Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Taylor Armstrong… Kissin’ All Over Matt Nordgren

Let’s not get all blinded by the hype being thrown at us viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey by the NJ cast, friends of the cast, producers, kids of the cast, neighbors of the cast, relatives of the cast (except the Manzo nephew who is busy tweeting porn under his kids twitter account), neighbors of the kids of the cast and customers of Corrado’s who spotted Tree Joodice on one of her many terror-filled visits to the store… ’cause if we’re listening to all the hype about tonight’s New Jersey reunion show, we’ll lose sight of the goings on with the other franchises.  I’m talkin’ about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in particular…

    Yeah, I’m goin’ out with Matt.  But, we’re just friends… yeah, we’re “just friends.”

Last night was the annual Cattle Baron’s Ball held in Dallas.  There was much activity on twitter surrounding the people attending the Ball… in particular, Most Eligible Dallas‘s Matt Nordgren and his date, Beverly Hills Housewife, Shana/TraylorTrash Armstrong.

   Oh, yeah… Russell.  Well, he’s dead now, so Matt is just a friend who’s helpin’ me with my grief.  Yeah, that’s it… Matts’ helpin’ me out with my grief…

                                                                                                                      Oh So Cynthia herself!  “Oh So Cynthia” is the go-t0 site if ya wanna know what’s goin’ on in Dallas!

Cynthia Smoot was all over this on her twitter last night… Cynthia is “Oh So Cynthia” and knows everything that’s goin’ on in Dallas.  “Oh So Cynthia” got all the details about Shana/TraylorTrash and Matt goin’ to the Ball… ALL the details!!!…  here.

There was further verification of Shana and Matt by eyewitness Ron Corning, a Dallas news reporter and anchor…

NOTE:  Wonder if Shana was wearing a Tom Ford dress???  Remember… that’s WHY Shana changed her name to “Ford”…

21 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Taylor Armstrong… Kissin’ All Over Matt Nordgren

      • Yeah, you would think he would die of embarrassment to have been even remotely associated with this psuedo Beverly Hills slag.


        • Agree, and oh I hope she does not call him “Matty!” Courtney will have to retract her statement, that then she knows he has met his match!! OMG she is so gross with what another poster said about the DUCK lips, and I forgot about that scene in was it Vegas with the freaking cotton candy, ewwwww just simply GROSS!!!!!

          Thank you SH and ohsocynthia!!! These boards are soooo much fun!!!! and the shows are better than the SOAPS……I never watch my used to be fave anymore, Y & R.


  1. Scammers hang out with other scammers. Women who are abused do not move on to other men immediately…..there is a general mistrust and an unwillingness to go through it again. Just wondering, where is the 5 year-old little girl who just lost her father in the most unimaginable way?


  2. I think Matt saw Taylor eating “Cotton Candy” and decided those lips could be put to work! She’s obviously needy and her infamy might score some interest in his crappy show.


  3. You know who I go to when I want to clear things up?? Not OK Magazine. You know who I go to when I want to let everybody know my business, get paid while doing it, wallow in my phony victimhood, and pretend like I’m only here to set the record straight (“Damn that OhSoCynthia and her eyes–I mean LIES!!!): OK Magazine!!!!

    If you hadn’t identified who Matt was, I would’ve guessed it was Greg carrying Taylor out of wherever– Memorial Service, Funeral Planning…..


  4. Unbelievable. She goes on every show she can to cry. She acts(and i mean acts) like Russ was such a bad person and yet loved him so much its going to take time to get over his death. Well, Matt you are a miricale worker. Look how you have helped Trash get over her anguish. Bless you for all the hard(pun intended) work you have done to help her. Look Kennedy you already have a new daddy……sick


  5. It makes me only more believe Taylor is making up her abuse story
    Every woman i know who was abused didn’t run straight into another relationship so quickly
    They tend to mistrust men even if they date they do so with suspicion and distrust with out a happy go lucky attitude. Where is Kennedy while she is spreading her legs in Texas.
    I dont know much about Matt But I hope he runs for the hills before he is lead to ruin like Russell


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