Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… THE TRUTH… Straight From MeGo!!!

With all the “rumors” swirling around Melissa Gorga, she has taken to her own website to squelch the “rumor” of her working at LOOKERS as a stripper… Melissa is claiming to simply have been a bartender.

The post on her site was very short…

Melissa Gorga’s website… here.




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94 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… THE TRUTH… Straight From MeGo!!!

  1. Blame it on production-clearly she blames Tre

    And i think the law is no FULL nudity, but boobies can show in a place that serves liquor. That’s why full nudity places are 18 and over- highschool boys love that

    (not that i frequent these places but i live in Jersey lol)

    • Actually in New Jersey they cannot even go topless in any establishment that serves alcohol. So there are two different types in NJ. Gogo bars that have dancers who remain fully ( by this I mean bikinis not actual full clothing) clothed and strip clubs where the girls get naked. The strip clubs are most often 18+ and BYOB.

  2. Liar liar pants on fire! You stink Melvin….Its funny how alot of women who worked in “Gentlemens clubs” say they didnt pole it they served drinks. I say if you cant strip and serve drinks at the same time LOSER!….lol…..

    • Upsidedownletterperson, having beautiful children negates any and all questionable moral behavior. It’s true. It’s in the Good Book (of lies that I just made up).

  3. It amazes me that this woman spent all this time lobbying to get on the show, promising to expose Teresa, came on the show totally attacking her along with Kathy for the drama factor, and when her past comes out, she’s playing the victim. She’s annoying, she’s fake, she’s conniving, and she can’t sing.

    • Oh, and one more thing. Classy women do not star or take part on reality tv. (Sorry Luann) I don’t care how much money you have, how much plastic surgery you have, nobody with class allows cameras in their home and a tv network to manipulate your life, family, and image.

      • Since I’m on a roll here, Melissa and this drama is making me wish we could just have Jill Zarin back. And I hate her for that. At least with Jill, what you saw was what you got. I think I’m done now, lol!!!

        • WooHoo!!! Way back, I can’t remember how far back, somebody here made a drinking game for triple comments!! So, “all you consenting adults take a guzzl…er…chugl…er…swill…[Hey, Andy, how about just takin' a sip???]“

        • preach it sista!! i agree with you 100% . i dont think she is being honest , and i think its going to bite her in the butt.

      • Couldn’t had said it better myself! This is SO true…..any woman with an ounce of class and dignity would NEVER agree to being on these Housewive shows. These are women who crave LOTS of attention any way they can get it. Dina seems like the smartest one of the bunch. She knew when to bail…………..

        • Are you logged in? Or maybe it’s blocked to certain people, or maybe you need to have mutual friends lol…it’s nothing really serious but he does say most online articles are inaccurate.

            • He had an album cause he attended the fashion show and he had a bunch of pictures with TRHONJ. Juicy’s brother was with Tre and everything. Those 2 seemed to get along from what I saw on the pictures. Tre was sitting next to Kathy and there wasn’t one picture with her talking to Jac or Caroline.

              • SonOfA Juicy’s bicep are all gonna make me “friend” a high school kid to get a looksy at these pix? And HowTH did HE get an invite to the Posche fashion show?! Honestly, wait til AOM hears about this… :-) screw it, here goes the friend request

              • Oh no she di-n’t… He just accepted my nosy azz! I looked at all the pix. Read the comments. He said most of what we’re reading about the fight isn’t true. He Also said they threw some name in there just to start buzz and that person didn’t even attend the show. Also Melissa didn’t want to go to show and this guy says Bravo must have made her bc she had it on her fb she was not going. He also saw Tree talking to producers b4 show started. How he knows who producers are, don’t know.

              • I was trying to figure out how he got to go to the show! Guess it doesn’t matter. Alls I know is he’s a sweet, harmless lil guy with 2000+ friends. Lol he just can’t tell us any juicy details. Someone commented that’s ok bc so and so site has it all and he said he had heard and that site was wrong! He loves him some Tree too…

              • Glad he took da bait!(making me hungry-At this hour?) I could not comment on your other post here-so I made a new one for ya down below. Blessit me wiskas! =^.^=~~~~~~*

  4. Oh dear me, Mel, I looked up the code you referenced and that was so lame that you should not have even mentioned it. So are we to believe also that no one in the Sate of NJ is allowed to place dollar bills in the bloomers of an… ahem.. entertainer? pullleeeess You need to fire whoever is advising you right now.

