Real Housewives of Nothingness: Takin’ A Sunday Morning Detour… With Louis CK!! AND BASIA!!!

  I mean I really didn’t mean to kill Jesus… I just never knew that it was me that killed him!

On the most recent episode of Louie, Louis CK took on the subject of God.  Little Louie went to Catholic School and it was drilled into his head that he was the reason that Christ died on the cross.  Little Louie took this personally, so he decided to take all the nails out of the Jesus statues in the church.  The Sister teaching Louie didn’t think this was a good thing to do, so Louie was sent home with his mother who lays it on Louie that she thinks the whole religion thing is a bunch of crap!

NOTE:  As a Catholic-schooled Catholic, I related strongly to this episode of “Louie.” Those nuns put the ever-lovin’ fear of God in you and DO make you think that YOU are responsible for the death of Jesus.  It’s a heavy thing for a grade school child!

As for Louis CK’s take in the second video below re “taking the Lord God’s name in vain” as one of the Ten Commandments… as a CSC (Catholic-schooled Catholic), that is something that has never once come out of my mouth.  Not that I believed that one would go straight to Hell for saying “Jesus Christ,” but simply out of respect for God and the Ten Commandments.  Yes, attending Catholic school made an ever-lasting impression… that’s why I got issues with da Joodices and da Gorgas with their misuse of the rosary. The rosary is not to be used as a necklace; nor is it to be hung from a car’s rearview mirror.  And, for all of you who think that da Joodice’s and Gorga’s rosary usage is OK… YOU will be going straight to HELL!!!   LOL!!!

The actress who plays Louie’s mother is Amy Landecker… she plays the psychiatrist on the ABC show, “Revenge” (which I’d rather watch than the Housewives shows…).  It always amazes me at the great actors and actresses Louis CK gets on his show!  Oh, also, Amy Landecker is dating Larry David… just thought I’d throw that in…


NOTE:  If you are NOT familiar with Basia, she is a Polish-born singer with an international following.  And, you HAVE heard her music… listen carefully while you’re shopping.  One of Basia’s songs always ends up in the music loop that is playing in a store or in the mall areas.  Basia was playing while I was at Nordstrom’s this week… and that’s why she’s included as the featured musical guest on SH!!!  Love her…

3 comments on “Real Housewives of Nothingness: Takin’ A Sunday Morning Detour… With Louis CK!! AND BASIA!!!

  1. lmao MS. SH. Luv Louis Ck, and he reminds me of the late great Dave Allen on religion! You deserve a day ( or at least a week off) for all that you give to your site! I wish you a peaceful day with your family.


  2. “Real Housewives of nothingness” hahaha
    That Louie CK clip was hilarious, he’s always so funny and so smart, I love these diversions away from the housewives!
    I didn’t know the woman who plays his mom is dating Larry David! Thanks for the gossip.


  3. Basia is the bomb! Nice blast from the past. I knew many a drag queen back in the day who lip-synched to “Time and Tide.” :)


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