The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Reunion Show… Part II

On the second part of the New Jersey reunion show…

… it’s just a whole bunch of the same…

Will Andy ever put his foot down and ask some hard questions of these idiots and not let them get away with not answering questions that he asks them??

NOTE:  Tree said that Juicy’s ex-partner was paid in full.  OH, NO, Tree!  You better go and look at your checkbook, ’cause Joe Mastropole has not yet received one cent from you or Juicy.

THAT was an outright lie…


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39 comments on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Reunion Show… Part II

  1. What would Mego gain? Are you serious? Um, a reality tv show???

    These people are living in the twilight zone. They know cameras have been watching them the entire time, right?

    All in all reunion 1 was…gross. I feel done with NJ. And a little done with Andy.

    • I agree. This show used to be my favorite but now it’s just sad and fake. And honestly I don’t mind fake but I would rather it be O.C. fake, where you are fighting with people you would never normally hang out with and then go back to somewhat of a normal life. This is just ridiculous. All of them run around and act like saints when we hear dirt about all of them (with very limited transgressions from Kathy). Caroline is a joke who just jumps on the weakest person around her like her next meal depends on it. The Manzo’s have done some really shady things and for her to act like Teresa and Joe are the worst things to ever hit Jersey is really comical.

  2. right? thats what i was sayin! where are the real questions? obviously no one would be honest anyway! ohh question, when everyone was yelling and questioning tre about her husbands debt did anyone catch the dig tre threw out about “the brownstone”? seemed like she was kinda insinuating they weren’t on the level.

  3. hate to say it, but andy looks like their bitch. asking soft questions and not calling teresa out on her bullshit. or even following up on claims by the other wives. and he knew why jax wasn’t there, yet he wants to tryt and let tree lie. holy hickory sticks, what a load of crap!

  4. Honestly, the only person that didn’t totally disgust me was Kathy (and I am by no means a Kathy fan). This includes Jacqueline – the whole time the show is running, she’s tweeting her angst or whatever on Twitter. Then afterwards, she says she had to step away because it was bringing her back to that dark place. A piece of advice: DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE BACK IN THAT PLACE! She knows it’ll make her angry, and yet she gets on there and rants like a 12 year old. I feel like I’m gonna have to be done with the RHoNJ. So fake and ridiculous.

    • I thought the same thing…Jacqueline seems to be pretty big & bad behind that computer screen doesn’t she?? Hate to admit it but Asslee was right all along, her mother is the BIGGEST DRAMA QUEEN & gossiper. To be honest with you I’m starting to think that Jacqueline is one of the biggest problems. She is the person that was “friends” with Staub too but then was all big & bad fighting with her at the reunion. Of course she’s also the retard that hugged & kissed Danielle at the end of the reunion & made nice…she’s a PSYCHO. Of course she is. The apple can’t fall too far from the tree afterall, she did A HORRIBLE JOB with Asslee….and her psycho insecurity in the Dominican Republic was tough to watch.

      • As much as I hate to admit it, I might have to agree with Ashlee as well. She tries to come off as this caring and together person, but the more and more she rants and raves on twitter, she does seem psycho. Her twitter account and Bravo blog are night and day (except the one time she went off on Tre).

        • Agreed. It’s funny how Jacqueline wasn’t even on the show and she still manages to be one of the biggest idiots. No wonder Chris defended Asslee. He sees what she’s had to deal with over the years and is probably surprised she has the mental capacity to be a smartass.

  5. ohh one more thing. im stuck on andy tonight, i just can’t get over how he kinda turned into a mean girl too. “with all respect I don’t think your husband could afford a picasso!” your supposed to ask the questions from viewers andy not bash right along with everyone else taking diggs. just saying!

    • I think everyone is so against teresa at this point, he just couldnt help it! she is such a liar and so in her own reality + she has to be the most ignorant person on the planet!

      • I think Andy and Teresa started their falling out during season 2 when Teresa’s cookbook was barely mentioned on the show at all until the reunion. I remember reading somewhere that she thought it would become a much bigger story line that season and wanted to push it as much as possible.

  6. @Sway How do you not come down on someone that doesn’t know who or what a Picasso is or it’s value! Andy did ask some non fluff questions for a change he doesn’t seem team Teresa this year. It was nice that it wasn’t a scream-fest as in the past and you could hear the answers to the questions. I’d like to feel sorry for Teresa but she makes it so hard. Ignorance is not an excuse for bad behavior. Although I think that’s how it is bred.

    • I know, I WANT to like her. Her opinions are so preachy . She was better at the start of the season but then she went back to her old “I know it all” attitude. She the hell up with your thinking that everyone but you has a family they value and only YOU understand and get how important that is. We are not idiots !! You’re the one preaching to the audience like we’re moro

  7. In Andy’s defense, he has always made little snotty remarks in the reunion shows. But I have to agree, it’s usually when one of the Housewives is being especially stupid. Don’t boo me, but I almost felt sorry for Caroline last night. JAX ran out on her, it was obvious with her p.j. statement, that she didn’t want to come for the reunion either. JAX should have faced the music like everyone else. Back to Andy never making them answer. I want to know the details on how Melissa’s dad died, her statement to his death leaves a lot of ability to read things into that situation. With rumors running rampant about some of the father’s on the show, or behind the scenes, it felt like an awkward response to me. I understood Andy not pushing the bankruptcy, any fool knows if that silly wench doesn’t get her money together Bravo will not be able to save her fanny from prison. DON’T ever fool around with bankruptcy, the IRS, or da law. I felt Teresa held more then her own, and why anyone would ever come to her defense is beyond me, Andy was reading those tweets like normal people felt sorry for Teresa. Would anyone of you feel sorry for me if I ran up a lot of bills, and remained unrepentant, and kept spending with no regard to repayment, I’m doubting you would. This reunion was almost as good as Kelly Bensimon and the scary island season, the Jersey girls are some show stopping scary folks. Glad to be from Missouri with those two teeth Baby Joe referenced. At least I know what a Picasso is worth, and we say you’uns, not yous.

