Real Housewives of New York: BFrankel… Lost At Sea???… Liar, Liar Pants On Fire… Coast Guard Records “LackOf” Prove BFrankel LIED!

                                             See my big mouth?  See all the lies that come out of my big mouth??  

Let’s just say this right up front.  I am NOT a fan of BFrankel… even when she was on the Real Housewives of New York.  Wait a second… I did like her as the contestant on Martha Stewart’s version of The Apprentice; but could easily predict that she would not win the coveted prize to work with Martha because she wanted to BE Martha and Martha just wouldn’t be havin’ that.  Anyway… I do not like BFrankel.  Why?  Basically, because BFrankel is a conniving liar, and I avoid including BFrankel on posts published on SH… ’cause I just can’t stand her.

BFrankel has lied, connived and kinda bullied her way through every situation in her life. BFrankel has been untruthful and has embellished her childhood… and not in a good way… “Oh, poor me… my parents MADE me take a ski trip when I didn’t want to”  or “Look at this expensive party dress my mother bought for me for one of my Sweet Sixteen parties.”  BFrankel never, never accepts responsibility for any of her actions.  BF either sweeps them under the rug or somehow places the blame on someone else.

BFrankel has a ruptured relationship with her mother, Bernadette Birk, who BF claims is a bulimic and an alcoholic.  Bernadette Birk has claimed that BFrankel is a pathological liar… from July 18, 2010 here more recently not only mentioning that her daughter has some “truth” issues, but that her marriage to Jason Hoppy will not last… here.

The last time Bernadette spoke with BF was over 10 years ago:

“The women haven’t spoken in ten years when, Birk claims, Frankel borrowed her car, demolished it and refused to apologise for the destruction.

‘I called her to tell her and she started yelling at me and hung up… and we have never spoken since,’ she has said.

So, let’s get to the latest lie told by BFrankel.  And, this one is truly pathetic. BFrankel, the producers of her reality show and anyone involved in this latest lying setup about being lost at sea should be truly ashamed of themselves.

Here’s what BFrankel said about her “ordeal”:

 “I was on a sailboat on Saturday (September 17) that was supposed to be eight hours and it ended up being 20 because were lost at sea. The captain had to call the Coast Guard and we were hit by a big wave. It was very scary. It was traumatic. Absolutely traumatic. We were in the middle of the deep sea with no land or anybody near us. The captain had never, in 30 years, called the Coast Guard.”

WELL!!!  Doesn’t BFrankel or the other morons that were on her vessel realize that there are ways to check out her story???   OH!  It’s an eye-opener!!! And proves that BFrankel is a lying sacka (fill in the blank!)!!!

The Coast Guard keeps records!  Yeah, they really do!  IF the CG was involved in any way with the rescue of BF… being “lost at sea” would certainly require the might of the Coast Guard… they would have submitted a report and entered the report on their site.  I checked the CG site for the dates of September 17 to September 18 and there were no reported incidents stemming from BF’s “lost at sea” story.  You can check for yourselves… here… (this is the “results” page from my search)… just click “IIR Search” on the site’s masthead for a new search and, please, search for yourself.  The CG determined that BF’s vessel was seaworthy; therefore, no report… and that’s why Mr. Russell was called.

This will be the last post re BFrankel on SH… anyone fans of BFrankel can look elsewhere to swallow the crap that comes outta her mouth.

(Thanks to SH reader “Ames” and “Tonto”…)

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82 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: BFrankel… Lost At Sea???… Liar, Liar Pants On Fire… Coast Guard Records “LackOf” Prove BFrankel LIED!

      • Hi there Click!! How are you? I am doing great! Just have been quite busy at work as of late and have less time to comment! LOL
        My niece Ella is almost 6 months old now! Where has the time gone?
        I hope you and your family are well. Miss you too!! :)

  1. Ugh…Thank you for this post. I ‘m not the biggest fan. Remember that bridge scene between her and Ramona, and Ramona said you are a LIAR, I don’t believe you and that is why you have NO FRIENDS and you will probably ruin the relationship with Jason. I think that’s the true Bethenny. She started crying and said she couldn’t wait to get off the bridge. Ramona also said she grossly exaggerated the amount she sold the drink for. Ramona said she knows all the partners.

  2. Be prepared for the Bethenny Fanclub to flood this site with cries of “how dare you?” and “jealous much?” comments.

    She “went to sea” with a full camera crew and her therapist in tow. How “real” is that? The whole thing was contrived for an upcoming segment of BEA and the story does not hold up under scrutiny.

