Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Ambushed At The Fashion Show AND Where She Was Workin’

                                          Thank you, Jesus… for giving me a great excuse to back outta the show!  Thanks a lot!

There have been many, many reports coming from various “sources” regarding the taping of the (required) Posche Fashion Show and the reunion show for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So, let’s review…

  • All the Housewives attended the Posche Fashion Show
  • According to “sources,” producers forced the New Jersey Housewives to sit with each other at the same table to watch the fashion show
  • something happened during the fashion show, which Jax Laurita responded to by “quitting” the show and having a twitter fit
  • Andy had scheduled the reunion show and Jax was a no-show
                      We’re all pretty smart, Jax… it woulda just been easier for you to just tell us!!!  

                                                            Yeah, maybe I was a stripper… so what!?  Nene was a stripper, too!  Who’d you rather watch… me or Nene??  

So, there were a lot of dots to connect!   According to Jax’ tweets, one of the Housewives was set up… but, by who and why??  There was much speculation regarding this question… and what could be so upsetting that would result in Jax quitting?
I am deferring to Rob Shuter’s article for the Huffington Post for the answers to the above questions.  He has written the most detailed article containing the most information… here.
What Rob has failed to mention, however, was where MeGo was employed… it’s “LOOKERS” in Elizabeth NJ… here.  

NOTE:  I called LOOKERS and asked if Melissa Marco Gorga ever worked there.  There was a pause.. and then they hung up on me!  Well, I guess hanging up is equal to a non-answer!  LOL!!!  Maybe I’ll give them a call during “normal working hours” next week and talk with their “personnel department,” which is probably just some guy named Len… I’ll let ya all know!
(Thanks to SH readers “SJ” “RN” “BB”  “RSA” “EA” and “KLD”!!!)
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50 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Ambushed At The Fashion Show AND Where She Was Workin’

  1. a few things:

    1. i know ive said it before but WHY is Jac so mad at Tre, she was NOT this angry with Danielle who PRESSED CHARGES against her kid

    2. I know the tweet says “stuff was done to me to” so FESS UP JAC WHAT STUFF because ALL SHE TWEETS are things in defense of MeGo

    3. Anyone else think it’s strange that DonCaro and Jac dont care that just a few months ago JoeyG and MeGo were making fun of Tre for being CLOSE to them, & now she is up their asses?

    4. Anyone else wondering why Caroline is SOOOOO quiet. Just like with Danielle letting other people fight for her

    5. I cant believe Kim D-a business owner would knowingly set this up or let it happen

    Probably all things i’ve said before so sorry for the repeats, just very annoying how things are playing out. No Tre is not innocent and she is messed up in a LOT of ways, but NONE of them are innocent and MeGo brought this all on HERSELF-she put HERSELF on DISPLAY!!!!

    • Well this is just a wild guess.. but bear with me. ‘member when Albie tweeted something yesterday about once a hooker always a hooker? well I theorize that that was actually said at the fashion show and Jax took major offense to it since a dancer is not a hooker but a Vegas escort sho nuff is. I really cant imagine anything else that would have legit drug Jax into this goat rodeo unless it was some smart comment like that that she took as a direct slam since Tree prolly knows about the Vegas escort thang .er… um I mean the hairsylist thang. lol er.. um… i mean ahem

    • If you think about it, this new attention on Melissa probably doesn’t bother he one bit. All an act!! We know she loves the attention, so why not this kind? I think she’s that kind of trashy like woman! As far as Joey……I’m am SO sick of him. He’s totally disgusting! I don’t view his sexual antics as cute or funny. Makes me see there’s pretty much nothing BRAVO won’t film for ratings. I suggest you clean up your act BRAVO.

      • Case in point was the “shower scene” totally staged and I doubt very seriously that it adds to any love that Momma and Papa Gorga would feel for their daughter-in-law or having a son that makes them proud for that matter. Ditto on the golf course mooning (where were your pixels on that one editing department?)
        Is it insulting for a “straight” man to flaunt his junk for gay dudes?

        • Another wild guess but I am thinking the godfather paid for that since godfathers are suppose to step in and help their godchildren especially with college. So little MeGo went to her cherished godfather and said “Godfather, how am I suppose to pay my way thru college working in a tt club when I aint got no tts???” So instead of paying a costly tuition he just ponied up the dough for the tt’s and the rest was up to her.
          That’s how she got such a good work ethnic dontcha know. ;)

          • Ahem, it was a bikini bar and she wore a tank top and shorty shorts! Get it right! ;)
            Must’ve been a cheap augmentation so she had some pocket change to travel to Cancun or whatever resort-y place she met JoGo. Or maybe it was a learn abroad program.. yup. That splains it.

            • But it was bikini bar AND lookers, right? Or is Lookers supposed to be the bikini bar?

              I can’t keep up with the cover ups! Arg!