    • Yes, they rang up bills, but Joe Gorga is leveraged a hell of a lot of more than Tre’s 8 million. His home that he lives in is 3 million alone. Leverage, otherwise known as debt, is something all business men have. Those Italians borrow big to make big.

      • Didn’t Mel start to say something about producing her songs was getting really expensive or something like that?? Are we seeing the start of some cracks in their finances?? hmmmm…

  8. How do you know that Joe’s ex partner has not been paid in full? I am not being snarky or anything… you really know that for a fact? Would there be a court record showing if it was paid in full (judgement satisifed)? I have heard via few reports that 260 grand was paid in full but never knew if it was the truth or not. Maybe someone can look into it and see if that was really true or not?

  9. Wow Don Caro, you really do think you are intelligent. I beg to differ. I think you are just “green” with envy. Teresa has managed to market herself quite well and, you, my dear, have not. In searching the radio’s website, I failed to find your radio show. What happened there? You are schlocking “Brownstone Sauce” in New Jersey Italian delis. Wonderful. Unfortunately for you Teresa is kicking you sorry butt. ONe cookbook. two cookbooks, working on number three it appears since she mentioned another cookbook while traipsing through the markets of the Domenican Republic, and now a wine.

    I think Danielle had something there when she called you a puppeteer. As long as the other ladies do as you command they can be your friend, but once they “outdo” you and or think on their own = they are dead to you.

    Ooops, almost forgot…Teresa is going to be on Celebrity Apprentice. Don’t get it myself. But, once again, Teresa has outdone you. Even though you think you are “intelligent”.

    Take a pill, chill out. You are one angry woman.

    • That is so well said. I thought the same thing from last episode. That is why Caroline is so mad about the comments in the cookbook. She wants what Teresa has but has no real marketability herself. That’s why she pushes her kids so hard. They are her only chance to continue with the fame and fortune.

  10. OMG, her reasoning for why all the photographs were taken of all their possessions……

    There is nothing worse than a Pathological Liar who is bad at the lying part.

    • To be fair, in that episode where Joe and Teresa met with the lawyer, the lawyer briefly mentioned the possessions and how they came thru the house taking the pictures for the appraisals. Picasso reference during that episode came up as well.

  11. In reply to Nancy’s comment, by the way it is spelled Dominican Republic. So please don’t beg! Yes it does matter if your bashing someone. Its Italian food, why the heck is Teresa looking for spanish spices or in her case ingredientsises ? The best selling spice to tourists in DR is Oregano for multi cultured foods. Everything else is for spanish cuisine. When Teresa went to Italy why didn’t she go get spices from there markets. Oh that’s right bc she don’t know what the heck she would be looking for. Instead she shops here and makes her Olive Garden style recipes. Okay after the massive migraine I endured watching the finale and the reunion and Teresa in trying to act tough and ghetto with a person who is around her mother’s age. No respect what so ever like.(milania). What does Caroline have to envy Nancy. As for what we have seen and can put together and google our ass off. Caroline has been around longer than Teresa, has grown kids who do whatever it is they need to do on their own. She has a devoted husband that loves/respects her. She has had her share in the business without the use of Bravo. She owns her home and has no debts or has ever been in the legal issues like Teresa at such a young age. Teresa was probably in school if she even went by the time Caroline had her stuff together. So no you cannot compare. Cookbooks come on! even an 8 year old can write a cookbook. A cookbook not even her own recipes. So what!! a sauce from the brownstone. Compare to cheap tasteless wine just like Teresa. Which probably sucks and I’m not even going to try. Teresa looks like a prostitute and Juicy is her pimp. He sits back and she jumps over hurdles and praises a man who has disrespected her numerous times on national T.V. from her sex is bad and her butt stinks to being told to shut up something Al will never do. Yeah Nancy! something to envy. All that money juicy owes that she has to make she is going to curse the day she has turned on her friends and family. Karma! Oh yeah Apprentice is to boost there ratings. To really see if she is as dumb and in denial as in the show. Will she win? Rhetorical? Nancy

  12. For some reason*ahem* I am felling his song tonight. Muah to all the women out there that have ever had to persevere and find your own way in life

    • Thanks MP. This woman really needed that. I sat through the whole thing which is odd for me… I don’t share too much of my personal life on this blog, but believe me when I tell you that shout out and link really helped :)
      OK, so am I the only one in the world that feels so awful for poor Christie Brinkley’s genes? That guy is talented, but he is one funky lookin’ dude. She could have had some super beautiful kids.. Wait… No, her kids are beautiful.. She could have had extraordinary looking supermodel like kids. Man, did she eff that one up. Hopefully she’ll see some randomly gorgeous grandchillin’. =P

      • I am glad you found encouragement in it. Not to sound like a busted up TV evangelist or nuttin but I felt like someone would. I used to think Billy Joel was unfortunate looking but the older I get the more my man pallet has changed and perhaps its because I now see a little Chris Laurita in him that I think he is a sexy beast. And the fact that he obviously has some pretty talented fingers doesnt hurt either ;)

        • There’s always someone out there that needs a little encouragement!
          He’s not bad looking… It’s just an odd combination of genes, I guess.
          Nice finger joke, btw. Heh heh.

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