    But her loyal band of nutjobs that scour the web for any signs of criticism of Sweet Bethenny will buy just about anything that flows from her foul mouth.

    • Not a huge fan…..enjoyed her snarky one liners though. If I would be a fan of any of the Housewives it would be Jax or Dina.

      How does anyone know that B’s childhood was a loving one or not tho? Just speaking from my own experience where people would assume by the looks of our home or the clothing we wore that all was just peachy inside. The fact is that for me it wasn’t at all……and was taken from this woman called my mother twice…..then found out when I was 21 that she had given my siblings up for adoption….*or may have been forced to?*……my own Mommy Dearest is far to caught up in pretending she is perfect than to tell the truth. One sister found me, the rest of the info we need will most likely die with her….that selfishness I can never forgive. We would like to have the opportunity to find our family. Maybe if I had fifteen minutes of fame SH could find out these skeletons for me? haha Not.

      I am not saying I do not love my mother, even when they hurt you … still do. She just never knew how to love anyone but herself. Whether I like B or not…..I can never
      discount her feelings if she is going so far to protect her daughter from this.

      The way I look at things is to believe half of everything. This part even by the looks of her mothers pic…could be the truth. A pretty dress or vacation means nothing. Its sometimes just a facade. Sorry SH….not trying to disagree with you….just been there.

    • Right, Bitchenny’s fans are ready to pounce on anyone who dares not worship her sorry ass, and/or they accuse anyone who hates Btichenny of being Jill Zarin. Whatever.

    • I recently got a taste of the rabid fan base when I posted a comment elsewhere saying I don’t buy the sob story about her upbringing. What is with those people? It’s a freaking television show for gawd sakes.

  3. @Bethenny
    Bethenny Frankel Keep your original Skinnygirl Sangria bottles! We’re updating the bottle, so if u have one now it is a collectors edition! @skinnygirlcktls
    4 minutes ago via HootSuite (Does she think this is going to be worth money someday?)

  4. Yes, I ditto your replies, i cannot stand her anymore either. With the talk of her mother now bashing her marriage, I cannot help but wonder if the stuff she says is even true about her parents. Seems I remember on some other sites that she had a very priveleged(spelling) upbringing and all her going on about how hard she had it was for show. I love that movie “Overboard” and try to catch it at least once a year. And any captain worth his sea legs would know how to get back to port without freaking GPS. Do not believe that either. Love your site Miss SH, and my favorite is the one about our little Melania getting her tweet site back. LOL LOL made my day, and whenever I want a laugh I go to the site and read some craziness!!!

    • Ilana Angel, website Keeping it Real, doesn’t like Bethenny either and has written an expose of her, let’s just say, exaggerations. Actually it sounds more like outright lies that Bethenny has told about her upbringing primarily but also the “lost at sea” story. On one of Ilana’s threads the captain of the rescue boat even posted a comment saying that Bethenny has not been truthful in her telling the story. Why do these continue to think they can get away with lying knowing how readily accessible the truth is?

  5. I remember the day I was lost in the airport parking garage for 20 minutes. Thought I would never see the sun again. It was very traumatic for me.

  6. I watched the Ellen clip and there are holes in her story. Having been sailing several times, I’ve got just simple questions like, if her therapist was the skipper who served as crew? Was she doing the tacking and jibing, did he just use the motor? If Jason was supposed to be cooking but was sick as a dog due to sea sickness, which I’ve been there done that on my first trip, who stocked provisions for the sail for 9 people if there were only beans? Stupid. Did the therapist own this boat or did he charter it? Was the GPS flaky going on and off or completely out? If he chartered the boat then he indeed had maps and should be able to navigate without GPS especially with 30 yrs experience (there are caveats…wind, tide, speed etc). If he had less experience, I wouldn’t have been surprised for the call for help since modern electronics are relied on heavily and unless you have experience sailing with maps and line of sight (dead reckoning) you could get disoriented. In any case, if the skipper/therapist couldn’t rely on the crew to help him with such he might have felt it was easier to get help. Now, as far as the how that went down….called CG…called tow company….level of danger….I’m sure the producers grabbed the opp for a more exaggerated dramatic storyline for the episode cuz that’s how Reality TV rolls.

