Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Who Did This To Our Lil Milania???

                                                                                    Beverly/Angela/Danielle Dumbass Staub… messin’ wit our lil Milania.  Yo!  BAD… pick on someone yer own size!

How ridiculous!  Our lil Milania had her very own lil twitter account goin’ where lil Milania would tweet about her everyday life livin’ with the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Tree Joodice and all the other Joodices.  I’m not gonna name ’em because they really don’t merit a mention… it’s all about our lil Milania.

 How could Beverly/Angela/Danielle Dumbass ever go after our sweet lil 5-year-old Milania???

Lil Milania had a very cute lil twitter account titled “TheRealMilaniaG” and it has vanished!  Just gone!  Done!  Over!  No more!  So, what the hell happened to our lil Milania twitter view of her life living with the other unmentionable Joodices?  Here’s what ya get when trying to locate lil Milania’s tweets…

  “THIS USER DOES NOT EXIST”   Oh!  Milania’s tweets will live on forever on our brains… ya just gotta try to remember them!

It looks like Beverly/Angela/Danielle was up to her usual badass schemin’ and decided to go after her nemesis, Tree, by mentioning that Tree is using her daughter, our lil Milania, on twitter.   And, you KNOW how Tree is when you even dare touch on her maybe bein’ a bad mother!  Tree let Beverly/Angela/Danielle get to her sore spot and our lil Milania’s tweeting days were over…

For real, BAD (Beverly/Angela/Danielle…)???  Honestly???   You really thought “TheRealMilaniaG” was a REAL twitter account???  Do you know how to read, BAD and for that matter… Tree???   Lil Milania’s tweets were funny and they will be missed… but, we’ll still have lil Milania doin’ her badass 5-year-old stuff via her videos, like this one… “MILIANA!!!!”