For SH Readers ONLY: All Others… Close Your Eyes; Keep ‘Em Closed… Walk Away

Dear SH Readers,

First, thank you for reading SH.   There are some small changes, which I wanted to address with you.  I value my readers… in particular the readers who have been with SH from the beginning… so, it is only courteous to explain the changes to SH.  They are NOT big changes at all, but still, IMO, it’s just good manners to let you know what’s going on.

As you are aware, there are some ads on SH.  If you feel like clicking on them, fine… if not, that’s fine, too.  As mentioned on SH a few months ago, I said that there would be NO ads on SH.  The internet ad companies that have been requesting space have been turned down multiple times and unless one of them comes back with a bigger signing bonus and a ton of money, there will just be the unobtrusive Google ads.  For now… I am just trying them out.  The Google ads may stay or they may not… and, again, click ’em or not!  If you do, thank you in advance… it’s much appreciated.  As for them being permanent… we’ll see how this goes!

                                                                                      Yeah, you old troll… gimme a t-shirt with that pizza!!!

Next… the t-shirts which were mentioned in the Blind Item several days ago are almost ready.  You will know when they will be available, as there will be a PayPal button on SH if anyone wishes to purchase one when they arrive… which will be any day now!

Last… I have also been re-thinking my stance on interviews.  When I wrote saying that there would be NO ads, I also wrote saying that there would be NO interviews with any of the Housewives.  As you know, I’ve been approached to conduct interviews with Housewives; however, there were restraints required of what I could ask the cast member during the interview.

Here’s my dilemma:  accept the offer to interview the Housewife with the restrictions so that the information that the Housewife and/or their PR rep wants to jam down your throats gets to you quicker because it’s gonna come out anyway… OR… screw ’em and accept NO interview offers unless some real questions can be asked of the cast member? I would greatly appreciate any feedback re this interview matter as I’m really torn about it.

I already feel as though I have caved in to “da man” and gone all “establishment” by accepting the Google ads, so on one hand I’m thinking that by posting “canned” interviews I’m going even deeper into the abyss of “Bravo-think”… kind of accepting the fact that the Housewives franchises are blatantly “producer-induced,” so why not publish the swill that they wish you to know via their interviews.  Or, would you, as readers, rather read a discussion with a cast member based on questions that we as viewers, and you as readers of SH, would really want to know about the cast member being interviewed (if that would at all be possible)?  Again, would appreciate any feedback!  You could even say that you simply don’t care either way!

Thank you for reading SH!  SH is just shy of the 3 million mark in under a year’s time… and that milestone could never have been reached if not for YOU.  So, again, thank you.