  2. lol. @ a twitter fit. Yeah Jax really did pitch a twit didnt she?
    Good lookin out on calling Lookers Ms SH. We hear what they are not saying loud n clear…crystal.
    Speaking of Gentlemen’s clubs,, I got hung up when I called one too. Its our local stip club (we only have one, .. ya know to serve the local hillbillys and the occasional race fans and such) Anyways they got themselves a fancy new sign recently and it said “Gentleman’s Club” so I called them to see why a bunch of college girls would misspell it. And ask who was this one gentle man that the club was for? They were so confused that it made me question myself.
    So once and for all I would like to know which is right gentleman’s club or gentlemen’s club?

    • Ah MP well for all things stripper-esc i go to the be-all end-all Scores!

      On the site it doesnt say it but if you type “Scores gen”… into the google tool bar it comes up gentlemen’s club. Also googled “gentlemen’s club NYC” and they all say gentlemEn’s club

      • Thanks Team. Thats what i thought. I am gonna have to call them back and tell them that they did indeed spell it wrong. They are gonna be so upset. I hate to see strippers cry but if its for the greater good then… whachagonnado Its not fair to not let them in on the joke

        • I am Happy to help with such an IMPORTANT dilemma

          Educating the hookers.. ugh dancers.. uh HAIR DRESSERS AHEM… of the world. Who says Charity work cant be fun

          • I will be sure to keep yall posted. I ‘spect they will love having the information confirmed for them that their boss is dumb as a box of rocks. I hope they use the knowledge to their benefit.

          • Do you think mel always carried change for a dollar?lol..not sure what they charge now days. I always wondered if there was a reason that alot of bars were called by some guys name who didnt even own the bar. Or the ones called The Library and the Stationhouse. I asked my dad once. He said in the old days when a husband wanted to go out he would say was “Going to the Library” or Hey am going over to “Sams Place”..That ways the little lady wouldnt know were going to a bar. Ah the days of ignorance. Miss em…lol….nothing to do with housewives just musing…

  3. Wow. SH am so Pissed off at the bunch of them. Mel is one lying sack of doodoo. Did she really not think being on a national television show as well as trying to get into the music business that no one would recognize her from stripper days? I mean heck could care less if anyone strips. I know women do not have alot of job choices(ones that make good money). But to lie like she has then blame Tree for it? It sounded like Tree tried to stop the whole thing from being on tape. Look what she gets….Mel goes to people she hardly knows and cries. Then has the balls to lie to them also and blame Tree for it all. I really do hate that woman. Tree is a bi–h also but here she is stepping up and trying to protect the person who has almost singlehandedly destroyed her relationship with her brother family and friends. Not only should Melvin be thrown under the bus but should be used as a speed bump the rest of her crappy life. Then you get the good old Manzos jumping in there and shoving Tree under another bus.How can normal people be so cruel and treacherous? AHHHHHH..I just want to yank all their fake boobs off and shove them where the sun never shines. You know behind Assleys big fat hiney. Sorry gals am just little fusterated and had to vent somewhere. Guess little off my meds…….someone get a drink fast so i can imagine me drinking a nice cold one…LOL…

    • mEGO! Perfect! But that Brownstone sauce goes bad after 2 seasons so I think she’ll be out of luck when the new HW comes along.

  4. I just don’t get it. I think theres way more to the story that will fall out of their mouths piece by piece.

  5. It makes my skin crawl to say this, but Ashley was right. She was – about her mom and how Jac likes to insert herself in the middle of drama all the time. These people come on the show to throw dirt on Theresa – including putting her down for saying her friends were like family to her – and then proceed to brown nose up to those friends in order to get as much attention to their mediocre aspirations as possible. How horrible that they would do that, and then to blame every bad thing on Theresa is beyond ridiculous. I never thought there were people who could make me defend that woman! But I feel bad for her for the way her family is using her and the way her friends have deserted her in her lowest times.
    Jac seems so upset that Theresa is trying to keep it together in front of the cameras. How this is so abhorrent to her when she allowed her daughter to get into all of that drama makes no sense to me. mEGO was a stripper, no doubt, why lie? I’m guessing that Theresa must have gone on insulting strippers and Jac took personal offense?
    Either way, what a bunch of whiny hypocrites.
    I do hope that if Joe is stepping out that it’d go public and give Theresa a public way to get away from him. Ditching a man because his business goes South labels a woman a gold-digger. But leaving him because he is cheating is quite socially acceptable.

  6. “What Jacqueline doesn’t know is that Teresa’s laughing about it privately, because she knew about it already. Joe had told Teresa he ran into the girl, a family friend, the night when he went out for drinks with his buddies. The girl has a boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure Joe wouldn’t carry on a big affair at TGI Fridays in Clifton.” – HP

    Yeah, cause Juicy has made some stellar moves in the past. Anyone on a TV show who tries to get an illegal license using their brothers identity while being on probation, wouldn’t possibly conduct an affair at a TGIF? Actually, that would be on of Joe’s stealthier moves!

  7. MeGo actually looks like a stripper. And you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Sorry.

    Well, to MeGo, I say, Tough doodoo. You signed your life away in a desperate attempt to achieve “fame” and of course, your past comes out. If you really were a good housewife you would have said “no” to being on a reality show. This is what happens when you let your narcissim lead your life. Oh, and your boob job looks like the doc stuck two grapefruit halves into your chest; it is not attractive.

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