Real Housewives of New Jersey: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice is “Worst Housewife EVER” AND Caroline Manzo Got That “Susan Boyle” Look!!

Wendy Williams was all over the Real Housewives of New Jersey… everyone of them, except for the missing-in-action New Jersey Housewife, Jax Laurita.  Which, IMO, Jax’ absence was totally a producer-induced set up.

 I…… am…… leeeeee-veeeeee-nnnnngggggg…..

Jax was done; she already shot season four; Jax and Bravo had already agreed to part ways and she would not be moving on to season five; Jax never has anything of substance to add to the shows or the reunion shows, so why not give her a pass.  BUT, let’s make the viewers think that Jax made a huge stink about not showing up… the story will be that ‘Jax is just too emotionally and physically exhausted from the show to even think about throwing on her favorite one-shoulder frock and get on over to the Count Basie Theater for the reunion’.  Producer setup if there ever was…

                                         Tree Joodice is THE worst Housewife EVER…

Back to Wendy… she borrowed a line from Don Caroline Manzo when Don Caro appeared as a guest on WWHL.  Don Caro told Andy that she would choose Danielle over KimG as her nemesis because Don Caro could predict what Danielle would be doing, but that KimG was another type of crazy.  Wendy says that she would choose Danielle over Tree, basically for the same reason…

  Wendy’s right!  Although Susan is lookin’ much better than Don Caro!!

Wendy had much more to say…

    • Don Caroline Manzo has that “Susan Boyle” look to her
    • It’s hard to believe that Don Caro is ONLY 50 years old!
    • Kathy Wakile is nice… that’s about all
    • Melissa Gorga is too syrupy sweet
    • Dina Manzo’s HGTV show is a huge YAWN (FYI: Dina’s show is tanking and whoever told her that she could host a show needs some shock therapy)
Wendy also had a lil chat about da Stanker… BUT, Wendy has to defend da Stanker; they’re old friends and their parents are friends.  However, Siggy Flicker is a huge improvement over da Stanker and her motley crew
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32 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice is “Worst Housewife EVER” AND Caroline Manzo Got That “Susan Boyle” Look!!

  1. Dang Wendy – what did Susan ever do to you to be compared to Don Caro??
    Susan is much prettier, more talented and definitely a lot smarter than the Don…

  2. wendy williams calling out anyone is a joke! this black herman monster clearly hasnt looked in the mirror. apparently all her surgery has proved to work on getting her a personality. she was a complete nightmare on dancing with the stars to the viewers and her team mates. lol here’s a perfect example of someone who is twisted inside and out wanting to bring down someone else. in other words a hater! i guess its hard to know you look like you escaped from the bronx zoo and you true passion is to have surgery to look somewhat human. only you cant buy class and her type of person belongs on the street of ghettoville where being a bully suits her only!

  3. Wendy Karma is gonna bite you in… well than again wendy has so much plastic in her, I don’t even think she’s gonna feel it. Anyway let’s be real people. Don Caro is all natural. Wendy is fake from head to toe..maybe even her original sex is fake. who knows or cares. Looking like RuPaul if on biggest loser. All of the housewives except for Jax looks horrid with no make up! Teresa fake boobs,lipo,and plenty of botox. Now you see why they are in debt. Hidden ASSetts. Don Caro is 50 or something like that. You cannot compare on the looks part. She’s a natural Woman!!! But for Wendy to mention Susan Boyle come on that was a sistah or brostah hating on Don Caro cause she has nothing else to say. The Don looks good for her age, Teresa better hope to afford all that botox and stuff for life because by the time she is the Don’s age she is gonna look like Lily Munster. Don Caro kinda resembles Lionel from Thunder Cats when she’s mad.

    • You are an idiot. I knew there was a reason I stopped visiting this boot leg site. The author is a judgemental moron and so are the commenters. I used to like this site. Thumbs down!

      • What you talkin bout willis! Shame on you for calling my peeps such filthy names, now go have a time out and after that wash your mouth out with soap you bad little child! now go.. go away before I really get ANGRY!

      • Chime: Welcome! To make your visit here more enjoyable for you, SH is wondering if you would be kind enough to answer just a few questions… for the sake of bettering the site and all that. And, more importantly, by communicating your issues, hopefully the result will be that you feel better… and maybe even turn that bad thumb upward!

