Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… Brandi Spills It… Kim Was TWO Hours Late; Brandi and Dana Wilkey Were Brought In To BH “To Bring It”…

 Yeah, I heard you callin’ me a ‘slut pig’… I got crutches and I’m gonna use ‘em… as soon as I figure out how to stand up on one foot

Brandi Glanville chatted with Access Hollywood today, in a very animated conversation with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover…

    Kyle Richards and Kim Richards   “Don’t ever talk to that ‘slut pig’ Brandi… or I’ll tell everything about how you “STOLE MY GD HOUSE!!!”

Before Brandi tells all about Game Night, she mentions that…

  • the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills weren’t bringin’ the drama, so Brandi and AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey were brought in to stir the pot…
  • Kim Richards was two hours late for Game Night at SpamDana’s house…
  • Brandi thought about quitting after filming Game Night… but she needs a job!
  • Brandi has spoken with LizardLipLickin’Hagface Kyle Richards
  • Brandi tries to speak with Kim Richards, but Kim will not speak with her!



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22 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville… Brandi Spills It… Kim Was TWO Hours Late; Brandi and Dana Wilkey Were Brought In To BH “To Bring It”…

  1. Kim is a drugged out slut pig and I wouldn’t want to talk to her anyway if I were Brandi. Kyle is a joke. Can’t stand either one. Kim is just a joke.

  2. So the fact that Kim has refused to talk to her throughout ALL of filming and even to this day makes Kim’s blog sound even more ridiculous. And doggone if that aint the realest answer ever. She needed a job. I think we can all relate to her plight in some way when we were stuck in work situations that had us surrounded by petty, spiteful, vindictive people but we suck it up and keep going because..and only because we needed a job.

    • Kim’s blog was absurd. If you’d just come from the Dr., where you were “treated” for your Anxiety Disorder and were tired, why were acting like you were on Speed?

      And I’m so SICK of Kyle and Kim dismissing their behavior as “me and my sister kid around, everybody knows that”. Kyle tried the whole, “we were just KIDDING AROUND with her”, bit in her half-ass Apology/Explanation. You were being straight up assholes and got called out on it through the magic of television. The fact that Kim still somehow doesn’t get that shows you exactly where she’s at.

      • I can’t stand the “kidding around” defense either. It’s a passive aggressive move, where the offensive person tries to shift the blame to their victim for being so uptight and not having a sense of humor. That “whole lighten up I’m just kidding” excuse is a pile of poo, and we can smell it from here.

      • the kiddin around defense doesnt hold water….never did and never will. friends i know use it to get their digs across.

        The one ex. that sticks with me is bethenney on one of the first seasons saying to Jill “I just love the way you say “brawrrrrr”……oh no….she was just passive aggressively getting the message across that Jill is crass, butchers english, has a bad NY accent etc….(which she does)…..

    • MP: You do not see the wheels turning in Brandi’s brain like you do with other Housewives who are asked questions… like Bravo-brainwashed Nene, for example. Loved that Brandi simply and quickly said, “Hey, I need the job!” (Go on witcha bad self, Brandi!!) LOL!!! TFC!! SH

  3. Go Brandi. Kim is disgusting, her face is like a worn out leather jacket. What happened to nice first season Kim?

  4. Honestly, if you could (or were required to) spend an afternoon with any of these women, really who would you choose? I can see no other choice than Brandi. At least with her, what you see is what you get. No jealousy, no sucking up, no eye rolling, no condescension, no neurotic behavior. Just a regular person whose company I might actually enjoy.

    At least that’s the impression she’s given me so far. And I realize there’s only been a few episodes with her. So what, if she says the c word that rhymes with rock? Her bad joke about Dana’s fiance keeping other women, yeah that was wrong, but I’m not going to judge her on that one social misstep. She wasn’t trying to be nasty, she was nervously trying to contribute to the conversation and she blundered. Clearly, she doesn’t fit in. Which is not a bad thing here.

  5. This is the best interview yet, as MadePiley says ‘the most real.’ So when is the drama supposed to start with Dana then – if she and Brandi were brought in to bring it? Right now I don’t see Dana doing much going forward. It is really odd that Kim still won’t talk to Brandi, especially since she grew up as an actor – guess they weren’t acting that night, huh?! Watching these Housewives shows, it seems like there are some that take the insults to heart. It’s too bad. So far Brandi really is one of my favorites, nobody is perfect but she tells it like it is.

  6. Kim, last year Cam had given I believe your sister a book on how to behave at parties? I believe you should read that along with a book on manners. And Kim This is what a apology looks like.”I am sorry I am jelous of you.” I apologize for being drunk or high at your home.” I am sorry I am a bitch.” “Sis am sorry I called you and your husband thieving you know whats on national T.V. And here is the one you should learn first and is most important. “I am sorry to all the people who watch HW show and have to put up with both my sister and I.” Thank you for letting Kyle and I for allowing us to waste your time and lives to watch us make idiots out of ourselves. Amen….lol…..

  7. The Real Housewives franchise is really starting to remind me of the Jerry Springer Show. (Anyone remember the Jerry Springer Show?) Started off with real situations, migrated to getting guests wasted in the Green Room so they would be more likely start battles, eventually ended up totally fabricating stories.

    • Yup, I know!
      A few of us on here have been saying the HWs are getting very Jerry Springer or WWF-esque.

      • When they were in college, my brother’s friend got paid $50 to go on the JS Show and pretend to reveal to his fiancé that he was a cross-dresser. I wonder if the same type of job opportunities will be available at Bravo Television soon.

    • I concur….and Brandi saying that the girls just weren’t ‘bringin it’ and she was brought in for the drama is very telling. Bravo wants, needs, thrives on girl fights and emotional basket cases….the normal ones don’t cut it.

      • I hope hereswhat that Brandi brings it, it is so clear that Kyle & Kim are jealous of her… like Paul said ” young and pretty”… I cant quote him, but you get it ;)

  8. OMG; two month ago I had my new pair of heels on, dressed to the nines; going to the Blue Martini; had not had a drop of Alcohol; and in the underground parking went down like like a tree cut by a chainsaw; used my hands and knee to brace my fall; my knee was messed up bad; swelled up like a scene out of a cartoon. When I first saw Brandi on the show with crutches I could totally relate! God bless us women and these heels we wear; it’s better to look good than feel good;)

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