Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Second Choice For Celebrity Apprentice

                                                           I ain’t takin’ no seconds… expeshully from no Cara-line Manzo.  You got dat, Trump??

And… just a quick note re Tree Joodice on Celebrity Apprentice…   Caroline Manzo tells the NY Daily News that she was asked first to appear on Apprentice… here.

NOTE:  Doing Celebrity Apprentice is NOT a good move for Tree.  Don’t know who is advising her on this one, but Tree co-mingling with other “celebs” outside of her comfort zone is gonna be a disaster… for HER!

                                                                                    Trump tried his best to find Nene… if you find Nene, there’s still a reward!

For viewers, it’s gonna be fantastic to watch Tree collapse under the pressure… just like Nene did.  Tree’s excuse for quitting leaving Apprentice will be that she has to get home to be wit her girls… expeshully our lil Milania…


(Thanks to SH reader “Cybraxis”!!!)