Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris See Snowstorm Damage At Their House

 I hate you, Tree!   (…Jax Laurita just tryin’ to mind her own bizness while Don Caro screams!)

Jax Laurita posted the following video with the warning:  

“The language in this video is not suitable 4 young children or Adults who dont appreciate very bad words”

Jax and Chris Laurita drive home to find the damage done to their home caused by the snowstorm that hit New Jersey yesterday.   Note:  Jax doesn’t say anything about Chris Laurita’s language until she’s just about done filming.  Interesting… was always taught that use of foul language showed your intelligence… that you had none.  Well, the Manzo/Laurita bunch aren’t known for their brain power… nor their excellent use of the English language (“babyjoegee”)!

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45 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris See Snowstorm Damage At Their House

  1. Jacqueline had so many more fans…until she decided to let Don Caro tell the world she was way too “betrayed” and couldn’t emotionally handle the reunion while she sat at home and Twittered the night away while getting drunk instead. She didn’t sound too emotionally distraught to call out Teresa on Twitter…she showed the viewers what A TRUE IDIOT she is. If you’re going to lie at least stay off Twitter one say of your life to keep up appearances you buffoon! Stfu already. Everyday she abuses Teresa on her Twitter…EVERY DAMN DAY. Obsessed much????

    • I think she has the right to do anything she pleases. She didn’t want to see Teresa at the reunion, because of the night before. I usually do not like to comment,because everybody is ready to attack. Teresa is so effin defensive all the time,every time. No matter what the situation is she acts like an idiot, doesn’t admit to anything,pretends that everything is all love,love,love &BS, when it’s not. I certainly do not blame Jacqueline for not attending the reunion.The way Teresa Acted during the reunion, was very frustrating to me, and many viewers. Can you Imagine how defensive,and in denial she was with Jacqueline the day before. Who can blame Jax for NOT wanting to do it again the day after. Oh hell no, I wouldn’t want to or be able to deal w/ Teresa. Teresa can go scratch. Jax is real, shes just like the rest of us, On twitter,&off.Teresa sells her stories to tabloids For mulla Jax just tweets on impulse whats on her mind or how she is feeling about the situation. Jax fans love her no matter what, we love her. Maybe Teresa fans don’t like the way she called out Tree, but we loved it. So we all have our different opinions about Rhonj. I love Melissa&Joe Gorga, Kathy & Richard, The Manzo’s/Lauritas I love Melania,&Adriana even Juicy. & as much as I try to Like Teresa,&understand her, I can’t seem to bring my self to like this woman. I can’t like someone that is that Stupid, & in denial,extremely defensive, &so jealous.When Gia said her aunt Melissa controlled her uncle, I wanted to pull Teresas hair out. How dare you speak this way in front of your child?I truely believe that she has no friends at all,&she discusses adult issues w/ Gia,because she has the same mentality of a 10 yr old. She probably takes advise from her daughter as well. Her actions are proof of that.Well I guess Gia is her only friend, And that just explains it all. No one is jealous of her or her millions in debt. Puhlease. People keep saying that they are all just jealous, No No, No,No one is jealous!!! Teresa has done them wrong. They have a right to be angry, hate her, etc.I have read horrible comments, about the rest of the cast.Twitter has become a war zone. Some fans take it to far. I do not like Teresa, I never did. I saw right through her from season 1..But I have never trashed her name the way Some fans are doing to the rest of the cast. I have read horrible comments, about the rest of the cast.Twitter has become a war zone. Some fans take it to far. Teresa is busy making her money, & her fans r barking away, they r horrible,cruel, disrespectful and they say the most awful things. It’s sad, because this is a show that we all love. I’m so sorry it’s too long, & please save the spelling &grammar correction reply’s I can care less, It’s not an English assignment. I hope that I am allowed to give my opinion, and not attacked for it. Thank You

      • Save the English and spelling correction replies? You quoted ME directly so I take offense. I’m not your mommy nor your 3rd grade teacher hun I could care even less to correct you. What is this, communist Russia that you can’t give your opinion?? That’s what we do here. You’re taking this show and it’s ACTORS too seriously abc personal. You think any of those women gives a rats ass about you? They’d probably step on you if you happened to be in their way…all I did was give my opinion on Jaqueline, I happen to dislike Teresa for many of the same reasons lol just didn’t post it here bc thus is a post about Jacqueline. I don’t care to make each AND EVERY response about Teresa, especially when the post clearly has zero to do with her.

        • Gee, I think Laura just was giving her opinion and now you are attacking her, giving credence to her comment about being reticent to comment for fear of being attacked. I don’t think the comment about grammar was directed at you personally. And btw, you made this about Teresa, read your post.

