Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Ambushed At The Fashion Show AND Where She Was Workin’

                                          Thank you, Jesus… for giving me a great excuse to back outta the show!  Thanks a lot!

There have been many, many reports coming from various “sources” regarding the taping of the (required) Posche Fashion Show and the reunion show for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So, let’s review…

  • All the Housewives attended the Posche Fashion Show
  • According to “sources,” producers forced the New Jersey Housewives to sit with each other at the same table to watch the fashion show
  • something happened during the fashion show, which Jax Laurita responded to by “quitting” the show and having a twitter fit
  • Andy had scheduled the reunion show and Jax was a no-show
                      We’re all pretty smart, Jax… it woulda just been easier for you to just tell us!!!  

                                                            Yeah, maybe I was a stripper… so what!?  Nene was a stripper, too!  Who’d you rather watch… me or Nene??  

So, there were a lot of dots to connect!   According to Jax’ tweets, one of the Housewives was set up… but, by who and why??  There was much speculation regarding this question… and what could be so upsetting that would result in Jax quitting?
I am deferring to Rob Shuter’s article for the Huffington Post for the answers to the above questions.  He has written the most detailed article containing the most information… here.
What Rob has failed to mention, however, was where MeGo was employed… it’s “LOOKERS” in Elizabeth NJ… here.  

NOTE:  I called LOOKERS and asked if Melissa Marco Gorga ever worked there.  There was a pause.. and then they hung up on me!  Well, I guess hanging up is equal to a non-answer!  LOL!!!  Maybe I’ll give them a call during “normal working hours” next week and talk with their “personnel department,” which is probably just some guy named Len… I’ll let ya all know!
(Thanks to SH readers “SJ” “RN” “BB”  “RSA” “EA” and “KLD”!!!)