Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… MORE of Melissa Wearing Fat Suit For ET “Expose”… What a Buncha BULLS***!!! ET AND Melissa Gorga Oughta Be Ashamed…

What a joke!  And a waste of time!  

Melissa Gorga puts on a fat suit and parades around New York City.  BIG DEAL!   The assault on viewers continues as the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga tries to manuveur her way around the most touristy spots of NYC… as a FAT WOMAN!

 Fat Melissa baits these kids… of course they’re gonna ask her how much she eats!

Watch as Melissa goes down to catch a subway train.  BUT… she claims that she is accosted, threatened and BULLIED by a teenager also waiting for a train.  What a bunch of bulls***!!!  That teenager was NOT bullying her… and there was no need for her and her camera guy to “escape” and not get on the subway.

 What’s the problem with talkin’ with the guy, fat Melissa?  All you hadda do was talk to the guy!  He’s NOT bullying you… you’re IGNORING him!

If you dressed like a hot pink mess, being followed by a camera crew, people are going to ask you questions in NYC… just because you have a camera following you!   ET and Melissa made a huge drama out of the kid asking a question… which, if you notice, the producer/camera guy would not answer.  Just answer the question… what’s the problem? By NOT answering the guy’s questions, they instigated him.  BULLYING!? Hmmm… don’t think so.  Another producer-induced drama… YES.

And here’s Melissa being brought (almost) to tears by a pedicab driver offering her a ride. Melissa thinks that driver is just being nice to her because he feels sorry for her being so fat.  Uh, Melissa… here’s the deal:  The driver spots you and the CAMERA, so the guy knows that he’ll get camera time and that’s all he wanted.  The driver also can tell that you’re in a FAT SUIT… your combined weight is 165 lbs, so of course, the driver says that your weight is no problem!

  Notice:  NO ONE is paying attention to fat Melissa.  Everyone can tell it’s a gimmicky FAT SUIT she’s wearing… they’ve all seen it before!

NYers are not stupid.   The pedicab driver is offering you a ride knowing you ain’t no 400 lbs… and to get on camera… it will help his business.

  Oh, Joe couldn’t be here.  He’s busy… yeah, that’s it, he’s busy.  But, Joe LOVES fat women… he really does!  He’s just busy right now…

NOTE:  Where was Melissa Gorga’s husband through her very emotional fat experiment??  I wanted to see Joe Gorga gettin’ all over Melissa while she’s wearin’ all that fat, covered in the hot pink track suit… in which you can see every roll of the fake fat.  Where were you, Joe??? Obviously, Joe Gorga has something against fat women!

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  1. Melissa is such a famewhore. This fat suit assignment was just another pathetic attempt to stay relevant. Since her and bug eyes came on NJ I can’t even watch anymore. I doubt there will be a season five….since no one is talkiing to the SUperstar of the show (Teresa). The sad part is they need Tre on the show to keep it from being a snoozefest. Teresa can carry a show on her own, can’t say that for the others. They are biting the hand that feeds them.


  2. That kid also knew it was a fat suit and was prolly asking how many pounds she was with the suit. Like how much does that thing weight? Is it hot? ect ect. Legit question that was edited to make him look like a bully. It aint cool to misrepresent a kid- but hey, what did we expect? She’s been hanging out with the Manzos too long.


      • Oh and I wanted to comment on the kid too. Very few kids attempt to get your attention by saying ‘sir, sir’ if they’re bullying you. They’d be more than likely to run at you with some sorta weapon and bring their friends. He was being respectful and was being DISRESPECTED by being ignored. Just so that ignoramous (sp? – MeGo) could pretend she was bullied for being fat. That almost ticks me off…!


  3. Please… gimme a break. I was in NYC for work one year and we got lost. I was young and 95 lbs at the time – I’m short so that’s not really such a feat. Anywho… we stopped for directions and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of New Yorkers who clutched their purses closer to their bodies and pushed right past me. Sorry sweetie, they didn’t ignore you because you were fat, they ignored you because they wanted to ignore you. It’s NYC for pity sake.

    I also have to take issue with the dumb looking pink track suit. She hasn’t won any friends with that stupid gimmick. She looked far better in the red dress, but instead decides to cram 400 lbs of sausage into a 200 lb bag (right Caroline?)


    • lo. And I noticed a lot more people looking at skinny Mel shove that hotdog(phallic symbol) in her pie hole than fal Mel. They knew the hotdog in a woman(of any size) would get a few glances. This is why they chose the hot dog as opposed to a bag of chips.


  4. Its really pissing me off that they’re trying to shove Melissa Gorga and her talentless ass down our throats. Feeding her with lies & delusion that she’s actually making any difference. They’re contributing to the creation of a monster, obviously the potential was already there but this btch is delusional if she thinks people actually CARE.

    I was reading another website where they posted this and EVERY SINGLE person that responded was completely tearing her to shreds over this…saying the same things we say here! And this website I speak of has a completely different “customer” so it’s not just is here at SH that can’t stand her or this stupid STUPID “experiment”!!!! NOBODY CARES, in fact, everyone agrees she’s not only completely offensive, but that she’s a day late and a dollar short, and how stupid and phoney this outfit looks!! So who gives a shit?? NOBODY!! Yet she’s getting air time…ugh…seriously…go raise your kids Melissa…if you wanted to be a star you should have focused on THAT instead of finding a rich husband and becoming a baby making machine. Annoying. Go away. The public doesn’t like you.


