Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo… Shillin’ The BLK Water Swill

                                                                            Oh, I KNOW I’m cute!  And this chick is totally under my spell… my fulvic acid spell!  Oh, she’s gonna drink my BLK water… I ain’t gonna drink the stuff, but she will… just ’cause I’m soooo cute!

Awww… this is soooo cute!   One of the Manzo “Boyz” … Lil Albie… was out pushin’ his BLK water and did a little interview touting the benefits of the black liquid in the following video.

Unfortunately, nothing that he said could be heard… and, apparently he’s been out just everywhere tryin’ to sell this stuff, because he didn’t even know where he was…

Maybe he got confused… Albie IS runnin’ for Sheriff of Hoboken, so maybe he just got his political ambitions and his BLK water ambitions mixed up.

23 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo… Shillin’ The BLK Water Swill

  1. Albie no learn. Drinky black good. Albie drinky black to help grades. Albie read new book. See Greggy run. Mommy say when Albie Sheriff he get shiny star.


    • Has anyone else noticed that all of this Jersey guys let the women run things saying notta while rubbing their chin stubble? As in….someone asked one a question……they eye them while rubbing their faces. Hmm maybe its code for something else? lol


  2. Albie, you really shoulda practiced your lil vulva water presentation in front of the mirror a few times. Instead, it’s pretty obvious that you chose to smile at yourself and admire the dimples that your mommy told you is part of the reason you’re so privileged and why you don’t have to go to college anymore. Nobody’s buying it or blk. Nice try. Now put your professional panties on before you send uncle Chris to the poor house and aunt Jax back to whore-in! Stoopid


  3. That was hilarious! Oh, who cares what Albie has to say… ain’t he just the cutest? Ever??? LOL!! I had to listen to the video twice before I caught him saying that he’s actually 85 years old… I bet he doesn’t even drink that sludge…


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