Real Housewives of New Jersey: SH “Exclusive!” Blind Item… REVEALED!!! Melissa Gorga Got Some Competition!


As promised, the identity of the Blind Item which was posted on SH four days ago (here) can be revealed… are you ready???

It’s TreyC… Melissa Gorga’s cousin!

                                                                                                                      Auto-tune not necessary…

As of today, Melissa is unaware of TreyC and her music aspirations.  TreyC DOES have talent!  And CAN sing!

TreyC will have an album out in Spring 2012… but in the meantime, listen to her single “Standing In The Rain.”

Standing In The Rain

You can read more about TreyC on her Facebook page… HERE.   

NOTE:  Many SH readers figured this one out pretty easily… there will be a drawing among the readers who submitted the correct answer for a HWs t-shirt, which will be arriving at SH early next week.  If you are chosen, SH will send you an email asking for your complete name and address.

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76 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: SH “Exclusive!” Blind Item… REVEALED!!! Melissa Gorga Got Some Competition!

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if the duct taped models at the Posh fashion show were modeling to this single? Ya know so the camera could move in for a tight shot of MeGo’s face. Maybe.. jist maybe THAT is the “Blood” that JoGo(aka MeGo) was going off about in his twitter


  2. MP, I’m pretty sure Joe was going off on Teresa on Twitter because he made a suck up comment to that hag face Lysa Simpson about ‘to the best sister in the world besides Kim’ which is a direct dig at Teresa. All of this is too fascinating – and kinda sickening really. I don’t like any of them to be a fan, but I usually root for the underdog and DANG…. Teresa is being buried alive. Not sure what she did, but… this can’t be good.


    • You are right.I saw that tweet too but I have always suspected that Mel tweets for him. so it could have been an intentional dig or a mess up on Mel’s part.. Or they could all be playing us hard core and Twitter is just part of the hype.
      I was so imagining a plot involving this cousin. They play the song, Mel steams about not being told about it, and Tree gloats and says “now ya know how I felt!!” and then Don pipes in with a “zip it” at the wrong time/wrong place and baddaboom baddabing. we got us a HW hootenanny, …. I mean that how I would induce it if I was a producer.
      Icing on the cake? If this TreyC is blurry face guys daughter. yall memeber him?


  3. YAY! I answered correctly! I felt that she had an Italian woman’s voice when I listened to her sing. She definitely has true talent there, and I wish her all the success that TreyC merits! As for Melissa, I did watch a few episodes here and there during RHONJ’s season, but I was not impressed by her singing, and I would never purchase her song on I-tunes.

    L’Shana Tova to all! It is the Jewish New Year- a time for rememberance, and the sweetness of life. May you all be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

    Mr. R
    Btw- Mr. R is not Jewish yet, but has prospects for converting to Judaism!!!!


    • I’m Jewish too and L’Shana Tova to you, Mr. R, and all your loved ones! Welcome to “The Tribe!”

      On a different note (pun intended) — what’s going to happen to that expensive recording studio JoeGo paid for? How many “hits” are going to emanate from that basement?


      • Thank You Robin! I consider myself to be a righteous gentile for the moment!

        As for the Gorga’s, who knows what will happen to that recording stuido, as I highly doubt that she’ll be able to produce an album or more songs due to her lack of talents! She has a degree elementary education and psychology, so she should further develop those talents. She also seems like a loving mother; therefore, she should work with what G-d gave her!


        • Awwww thank you Mr R. I am not Jewish but I like could use a do-over right about now. broke all my gentile resolutions already ;)
          good luck to you too on the drawing.


          • @MP
            I think Rosh Hashanah applies to all people today, for it is remembering that God created Adam and Eve and then they sinned by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, if you believe in that.

            Bottom line: We all makes mistakes; we are human, and we learn from our mistakes. Sincerely repent, promise not to do it again, and we move foward.
            As for resolutions, you can always pick yourself mid-year and start from scratch! Everyday is fresh and new!!!

            Peace, love, joy, and sweetness to all!

            Oh and to bring this back to RHONJ- I hope the wives on that show can look at themselves and learn from their mistakes and experiances. Teresa and Melissa need to dissolve that resentment, and I’m certain they can have a healthier relationship once they begin to rejoice for each other’s blessings. They need to remember that they have children, and those children deserve to have the best family life possible.

            **** I promise I won’t make any more references to religion*****


            • Mr.R: Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky! What!? No religious references??? Why the hell not?? Somma those HWs need some religion! If MeGo didn’t just flap her mouth about “thankin’ Jesus” all the time and maybe went to Confession, maybe she’s have a better outlook on her ‘problems’ and maybe influence Tree to join her. Hey, just a thought… really, though, ya know THAT’S never gonna happen!!! LOL! TFC!!! SH


            • LOLOLOLOL. Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky! HAHAHA

              I think Melly uses Jesus as a vehicle to divert her negativity off to others! She thanks Jesus; therefore, she must be a good lady, right? Oy Vey- I saw through her instantly, especially at the Christening and what had ensued!
              I just felt a little uncomfortable about discussing religion here because I’m not sure what the boundaries are here for topics that truly veer off course from intended disucssion. However, since that it seems okay, I’ll discern when it’s okay to discuss a religious topic, especially if it pertains to the HWs.


