Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim Granatell… Tweetin’ Away Still…

Kim Granatell, the Gladys Kravitz of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is having a great time getting back at everyone that ever crossed her on RHONJ or ever looked at her cross-eyed or ever crossed the street in front of her or made the sign of the cross while saying, “Thank you, Jesus” and blowin’ kisses to the sky…

Kim just tweeted these messages an hour ago…

                               OK, Kim… let’s stop talking in code and just say what you got to say… “never gave Bravo conditions?”  What does that mean???

Kim unravels a few of the mystery tweets about the reunion…  Melissa is the New Jersey Housewife who Jax mentioned on her tweets from yesterday as being ‘set up’. The HW “playing innocent?”  Who else, but Tree.



NOTE:  The photo submitted to RadarOnline showing Juicy at a restaurant with someone who was not Tree… was submitted by Kim’s “friend,” da magnet.  Wonder how much he got for the photo… and if he actually did take the photo, being the “reporter” that he is, how could he not find out or at least attempt to find out the identity of Juicy’s dining partner?

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49 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim Granatell… Tweetin’ Away Still…

  1. I’m looking @ this on my phone & haven’t seen the pics of Juicy but this does not look like Juicy…the nose is wrong…am I wrong?

  2. Kim is delusion and vicious. What angers you owns you and she is definitely owned by her anger and quest for vengeance. She is obsessed with “making them pay”. It’s demented.

    • So very well said, Bubbies! I agree, I have always maintained that this is one vicious, sadistic biyotch. She has inserted herself into every single argument to fan the flames and bathe in the hate.

      I hope she reads this and understands that she is a filthy, disgusting, plastic pig who probably has NO real friends, just shallow hangers-on who are attracted by her $$$ and the fact that she has a limo and driver.

  3. I cannot express how much I dislike this person. Shouldn’t she be in a retirement home somewhere with the rest of the elderly? She needs to go away!

  4. I don’t think any respectable retirement home would allow this trashy woman within 100 yards of the place. She is the epitome of trash. To quote Luann….”money can’t buy you class.” Boy is it ever true in the case with Kim Granatell. And I am one of those people who thanks God everyday for making me ‘me’, and not someone like her. I’d rather be of modest income, and respectable any day of the week.

  5. Let’s not forget that KimG refused to respond to any tweets for the past 24 months, until now–she totally blew off any comments directed at her. I don’t begrudge her responding now that she’s been kind of vindicated in some of her past statements, but I DO wonder why she didn’t speak up earlier, if she knew Bravo was setting this stuff up.

  6. No, that looks like Juicy. Has worn that shirt before and those are his arm’s. Could that be (really be) Danielle Staub he is having lunch with. You know after the tabling flipping he was getting her drinks in the lounge and Tre was not happy. Oh Wow would that not be a heck of a HEADLINE for either the gossip mags or the obituary section (as that would be it for Juicy)!!!

  7. i dont think its danielle because on radar they said it was it girl in her late twenties to early thirties. I also believe that the manzos have an in with bravo because when they turn on someone THEY really turn on someone. Also i know caroline hates teresa because of what happened in punta cana with her boys and the giudices. I still dont like the manzos at all they really act like a mafioso family and i believe that they are all ganging up on teresa and taking slutty mc slut slut melissas side.

  8. Ok, I need help. I have a twitter account for awhile, but I need some schooling. If anyone can help with some one on one, I would appreciate. I feel really stupid considering Tree can do it. Maybe its all the pinot.

  9. Kim is NUTS and I’ll watch any show she crashes. However, I’d also like a preemptive restraining order so she can never come within 1 mile of me.

  10. That does not look like Joe to me. This guy looks like he just rolled out of a ditch, I’ve never seen Joe with messy hair…. is his hair long enough to be that messy? Who has an affair in public?

    • The fact that da magnet submitted or took the picture is suspicious. Him and Granny are out to get Tre. I don’t think that looks like Joe either!

  11. Joodice castle conversation:
    Joe, look what da blogs r sayin bout you, is it true?
    Tree, shaddup, come on ya know your fidget bruddas behine it. Him and dat witch wifeahis.
    See, ya just gotta be honest and tell da truth

  12. The saddest and sickest part about Kim is she had three grown kids who must read or hear about her sick and evil ways. Does she have NO self respect or pride or is she just that ignorant?! I would be so ashamed to call her my mother! Unless they excuse it because of her being elderly. :)

    BTW, on the daily posts that SH sends out, I’m getting only blank pages. Is anyone else? Have any idea how to fix that? I hate missing a thing!

    • Elvis: All I can do about the emails right now is simply apologize to everyone. This is a problem stemming from WP, not SH. I have contacted WP four times re this matter… as yet, I have had NO response and I am pisssssssed! Again, am keeping on it, please be patient with me. Thank you. TFC!!! SH

      • Maybe if we knew what email client everyone who receives blank emails used, it’d be more helpful to WP? Seems like more work, I know… They might want that info…

    • Just saw that….If that’s the way it really played out, Bravo should be ashamed. Someone is gonna get sued out the wazooo if they don’t stop playing with people’s lives. I’m truly disgusted.

    • I think Melissa set her own self up. because of this part:
      “Giudice, who then attempted to comfort Gorga, was shrugged off as a distraught Gorga went straight to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita for shoulders to lean on.”
      Another inappropriate response out of camp Gorga.

      • OMG i Totally thought the same thing. Eveyrone is saying Tre set her up, or Bravo set her up, but what if SHE created this whole thing. she seems the least shocked/upset about the whole thing. And say what you want about Tre, she doesnt like Mel fine, but she clearly doesnt want to hurt her parents or her nieces and nephews and this would cause them super humiliation and damage.

        • yes and open the pandora’s box further for the rape allegations to surface. I dont think Tree is behind this at all.

          • I def think the truth is somewhere between the Rob article and another article. I mean we are supposed to believe Bravo set up for Kim G AND Danielle to be there, but people are saying We shouldnt believe Bravo set this whole thing up or Teresa.. COME ON!!!!

    • What was the name of the strip club where Tinydancer Danny and Dirty Danielle took Grannytail to learn the tricks of the trade?

        • So is the strip club that MeGo worked in one that Juicy has been known to frequent? I bet yall a dime to a donut she denies the stripper part and claims she was just a bartender there. Not that there is anything wrong with dancing for a living. But she doesnt have the strength of character it takes to own up to it.

          • Funny you should say that, I was thinking the same thing. Lookers is pretty popular and it’s in the same area where Mel lived (also near college she attended). There is a diner kinda attached to it. You can actually order food and they bring it into the club. I’m thinking she’ll say she worked at the dinner part. I had the funniest experience there about 13 yrs ago…I started a new job and I was taken to lunch by my boss and 2 co workers (men) there. We ate and then my boss and co worker disappeared for an hour. I sat and made small talk with the other guy. I still can’t believe they took me there,lol. Dumpy place then but pretty good food. Nothing better then a good burger and big boobs,I guess.

          • Lookers is a pretty popular strip with a diner kinda attached to it. You can order food to eat in the club (good food,lol). Now you know where this is going……I’m thinking Mel might say she worked in the diner or was a runner. I’m in the same age group and grew up near the ladies, and that was the place for my guy friends to go growing up. Pretty girls,no c scars but no touchin,lol. Soooo I’m sure Juicy has been there a lot.

  13. OMG I died laughing MS SH! KimG IS the Gladys Kravitz of RHONJ. Your rapier wit is inspirational! AND spot on!

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