Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… MORE About “Game Night”

                                                                                  Adrienne Maloof…

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof chats with Access Hollywood at the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times’ 19th Annual Halloween Carnival at Universal Studios…

Adrienne chats about…

  • Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards’ Game Night fight. 
  • Adrienne says that Brandi, Kyle and Kim are all her friends; 
  • Adrienne comes to Kyle Richards’ defense by saying that Kyle had to stick up for her sister, Kim.  (Note: Really? Kyle has to stick up for her over 40-year-old sister?  Kim’s an adult, right??)
  • and  Adrienne and Paul Nassif talk about Taylor and Russell Armstrong…

10 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Adrienne Maloof… MORE About “Game Night”

  1. I like Adriane too. She is probably the most real, unaffected and sincere one of all the housewives. She is trying to be the peacemaker. Kyle needs that more than any of them.


  2. Paul seems genuinely confused by Russel’s suicide. You can tell he perhaps had some pre-conceived notions about the guy (perhaps negative) and is now seriously conflicted about them. I think I can read people pretty well, and it honestly looked like he wanted to say: I can’t believe that a-hole did that his daughter. Before he could consider the effect it had on Taylor, he thought of Kennedy first.

    Suicide is such a difficult subject. I’m so glad that a distinguished network, one that is tirelessly dedicated to the preservation of human dignity and compassion such as Bravo is the one to bring this issue to the forefront.


  3. I just noticed the wallpaper and Adrienne is another one with the stumpy/stubby body type. Is this exclusive to BH….the munchkin look????….Must be the CA water…

    (I know, I know….I profess that I dont talk about physical appearance unless it’s plastic surgery, but darnnit I couldn’t help myself. I broke my own rule and well……I feel bad)


  4. Adrienne is the rock and foundation for this show and these ladies; Camille has been very calm and pleasant this season; again I am seeing a part of Lisa I am not sure of; heard her new single on Radaronline. Again these housewives have the right to sing but the only one with the privilege is KANDI. I think I have said enough about the Sisters of Witchmountain. Taylor; she’s not all that bad; but knowing what’s around the corner is weird. Brandi, I like so far, Dana; I still can’t believe the $25K glasses; whatever is clever for her! Over and Out!


    • Adrienne may be the rock, but Crikeys! I cannot comprehend yet another one of her style choices! what was up with that overembellished dress at the freak show.???


  5. I can’t beleive Lisa turned out to be such a two faced bit…would anyone of you want anyone of them for a “friend”?


  6. Love Adrienne, love seeing her fb updates, she’s such a lovely, nice, gentle, caring lady out of all of the series’ of Real Housewives. This lady would have to be the closest to what a REAL housewife is!


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