Real Housewives of New York: Sonja Morgan… Will Teach YOU Her Toaster Oven Tricks! AND… Sonja’s Newsletter

  My toaster over cookbook woulda been great… but just come to my class… I’ll even pose on a table!

Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven cookbook has been shelved.  BUT… if you’re in the NYC area, you can get Sonja’s toaster oven expertise if you attend her Learning Annex class… and, it’s only $20!!!

Details about Sonja’s toaster oven class… here.

Section A – 10/26/11
Midtown Manhattan
Oct 26, 2011: 07:40PM – 08:40 PM
Section Price: US $20.00
Instructor: Sonja Morga

NOTE:  Any SH reader who attends Sonja’s class… you know what to do!  We all expect a report and photos!



Sonja is takin’ a page outta Jillz book and issuing her own newsletter… here. Sonja’s newsletter is a giant leap away from Jillz newsletter… Sonja’s actually has some interesting stuff in it!

(Thanks to SH reader “Wailer”!!!)

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30 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Sonja Morgan… Will Teach YOU Her Toaster Oven Tricks! AND… Sonja’s Newsletter

  1. Oh dear. She gonna teach the smokey eye technique AND the toaster over stuff at the same time? Now I am wondering what shade she used to monogram that toaster oven toast.
    What, will she pro-rate it if an attendee only has time for the smokey eye but cant stick around for the toaster oven lesson? :)

  2. Oh and lest not leave out the updo lesson. Anyone care for some bleached hair in their toasted egg patties?

  3. I don’t mean this to be rude, I really don’t. I’m just wondering. Does anyone not on the east coast even own a toaster oven? I used to live in Jersey for a few years and EVERYONE had a toaster oven. I’m now in the midwest and people don’t even know what you are talking about when you mention a toaster oven.

    I think it’s hysterical though that the book was “shelved”, lol! I’m sure Williams-Sonoma is bumming over missing this one.

    • Well I must say I have always had one until recently. I am in east TN. I was cleaning my kitchen ans realized I never ever ever use it and I was basically just sitting there taking up space so I put it away.

      • Ok, so you have one but you don’t use it and put it away. Wish I could make a poll. My mother has one too but I’ve never seen her use it. But there it sits on the counter. She is in the upper midwest.

        • I used it like one time when my broiler on my oven was actin a fool. other than that.. between my oven, microwave, and pop-up toaster I dont see a need. Plus I have a tiny kitchen so I could no longer justify its existence. Its also an item that tends to be too heavy to move around so no one cleans behind it like ..ever. so its a crumb depository. Its strange but I don’t think I will part with it oddly enough. My mini-hord for the year I reckon.

        • I live in NorCal and I got a toaster oven as a birthday gift years ago. I absolutely love it. Living alone, it is much easier (and more economical) for me to use my toaster oven rather than my conventional oven. However, I still think they are old fashioned. Most of my friends don’t own one.

        • I live on the west coast and have a toaster oven which really does come in handy when cooking for one. And it’s great in the summer because I live in a small place with southern exposure so it bakes in the summer and turning the oven on makes it even worse.

      • I used to have a toaster oven too, no one uses these anymore unless they are renting a room in a boarding house or in a R.V.. ok joking but seriously whats up with Sonja does she think a real oven is to complicated for us commen folk she has to dumb it down for us?

    • I live in San Diego, and I’ve got one, use it all the time. Better than a toaster! Great for one or two people. Very economical.

    • I have a toaster oven. I love love it! I use it for everything that will fit, including a small chicken :)
      I live in SoCal and it gets extremely hot here. Firing up the oven just makes the house way hotter. The toaster oven doesn’t.

  4. If she really wants to make some money she needs to pen a book about her escapades with the Churchills. Now THAT would be a best seller, right? Bc it happened. ;-)

  5. Taking a toaster oven/regional poll, eh? Don’t have one, TX
    kinda wish we did sometimes when we want to heat up some pizza or leftovers tho

    • Yes, I know my poll is pathetic, lol. I DVR’d a bunch of the old NJ shows and am now in HW mode. I need to shut the crap off and get a life!

      • No, no– you’re not pathetic. I think you are responding to the somewhat (well, incredibly) odd way Sonja latched on to her Toaster Oven idea, as if it her “recipes” were going to SWEEP THE NATION.

        Her whole fixation with it is a little weird, but I think it was her attempt to find a niche, like Ramona and her Wine or Betheny and her Skinny Girl stuff.

      • I dig the poll. and its interesting to see other posters responses. Now I can see the benefits of a toaster oven. I suppose it would be better to reheat leftovers than a microwave. I cant stand re-heated steak in a microwave so maybe this would be the answer.
        On another note It would be super cool if someone would do a cookbook for families like mine.. Where no one likes the same thing. I cant tell yall the times that a wonderful recipe has gone to waste because my two men will not eat anything but the basics. When I try to get the least bit fancy, I get iced.

        • Tell me about it. I’m always making 2 dinners bc my son is a picky eater. So on rice night. I make pasta for him. If anything I make has sauce on it; his can’t… My son likes steak, bacon, burgers and plain pasta. The baby will eat anything except bacon! Lol

  6. Ok I have a toaster oven and last thing I would buy is a book of “toaster oven recipes” LOL I use it to toast muffins, waffles stuff like that and when I am home at dinner time by myself I can get quite creative with it sooooo last thing I need is a toaster oven cookbook from a NY housewife no less lol Yes I find it amusing just as I did watching it through the last season!

  7. Hiya! I just have to say I love this blog! I’ve been reading and lurking for a while now. Anywho, about the toaster oven poll: I live in Arkansas and do not own one. Our family is to large to cook with a toaster oven but I can definately see the benefit of using it to cook for one.

  8. I’m in Northeast Georgia and I first had a toaster oven in a studio apartment I had eons ago – no stove – just a sink and a toaster oven. Loved it! I still have one and use it fairly often.

  9. I live in Dallas – I do own a nice toaster oven, its really very handy. I probably would not have purchased Sonja’s book as I don’t have much time to fool with recipes.

  10. Alright, I officially love you guys! I’m glad my toaster oven poll wasnt as lame as I thought it was, LOL! I’m in MO and have never owned or used one. In Jersey everyone had one and used it all the time. Especially to toast bagels and reheat pizza. My mom is in IL and she has one but I’ve never seen her use it. Not one of my friends has one or has ever used one. Crock pots are big here but I’m like Made Piley up there, no one will eat the same food and I’ve turned into a short order chef. I would have loved to actually page through Sonja’s book, but I would not have bought it. I would have read it just to see what she cooks in it. I’m nosey like that.

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