  7. Finally, people that don’t like BF!! I LOVED her until her fight with Jill. I think they were both at fault but kind of believed Jill when she said she didn’t think they were fighting for real. Jill did tried to mend things. I feel Bethanny did use her and once she got a boyfriend and sucessful, she dropped Jill. I watched Bethanny’s spinoff because I still liked her at this point, but then my like changed to hate when I saw the way she treated her In-Laws and the way she acted at her 40th surprise party! I would kill for In-Laws like hers (you wouldn’t believe half the stories of how evil my ILs are)! The Hoppy’s are so nice and sooo intiminated by Bethenny! She is such a selfish, self-centered and mentally unstable person.

  8. Rather ironic that Bethenny accuses her mother of being a bulimic and alcoholic yet it’s Bethheny who’s made her fortune as an emaciated “skinnygirl” cookbook writer and booze peddler. Transference much?

  9. BFrankjackyl’s (SIC on purpose)’s daddy trained a couple of my family’s horses, and i can say with certain clarity that he had not a very good opinion of his daughter. She used him and kicked him to the curb. I know that as FACT! I’m not a fan either. Ms. SH…thank you for not putting too much of this gal on your site. Your classy!

  10. I think people who love BF are the same people writing love letters to Scott Peterson (wife and baby murderer). Unstables love unstables… And people who love her ‘snark’ dont know the meaning of snark. Thanks, SH!

    • Well, I’m one of those people who happen to like Bethenny, and I can assure you I’m not writing Scott Peterson.

      How can you insult a whole group of people you know nothing of? I respect your opinion for not liking her, I wouldn’t dare insult you for having a different opinion than mine.

      • Meant no offense, psol…i just dont like pathelogical liars, people who treat small town folk like theyre beneath them, and famewhores, in general… That said, people which choose to support said behavior are beyond my comprehension.

        • Ames, I didn’t think what you said was offensive. It’s your opinion and I thought your comment was funny.
          I am on Teresa’s side and I always see posts saying that people that support Teresa are just as stupid and dellusional as she is….I have no problem with that.

  11. let me tell you she is not all about her fans either. she was in vancouver (canada) a few months ago for her skinnygirl launch here. my mom spotted her in a store and after coaxing by my father and one of the employees there to go up and say hi she was snubbed but in a really embarassing way. was told outloud (bethenny volume and really snarky) that she is busy trying to figure out what shoe on sale she wanted and was in a rush to catch her flight out of vancouver later and maybe if my mom wanted to stick around for an hour she might talk to her or take a picture. even the employee said in all his years at this department store, he has never seen a celebrity snub a fan. and they have plenty of a-listers and such go through such as Tom Cruise. funny thing though she ended up missing her flight that night and crashed a grad party at a hotel and took plenty of pictures with people there. but couldn’t even take a picture with my mother.

    • Hi Lesterlee…….I live in West Vancouver. I read that she was going to be at the liquor store on Davie St. and thought about stopping by since I happened to be passing through the hood but decided I wasn’t up for expending that much energy to see her. I really loved her in the early days of RHONY, although she clearly is quite abrasive, but no one’s perfect. However, as time has gone on and she’s revealed more and more of herself I’m not liking her nearly as much. i find her constant sexual references really quite tedious and the way she treats her in-laws is appalling to me. And with all these lies she’s apparently told it appears that her house of cards will soon be crumbling.

    • I can see Bethenny doing that. It reminds me of Marie Osmond visiting our Mall when I was working at age 18 and what a snobby B she was to everyone. If these church attending people are the ones who enter heaven act that way then please lock me out! Ever since seeing people treated that way she makes me gag when I see her do her goodie goodie act. Her brother is no better. Anyone remember when Donny was rude to Oprah about her weight?

    • Sorry that happened to your mom. I kind of thought Bitchenny would at least appreciate having fans. Hmm, guess not. That’s too bad.

  12. I read somewhere that the tow captain said he thought BF was not a very nice person. Said most people who are lost for any amount of time usually are very greatful to person who helped them. She was less then thankful. He said was not aware of her big time fame nor that she had just made 15 million (something like that) dolard on her drink. The usual thing people also do is tip the tow person. As I have never been sailing or been towed i couldnt say if that is a normal thing. But if I really felt someone saved me from having to eat beans and might have missed out on being a bt–h for T.V. i might have tipped….

