Real Housewives of New York: Sonja Morgan… Will Teach YOU Her Toaster Oven Tricks! AND… Sonja’s Newsletter

  My toaster over cookbook woulda been great… but just come to my class… I’ll even pose on a table!

Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven cookbook has been shelved.  BUT… if you’re in the NYC area, you can get Sonja’s toaster oven expertise if you attend her Learning Annex class… and, it’s only $20!!!

Details about Sonja’s toaster oven class… here.

Section A – 10/26/11
Midtown Manhattan
Oct 26, 2011: 07:40PM – 08:40 PM
Section Price: US $20.00
Instructor: Sonja Morga

NOTE:  Any SH reader who attends Sonja’s class… you know what to do!  We all expect a report and photos!



Sonja is takin’ a page outta Jillz book and issuing her own newsletter… here. Sonja’s newsletter is a giant leap away from Jillz newsletter… Sonja’s actually has some interesting stuff in it!

(Thanks to SH reader “Wailer”!!!)