Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi… Her Replacement… Tareq On The Rebound

Got this from one a my “insiders”…

“Thursday September 29 2011.

Tareq Salahi and a mystery blonde are all smiles as they leave Fig and Olive restaurant in Los Angeles. The businessman, who only split from his wife “Real Housewives of D.C” star Michaele Salahi last week, seemed close to the blonde beauty as he left the celeb eatery.”

(Businessman???  Uh, OK…)

Anyway… this is not the New York “madam” that ‘Tark’ was out with the other night.  I have no idea who she is and I’m not particularly interested in what ‘Tark’ is doing or who he’s dating… BUT, she actually looks like a nice ‘regular’ kinda person who is enjoying herself!

Hope she got more than a dinner outta him… let me clarify:  hope she got paid extra to appear as his date.

                                                              I dunno… she looks like she’s havin’ a good time wit Tark!

After reviewing the photos, I’m kinda thinkin’ that she’s one of those Russian mail-order girls… the jewelry, shoes and bag are not indicative of a very fashionable LA woman.  Hey, I could be wrong… just sayin’!!!

AND… she looks too nice for scammer ‘Tark’…

RUN, Unknown Woman… RUN!!!!

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20 comments on “Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi… Her Replacement… Tareq On The Rebound

  1. Agree, Ms SH!!! She looks too nice to be with the Salami! Maybe she doesn’t speak English and has no idea who he is…

  2. She’s cute. But I must assert I do not believe that any woman with self-respect would ever want to date this guy. I am wondering if she even knows who he is, which gives credence to the theory that she may indeed be a paid-for import.

  3. i was listening to him on thedirty radio show the other night and he said according to virgina law he cant sleep with someone else for 3 months or hes prenup is void.

  4. Lmao Ms… I was thinkin the same thing! It just took her this long to get to the states! He is such a loser! :-D And look at his outfit. Ew

  5. Not only Russian mail order, but wearin Messys clothes too. At least the shoes since when Messy ran she left her stuff behind. IMO Tark acts like he has a really tiny penis. Just sayin.
    SH please post the Messy ridin sparkle pix again, I love it so.

  6. It’s obvious he was thrilled to see the media taking pics of them! Free publicity. Apparently, this poor woman hasn’t heard about him and his antics or she’d run from him. He makes my skin crawl! Is his wife still with the guy from Journey??

  7. She’s really odd looking…..the first pics is horrible as it shows 3 chins and the next three pics show a HUGE nose….her best angle are the pics right after those….and the last pic features that hideous nose again!! wth?? not to mention, she OBVIOUSLY does her own hair, if that’s what you wanna call it! Even Messy had better locks than that…..for all we know, this woman is a famewhore too and this won’t be the last of her…..

  8. That purse does not go with that outfit. I am no fashionista myself but I know just because the purse is the same color as the shoes doesn’t mean they go together. Looks like she bought whatever was availbable at TJMaxx.
    And that jewelry looks like something she swiped off a 70′s barbi doll head. ‘member?? …the creepy makeup head…

  9. MS.SH, that is so funny the sec I saw her I thought she looked very German, but Russian makes sense too. Definately not an L.A. lady for sure. We need to find out what language she speaks buy a Rosetta stone and warn her who she is going out with!!

  10. At first I thought it was his mom. Maybe stepmom? The clothes and hairstyle gave me that impression. If not would say they didnt pay her enough!….LOL

  11. Everytime I look her pic the word “PAID” flashes across my mind. Its just something about her…Hmmm..
    Does she speak Russian?

    • Paid is right DrHealthy. It makes me want to barf at the thought of women sacrificing themselves for money. The thought of having to kiss those skinny liver lips is disgusting.
      I say good for Michaele for leaving this controling A$$. She finally realized that Tareq needed her more than she needed him. Money means nothing if you are lacking love and kindness. Remember the girls of DC telling him that they thought she had her chained up to a dresser in the basement? They may not have been so off base with that…especially since he rarely allowed her out of his sight. This girl should run…and away fast.

  12. Tareq’s wife was a skinny little thing. This woman’s not big, but she must weigh twice what his wife weighs. Hope he can afford the food bill. Oh, Tareq, you should have washed those jeans within the last week before you went out. Ugh.

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