Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Speaks With Ryan Seacrest About Last Night’s RHOBH

 Hagface LizardLipLickin’ Kyle Richards… blech!

Kyle Richards called into the Ryan Seacrest Radio Show this morning to talk about her appearance on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Listen to the interview after more photos of Hagface Kyle…


Kyle claims that after filming the “games at PamDana’s” episode she cried for 24 hours… and has been upset about it ever since.  Yeah… OK.  Puh-leeze!

MORE Photos…


  Hadda throw a photo in of Kim, too…

Interview with Ryan Seacrest…  Kyle Richards Apologies to Brandi Glanville.

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16 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… Speaks With Ryan Seacrest About Last Night’s RHOBH

  1. Disgusting pigs! Stop your damn crying ShrewHag and put a sock in it. Think before you open that nasty mouth and then you won’t have to sit around boohooing for days because you’re so regretful.

  2. Puh-leeze is right SH! She is trying to spin her nasty behavior, because we all saw the (real) Kyle… and I bet if Brandi wasent on crutches Kyle wouldnt of tried acting so tough with her.

  3. She didn’t cry!! In one of her interviews, she was positively giddy that her sister hid Brandi’s crutches! If she was so upset about her behavior, she shouldn’t have done it the first place! She acts like a mean 13 year old girl.

    • yeah its very telling that her recent appearance on WWHL was prior to the viewers seeing this horrendous display of cattiness.

      • MP sooo right on point about her recent appearance on WWHL that was prior to all of us seeing the ( true/real) Kyle… I luv your play on words- (Display) LOL!

    • Exactly. No tears. Her only concern at this point is how bad her behavior made her look to the viewers (aka her dwindling fan club). It’s all about appearances, so she’s pretending to be remorseful. Kyle was happy and satisfied in the follow-up interview.

      Different story now.

      No sale.

  4. Agreed. And wow how old are you thar you hide a womens crutches?!? Pure, unadulterated JEALOUSY. Brandi looks like a fresh faced, hot, young & sexy woman in her prime. These 2 dried up hags are so jealous they’re foaming at the mouth. I’m placing bets Kyles husband cheats on her ASAP, seeing his wife on tv behaving this way is an absolute turn off. All men see is jealousy, and once a man sees you that jealous of a younger woman it leads him to really notice the woman you are jealous of and all those qualitites she possess that YOU DON’T! You are actually highlighting it for him. So good luck to you Kyle…you just made every single viewer notice that Brandi is younger, tighter and hotter than you. Job well done, bravo, you idiot.

    • Seriously, jealousy ages any woman. It’s not pretty to be all uptight and angry over nothing, and men do pick up on that. Who wants a negative angry woman? Confidence and kindness is beautiful. Kyle invented her own issues with Brandi. She’s digging her own hole with that attitude.

  5. I thought it was kinda funny that they were being complete biyatches to her . Girls get defensive around sluts . Specially sluts that throw the fact that they are sluts in your face!

  6. Here we go again. The second year,third year the more shows the worse these women tend to get. Cami was the blacksheep last year. Now that everyone feels sorry for her its time to move on to the next sacrificial lamb. Tag your it Brandi!

  7. And what’s up with all those “bumps” on kyles face!!!! It looks the same as ole Vick’s. Is it because she didn’t keep up on those filler thingy majigs…..LOL LOL, and I thought the same thing Elle, remember when Ms DuBois did tell last season something to the effect that Kyle is not the only woman in the oh so handsome husband of hers life!!!!!! Put that in your pipe mizz kyle!!!!! And I do NOT get why Eddie C left Brandi for the skeleton of a little thing ms rimes….That girl is FAB!!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing…are those bumps fillers-gone-wrong?

      I’m in the minority but I think Kyle is attractive…her hair is always clean and super shiny, she hasnt had tons of surgery, she dresses age appropriately, she doesnt overdo hair (extensions) and make up. And there’s something I noticed about her that I don’t see in the other girls…when she is talking to someone who works for her she treats them like a friend….I remember when her assisstant(?) was helping her with calsl for the charity I liked their interaction and then when she was at Camilles ski house she introduced herself to the kitchen staff and seemed genuinely friendly…can you imagine louann doing that?? hell-to-the-no!

  8. I am disappointed in Kyle; I thought she had more class than that acting like she’s in 8th grade. Kim is a disaster; what ever is going with her she needs to fix fast or Bravo needs to get rid of her it’s akward everytime she is on. An other issue; everytime they go to Taylor I get a cringe knowing about her husband; it’s going back in time when he was alive and knowing what’s about to happen, creepy!

    • The thing with Kyle and her grading scale of how friends should be “girl’s girls”; which none of us know what that really is or want to be for that matter. But my point is; take into consideration that she is the only person on this planet that still cares about Paris Hilton. Lol, I must correct myself… PamDana cares about Paris bc Kyle&Kim pointed at her and demanded her to do so! :-)

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