  5. Aw! Poor baby! Someone is lobbing accusations at mEGO soley to her hurt her family? The horror! It’s almost as bad as promising TV producers you will humiliate and degrade your own family member in exchange for TV time. Oh. Wait.
    That letter was not written by her. “Adamant” is not in the wench’s vocabulary.

    • “Amazing Grace that saved a damn ant like me!!!” Man, where’s the Soul Diggaz when you need ‘em??

  6. I have another look at this. THIS WAS ALL STAGED FOR PUBLICITY. The scene at the taping was staged. The person from the club was staged. “M” running away and playing the victim was staged(I am sure she had NO Choice-Bravo pulls the strings here). It all hits the media; Who at this time is coming down HARD on reality shows.(You hear of the RICO suit going on in NJ? The beating of a man staged for Jersey Shore??-However, the man hit really was hurt-funny thing, no one told him he was going to be held and knocked out) Now the real truth comes out. I bet it is the truth. She was only a bartender, NOT a stripper. The bartender story would have never got the attention a stripper story would! I bet,(lots of bets here my pets) now Bravo comes out with a spin with the truth. Bravo and the Show get all the free press, then its poor poor Bravo and HW’s. I bet(told ya) Mr. Naughty(HP-AOL) might have even been in on this or he was the puppet Bravo made him into! Now this sets next season up as TERR coming to MELs aid. Families come together now. Peace is made-all is well in the Galaxy! Credits Roll- Till the next drama! :)
    However, maybe this time the public wont let Bravo and AC pull the shade over peoples eyes and use the women on that show the way they do. STAND UP WOMEN-Fight the Power!
    So pets(licks paw brushes eyes*wink). I think Bravo did a good set up job. However, it was a set up of a set up and ALL involved knew what was going on. Yes, they had to go along with it, Bravo is da bo$$! Go Go Power Ranger!! I am watching you Andy. I know your peps are monitoring this site(stands up on all fours, stretches back up). For the right price, people will even sell out their king(flicks tail) This is not over. >’.’<——–*

    • Tigress; Much of what you say makes sense. A lot of sense. It all seems very contrived. There is always major chaos created right before NJ starts and just as it’s ending its season. Yes, it all makes for good TV, but at what or whos expense? You did not mention Jax leaving, so I will; Jax was actually out of the show weeks ago, so her blaming this as a reason to quit sounds like BS. More later… TFC!!! SH

    • I agree – I think production had a lot to do with this. Notice how we’re all talking about the latest Posche fashion show just in time for the RHoNJ season finale on Sunday to get big ratings? Then the multi-episode reunion where Jax doesn’t show.

      Oh, and lest anyone forget, no one is talking anymore about JoDice and the Manzo boys beating the crap out of those two men in the bar in Punta Cana. THAT’S what we should see on the finale but NO. And we’re distracted by this latest drama. It’s all too convenient.

      • Wow that does make sense but I don’t think Bravo acted alone. They had an accomplice. A very crafty accomplice. Who is that you ask… oh just a pesky persistent b-hole with a bad attitude… A little feller that goes by many names…and he was summoned right before our very eyes in an earlier NJ episode ….Three guesses and the first two dont count

      • Do you think they will mention WHY Jackie isn’t there at the reunion show? Or make up some off the wall excuse? With her leaving weeks ago, I feel certain it’s because of the Ashlee ordeal. Hopefully, she won’t blame her bratty daughter’s behavior on the show?

  7. Melissa scammed her way to get on the show and Teresa is scamming her way to get her off the show.

    MeGo and Tre are one and the same….only differece Mego has the laurita and manzo clan behind her. Melissa is just as guilty as Tre is and she is playin a smarter social game. Melissa and Kathy NEW that the only reason the got hired was because they would be family drama on the show. Why is mego acting like a victim now??? This is what you wanted boo….to be on display on display lol. Teresa is no angel, but when was she ever? You mess with her and you will get burned. Jacqueline wrote that scathing blog about tre….and thought she would not feel her wrath??? Tre acting like a starved animal against Danielle….manzo and lurita’s loved her then. So what’s changed? You think she is garbage now but loved her when she did your bidding though….

