Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… Kim And Kyle Richards’ Car Ride To Palm Desert On “The Soup”… AND… Anderson Cooper Asks Kyle if Kim Is Alcoholic

                                                                               What the hell are you doin’, Kyle???  You’re gonna poke yer eye out!
                                                            Grab the wheel, Kim!  I’m tryin’ to poke my eye out… I know I’ll look better wearin’ a patch on my face!  The wheel, Kim… the wheel!!!

Kim “CrystalBeth” Richards, discovered a new type of breath spray called “room freshener” … this discovery was highlighted on The Soup…



From “Anderson”…

Anderson Cooper asks HagfaceLizardLipLickin’ Kyle Richards if her sister, Kim “CrystalBeth” Richards is an alcoholic… Hagface Kyle gets all squirmy and doesn’t wanna answer Anderson.  No one gets aways with not answerin’ Anderson!

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34 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kim Richards… Kim And Kyle Richards’ Car Ride To Palm Desert On “The Soup”… AND… Anderson Cooper Asks Kyle if Kim Is Alcoholic

  1. I thought the breath spray thing was hysterical!! Good stuff…Kim is VERY funny at times…quirky, but funny….and Kyle was on the verge of tears in that interview with Anderson….I love him!! I was at the Conrad Murray show and I was ‘on camera’ for the bodyguard interview!! I was sitting right behind Anderson….I even asked a question but they edited it out….I figure they gave me so much ‘face time’ that they didn’t want me to upstage Anderson….and anyway, my question would have blown the lid off the whole case!! LOL……!!

  2. Kyle started this, season one; Kim was minding her own business at Taylor’s party; Taylor attacked Kim, Kyle jumps in doesn’t defend her sister they end up in their sister fight and Kyle outted her as an Alcoholic! Kim is very different this season; I think she is still recovering from that last episode; it’s one thing to film it and then to see on national TV! Kim needs more space from her inmature, controlling sister. How does one recover from all this? I know I call them the Witch Mountain sisters because they have been mean this season but I would like to see Kim get more control of her life and out from the controls of Kyle, I find Kyle very two faced and very insecure and I think Kim follows her lead and this is why Kim needs to be her own person. Best wishes to Kim!

    • I want so bad, but it SO won’t happen for surprise guest lilKathy to pop up on the reunion show. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! In my head she would say, “America, this is how these two really are…” and spill it! For some reason I think she would sell those two out in a hot sec bc she’s all “nanny, nanny boo, boo I’m richer than you two!” and just doesn’t give a damn about them and thinks they’re petty, pathetic and annoying. Lol

    • Kim is an adult and is responsible for her own behavior, Alcoholic or not. Kyle really didn’t “out” anything in the Limo, so much as she said it out loud. It was a low-blow and I don’t for a second think Kyle was in any way trying to help her by throwing it out there. But she did go to Rehab, for whatever short amount of time.

      Kim did a damn good job of being a complete A-hole and leading the pack of Mean Girls at the Spa Day. Same with game night. She was a grade-A jerk. She wasn’t following Kyles’ lead by any stretch.

      • I totally agree. Kim is insane…and I liked her. She was bullied and disparaged all last season from every angle. She has moved up and Brandi has moved into her spot, so she is lashing out at her. The middle school mean girl dynamics of this group is sickening. Most women grow out of that and become healthy functioning women in society, and if they don’t, they are shunned. Most women do not act like they are on drugs and steroids.

        The public affection for Kyle changed drastically from the beginning to the end of last season, and I think they have been trying to change opinion of her….she isn’t giving them much to work with.

        • The difference in Kyle and Kim is so apparent in how they have each handled the aftermath of this. Kyle had a producer apoli-blog for her and then she made a apoli-call to WWHL were as Kim as apologized to Brandi-in private(according to her twitter account and that was just her answering a tweet not making a preemptive tweet if that makes sense) However they are both sticking to the same defense of Brandi should not have said the meth thing.

          • Interesting. Kim is not cheapening her apology by using it as a PR ploy to boost herself. While Kyle clings to the hope we aren’t smart enough to see a pattern of behavior with her in two seasons and draw a conclusion that she is just an insecure bully with an odd tongue habit.

            She ain’t recovering from this one.

            • Sistah, Now Byle did call into WWHL and apologize, so we should all forgive her. NOT!!! I didn’t like her when E did the Hilton sisters True Hoolywood Story. Byle Vile Kyle, was all up into telling what she knew. Sugar coated,of course. But, hey…she was in front of a camera.

            • And she MIGHT have gotten a few viewers to believe her story about not stealing Kim’s house buy throwing us all off with the whole cant believe an alkie shtick but once her fangs came out against Brandi then the dye(die) is cast-pun intended cause she has wrecked her carefully crafted image of the poor put upon sister of a druggie/alkie.

  3. I agree Kac, Kim is 40 something and should ” Grow the he** up” and take responsibility for her actions…and say I’m sorry for my behavior” on game night and spa day.

  4. Kac, I am still with you/ on Kim acting like a fool on game night and spa day. Esp. on spa day, some of the ladies that were around her “were coddling” her, Kyle, Lisa, etc…

    • OMG she is delusional. If I didnt watch HWs I would not know what a Kim Richards was. So its pathetic to see her slur-drop her own name. No one in their right mind would sit there and break out the pills KNOWING she is being captured on a cell phone… and knowing the edit she received last year.

  5. I don’t understand the point of asking Kyle if Kim is an alcoholic. She’s already answered it, and she has told millions of people that YES Kim is an alcoholic.

  6. “you’ll have to ask her that” ugggggg! they teach you that one in How To Live With An Alkie/drug addict skool Kyle?

    • and p.s. use some of that money you stole from your sister to get your tooth fixed. Its starting to aggravate me. Thx

      • MsMP, I just noticed that tooth on Byle Kyle, now I have to look for hair extensions? Tyra says if it’s a weave, you can’t top notch a ponytail. That’s why they just pull them back to the nape of their neck. Byle Kyle loves to pull that horse tail on top of her head and swing it around. Remember when they all went to Vegas and went dancing? But I will keep my eyes open for that.

  7. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to emulate these people. Sure the money (or perception thereof) would be nice, but these people display values more akin to stereotypical rural America than the self professed “platinum triangle”.
    Television of this type is a fantasy depiction to be sure; but the superficial values, no “klas” manners and vapid lifestyles are just plain pathetic. What’s even sadder are viewers that think these are lives worth aspiring to.

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