Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Joe Giudice CAUGHT With Another Woman!

September 29, 2011  4:00 pm

                                                Whaaaaaat???  NO!  My Joe would NEVER be out wit no one!  NEVER!  

Rumors have been circulating for months (or years according to my NJ “insider”) regarding Joe Giudice not being entirely faithful to Tree.

FINALLY!!!  Someone had the brains to whip out their phone and take a photo of Juicy out with another woman!

                                                                           Tree:  Oh!  That’s not my Juicy… dats his brother.  And da girl is… uh… his brother’s daughter.  Yeah… my niece!  That’s it… it’s my brother-in-law out wit my niece.  See?  Toldju it wasn’t Juicy!

RadarOnline is reporting that Juicy was out with someone who was not Tree… here.  

                                                                                        Oh, we’re not splittin’ up… Juicy would never go nowheres without me!

Well, this is not the first time that Juicy has been out.  Back in March, Tree was havin’ a spaz attack because Juicy was out without her and she very quickly wrote on her blog that she and Juicy were not splitting up…

“It’s that time of year again… the birds are singing, the weather is nice, and people start gossiping about who’s breaking up with who. At least twice a year someone says Joe and I have split. I want you all to hear directly from me: NOT TRUE. Joe and I are still together as we’ve always been. I love him as much now as the day we got married. I’m torn writing this because I don’t want to give any attention to the slimy tabloids, but I got a lot of wonderful messages from people worried about us and I didn’t want you all to worry! (You are all so sweet!!!)

I was going to post this today anyway, so here you go: this is one our Joe’s and my engagement pictures. I found it when I was pulling photos for “Fabulicious.” How handsome is he? LOVE him! (The photo was taken by Abbey Creative Photography in Palisades Park, NJ.)

Have a great weekend everyone! Tonight I have a baby shower for a friend, and tomorrow night is Date Night for me and Joe. Sunday, big dance competition for me and the girls (I’m dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous.”) Wish me luck! xx”

So, what does an “insider,” (SH has more than one NJ “insider!) who knows Juicy pretty damn well, have to say about Juicy bein’ out with other women???

“i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone  not a partner wife or friend    he will rot in hell.”

How is Tree gonna try to explain this one away????  You’re caught, Juicy!!!
(Thanks to SH reader “TurtleTime”!!!)

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100 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Joe Giudice CAUGHT With Another Woman!

            • The account was suspended yesterday when I tried to look it up. It probably had something to do with her being a minor? Don’t know much about twitter but I know on facebook you can file complaints if people are impersonating someone else ?? Hopefully the comedic genius behind it will figure something out and start it again. I really think it was Greg because a lot of the tweets were about Tree and Joe and mocking them. Greg is clearly Team Mel and Kathy.

  1. Maybe that girl has her notary stamp that juicy is just dying to get his hands on.. ya know for biznus purposes…. I seriously hope Tree leaves him. She holds ALL the cards now.

  2. YOWZA! Interesting!… I’m anxious to see what comes of this.
    Can you believe I’ve not watched the last two episodes of NJ yet?! I’m so behind :^(

    • Could that be Sheila with Joe’s brother not Joe though? They do look very similar and the picture is not very clear.

      • Now it could very well be. Same as his absolute hatred for MeGo since according to a BI it might have been that ole Juicy took a go at her too once upon a time. And if the rumors of MeGO being a stripper on the make back in the day are true then I could totally see that happening since Juicy has been rumored to love the tt bars.
        odd since Tree claimed he was a butt man..

    • Ikr,. Of course its Trees money. He prolly paid out of a fat wad of cash/allowance.
      Although I must say that the cash only policy that juicy adherers to prolly saved him many a time from that embarrassing credit card bill with un-explainable charges on it . ifn ya know what I mean

    • I wouldn’t let my husband buy her a meal off the Dollar Menu at McDonalds! Tree needs a P.I. But she will come out with some kind of statement and defend him. Remember, they renewed their wedding vows…her in a Pianni $25,000 wedding dress? So next we”ll see her on “Just say yes, to the dress.” Hell the Duggers did the show, all 500 of them showed up, and those guys from American Chopper.

  3. Trees last tweet 2 hours ago
    Sorry, it’s NOT true. But you’ll all have to turn in to Season 4 of RHONJ to see what really happens (the truth is actually way scarier…)

  4. Whew! Tree must be SO relieved! After having Greg on his butt (literally, standing on his butt while doing pushups) then jumping on Greg’s shoulders for that “cock fight” in Punta Cana, and all that “fa&&ot” texting with JoGo, Tree must have been worried JoDice switched teams. This will put her mind at ease!

  5. They don’t look too cozy. A man can’t eat with another woman? You can’t even tell if they’re alone. He may or may not be fooling around, but this is no smoking gun.

    • vp: Looks are deceiving. The photo looks very innocent… it is the diners who were watching them, describing their behavior that is the most telling. This is not the first time that Juicy has been out with someone not Tree… it is the first time there’s photo proof of it. TFC!!! SH

  6. Tree would never leave Juicy. No matter what. She will continue to cover and lie, knowing the full truth. I mean come on, she believes everything he says, and seems to instantly defend him no matter what. I’m thinking its a way of life for some old school Italians. Kinda like on the sopranos, the woman puts so much stock on the sanctity of marriage and the kids needing an intact family, they seem to overlook a lot. And it works for all of them, until you go on national TV and have millions of eyes on your marriage. Anywhoodle, just an idea. But IMO, tree deserves everything she gets, including a cheating husband.

