Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Who Did This To Our Lil Milania???

                                                                                    Beverly/Angela/Danielle Dumbass Staub… messin’ wit our lil Milania.  Yo!  BAD… pick on someone yer own size!

How ridiculous!  Our lil Milania had her very own lil twitter account goin’ where lil Milania would tweet about her everyday life livin’ with the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Tree Joodice and all the other Joodices.  I’m not gonna name ‘em because they really don’t merit a mention… it’s all about our lil Milania.

 How could Beverly/Angela/Danielle Dumbass ever go after our sweet lil 5-year-old Milania???

Lil Milania had a very cute lil twitter account titled “TheRealMilaniaG” and it has vanished!  Just gone!  Done!  Over!  No more!  So, what the hell happened to our lil Milania twitter view of her life living with the other unmentionable Joodices?  Here’s what ya get when trying to locate lil Milania’s tweets…

  “THIS USER DOES NOT EXIST”   Oh!  Milania’s tweets will live on forever on our brains… ya just gotta try to remember them!

It looks like Beverly/Angela/Danielle was up to her usual badass schemin’ and decided to go after her nemesis, Tree, by mentioning that Tree is using her daughter, our lil Milania, on twitter.   And, you KNOW how Tree is when you even dare touch on her maybe bein’ a bad mother!  Tree let Beverly/Angela/Danielle get to her sore spot and our lil Milania’s tweeting days were over…

For real, BAD (Beverly/Angela/Danielle…)???  Honestly???   You really thought “TheRealMilaniaG” was a REAL twitter account???  Do you know how to read, BAD and for that matter… Tree???   Lil Milania’s tweets were funny and they will be missed… but, we’ll still have lil Milania doin’ her badass 5-year-old stuff via her videos, like this one… “MILIANA!!!!”


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17 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Who Did This To Our Lil Milania???

  1. Bummer. It was starting to get a little dull with all the “TY xoxo” tweets to fans but at least once a day there was a good chuckle in there. Anybody know if Twitter reports account holder information? If Tree finds out who was behind it I bet there will be hell to pay.

  2. Teresa doesn’t come across as having a great of a sense of humor to come up with something like that. Not a personal dig, just an observation

    • I dont believe it was Teresa behind the Spoof Miliania only because Teresa would never say the nasty things the spoofer said about the other kids and chewy and Juicy
      It was someone playing a joke But its against twitters TOS to impersonate someone so I bet the account got deleted because of that.

      • Danielle sorta screwed the pooch when she asserted that the “awurthor” of the milania tweets was Tree. Pay attention puullleeese ….indeed!! That’s beyond laughable and put Danielle’s credibility right back in the gutter. And to think some of us were actually believing her lock stock and barrel about the Mel stuff. She should have run this by her bright daughters before she put that out there and after they finished horse laughing at her they could have informed her of how ridiculous she would have looked saying that.
        That’s the problem with sick demented pathological liars. No one ever believes anything they say -ever- even on the rare occasions when they decide to sprinkle the truth about.
        I hope the REAL author of the real milania tweets figures out away to get back in the game. And here is a little inspiration for whoever it is that kept me in stitches from day one

        • bingo. Thank you Door! Hear that RealMilania? please squeeze in parody somewhere and get back to tweetin. Show em all that ya cant keep a good troll down. Muhahaha

      • I don’t do twitter, because my cell phone is so old it has a dial. But I did look up the TOS and sure enough there it is in the “Twitter Rules”:
        “Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.”
        So the question is whether anyone could reasonably expect a four/five year old to be coming up with that stuff? My guess is that’s what Twitter is relying on for a reason, but somebody had to complain long and loud to make it happen.

        • Then in my opinion Simone oughta have his Twitter account pulled immediately since he insists on misleading, confusing, and deceiving everyone into thinking he is not gay. He is merely impersonating a straight dude! lol

  3. It was prolly Nona… She gets tired chasing her grandkids, cookin for Tree and giving Papa Gorga his meds. She was just funnin around. :-)

  4. Milania, the precious child who will probably be convicted of murdering her baby sister before she’s (Milania’s) six. Little sociopath…what great role models those parents of her are. But hey, the thug life fits the Joodices perfectly. Dey don’t know no better den dat…

  5. “she is not easy to discipline” Hmmm, I didn’t really see anyone trying to discipline her. The girls are adorable, but not very well behaved…

    • Skoksvalley, Agreed!!!! We have all probably been at the market wittnessing children acting this way. One of my closest friends raised her children in this manner. The last time I watched her children they were climbing ceiling high bookcases that could have easily toppled over and killed them to make a giant leap onto the couch. She thought it was just fine. Not me, since if they did die I would be blamed and of course they didn’t listen!
      How predictable that after the phone call Tree made to her brother …..Melanie falls into the freezer section onto what looks like a platter made for parties and tells the cute little monster….”thank you for being so good!”….”high five!” My words may not be exact, but I would have removed my child from the store had she acted this way or at least paid for what the little girl obviously destroyed.

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