      • Pot meet kettle; let he who is without sin cast the first stone; judge ye lest ye be judged also; two wrongs do not make a right. Do you see where you are going? 1) You are no different than anyone else and 2) you can justify JLs conduct and behavior, puhleezzzzzzzzzzz, spare me.

    • @ LookersMissesMelissa – we all realize it is you TERESA!
      Your hate and jealousy have blinded you so badly that you are imagining things now – like the ‘Fans’ that you still think you have, bwa ha ha… Delussional much???
      If you are going to call people out for having no guts to face you, at least have the guts to put your own name on it, you f-ing liar. You are garbage, you nasty skank, and you’re not fooling anyone with your anonymous attacks and ‘close source’ leaks to the press. You are gutless, cluless, and dumb as sh7t.
      You think you have any FANS left after this season? Believe me – all the normal, moral, thinking people have caught up to your bullshit, scheming, lying, stealing, and trying to build yourself up by putting others down.
      It is also so pathetic that you are so dumb that you have to peruse the web and steal parts of other people’s comments and then try to glue them together to sound a little smarter than your real level of non-existent intelligence. For the future, maybe you should read your comments before you post them and at least try to make them sound like they make sense. I know it is a tall order for you and your head would probably explode but do us all a favor and try. We’ll be fine with either outcome: since it’s you, dumb Tre, let me spell it out for you – we’ll be fine with either your improvement in expressing yourself or your head exploding.
      You call others obsessed? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Cause your ugly mug is permanently stuck in the ‘deer in the headlights’ loook of anticipation of impending doom. It must suck having to worry each second of every day what will be the next sh!t thing that karma will bring back to your door. If you weren’t such an a$$hole I might have felt sorry for you, but no matter how hard you try to paint yourself as a victim, remember that the cameras and other media are there, public records are there, and as opposed to you there are people who actually can and like to read.
      You totally suck as a human being, it must really suck to be you. We know all about you, you pig in a lipstick, and you’re not fooling anyone – you’re still a pig. Desperate much????

      • Please speak for yourself Poke. No we don’t realize that LookersMissesMelissa is Tree. You are entitled to your opinion about a CHARACTER on tv just as much as LookersMissesMelissa is. But I think you directing your vitriol at Lookers is a bit much. Simma down and enjoy these shows for what they are.. one step below ‘rasslin. I say below because at least ‘rasslin has good choreography.

        • What on earth is ‘rasslin? And what ‘choreography’ does it have? Is it a NJ vernacular?

          As to my ‘directing my vitriol at Lookers…’ – well, she directed hers at Jax. Sure she is entitled to her opinion, but by the same token so am I.
          Sorry to those who got offended by being included in my ‘we all’. Thought it was transparent to everyone, but obviously not.
          I did not come here to bash anyone, I came because this was a post of a video of beautiful snow fall and the snow damage that came with it. To find ‘Lookers..’ not commeting on the video or the story but clearly only trolling the sites looking for any new posting to attack Jax convinced me it was Teresa. Who else has that much hate and desperation to always make it about herself? You may not agree with my assessment, but I stand by it.
          And as for the video, IT IS heartbreakingly beautiful to see all the snow coverage. It looks like a winter wonderland, my heart aches for these sights. But the damage is very disheartening, and I understand how they can both laugh and be pissed about it at the same time. I’m glad the video got posted. Too bad some jerks would use anything as a platform to launch their personal attacks on others – I’m still looking at you Tre.

          • Well this is a site about real housewives so if you only came to look at the snow I think it is strange that you would choose a clip full of obsenities on a reality t.v. site. Perhaps the weather channel site might be a better choice for you

          • polk8: YO! There is NO attacking other commenters on SH. PERIOD. And, no passive aggressive crap… “I did not come here to bash anyone” and then continue to do so. That don’t fly… This is a warning. SH

            • This is why I hardly ever post here…to many posters fly off the handle because they missread or take things the wrong way. I love to read the scoops from you SH, but keep most of my thoughts to myself.

          • Dot, What is ‘rasslin you ask? Its a bunch of beautifully built men dancing around to choreographed movements and following a storyline and staying in character.. much like these “real” housewives. ‘cept the ‘rasslers got more skillz than these housewives but they act a fool just the same. It is what it is so lets just keep it in proper perspective k?

            • I guess my point is do ya really want to take your fanaticism of your favorite housewife (or ‘rasslin character) to the extreme. When it starts messing with your okie-doke… it has become a problem. You wanna be dis guy?

              well do ya?

        • One step BELOW ‘rasslin!! Oh, Made, that is really fun – I never thought about it like htat before! I believe you are right…it’s one step below ‘rasslin!!

