Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo… Shillin’ The BLK Water Swill

                                                                            Oh, I KNOW I’m cute!  And this chick is totally under my spell… my fulvic acid spell!  Oh, she’s gonna drink my BLK water… I ain’t gonna drink the stuff, but she will… just ’cause I’m soooo cute!

Awww… this is soooo cute!   One of the Manzo “Boyz” … Lil Albie… was out pushin’ his BLK water and did a little interview touting the benefits of the black liquid in the following video.

Unfortunately, nothing that he said could be heard… and, apparently he’s been out just everywhere tryin’ to sell this stuff, because he didn’t even know where he was…

Maybe he got confused… Albie IS runnin’ for Sheriff of Hoboken, so maybe he just got his political ambitions and his BLK water ambitions mixed up.