  13. Having family all around Massachusetts and the South Shore & Cape area & lived there myself for many years – I’ve been sailing LOTS of times. I grew up sailing. I know Block Island and Nantucket and there is NO WAY this was an accurate portrayal of what happened. There is no way whatsover.

    • How far is it? and is it a rough sail? she said in the Ellen clip that they hit by a wave in 8 ft of water but that they couldn’t see land. I’ve been sailing before but never in the NE but her story just sounds so exaggerated. Any sailor I know w/30 yrs exp. would be more prepared……

  14. Oh let me guess, ANOTHER Bravo scripted scene??? No way!!! Like O.M.G… there is just NO way they can be making this up. I mean, like, for real why can’t you all have some compassion for poor wittle Biffany…
    Got to be honest, I’ve called her game from the very first episode of RHONY. I’m confident that the day she and Ramonster were walking the bridge and Ramona told her that she is a terrible fame w**re (I hate that word), that Ramonster was being 100% honest to Biffany..

    Too bad the little minnow wasn’t on a 3 hour tour and washed up on a desert island.

    • That is right Notthemomma-CATS HATE WATER! Only when its filled with lies… knew this one was another lie when it first hit the news(sigh)-Kept thinking- they just wont stop-they are hurting that bad for news-oh so easy that the kid was not on that boat-boohoo boohoo- 6 months ago-they would have gotten away with this lie-not any longer- the “JIG Line” is up- and everyone knows who is pullin it and its not a sailor! However, someone who might want to be one or be around one(wink)

  15. Wowww I read this story weeks ago on the tickertape beneath cnn or hsn. It seems like this SH website is teaching me a few things today……flabbergasting! lol

  16. Bethenny is abrasive and she seems to be getting worse. When I heard about a talk show, I didn’t think much of it, as she isn’t “nice” and it wouldn’t sell. As for her mother, she is a bit of a kook, so I wouldn’t read too much into what she says. But, I have been reminded of the saying “we are all our mother’s daughters,” and maybe Bethenny is too much like her mother to acknowledge it.

    • Puleaseee Ms Deborah,

      We ARE NOT all our mothers daughters or I would put a gun to my own head! When I question what I should or should not do in life I alwayssss ask myself what would my mother do and do what she wouldn’t!!! This girl is normal and lives in jeans, not Chanel pretending to be a maniquin while everything and everyone is her backdrop on stage to do her bidding. Please…..some people do not have good mothers and it isn’t their fault. What you yourself become is what matters.

  17. You can always tell when BF is lying, she opens her mouth! And regardless how bad Jill can be she was a good friend to Biff. I think she was right when she said Biff used her. And when she had everything she wanted she dumped Jill.There is a reason why she and Rambo became bestes friends,money. Two faced doesnt come close to what Biff is. I mean she was on the I hate Rambo club, and now they are friends. And wow, what she thought of Alex and Simon……

  18. Bethenny may have more in common with her Mother than she wants to admit. I think they are both stinkers. I don’t begrudge Bethenny her success but the back and forth between she and her Mother is getting old. There is a point in one’s life where you just have to move beyond what keeps you mired in the muck. I agree with above posters about her husband and his family. They are all gems and she is lucky to have married into that family. But what did she do but put them through a lot of unnecessary drama. Some people just can’t live without drama and will create drama just for drama’s sake. Case in point “Lost at Sea.” or the next round of a public fight with her Mother.

  19. I’m not a Bethenny fan, but from the first few episodes of her show that I saw I knew she was crazy and deranged and that was enough watching her show for me. How can you let your wife disrespect your parents the way she does? Her husband is a spineless whimp for allowing that, but then again he may just be waiting for the right time to strike and take her lil frog looking azz to the cleaners

  20. If this is true, then why wouldn’t Bethenny have been fired for “leaking” a plot line to her show? Isn’t that what supposedly happened to Jax from RHNJ?

  21. Please S.H…don’t quit reporting on Bethenny. Only because I’m not fan of any housewife, and love hearing the gossip. I liked Bethenny better then the rest, due to her quick wit, but hated watching poor Jason Hoppy’s parents bewildered faces when she went off on basic family gatherings. No one creates that much drama over spending time with people who really like them…though I’m not sure why they do at this point. How sad that these two people who love their only son and want to spend time with their only grandchild gets stuck with this piece of work.
    My husband would have kicked me to the curb if I acted like that around his family…what a nut bag. Who has this many blessings and is so obviously spoiled, bitchy and complaining.

