Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Second Choice For Celebrity Apprentice

                                                           I ain’t takin’ no seconds… expeshully from no Cara-line Manzo.  You got dat, Trump??

And… just a quick note re Tree Joodice on Celebrity Apprentice…   Caroline Manzo tells the NY Daily News that she was asked first to appear on Apprentice… here.

NOTE:  Doing Celebrity Apprentice is NOT a good move for Tree.  Don’t know who is advising her on this one, but Tree co-mingling with other “celebs” outside of her comfort zone is gonna be a disaster… for HER!

                                                                                    Trump tried his best to find Nene… if you find Nene, there’s still a reward!

For viewers, it’s gonna be fantastic to watch Tree collapse under the pressure… just like Nene did.  Tree’s excuse for quitting leaving Apprentice will be that she has to get home to be wit her girls… expeshully our lil Milania…


(Thanks to SH reader “Cybraxis”!!!)

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23 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Second Choice For Celebrity Apprentice

  1. I read the article, the producer said that Caroline M was never asked. Celebrity Apprentice is very business driven, i hope Teresa have high friends in really HIGH places

  2. I agree, doing Celebrity Apprentice is SO not a good move for Tree…really really bad.
    There will be someone inevitably that will push her easily pushed buttons and she will go berserk screaming and being violent and making a fool of herself.
    There are always challenges where the contestants are asked to call prominent people they know and draw on the ones who have the capability to donate. WHO could she call to ask for money?? It’s a joke considering all the people/organizations they are delinquent to.
    Unless one of the challenges is to see how much money they can all raise for Tree and her family, I think it’s a bad idea.

    • K I agree, look how bad NeeNee came of looking. It is one thing when you are having those kind of dramatics with a bunch of people who do the same thing but when it happens with a bunch of reserved perfesonal(and I use these terms very loosely) people that have at least been groomed over the years by their handlers not to show their a$$ in public…..well if you flip a table yelling “prostitution Whorah” they will all stare at you agahst not say “ah well this is New Jersey its acceptable behavior”. It won’t be pretty.

  3. She just wants to find out from the Trump what the magic word is to make bankruptcy disappear. As far as the challenges go I’m sure she thinks she’ll just wing it in a fabulous outfit bc that’s all you really need to be successful. ;-)

  4. Really, who is surprised? The show has the word “Celebrity” in it. Plus, I believe Trump’s inducers, I mean, producers, are hoping she’ll flip a table or two when she doesn’t get respect!

  5. It will be like watching “KATE” on DWTS….look what it did for her…bye-bye Tree, maybe your 15 minutes are up!

  6. That article says a lot about Carolyn Manzo… Not the sainted “mother earth” she wants everyone to believe she is. Just another jealous, backstabbing biddy. Dang… I’m not a fan of any of them, but I have to admit… I really do begin to feel sorry for Tre

    • lol SHFan Love that word “biddy” Don has taken a drastic turn into biddyville. Its almost like she aint even tryin no more to hide it.

  7. Teresa is on the show for the same reason NeNe was, and for the same reason Gary Busey was. For as long as they last, they are obstacles to the other contestants. They essentially represent “that person” in the office that is completely insane, yet somehow got hired. They are hoping she flips her lid and I doubt she’ll disappoint. It probably won’t take long for someone to call her stupid.

    Teresa became famous for doing something that most people would’ve been mortified had it been caught on film (the table flip). Not Teresa. Just another evening out.

    I’ll bet the folks at The Soup are in heaven.

  8. You are right, Ms SH! Whoever is repping her on this is an idiot… and does not have Tree’s best interest in mind. She’s gonna come off as the ignorant, uneducated person that she is. But, that’s great for people watching! Go ahead, Tree… sign those CA papers!! LOL!!

  9. Three million viwers on Bravo versus nine to eleven million viewers on Apprentice?? Plus all the additional “mainstream” publicity. Even if she’s out after the first episode, they keep running her in the opening credits–it’s a no-brainer. Cookbook sales and Bravo ratings will go through the roof. Just bolt the boardroom tables down!!

    • who: Oh! You have a GREAT point! How did I gloss over that obvious reason as to why Tree would agree to put herself “On Display” by doing Celebrity Apprentice? Great, great anaylsis! TFC!!!! SH

  10. I think Teresa have a PR team, and i must say they are really doing it. They are getting her out there. She couldn’t do this on her own. Notice all the other housewives, i don;t think they work as much as her, well besides Bethenny and Dina. She is always somewhere traveling. The others needs to get themselves better PR/handler people.

    • I agree, she’s very hard working–doing those book signings all over the place has to be grueling and she drives to them by herself. I count the number of people at those little bookstores and there’s maybe 25. But that’s 25 more books sold than when she got there. I think she’s doing the best she can with what she’s got. Once in a while my sympathy hat goes on and today it’s on for Tree.

    • lol. Or even better calls the Manzo’s and axe for a donation for her charity of choice on air and make them decline…. on air.

  11. If Teresa is smart (?), i would start contacting every BIG WIGS in NYC & Jersey. Exchange their gifts for publicity.

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