago, picked up Kim, and they headed straight to “the swamp.”

        I hope he is a nice guy for her kids’ sakes. But, my gut screams run and don’t look back. Especially after her describing the way they met. wow.

  16. LOL…Kattitude when you said you had been watching horror movies all night and when you saw him it scared you more I had to laugh because I had the same feeling when I saw him. I heard his voice and thought “He sounds good” and then they revealed his face and it made me back up in my seat and gasp !! lol
    But seriously people …am I the only one that noticed a ring on BOTH of their left hands ??!!

  17. Switching gears…..wasn’t it interesting (funny) when Kyle went to dinner at Taylors; she commented on Taylor giving them a wierd impression about Russell then Kyle mentions when they are around him he is so nice (?) Shifting into third; what about Kyle jumping in with the entertainers at the engagement party at the very nice, rich house where proper behavior is required. Center of Attention party for one!

      • It was pretty awkward, I got the impression Kyle was questioning Taylors presentation of Russell being the bad guy.but being so nice in person.

    • I was waiting for SH to post more about that part, but I’m impatient. That camera Kyle seemed to be taped after the suicide. It was totally different than the rest of her interviews and seemed way more somber and introspective. That bit definitely stuck out to me.

        • Sorry SH (frowny face)
          I swear that just isn’t me! That comment just isn’t how I really am. I’m normally quite patient! Just ask my kids! This is totally out of character for me. I’m so not myself around pompano ann! (winky face)

          • Mythunker: Yeah, we all have those “It’s not really me” times. Some peoples just get ‘em more than other people do! ‘Specially those people that live in BH! And… that PompanoAnn will make anyone totally change! Am I gonna have to separate youz two??? LOL!!! TFC!!SH

  18. Kim’s definitely wearing some powerful goggles, what a rough looking guy. He also exudes a very creepy vibe. And with his constant sniffing, he is definitely on coke. I get the feeling that they are drug buddies. Very sad.

  19. I have to tell ya, I was totally impressed when Kyle did the splits. As I was when Joe Guidice did his. Maybe they can have a splits-off. I bet that’s when the BH producer decided to write love notes, umm I mean blogs for Kyle.

    • What about Taylor behind Kyle looking right at the camera with her leg pulled up over her head? The pained look on her face and the full face glare at the camera demurely making sure she was being shot was impressive. Nobody screams attention louder than Cray-Cray-Tay. No. Body.

      • oh the jealousy! I could see her during the scene with Kyle seething and looking for a way into the spotlight (kinda like that interview when all the girls had her boxed out). She was
        ravenous for attention!

        The look Lisa gave Kyle was just as obvious….she too was overcome with jealousy and tried to play it off with “why would I do the splits at my daughters engagement party?”

  20. In that picture, it sure looks like Kyle could use a moustache. Her upper lip must get cold and there’s plenty of space for a bushy Tom Selleck-like stache. Plus, it’ll distract from her nose situation. On the next Watch What Happens Live, I’m definitely voting for “Kyle Needs a ‘Stache.”

  21. I agree, I was appalled at how unattractive he is… however, I have to say that everyone deserves love. If this guy is on the up and up, maybe he’s just really kind and cares for her. I’m sure when you reach a certain age in life, people depend on looks less (because let’s face it – if we all live to grow old, fat and happy – we’ll all be gross eventually). Did you ever see the gorgeous girl with the butt ugly guy and go ‘wth?!’ – sometimes the not so pretty ones are the better mates. Anywho…. I’m just hoping she loves him and he loves her and that’s the end of the story. Doubt it, but I hope it. On a side note though… I noticed the continual sniffing… that bothers me too (hope it was allergies).

    • I agree…I’m a tad older and I don’t care so much about looks… a degree of course. I am more about the connection. Having said that, men should keep themselves well groomed, dressed nicely…..clip the stray hairs, keep the feet nice looking, keep the weight in check….in summary,all things that can be controlled.

    • this may be sexist and even rude but never mind……I find a butt-ugly girl with a drop-dead gorgeous boy far more puzzling than the reverse. With the butt-ugly guy there’s always the possibility that he’s wealthy and maybe has a big wang wang doodle.

