Real Housewives of New York: BFrankel… Lost At Sea???… Liar, Liar Pants On Fire… Coast Guard Records “LackOf” Prove BFrankel LIED!

                                             See my big mouth?  See all the lies that come out of my big mouth??  

Let’s just say this right up front.  I am NOT a fan of BFrankel… even when she was on the Real Housewives of New York.  Wait a second… I did like her as the contestant on Martha Stewart’s version of The Apprentice; but could easily predict that she would not win the coveted prize to work with Martha because she wanted to BE Martha and Martha just wouldn’t be havin’ that.  Anyway… I do not like BFrankel.  Why?  Basically, because BFrankel is a conniving liar, and I avoid including BFrankel on posts published on SH… ’cause I just can’t stand her.

BFrankel has lied, connived and kinda bullied her way through every situation in her life. BFrankel has been untruthful and has embellished her childhood… and not in a good way… “Oh, poor me… my parents MADE me take a ski trip when I didn’t want to”  or “Look at this expensive party dress my mother bought for me for one of my Sweet Sixteen parties.”  BFrankel never, never accepts responsibility for any of her actions.  BF either sweeps them under the rug or somehow places the blame on someone else.

BFrankel has a ruptured relationship with her mother, Bernadette Birk, who BF claims is a bulimic and an alcoholic.  Bernadette Birk has claimed that BFrankel is a pathological liar… from July 18, 2010 here more recently not only mentioning that her daughter has some “truth” issues, but that her marriage to Jason Hoppy will not last… here.

The last time Bernadette spoke with BF was over 10 years ago:

“The women haven’t spoken in ten years when, Birk claims, Frankel borrowed her car, demolished it and refused to apologise for the destruction.

‘I called her to tell her and she started yelling at me and hung up… and we have never spoken since,’ she has said.

So, let’s get to the latest lie told by BFrankel.  And, this one is truly pathetic. BFrankel, the producers of her reality show and anyone involved in this latest lying setup about being lost at sea should be truly ashamed of themselves.

Here’s what BFrankel said about her “ordeal”:

 “I was on a sailboat on Saturday (September 17) that was supposed to be eight hours and it ended up being 20 because were lost at sea. The captain had to call the Coast Guard and we were hit by a big wave. It was very scary. It was traumatic. Absolutely traumatic. We were in the middle of the deep sea with no land or anybody near us. The captain had never, in 30 years, called the Coast Guard.”

WELL!!!  Doesn’t BFrankel or the other morons that were on her vessel realize that there are ways to check out her story???   OH!  It’s an eye-opener!!! And proves that BFrankel is a lying sacka (fill in the blank!)!!!

The Coast Guard keeps records!  Yeah, they really do!  IF the CG was involved in any way with the rescue of BF… being “lost at sea” would certainly require the might of the Coast Guard… they would have submitted a report and entered the report on their site.  I checked the CG site for the dates of September 17 to September 18 and there were no reported incidents stemming from BF’s “lost at sea” story.  You can check for yourselves… here… (this is the “results” page from my search)… just click “IIR Search” on the site’s masthead for a new search and, please, search for yourself.  The CG determined that BF’s vessel was seaworthy; therefore, no report… and that’s why Mr. Russell was called.

This will be the last post re BFrankel on SH… anyone fans of BFrankel can look elsewhere to swallow the crap that comes outta her mouth.

(Thanks to SH reader “Ames” and “Tonto”…)