Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Smiley… He’s Doing Stand-Up Comedy!

  Do ya think I can make it as a stand-up comedian?  Whaddaya think, Wretched???

 ‘Cause YOU laugh at my jokes, right?  I hear you laughin’ all the time!  I’m funny, right?

 I’m always laughing… I mean you make me laugh all the time.  I’m laughing AT you, but that still counts as laughing…

To keep the Real Housewives of Orange County fresh and topical, the dumbasses at Bravo have decided to delve into unknown territory… the comedy business.  Yep, the comedy business… and Bravo has handpicked Slade Slimey to represent the OC franchise in this new endeavor… here.

From The OC Weekly…

Q:  When did Slade realize he had the balls to make people hardy-har-har on stage?

Gretchen: I am better at telling this story, so let me. First of all, never did we have that realization. What happened is, Slade came to me and was like, “Honey, there is an opportunity for us to host at the Improv and what do you think about doing that?” I thought it sounded great and the next thing I know he tells me a week later, I forgot to tell you…I’m doing stand-up. Long story short, he decided without me knowing anything about him doing stand-up.

Slade: It’s going to be more of a variety show because I really don’t think I am that funny! We do have some very funny and successful comedians attached to the show and it’s really a little bit of Gretchen hosting and me doing some storytelling and poking fun at what our reality has become because of our association with the Housewives.

We really are monkeys in Bravo’s circus and we are embracing that and using it as an opportunity to give people an inside look into what happens and address all of the stuff that is out there. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Slade made an astute observation in the paragraph above… he and Wretched are merely puppets being controlled by the puppet masters at Bravo.

18 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Smiley… He’s Doing Stand-Up Comedy!

  1. How can gretchen deny her boob job? Her boobs used to be the size of tres and mels sans surgery. I dont get how slade went from owning in coto to squatting in oc. Another exec who got their job without having skills/education. I was in the same industry (but did investment banking with mortgage backed securities) and shifted to analysis and forecasting for the current market. No excuse for a grown man to be unemployed this long.


    • haahaa, AOM…I think Louis C K should check him out first!!! then, he could explain how he makes his money these days :)


  2. Not a fan of Gretched, but even she could do so much better. Looks like the Vickster was right on when she said he only dates housewives to be on tv. Is Bravo done cleanin’ house yet? How long will he last if this pink pageant queen gets the boot?


  3. He says he’s a half inch from being gay!! That far, Slade Slimeball?? Really?? That far?? And would that be a half inch too short, or a half inch too long??


  4. I Like both of them. i dont understand out of everyone on that show that these are the bad guys. Ickie makes me want to punch her in the face over and over again. Tamara is a lying bitch who has gone from looking good to looking like someone is wearing her face as a worn out leather halloween mask. the two new girls are both really really stupid and the religious one is going to hell for sure. the latin lesbian is the best looking on the show


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