    I would not be surprised if Bravo fires them all after next season. Say what you will about the other Housewives series….New Jersey is the only one that has gone off policy. For two days these women have been feeding the media left and right. Every hour a new source comes up with their version of events. Bravo has been exposed in regards to their set ups and contacting Danielle and Kim…..etc. Jax outs bravo and refuses to go to the reunion. It is just getting disturbing now….bravo cannot be happy with this. No one learned anything for russell’s suicide. It is getting darker and darker….and soon someone is gonna blow their tops off. All of these women are trash and Bravo needs to clean house and retool their formula.

    • Mel everyone was set up on this. I am 99% correct with this information(purrrrfect-sigh-there is always that one percent). If this is all a set up-imagine how many other times its been a set up. Bravo is happy with this-they call the shots. They did a good job on this one. However, be prepared to see somone finally have enough and expose the entire franchise. Ever wonder why Jerry Springer had top ratings- Bravo is only going with what works. Did you hear the drunken women from Military Wives at her speach? I will quote her “It is all fake”(I need a bigger mouse to play with-maybe a big rat). Bravo does not need to clean house, Bravo needs to clean Bravo!(I think I smell my rat-scutters away)

      • Albeit dramatic prose, I agree with you.
        Plus, what was so terrible with their original format? NJ seemed to be their most offensive play in this game. Why feel the need to step it up to this “Jerry Springer” level? I guess the money must be good enough… But with all the information readily available these (Internet savvy days) it seems like a poor move on their part.

        • Its a great move(climbs tree)…Big News and Attention for the new season. It also distracts from all the negative publicity they have received and puts the blame back on the media. Makes great sense!(not as much sense climbing this tree) Free publicity-Make the media the villain-even in the THE TRUTH at the top of this blog-BRAVO put in their PLUG for the episode on Sunday. All about the money honey and DA ratings! Great press for Sundays show and the next season!(I think I am stuck up here) There are only so many more times shows can get away with this.(and climbing trees-call the fire department!!)
          Mee-ouch!! (^.^)~~~~~~~~~*

          • A tree seems like a very suitable location to lick your wounds. Do that, then go find a yourself a lovely bird and by then I’m sure you’ll figure a way outta that tree.
            Don’t forget to report back here with the outcome.

            • Thank you Mythunker! (sitting in tree-looks out to world-shakes head) I wonder if it is true that the person they surprised “M” with did not work at that place when she did. If so, then why did she run? I wonder if it is true that the owner stated she was never a dancer?(I hear a siren in the background) If true, why be afraid of someone you don’t know and make a scene? If only a bartender-then why run at all or refuse to film and make a fuss(even if you did know him)?(is that a ladder coming up to me?) This stinks like old cat food left lying in a dish all day(fish flavored to boot!) Lets see what happens tomorrow and how Bravo is going to $pin this off. I think they have over done it this time too quickly and may have to pay someone to clean up that cat food. However, even after cat food is cleaned. The smell remains for a while(they have come to get me down!) Oh, by the way Mythunker ever hear the expression “a little bird told me”? Well it was lovely bird-however, had to eat her-no witnesses.
              (snuggles up in the firefighters coat-warm here-going to sleep)

              • Tigress before you ate her, did your little birdie also tell you that this was done just in time to hype tickets for the Alantic City NJ Live HW tour thangy?…

        • Personally, I don’t like feeling played. If the RH franchise decides to go the route of Jerry Springer, WWF, The Bachlor(ette), The Hills, Etc. then I’ll be graciously bowing out as a viewer.
          I’m fine with contrived plots to an extent. I guess I only like it when the producers pull a few of the puppet strings and not all.

