Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… MORE of Melissa Wearing Fat Suit For ET “Expose”… What a Buncha BULLS***!!! ET AND Melissa Gorga Oughta Be Ashamed…

What a joke!  And a waste of time!  

Melissa Gorga puts on a fat suit and parades around New York City.  BIG DEAL!   The assault on viewers continues as the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga tries to manuveur her way around the most touristy spots of NYC… as a FAT WOMAN!

 Fat Melissa baits these kids… of course they’re gonna ask her how much she eats!

Watch as Melissa goes down to catch a subway train.  BUT… she claims that she is accosted, threatened and BULLIED by a teenager also waiting for a train.  What a bunch of bulls***!!!  That teenager was NOT bullying her… and there was no need for her and her camera guy to “escape” and not get on the subway.

 What’s the problem with talkin’ with the guy, fat Melissa?  All you hadda do was talk to the guy!  He’s NOT bullying you… you’re IGNORING him!

If you dressed like a hot pink mess, being followed by a camera crew, people are going to ask you questions in NYC… just because you have a camera following you!   ET and Melissa made a huge drama out of the kid asking a question… which, if you notice, the producer/camera guy would not answer.  Just answer the question… what’s the problem? By NOT answering the guy’s questions, they instigated him.  BULLYING!? Hmmm… don’t think so.  Another producer-induced drama… YES.

And here’s Melissa being brought (almost) to tears by a pedicab driver offering her a ride. Melissa thinks that driver is just being nice to her because he feels sorry for her being so fat.  Uh, Melissa… here’s the deal:  The driver spots you and the CAMERA, so the guy knows that he’ll get camera time and that’s all he wanted.  The driver also can tell that you’re in a FAT SUIT… your combined weight is 165 lbs, so of course, the driver says that your weight is no problem!

  Notice:  NO ONE is paying attention to fat Melissa.  Everyone can tell it’s a gimmicky FAT SUIT she’s wearing… they’ve all seen it before!

NYers are not stupid.   The pedicab driver is offering you a ride knowing you ain’t no 400 lbs… and to get on camera… it will help his business.

  Oh, Joe couldn’t be here.  He’s busy… yeah, that’s it, he’s busy.  But, Joe LOVES fat women… he really does!  He’s just busy right now…

NOTE:  Where was Melissa Gorga’s husband through her very emotional fat experiment??  I wanted to see Joe Gorga gettin’ all over Melissa while she’s wearin’ all that fat, covered in the hot pink track suit… in which you can see every roll of the fake fat.  Where were you, Joe??? Obviously, Joe Gorga has something against fat women!