  5. People in their late 20’s early 30’s that come into the music biz thinking they can be a star really kill me lmaooooo!!! You realize stars like Katy Perry, Adele, Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Aguilera…these girls have been working their BUTTS OFF FOR YEARS AND YEARS!!! All of them, since CHILDHOOD!! You will not be a star…you haven’t had the vocal training, you haven’t been forced to create the intense work ethic since 10 years of age and you haven’t paid your dues, and you can NEVER catch up bc you need that from an early age! DELUSIONAL!!

    A mother of 3, yeah OK Melissa! Lmao! What the Gorgas did manage to do is squander ALOT of their money on a huge waste of time, money they could have invested for their THREE kids’ future. Go take your daughter to Disney & make her a star, YOUR TIME IS LOST. Sorry, just the way of the industry! My dad is a singer with a band and I’ve worked for labels all my life, it’s never gonna happen for this girl, it’s too late. Her kids have a shot but not her. Keep wasting that money…she even said it at the reunion, that it’s getting expensive bc they are paying for everything including all the promotion. Joe Gorga thinks he has a future star lmaooo NOT. HAPPENING. She’s too old.


    • Good idea about her daughter. Somehow I don’t see that happening since even the dance classes they enrolled her in were not age appropriate and done PURELY for big momma Mel to get in with the DWTS peoples. So sad. G to the IA’s momma needs to school Mel on proper momminess. Gymnastics and hip hop lessons that are age appropriate and only for the child’s benefit. Say what they will about Tree at least she allows her daughter to shine and have her time.


      • Agreed! Teresa is constantly tweeting about Gia’s dance company and shows…this one (Melissa) is TOO WRAPPED UP IN HERSELF. Youre 30, have three kids a home and a husband. Now by no means do I equate that with life being over, not at ALL, but the dream of becoming a singing superstar?? Really?? Do you know how much time singers spend in the studio?!?!? At the beginning of their career?? Hundreds! Which is why Gorga built one in their house, but she is a MOTHER…her kids are ALL very very young. She probably thinks, well Celine Dion does it why can’t I?? Bahaha!

        Celine dion is a PRO, she’s not in studios for hundreds of hours she’s past that point now, her vocal training allows her to hop in & out quickly, probably laying down tracks the very first time she pops into the booth, notice how Melissa needed hours in that booth to get one simple verse correct??? well they showed her fking up & having to redo it over & over…that one track probably took weeks to get “right”, let alone all the auto tuning…anyway my point is, not gonna happen.

        Just go focus on your kids you dolt. Cut it out with the Britney Spears dreams! “I wanna come out with a snake wrapped around me like Britney, not in some tiny club”…YEAH, BRITNEY DID WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN SHE WAS 10 MORON!


      • MP I completely agree with you. Trejuice at least lets Gia shines like a star she is because if anyone is coming out of that trainwreck of a show it’s the juice sisters.


  6. ummmm ok question? so if Mel& co is suddenly sooo enlightened about the plight of overweight women then how come when JoGO put out a “hookup” tweet he requested that women include their height & weight? What should it matter? right?!/joegorga


  7. It sounds to me as though Melissa is giving her insight about how she feels about it all- not insight to how others feel. She says everyone wants to slap that hot dog out of her hand when wearing the suit, but not when shes not. C’mon? I didn’t see people too concerned or judging either way. Well, aside from her.
    This was about Melissa, like everything else with her that she claims is not. This girl is fading fast. She can’t carry a tune. I hope she goes away for good…


    • I know right? no one tells someone that obese they need to go take a jog. Sounds like sumpin JoGo would say though. sure does.


  8. Anyone with half a brain who sees someone walking around Manhattan who looks like they’re about 400 lbs or more (while being followed by cameras to boot!), knows instinctively that it’s for some kind of reality show. New Yorkers are smart, and if they comment at all, it’s gonna be how stupid these idiots are to think they’re fooling them!

    Shame on you, fame-whore Melissa, and shame on you, ET for thinking that we’re all a bunch of morons waiting for YOU to tell us what’s right!


    • You’re right. I think that is exactly what that kid in the subway was doing. Calling them out and then they turned around and villified him for it… a minor no less. shameful.

      Also they had footage of a lady on the bus saying to Mel “you are so full of yourself”… ‘scuse me but that ain’t a fat slur. That is a straight up calling Melissa Marco Gorga out on her BS to her face. I am surprised they even used that footage. Everyone can see through it.

      And not for nothing, but unless the NY’s that she encountered are RH fans then no one knows who she is. Only a relatively small segment of the population would recognize a Real Housewife if they passed them on the street.


  9. I’m not fat i just weigh heavy, but at least I can sing! And so can my large sisters. Melissa, your prime has passed just use your abilities for you kids. Remember, they are your kids to screw up anyway you like. Make your daughter a superstar while there is still time for her.


  10. It’s all a load of bullocks!!!! I think that’s a song… Clash? Can’t remember…80’s what’s his name . He did band aid. Can’t remember the band The Specials ,I think?


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