Real Housewives of Miami: Another Sign… Have The Housewives Jumped The Shark?

  Oh, look Marysol… Dandy fired another one!

With all the shifting of personnel at the Housewives franchises… the latest to get the Bravo boot is Peggy Tanous from the Real Housewives of Orange County (here)… obviously word got to the Miami area that appearing on the Bravo show just isn’t all that.  There will definitely be another season for the Real Housewives of Miami… if Bravo can find anyone in Miami to sign up as a Housewife!

Reports the Miami Herald… here:

“One woman told us she was contacted twice, even after adamantly refusing the first time.  “They’re calling everyone,” she wrote in an email. “It’s embarrassing.”

This, along with the fact that “fans” of the Housewives are NOT rushing to purchase tickets for the Real Housewives Live Tour (SH posted a link today for FREE tickets to the October 8 show…) is just another indication that Andy and all the other mucky-mucks at Bravo realize that the Housewives franchises are sinking fast.

Here’s hoping that all the collective brainiacs at Bravo come up with a solution to this huge Housewives mess, ’cause if they don’t, there will be no more SH!

Seriously, though… it is truly insulting to the viewers of any and/or all of the Housewives franchises to observe a once entertaining show sink to become, as Jillz confirmed on her “I’m pissed that Bravo fired me” tour, nothing more than an hour-long infomercial.  As soon as someone signs up to appear on the show, they feel compelled to shove wine, jewelry, clothing, shoes, handbags, makeup, cookbooks, hair care products, skin care, spaghetti sauce, etc., etc. down viewers throats and viewers are sick of it.

If this continues, many, many viewers will simply turn to watch totally scripted television.  And, why not?  We can all see the producer-induced scenarios forced upon the Housewives that are now making up the episodes of each franchise.  So, why not switch the channel and watch scripted television… at least when they’re selling something, they’re called commercials.

18 comments on “Real Housewives of Miami: Another Sign… Have The Housewives Jumped The Shark?

  1. I live a half hour from Hammond and you would have to place the tickets on my front porch before I would entertain the thought of going.


  2. No more SH, que?! Ya mean y’all don’t want to to have me go on about my housekeeping issues? We can talk about that for days… Ugh, a need a ladysitter! :-D


    • Romo: Well, it only is the logical conclusion. HOWEVER… IMO, Bravo has gotten the word from many sources that viewers are sick and tired of what was mentioned and that viewers feel taken advantage of. Hopefully, Bravo will correct this… and SH will live on!!! LOL!! TFC!! SH


  3. (sinks teeth in rats neck) That last stunt Friday was it! Anyone hear from Mr. Naught Rob?(tricky kitty)- I know you reading this Bravo(those mice going crazy in those walls)- AOL’s posting of the same story on Sunday got less than 10 hits on the page…someone got the message(puurrrfect)


  4. I’ve been following scripted television and detoxing myself of the madness and negativity/stupidity of “reality” tv. I just come to the blogs for a good laugh, but I can’t subject myself to watching the shows anymore. Nine months and going strong (with a lapse or two in between). Love your site, but I just can’t tolerate the shows anymore. I feel dumber after watching them.


    • a-a-aaa-men! Just began rehab….lucky for me good scripted shows started this fall so I have my “methadone” aka…new girl, up all night, whitney(on the fence)….& a couple more that I don’t know recall the names. Won’t go cold turkey….curious about seeing how BH plays out, but I just tivo and watch when I’m bored…..commercial free!


  5. Totally agree with you……..I’m finding myself…doing just that…more and more….
    Curiosity isn’t even getting the better of me either…that’s pretty bad.


  6. If they would just run a screen crawl along the bottom of the screen hawking all their goods and leave them out of the story lines, that would be an improvement. I noticed that’s what they did in EDtv. just a suggestion.


  7. I still prefer reality tv, mostly because scripted television is so uninspired and boring to me. (Aside from some old sitcoms I have yet to get sick of) I even get annoyed with the “witty” writing. At least on reality tv, I get a good laugh at real life insane people. But I would never in a million years buy tickets for that tour. These shows are a guilty pleasure and nothing more. I do not look up to any of these women and I do not wish to ever meet them. lol What a ridiculous idea that was.


  8. Miami was a bore, Atlanta I personally find is so classless it insults our intelligence. After moving westward for work for a couple of years …..have nothing in common with these OC girls. The only acception is Beverly Hills which is on a thread with me as well. ….I mistakenly thought it would be a show of fun, oppulance and shopping.

    Guess I am a housewive snob and only really like Chicago (which I am still waiting for them to make)….NYC…and of course Jersey! We were raised to tell it like it is without people being insulted. Guess I am a true Yankee!

    Maybe alot of people are like me and split down the middle. Look who they have cast in this housewive tour….Kathy, Sonja, Vicki, and who??? It would be more interesting if they made seperate shows of the east coast, the west coast, and then one for those who love the girls of the south.


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