Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline Manzo… Brownstone Sauce Ready To Go

                                          Get her the hell away from me before I throw this plate a pasta with the delicious, aromatic, tasty and trademarked Brownstone sauce at her mermaid bikini azz…

In the long line of the Housewives-endorsed products, Caroline Manzo is extremely excited and proud to present her new handbag line Brownstone Sauce… available NOW at a Corrado’s Italian Market near you!!!  Oh, there’s no Corrado’s near you?  Hey, it’s just a car ride from anywhere to Jersey…

                                                                    Geez… hope the sauce goes over better than the BLK water…

And really hope that Milania doesn’t go near the sauce aisle when she’s in Corrado’s with Tree…



12 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline Manzo… Brownstone Sauce Ready To Go

  1. Am I hearing that right, all the girls call their Uncle Joe Gorga, “Dear Joe” I thought that was what Gia called him at Milania’s B-day party and then Tree said it again in that clip. If I didn’t think GoJo was such a psyco pervert I would think that was sweet.

    I wonder how much they paid Lauren’s boy friend to peel all those Ragu labels off those jars and then glue on all the Brownstone labels. That must have taken forever!


  2. What is up with that family an off colored eatables? Brown and sauce should never go together. Neither should black and water. Too many icky visuals.


  3. i have to say i love this show, i just wanted to say that my sister had come to the brownstone to take pictures for a party and Caroline’s husband was not very nice…. i know maybe t has been stressful but he was so mean to her and her assistant and there was no reason for it…. makes you think twice about that show what’s real and what’s not?


  4. No Manzo Cookbook, No good sauce, no good water, gee think they might all piece a little jealous of all the success Teresa, and Dina are having with everything they do? The Manzo boys need to go find a real job. Quit sponging of the folks. That goes for Lauren also.


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