            • lol. I was the victim of an impromptu exorcism courtesy of my batchit family memeber with a holiness background back in the day. But I dont think she did it right since it only succeeded in pissing me off. lol or muhahahahaha
              But seriously I didnt know that Orthodox Greeks do it to all their children too. Cant say that I am a fan of it since mine was uncalled for and redick but.. I learn sumpin new every day.


            • I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experiance with an excorcism. I’ve never had one, so I can’t comment on it. I’m pretty sure that most or all Orthodox Christians still have excorcisms performed during the baptism ceremony. I have to admit that it was strange to witness one. My children will not be subjected to one!


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        • hmm I did some digging and it says her first photo shoot was on Dec 6th 2010. It seems she has been dabbling in the business before we had even come to know our beautiful Mego. Hmm my guess is now that people have discovered a leak they are going to rant and rave in any way they can! Doesn’t seem like anyone went behind anyones back. Personally I like mellisas song as well as TreyC’s. Best wishes of success to both of you!

          Lots of animocity coming from “rebecca” hmm perhaps “rebecca” is closer to one of these upcoming starts then we think. :)


  5. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you start to insult someones physical appearance I think you are crossing the line!!! You need to remember that this is a 19 or 20 year old young woman. I honestly have no clue why women feel the need to attack each other, this is the reason why women today have such self esteem problems. I only hope that TreyC does not read your negative comments. She is a young woman chasing her dreams and trying to better herself and for that she should be applauded not made fun of or put down. I think we all need to show a little more respect for one another!


    • LMC: Welcome! As this is your first comment on SH, I will give you the rules of the site: NO foul language and NO attacking other commenters. There is no need for either to get your point across.

      As for your comment… in a perfect world, what you wrote would happen and it would be lovely. However, everyone has their opinion… and their opinion, just like yours… can be expressed on SH. Some of the opinions of TreyC will range from being plain mean, with no basis… to others which will be quite positive. I understand that TreyC is young (19); but, she will have to learn to simply ignore the negative comments about her… her looks, her clothes, her lashes, her hair, her music, her singing… and on and on! She is now a public figure and she, and/or you, will find that you cannot stop anyone from expressing their thoughts, whether good or bad.

      We at SH are pulling for TreyC… she has a wonderful voice and, compared to her cousin, is very vocally talented. We wish her nothing but the best… but you, nor anyone else, cannot stop anyone from speaking their mind. Hope this helps a bit! TFC!!!! SH


      • agreed. on everything. lolll.yea some people do go harrddd on here sometimes (but that’s what makes it fun to read hehe) she has probably been through the whole high school phase already and learned that people are just who they are and that there are bound to be some negative comments about her..especially in the entertainment career. P.s TreyC if you’re reading…don’t worry about the forehead lmao Tyra Banks has a huge one and shes a huge Model Millionaire!! LOL


  6. LMC, All I did was post a couple of tweets from Kandi and Kim Z, and a YouTube of Kim and Neicey…a parody. If you want to call someone out on a comment, use their name. This is a blog, and alot of people take it directed to them, when they said nothing wrong.


    • Click: Did you post the parody with Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash??? That’s on SH, so anyone who hasn’t seen it just do a search on SH. It’s a couple of years old, but it is sooooo funny! Miss ya, Click!!! But, like I said on another post, I read you and MP and Entree and AOM and all you other EVERY DAY! So, I’ve been keeping up with what’s goin’ on at SH… just finally got some time to comment! And you ain’t around!! What’s up with that??? Well, catch ya next time!!!


    • @ TBA, I agree! This girl has some talent! I have listened to this 4 times now, not including MsSH’s first post. I got chills when I heard it. I realize not everything is everyone’s thing. She has great pitch and tonality. I love it! I wish someone would tweet this to Mego.


  7. GO Ms SH!!! Love the “exclusive”… LOL!!! Oh, you funny! Yeah, write “exclusive” all over this one!

    OK, now for the singer. IMO, she really has a great voice! Just wondering how this is all gonna go over with MeGo?? Now THAT is something that I would just love to see… when MeGo was told that her cousin got a music gig, MeGo prolly flipped out. LOL!!! Sorry, MeGo, but you don’t got no talent… your own cousin, TreyC, on the other hand, can actually sing and don’t need no auto-tune! Oh, too bad for MeGo… and for JoGo for sinkin’ all that money into MeGo’s home recording studio. They ain’t never gonna get that money back… at least not from MeGo’s record sales!


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