Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… THE TRUTH… Straight From MeGo!!!

With all the “rumors” swirling around Melissa Gorga, she has taken to her own website to squelch the “rumor” of her working at LOOKERS as a stripper… Melissa is claiming to simply have been a bartender.

The post on her site was very short…

Melissa Gorga’s website… here.




94 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… THE TRUTH… Straight From MeGo!!!

  1. Praise Jesus!(scratches sign of cross on scratching post)This story was all BS. You are correct people have been hurt and worse from the BS(rubs against owners leg-BS does not mean boy scout). Mr Naughty Nice Rob got a big chunk of cat nip for this story-gonna make all at AOL look “STOOPID” for this one.(nothing like a warm bowl of mike on a early Saturday morn). Maybe AOL is in on all this too? So many questions so many mice to catch(gonna be a busy day-mice know I am here) This story was preset weeks ago!
    Meow Meow Meow-Andy gonna have a cow-what to do now? They did not cover all their bases this time(I am using 3rd base as my litter box-“CAN YA SMELL IT”)
    “Hereswhat” as to you mentioning Russell Armstrong(yeah I am goin there!)-Funny how she sells pictures of her abuse after his death. NICE JOB MOM! Let ya kids see that weeks after the guy-their father- is dead! Funny how only E(oh yes the connection) would buy them. I think E and Bravo share more than you think-AOL too?(by the GOD BASTET I would like to view the financial statements there).
    Oh as to your comment on Bravo and their audience-I think they have lost some as of this story-the public seems to have had enough and been played out too many times. What if this is the story that finally breaks the camels back(please no more fleas!) Lest see who turns on who.


    • Are you employed by Bravo? In so many posts you are continually adamant that all this drama is conceived and coached and totally made up just to get ratings. (That is if I’m reading correctly between all the distracting cat asides). You never once wrote that it is your opinion. Just wondering.


  2. So the On Display lyric, “everyone’s waitin on me to fall” was NOT inspired by MeGo’s questionable pole skills?


  3. There are few ‘holes’ in Melissa’s story. 1 – the handbook she is quoting from has a revision date of April 2011 – what did the handbook look like 10 years ago? 2. The statement she made and the statement made by the “previous boss” were identical. As most law enforcement officials will tell you, two witnesses will never have the exact same story as perceptions vary slightly based on many life factors. When two people have the EXACT same recollection of an event, the most likely conclusion that is come to is that there has been at minimum a comparison of stories in order to align. Now this brings me to the question – why would she need to compare stories with this former boss and how could she do so in as quick a fashion as she did if she did not have prior knowledge of this story being broken? Just a thought – it may all be as she states it is, and she may have had nothing to do with this ‘news’ coming out.


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