Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris See Snowstorm Damage At Their House

 I hate you, Tree!   (…Jax Laurita just tryin’ to mind her own bizness while Don Caro screams!)

Jax Laurita posted the following video with the warning:  

“The language in this video is not suitable 4 young children or Adults who dont appreciate very bad words”

Jax and Chris Laurita drive home to find the damage done to their home caused by the snowstorm that hit New Jersey yesterday.   Note:  Jax doesn’t say anything about Chris Laurita’s language until she’s just about done filming.  Interesting… was always taught that use of foul language showed your intelligence… that you had none.  Well, the Manzo/Laurita bunch aren’t known for their brain power… nor their excellent use of the English language (“babyjoegee”)!