Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… More About Nene’s New Boyfriend, John Kolaj

 John Kolaj… co-founder of Famiglia Pizza               Wendy Williams…

On the Wendy Williams Show… Wendy talks about Nene Leakes’ new boyfriend, Famiglia Pizzeria co-founder, John Kolaj… and how Nene met her new beau.

 John Kolaj and Nene Leakes…

IMO, they initially met back when Nene was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice during the ‘restaurant’ challenge… before Nene took off in the cab…

                                                                                    Trump posted a reward after Nene took off… wonder if the reward money is still available?

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13 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Nene Leakes… More About Nene’s New Boyfriend, John Kolaj

  1. I absolutely loathe this woman…By far the Most vile, disgusting, loudest, crudest, meanest, self centered, phoniest of them all housewife….I was really pissed that she was even considered for Apprentice..She’s a dumb as a load of bricks…But, as the saying goes, follow the money…Bravo is a subsidiary of NBC…NBC produces the Apprentice (sigh)..Nothing made me happier than when Donald Trump called her out and called her a complete loser on National TV..Now I see her in promos bragging and screaming that she deposits ‘Trump” checks in her account..I’d pay to see a copy of that check…There’s no way Trumps name is even on that check..Donald doesn’t pay the contestants, the production company and the networks do…I think she was the only one that didn’t raise a dime for her charity…what was it? domestic violence?? from one of the world’s biggest bullies? How ironic…the queen of verbal abuse has a charity for domestic violence?…she should start by paying damages to the many people she has verbally beat down and attacked 2 inches from their face…Pathetic…Anyone know if Teresa been fired yet ? .. Wonder what her charity is…should be helping people with speaking disabilities who have no concept of the English language…What’s that expression…Charity begins at home…? lol..


    • Imo you can’t take any of the Atlanta HWs seriously. More than any other in the series these women are just there for the HUSTLE. Even their personalities are manufactured. I’ve seen them filming and it is so beyond scripted…but I love them all. Well maybe not sheree.


    • I think she and Sheree are disgusting. They were as broke as I am when the show started. Sheree probably still is. Nee Nee is a street hustler hooker, so he probably has a few dollars. I can’t wait until the rest of Greg’s children get a hold of a camera and a microphone. Boy are they gonna let the two of them have it. What in the world is Kim still doing on the show I will never know. She has a new baby, new house and a handsome fiance’. That’s just plain trifling.


    • Maybe NENE and Taylor should form a Bond both say they are victims of domestic abuse yet they are violent themselves. Last reason of ATLANTA with the addition of Phaedra omg she injected some comedy into that show from her “my baby is ready to be born and is fully cooked at 7 monthes to her Over the top baby shower complete with Ballerina’s and sparkly eye lashes and she single handedly keep the blue eye shadow debt at the local MAC store in business. and now this season Phaedra is going to buy a Furneral home wonder if the ballerina’s do Wakes? OMG what would a Phaedra planned wake be like..


      • Yeah now I am fixin to make a confession. While I was not feeling the eyelash rhinestones on Phadrea, I was digging the blue eyeshadow on her. So I tried to make that happen on myself and .. well white girls cant do that I suppose cause I looked hideous and then it was too late to fix so I was forced to go out like that. But Phaedra wore it well.


        • Some people can do the Blue eyeshadow I cannot my skin is to dark, i may have Irishblood but I am olive skinned dark haired

          I gew up in the 70s where Blue was the shade you wore to the Disco i think it all depends on how the user applys it it looks good on some horrible on others.

          Now im gonna go eat some canned food


          • Tue . I used to rock the blue back in the 80’s ‘rember Maybeline electric blue mascara? I was bout it bout it.


  2. All I know is that Chelsey Handler said it best: ‘Nene Leakes sounds like something I do after I pass out from drinking too much vodka.’


  3. OMG .. Nene’s voice is so grating.. Kill me now.. Famiglia Pizza is AWFUL JUNK! This is not NY ladies, NY pizza is from Naples, the REAL thing.. NOT a franchise.. He is another Herman Cain… Hmmm wait a sec.. Nene and Herman.. what a match!


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