  7. I had heard that this ‘Tara’ everyone has been talking about is a blonde. Not that she couldn’t have dyed her hair, but just wandering. Anyone else remember her supposedly being blonde?

  8. I’m a little dissappointed that the pic isn’t clearer. I would think that with cell phones today that would no longer be an issue.

  9. I think whoever took the pic, was kinda unsure of who it was. If he had been with Tree, that’s a given. Maybe a case of “Doesn’t he look familiar?” Then sold it to RadarOnLine…such is life.

      • It seems to me that Joe’s sideburns aren’t as long as the guy in the photo’s. But then again, I’m watching a show filmed a few months ago and he could of grown them out since.
        It’s not anything definite. If the photo was clearer, then yea, but it’s such a bad photo, you can’t even make out his or her features real well.

  10. I agree with you, she is housewife stalker and has mental issues. I never heard of the accusations that she has said about SH. If I did, I wouldn’t have written her name or ever brought up her blog on this site.

    • ProHo, I hope we’re good. I have been on here since MS.SH started this site, and “SHE” has been a Pill!!! Her claiming to have exclusive interviews…yea, her and dozens of other bloggers all got the exclusive interview. Nothing was revealed in any of them…standard PR stuff, and she thinks she’s so special? Not trying to upset you…

  11. I really hope this is not what it seems, even tho I don’t trust Joe one bit!! If this hasn’t happened in the past and Tree finds out it’s true, I’m afraid it would send her over the edge. She has been thru enough, while supporiting his ol’ ugly self!! I know Tree is whacky and doesn’t know when to shut up, but I think she truly loves that man and will hang onto him no matter what.

    • Elvis: Uh… I don’t know what you been readin’ ’bout Juicy or where you get your info… but, it HAS happened in the past. There have been reliable reports that Juicy steps out on Tree quite a bit. TFC!! SH

  12. alright, alright, everyone. Can I get you each a glass of pinot grigio or a vicodin? I do so like to be a top of the line hostess.

  13. I have to say it. They sure were pretty. There is nothing more beautiful then natural beauty. Those two had it in the beginning. I am so sorry they got involved in all this HW nonsence. I get it that they have made there choices. Bad ones. But what kills me is to think at one time they truely did love each other. That she is so much more beautiful as a natural Italian. He looked so much better without all the sterodial additions. It breaks my heart to think that once long ago those two had love and their children actualy had a real mom and dad. The picture ? I am not sure i do get it. I dont see mushy stuff going on. I guess we all will find out the story behind the picture. Joe shame on you…..

  14. Idk know who the woman is in the pic above…perhaps Tara or the “Teresa” look-a-like stripper from the club in Patterson….

  15. I think Jax’s reference about people living differntly off camera (or something close to that) in her recent tweets refers to Tre and Juicy. There’s no way with all the pressure they are under could any couple remain so loving…and Tre will “never say die”…. she’s not that type and it’s just not for the camera…I suspect that’s her personality. Everything is always fine because it’s just easier on some level. Juicy and Tre are on the HW’s gravy train…it’s just a matter of time before Juicy can’t take it no more and jumps off.

  16. I do not know how you feel but Tre and everybody else at Jersey is just pathetic now. If this was awhile ago I would be happy and say”see drop the old troll” but now its just sad. These housewives just need to be cut. Hopefully Atlanta takes me out of this housewives depress me mode.

  17. I saw a pic from the fashion show on another blog and Juicy was with Tre. I am sure he is a cheating husband without a doubt but do not think the pic above is of him.

  18. Hey SH!! Long time lurked, first time poster! I wanted to know if you have talked to your insider about what happened and what your opinions are of the throw down at the fashion show. Also, do you think there is any truth to the rumor that something happened with Melissa and Juicy? Love your site!

  19. Ok. Sounds like its time for another pill, so can someone get a long island ice tea for me! And if you dont mind put a cherry on top! lol…Dont be stingy with the booze please….LOL…Ahhh..nice and bad its just a glass of water..LOL

  20. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen more on Juicy running on Teresa. It sure looks like him, and the gal isn’t Teresa, so who is she. It could be innocent or not, I’m giddy with anticipation.

  21. Tree should leave him! All of her problems are caused by Joe Giudice.

    I’m placing $100 that the photo is of him. The ‘slouching turtle’ posture is unmistakable.

  22. To ProHo & cc/mc….I cannot find what yall are referencing, so can we please drop it? It sounds as though ProHo has made multiple apologies for any bad blog etiquette she used and since none of us can read where this slip was made, its taking reading time away from all the good comments about Juicy and Tre, which is what the sites for anyways.

    • It’s been dropped honey(Is it okay if I call you honey? Or do you want me to use another word) Let’s get one thing straight: It is none of your business what me and Click were talking about. Oh and we weren’t arguing, we were simply talking about something that I had said that bothered Click.

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