  8. Oh my!(scampers to widow) It seems MY TWEETS on Naughty Nice Robs line on this and on US weekly about this all being A SET UP are now gone???(looks up to sky) Did I play with the right cat nip? Maybe so! Tweet Tweet Mothas’! You got one life-I got nine!(able to squeez out window)

  9. Hey Mel, didnt you want to be on the show to give Tree the finger? Your good girl. Got the Manzos conned. Made yourself look like the sweet sister-in-law who just wanted a brother and sister to love one another. You cant sing but by god girl you can act! If the Manzos had found out Tree had stripped they would have dumped her ass . What you want to bet now that they think Tree outed you(right) she is worse then you cause she was just mean and all you were was a slut….(just saying what they would). Does Tree being on the outs mean Dina wont be godmother to adriana after all?Just asking……

    • naw cause the Manzo’s dont like Dina now for some reason we have yet to uncover. So Tree’s break from the group will not effect that one iota. It might even make their bond stronger. ya know enemy of my enemy is my friend kinda thang.

      • But isnt Dina a Manzo? I thought Don Caro said her family was thick as thieves. Stuck together no matter what? Oh dear god please tell me that Caro didnt lie? NOOOOO! LOL…

        • lol yes Laurie, It appears that fambily aint as thick a teabs after all. Whatever is going on between them will prolly never see the light of day since the devil possessed Bravo producers aint involved in that particular story line.

        • I know it’s messed up bc Dina and Lexi used to live with Caroline after D got divorced. Sumthin went d o w n … Too bad notAshlee doesn’t know. She’d tweet it fo sho

        • Caroline wants to paint a good picture of her close family (NOT!). I’m sure if her family shared views about her, she wouldn’t come out smelling like a rose. I think she thinks she’s better than the rest. Poor Albert seems so bored with it all when he’s around the others. Only time he appears comfortable is when he just with his family, wife/kids.

  10. OK girls and boys I must go get my beauty rest now. I leave yall with this one tonight. Now erbody turn up your speakers and sing along please.

  11. (stretches paws out) Seems like RomeoShedidnt on here found some info to back up what I said a few hours ago(files claws). How long will it take to report to everyone that is was a LIE for ratings and attraction??(that cat nap was good) Finally, they will really look at the show for what it is.(I must be dreaming-caged rat for me??) AGAIN, ALL A SET UP. Wonder how the producers going to $pin this off.(wait there are 4 rats in the cage??-drool) Will this effect Andy directly? Poor AOL- or hmmm… a part of it?(no kitty litter!! DANG) Someone’s going to get in trouble.

  12. SH I will have to let you allow my furry bottom here collect its dust(I need to be brushed-really). Seems they also took my post off the AOL postings. IT was on 4 hours ago-now its not. All I posted was it was all a publicity stunt and M was a bartender not a dancer-Not to be mad at M-Its all Bravo(never seem to find the right toy to play with). They let everything else stay up. They take mine off?(can you smell that? “”FEAR”””). POOR AOL- they made a boo boo and reported a set up story(or did they know?-bites a flea-HOW DID THAT GET ON ME!) I hope you did not mind all my posts this eve.

  13. NO nudity in NJ??? Since when? Remember the srip bar in the Sorprano’s? Well the real name is Satin Dolls and another one is Smiley’s…I don’t think they wear snowsuits at either place. Need to tell Snooky to keep her cha-cha covered…no nudity in NJ!!!

  14. Jac’s gone crazy on twitter again
    “Teresa put out an article that I text her and threatened to release those pictures and I didn’t! I wanted to prove that. Teresa is scum!”

    “What until u hear the rest.There is much more but I’m letting it all unravel little by little all on it’s own.No more talk about it!”

    • Big Brother fan over here too. Was so disgusted with Rachel’s win. That chick has zero social game. I am thinking that prize money will finally be the end of Brenchel. She will want to blow it and Brenda will want her to be more frugal with it. He will finally realize he cant change her in to a more respectable person and his controlling whiney bag self will jump ship on that sinking Titanic. Grab a life vest.

      • Porsche deserved it. Laid low while she could, won when she needed and didn’t have much blood on her hands so she could get by. I can’t believe Shelly voted for Rachel, what an idiot.

