Real Housewives of New Jersey: Wendy Williams… Says Caroline’s Sons Aren’t All That Interesting… AND… South Jersey is Like West Virginia

                       Nunna those Manzo boyz are all that… and neither is the daughter.  

Wendy Williams had a lot to say about the Real Housewives of New Jersey on her show last night.  Wendy says that her crack “Hot Topics Team” got her all kinda great inside info about the New Jersey franchise.

  Jax is outta the show, Bravo, the NJ franchise, Andy… and he can shove his clubhouse, too!

Wendy reports that…

  • Don Caroline is staying on the New Jersey show,
  • but that Don Caroline’s sons “aren’t that interesting and neither is your daughter.”  (True, how true, Wendy!!!)
  • Jax needs to handle her daughter, Ashley, without the cameras around
  • Bravo is looking for new cast member for the New Jersey franchise
NOTE TO WENDY WILLIAMS:  You really need to get some better “sources,” ’cause all the info about New Jersey, which you spent a good deal of time on during your “Hot Topics” segment was old news.  You pulled out the casting call, which you said had just been sent to you via an “email blast”… that casting call has been out since August.  It’s been on SH since August 8!  So, Wendy, either start looking for better sources for your crack “Hot Topics Team” or better yet, just read SH… we all know Bravo does!