  22. Btw… and fyi for everyone who cares… ;) I’m going to use another id since I mentioned I’d change it from SHFan. I’ll be Stlrfan8 next time you see me. I’ve been a diehard Steelers fan for years (and use that id) but didn’t think it would go over on a HW site. Now that I know a lot of you are football fans, I think it’s ok… yes? :)

  23. Mailbox my foot…she met him at rehab and or AA….that party for Lisa’s daughter was more circus than engagement party…and Kyle making such an ass of herself and did you catch Taylor trying to lift her leg on to stage? Lisa sure must have made Pandora and future husband feel embrassed by Lisa’s “high” class friends..what a bunch of losers!

    • That’s what I was thinking. Pandora and Jason are way too classy for Kyle. It’s too bad she felt she had to try to take the spotlight off the lovely couple with that embarrassing display. Mauricio just sits there with Kyle’s daughter and eats like that’s normal behavior for Kyle. Mohamed had the entertainment on lock. We didn’t need Kyle on a table. Desperate much? I just wish Brandi were there.
      Also, mermaid, mermaid! Wtf was that?

  24. Good God, what an ugly dude! Both of them kept on sniffing and snorting their noses and this nasty guy kept rolling out his tongue, all lizard-like and disgusting… Ugh, it looks like Kim hooked up with her drug dealer…

  25. I was on here last nite and I had seen many posts by his daughter “Gaby” who was defending her dad saying that all that sniffing he was doing was because of allergies. When you have allergies, you’re not constantly sniffing every 5-10 seconds like he was in that segment. I have serious allergies and when you have serious allergies, you are constantly blowing your nose. It is imperative to get that bacteria out so that you do not get an upper respiratory infection that can lead to bronchitis and/or walking pneumonia. I have experimented with the stuff you put up your nose in my earlier days and those signs he displayed are not at all allergy related Gaby – sorry to rain on your defense, but just think about it. Take it from one who knows!!!

      • I noticed that too. And even if we wanted to give Ken the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to a nervous tic, it doesn’t explain Kim’s, Unless she is exhibiting sympathy sniffs. But speaking of tics I had a friend once that wiggled her nose as a tic and I would catch myself sometimes being more aware of my nose than ever when I talked to her and literally having to stop myself from wiggling my own nose.

        • haha…cute nose story. funny how we do that..i have a slight lisp with certain words and notice that many people I talk to duplicate it….weird

          • In college I volunteered to help a student from China with conversational English. After about 30 minutes of trying to talk to her, I said an English word with a Chinese accent on accident. She looked at me like I had spit on her. I did not mean to offend her, and it probably didn’t help that I giggled at myself. She thought I was mocking her. Awkward.

            • aha! I just did the same thing….in a flooring store run by african americans I innocently used a phrase with all the right intonations …they all just laughed though!

            • I admit that I have done that before too. When getting my pedicure the guy doing it was Korean and didn’t talk much but when he did I screwed it up by bantering back with him in broken English. Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe it for me. Lets just say the rest of the appointment was spent with me sitting there listening to them talk amongst themselves in their language probably about how awful I was. Reminded me of this

  26. That is one ugly dude. He sniffed through the whole scene. Either he has bad allergies or he’s definitely sniffing something. Maybe if Kim was off all those drugs, she would throw up when she saw him for the first time. I don’t think his Mother would even love that face.

  27. He is obviously a scum sucking troll but Kim is too crazy to see it. He looks like he is fresh out of prison or AMW, ugh definitely a grifter. Snorts like a pig, drugs. Soo lowlife. The seamy underbelly of the fake BH life! Kim is out of her gourd.

  28. They were so obviously sniffing coke all night in Hawaii. I would recognize that horrible stuffy nose that you get the next day. And the whole being late constantly and a million different excuses. They missed the plane because they were on a coke marathon and they probably brought it with them to HAwai. The only reason she’s with him is because he has a coke connection or he gets it for her. There is no other reason she would be with him! I’ve been with some ugly dudes for drugs before but, holy jesus, that guy is atrocious. Why would someone that ugly put himself in the public eye unless they were high!!

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