    • halicat: Sorry… can’t stand her… never could, even in her RHONY days. Could see right through her bullsh**. The only mention on the horizon for her on this site would be the confirmation that her talk show is a “no go.” Cannot imagine her hosting a talk show… a disaster. You’ll just have to go elsewhere for your BFrankel fix… TFC!!! SH

      • I agree, BFrankel is way too selfish and narcissistic. And I don’t think she has the charisma it takes to host anything having to do with others. She would be loathe to help promote any other individual’s newest project or product line and she’s so self-absorbed I cannot see her offering any intelligent commentary about current events.

    • cc/mc: Thank for the video… what a joke!!! They’re calling BFrankel’s MOTHER “vicious” and “Mommy Dearest?” Hmmmm… like mother, like daughter??? GO, BFrankel’s mother!!! TFC!!! SH

      • That’s quality journalism right there. I think they teach exaggeration and hyperbole in the unbiased intro courses when you major in journalism. I’m sure universities also love to teach about inserting your opinion in every piece of news you plan to report.

    • Her hubby was a personal trainer?? I swore they said he was in realestate or some other business other than just a work out junkie? The truth is slowly but surely coming out….isn’t it? Would love to see Bernadette do a peronal interview.

  22. Thank you SH! I thought I was the lone wolf by not liking Bethenny. Thank you for saying out loud what I have been saying in my living room on my couch to my 3 miniature dachshunds. They of course believed me, haha. Yes she is very mean & a bully!

    • Oh you are not alone, Doxie. She has made a career of being a victim. Truth is, I only had my daddy for three years…..then, in my home my mom didn’t do Christmas or birthdays or come to parent teacher conferences, or attend any of my recitals or sports events…..EVER. She didn’t take me to get my hair done, shop for clothing and we had to be at deaths door for her to take us to the doctor. In fact I don’t even recall having a conversation with her until I was an adult…. no ones life if perfect especially their childhood soooo…I went on to be the very best mom I could be….did the things mom didnt do and I never whined about my childhood or presented my mom in a bad light to my kids, my husband or friends….Sorry Bethenny….but that’s the way a person of character handles it. Gotta add a “TFC” for B to this post! (even tho i’m still unsure what it stands for but i have an guess)

      • hereswhat: Awwww… and all this time, SH thought fer shur you were totally aware of the meaning of “TFC”!!!! It simply stands for “Thanks For Commenting!”

        HOWEVER… if you’re nasty, it could mean “Tough Friggin’ Cookies”… which would be indicated as such: “TFC!!” (Option 2). The “TFC…Option 2″ came by way of Made Piley. So, “TFC!!!”, hereswhat! And, “TFC!!!”, Made Piley!!! SH

        • ahhh…i was waay off (on the original meaning that is) ….. however I think I’ve been hanging around mp too long…. option two was closer to my guess

            • OH MY! NAUGHTY ROB STRIKES BACK- now he is playing the other side of the fence?? By his own choice? Or becuase he had to. He put a story on AOL(poor poor AOL-given the false stripper story-all a set up for ratings) about this lost at sea story being a SCAM! Rob-dont you know 95% of the stories are a scam? I think She SHOULD BE CHARGED by the government for taking a CG vessal to her aid when none was needed. THANK GOD someone did not suffer or die due to that vessal being called upon if it was needed else where. Its the same as saying there is a fire in your home and firetruck comes to see that its a false alarm. Thank GOD that vessal was not needed by someone else and someone did not suffered for it. NO cat statements-THIS TICKS ME OFF TO NO END. Someone could have suffered dearly due to this. I am going to check the federal guidlines on this and DEMAND they take action against ALL in boat!

              • Perhaps if it was on fire? Or a burning bush with a voice of god telling you to lead your people out of Egypt? Wait. Your not in Egypt. Are you? Either way you’d probably be better off calling another number for that second problem.

              • I was under the impression that no CG records existed of the “rescue” so … even the “fact” that the CG was called in was false.

  23. That first picture reminds of the time on V when the Visitor Queen unhinged her reptilian jaw devour her mate.

    • AOM: With that image in mind, I understand why you didn’t go with a Jillz/Bawby comment you made about a similar pic!!! YIKES!!!
      And while we’re on a B-bash, I don’t like her either, BUT, she is the only person I’ve seen that made Jillz positively grovel. That reunion show was priceless if only for that. “I miss you. Can I have a hug, pleeeeeese?” Pitiful.

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