          • I agree, that ‘rasslin bit was hilarious, MP! Sorry I wasn’t here to back y’all up. Things have been a eff-to-the-unky here lately. Maybe it’s just me…

            • I’m having a cra cra day too. Everyone in my family is loosing their minds it seems .. and just in time for the holidays yipee!

            • Thanks mythunker. I would be lying if I said I am not feeling like pulling a richie wakile and “burnin this place to the ground!!” just kiddin but almost not. alls im saying is that Thanksgiving dinner might be served extry crispy this year and no one bet say one word about it. grrrr.
              whew ok I feel better.. carry on.

    • I hear ya. These people obviously missed the educational world beyond 6th grade to have their vocabs flooded with “F’in this or that” and “omg”. It’s a wonder Assleee isn’t worse than she is, with this sort of every day influence.

    • It is unbelievable that people come to the post whose only purpose is to show the amount of snow and damage from it, and yet they still comment of things that have nothing to do with the spirit of the posting.
      There is no such thing as ‘pc’ or ‘non pc’ in Catholicism. The covenant says ‘do not take the Lord’s name in vain’. But it the recent decades that phrase has become so much a part of the vernacular that it moved from strictly religious to the customary, every day-life use realm.
      To some people that is the best and the most expressive way of projecting out their emotions, and the way it is now become part of a broader, secular culture shows that its use is not meant as an expression of religious thoughts but rather of human condition.
      You sound like you just sit there and try to find anything to latch your negative comments to, and in lack of such fodder you’ll create your own by bitching about the use of ‘OMG’? Christ, get a life why don’t ya?

      • You are new here. Both of your comments have been wildly negative and directed at other posters. quit that.

        • No, they have been directed at the other posters’ posts, and they are written in the same spirit the original posts were. If you can’t handle a discussion, you should not post on an opinion blog. Everyone has a right to express how they feel, and if they can dish it they should be willing to take it. It would be a ‘great’ world indeed in which you can spew any vapid hate at anyone and anything for whatever made up reason, and not worry about being brought to account for it.
          This post – after all the crap with the reunion, season IV filming, and artificially inflated drama – this post was supposed to be different. But if someone comes here and tries to hijack it to suit her needs, I have the right, and now the inclination, to react to it.
          As for my being ‘new here’ – no hon, I just don’t usually comment. But in all times I read this blog I never realized it is one on which you can dish it, but nobody is supposed to dish it right back at you.

  2. Ok, I am convinced that if anyone is a cast member posting on this site, it’s Jax. This is awesomely weird and OTT. I think most of the people posting aren’t taking anything this insanely seriously.

    • that’s always been my contention…..the posts that are supremely volatile come from people who are way too emotionally invested….therefore are either related to, friends of or are cast members themselves…..

  3. I wonder if Jax really is geting off the show. With all her tweets and postings, she’s trying to continue interest in her life, otherwise she’d go quiet. Now if I were a cynic I’d say she’s doing all this so people pay attention to her because she wants more than 10 to show up next time she promotes black water. Or she’s a famewhore. But that’s only what I’d say if I were a cynic.

    • AOM: They still got that black water to push! Jax is attempting to convey her HWs exposure into sales of the black water crap. Everyone should keep an image of ‘babyjoegee’s daddy and mama riding around in that black water van in their heads when they see black water. “Babyjoegee”s daddy…Manzo cousin, Laurita nephew… works for black water. TFC!! SH

  4. Wow!!!! that was strange…..but entertaining….all I have to say is that I used to love RHONJ but this season went out the door…true colors came out, they are really a bunch of bullies, waiting to see who is vulnerable and down so they keep them there. Caroline, bully and fake, Jax and Kathy- follower wanting to always fit in, Melissa- EVIL, Theresa- Stupid


  5. I wonder if Tree got caught in the “Norweigen”? WE’re still without lights, going on day 21/2..what a mess…on the funny side…I went into a gas station here in NJ and the guys in the garage were all singing “ON Display” I nearly fell out of the car.

  6. I noticed that now filming has ended, all of the Manzo/Laurita’s are tweeting videos of themselves. They are addicted to being on camera and really crave attention.

  7. True character once again reveals itself. Woman should never have been casting aspersions toward Tre……Jac is no pollyanna herself.

  8. Well I was wondering where Chris got the money to buy all of those cars that were shown in his driveway. In Season One, Jaq was talking to Ashlee in her bedroom about plane reservations for a fancy trip. I remember thinking these people look like morons, where are they getting all of this money? Hopefullythey will not lose their house. They are fake like Teresa and did it for this stupid show. What MORONS. Caroline will be next.

  9. yeah….Caroline and the rest are all fake, sometimes I wonder how true is her relationship with her husband, I mean they seem so perfect in love on camera but is it true? I don’t know she really annoys me

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