        By stating that you “used to like this site,” that implies that you have been here before. Since you HAVE been here before… and obviously long enough to cast aspersions upon SH and all the commenters here, you should know that there are only two rules of the site; rules which you willfully and blatantly disregarded. Why would you feel the need to do that?? What has SH and/or any commenter here ever done to you?? And, at what point did your ‘like’ turn to “dis?”

        SH agrees with you re part of your sentence, that SH is judgemental. Ab-so-freakin’-lutely! That is why SH has grown to the size it is and will continue to grow, despite your obvious dislike and giving SH a “thumbs down!”

        The people who seek out and read SH want to know SH’s “judgement” re the Housewives and anything associated with the subject of Bravo’s Housewives. The people who read SH are also reading the “judgemental” conclusions of the commenters. SH commenters can speak freely and voice their opinion… fyi, based on a site audit, SH’s commenters are very intelligent!

        Last question: What exactly is a “boot leg site?” SH is also very intelligent, so if your definition of a ‘boot leg site’ includes that of accusing SH of anything underhanded or of being less than ethical. YOU, Chime, are very, very INCORRECT! That accusation… aspersion is truly uncalled for and without exception… UNTRUE.

        SH and all the commenters here at SH will await your response. TFC! (the second one) SH

  4. Somebody mentioned she looks like a Fraggle–there are alot to choose from but this one is pretty close:

  5. Theresa Guidice is the worst housewife EVER??? I’m not the raging fan either but worst ever??? I wonder what prompted this…oh I know…Theresa won’t give Wendy an interview. Haha. Oh Wendy. Pls stop it. It was ok when you were 10 years younger but now it’s just sad.
    Wendy shouldn’t be attacking anyone’s looks my lord this woman is a closeted transvestite

  6. No whodothese..actually that looks like Carla from Top Chef. Since your good at posting links get Shari Lewis or Lionel from Thunder Cats for the Don Caro and Lily Munster for Teresa.

    • KP: Went on a search for Lionel and found a site that compared Lionel to CarrotTop, who actually looks a lot more like the Don than Lionel or Shari!! IMHO, anyway, but who am I to say, as the self-appointed whodothesepeoplelooklike!!

      And as for Lily Munster, as small as her forehead is, it’s too big to be a Tree lookalike!!

      And is “prominent hairline” (Miss Andy’s phrase) the PC way of saying “small forehead?”

      • I think the Guidices and Gorgas might be the direct descendants of the missing link… ie: short and burly, small foreheads with prominent brow ridges, primitive language skills (“yous”, and other monosyllabic grunts), and incredible displays of strength (table flipping, Andy tossing, fist banging dishes and cutlery high into the air)

  7. It is actually hard to believe what is real..because we the viewer can tell exactly whats fake. But when you see it in the local newspapers and the news you know it is out of Bravo’s hands or jurisdiction.

  8. Caroline says on her new blog ( that “The bizarre thing about Kathy is the fact that I didn’t even know she existed until she became part of our cast.”

    But didn’t she invite Kathy to her New Year’s Party and claim that she has known for years because they’ve been clients/customers of the Brownstone for ages?! She got involved in Tree’s family drama and then turned on her; she spilled everything Tree had told her in confidence while upset and she shows no remorse for her actions–she also refuses to be accountable for her part in keeping Tree apart from her family. Perhaps Don CaroLIAR should take her own advice and “learn the recipe for friendship” before she points the finger at Teresa (who is not completely innocent, but have to admit, I do admire her strength and patience in dealing with that tranny Melissa and that sneaky/passive-aggressive Kathy).

    BTW, have you guys noticed how Bravo controls the comments/opinion boards?! They seem to be editing the viewers’ voice, just like they edit the HWs’ video. I mean, it’s beyond moderating for foul language–they simply only post comments that fall under the character spin they’re trying to shove down our throats.

    • Nice catch re Caro. I bet there are more lame lies out there… Which I guess is the RH’s credo. It’s the biggest bunch of women with their pants on fire.
      Most here are aware of the crazy comment monitoring by Bravo. It’s icky, but not shocking! ;)

      • Thanks! :) Oh, and re the “comment monitoring”…my bad. I’m new to SH and was dying to share my frustration about their nonsensical approach on that front ;)

    • Control the comments? No! They only require a few things, you must express your thoughts in the following mannner: “You are my favorite! I wish that you were my mother/sister/neighbor/daughter! Where can I buy bulk amounts of your book/music/water/paint by number/playdough ashtray/mud pie, etc.”. Otherwise, you are perfectly free to express yourselves!

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