  15. I’ll believe this girl was “just” a bartender, when I believe Kim Z was “just” a waitress at Cheetah Club!

    • ikr and ……
      1)Danielle was just a young gurl in the wrong place and the wrong time.
      2)Phadra wasnt knocked up before her vows
      3)Simone is straight

  16. The only people who will truly suffer in all this nonsense is the children. The adults (ahem) can crawl back into to sewage from whence they came and wallow in the filth they’ve created. These people are the lowest….whether true or fabricated they signed on to be ridiculed in public and by doing so to expose their very OWN children—–the very family they claim to be most important thing on earth to them—-to teasing, bullying, whispering, gossip etc from their respective school mates, friends, playmates and fellow sports players. These children will HURT. Look at little Gia….just one of the causalities of this heinous form of “entertainment”.

    I have been watching a few of the franchises but I dont know if I can continue. The only way for any of this to end is for BRAVO to lose their audience. This is becoming way too Jerry Springer for my taste. At this point, the sanity of anyone signing up for this must be seriously questioned. In the wake of Russel Armstrong, I’m appalled that it appears that BRAVO’s stance is still “up the ante”! Yeah, well, it’s all fun and games till somebody gets hurt……well, someone did….stop the madness!!

    *(could have been a triple post but I think I got my rant out)

    • Sammi dont make me scratch you!(I would never do that) This is all a set up-that is all planned and done to follow the story. There is no juice in it(I hate juice-well not a juicy mouse). That is just a part of the planned drama to fool you the reader. This whole thing was preset from the start. Dont believe the hype- its all a LIE(oh dear)-so many people that will have to turn on one another after this is done-oh my-a show can be made from that alone.

        • Sorry Sammi-welcome to Entertainment! “freaking wrong/crazy”=$$$ It sells. Many palyas on this one may get burnt. OR will it just blow over and people get $$$ to forget it. Governments do it-Why not TV(I need to walk outside-get fresh air)

  17. Praise Jesus!(scratches sign of cross on scratching post)This story was all BS. You are correct people have been hurt and worse from the BS(rubs against owners leg-BS does not mean boy scout). Mr Naughty Nice Rob got a big chunk of cat nip for this story-gonna make all at AOL look “STOOPID” for this one.(nothing like a warm bowl of mike on a early Saturday morn). Maybe AOL is in on all this too? So many questions so many mice to catch(gonna be a busy day-mice know I am here) This story was preset weeks ago!
    Meow Meow Meow-Andy gonna have a cow-what to do now? They did not cover all their bases this time(I am using 3rd base as my litter box-”CAN YA SMELL IT”)
    “Hereswhat” as to you mentioning Russell Armstrong(yeah I am goin there!)-Funny how she sells pictures of her abuse after his death. NICE JOB MOM! Let ya kids see that weeks after the guy-their father- is dead! Funny how only E(oh yes the connection) would buy them. I think E and Bravo share more than you think-AOL too?(by the GOD BASTET I would like to view the financial statements there).
    Oh as to your comment on Bravo and their audience-I think they have lost some as of this story-the public seems to have had enough and been played out too many times. What if this is the story that finally breaks the camels back(please no more fleas!) Lest see who turns on who.

    • Are you employed by Bravo? In so many posts you are continually adamant that all this drama is conceived and coached and totally made up just to get ratings. (That is if I’m reading correctly between all the distracting cat asides). You never once wrote that it is your opinion. Just wondering.

  18. So the On Display lyric, “everyone’s waitin on me to fall” was NOT inspired by MeGo’s questionable pole skills?

  19. There are few ‘holes’ in Melissa’s story. 1 – the handbook she is quoting from has a revision date of April 2011 – what did the handbook look like 10 years ago? 2. The statement she made and the statement made by the “previous boss” were identical. As most law enforcement officials will tell you, two witnesses will never have the exact same story as perceptions vary slightly based on many life factors. When two people have the EXACT same recollection of an event, the most likely conclusion that is come to is that there has been at minimum a comparison of stories in order to align. Now this brings me to the question – why would she need to compare stories with this former boss and how could she do so in as quick a fashion as she did if she did not have prior knowledge of this story being broken? Just a thought – it may all be as she states it is, and she may have had nothing to do with this ‘news’ coming out.

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