For SH Readers ONLY: All Others… Close Your Eyes; Keep ‘Em Closed… Walk Away

Dear SH Readers,

First, thank you for reading SH.   There are some small changes, which I wanted to address with you.  I value my readers… in particular the readers who have been with SH from the beginning… so, it is only courteous to explain the changes to SH.  They are NOT big changes at all, but still, IMO, it’s just good manners to let you know what’s going on.

As you are aware, there are some ads on SH.  If you feel like clicking on them, fine… if not, that’s fine, too.  As mentioned on SH a few months ago, I said that there would be NO ads on SH.  The internet ad companies that have been requesting space have been turned down multiple times and unless one of them comes back with a bigger signing bonus and a ton of money, there will just be the unobtrusive Google ads.  For now… I am just trying them out.  The Google ads may stay or they may not… and, again, click ‘em or not!  If you do, thank you in advance… it’s much appreciated.  As for them being permanent… we’ll see how this goes!

                                                                                      Yeah, you old troll… gimme a t-shirt with that pizza!!!

Next… the t-shirts which were mentioned in the Blind Item several days ago are almost ready.  You will know when they will be available, as there will be a PayPal button on SH if anyone wishes to purchase one when they arrive… which will be any day now!

Last… I have also been re-thinking my stance on interviews.  When I wrote saying that there would be NO ads, I also wrote saying that there would be NO interviews with any of the Housewives.  As you know, I’ve been approached to conduct interviews with Housewives; however, there were restraints required of what I could ask the cast member during the interview.

Here’s my dilemma:  accept the offer to interview the Housewife with the restrictions so that the information that the Housewife and/or their PR rep wants to jam down your throats gets to you quicker because it’s gonna come out anyway… OR… screw ‘em and accept NO interview offers unless some real questions can be asked of the cast member? I would greatly appreciate any feedback re this interview matter as I’m really torn about it.

I already feel as though I have caved in to “da man” and gone all “establishment” by accepting the Google ads, so on one hand I’m thinking that by posting “canned” interviews I’m going even deeper into the abyss of “Bravo-think”… kind of accepting the fact that the Housewives franchises are blatantly “producer-induced,” so why not publish the swill that they wish you to know via their interviews.  Or, would you, as readers, rather read a discussion with a cast member based on questions that we as viewers, and you as readers of SH, would really want to know about the cast member being interviewed (if that would at all be possible)?  Again, would appreciate any feedback!  You could even say that you simply don’t care either way!

Thank you for reading SH!  SH is just shy of the 3 million mark in under a year’s time… and that milestone could never have been reached if not for YOU.  So, again, thank you.


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66 comments on “For SH Readers ONLY: All Others… Close Your Eyes; Keep ‘Em Closed… Walk Away

  1. I’m just gonna go ahead and basically ditto what everyone else was sayin. I didn’t plan to respond but thought it better to have a larger set of data to work with.
    I’m totally fine with google ads. They are so less intrusive. I’m cool with ads in general if they aren’t aggressive and keep me from viewing the actual content of the site.
    As far as interviews go, I think most of us, as mentioned in above comments, are aware and attracted to your integrity (& humor) I personally have no doubt that you’ll make the decision that benefits you an your readers best. If the HWs really want to use your platform, you will find a way to comprise the interview material without compromising your integrity. You never know. You may find sneaky ways to get some interesting answers from them! If the interviews are all PR fluff, then I think you’ll be smart enough to know…
    Guess that’s it!
    Thanks for asking for our opinion! Oh, and I would support whatever decision you end up making. It’s your site after all!

  2. I agree with everyone who posted above me!
    One of the wonderful things about this site is that is is an extension of you and you’ve attracted posters/readers who like your vibe and the vibe of the site…so along that line I would say that unless you can find a way to conduct the interviews in a way that stays true to yourself, don’t do them at all. You probably won’t enjoy them much and it will translate to us. Whatever you decide to do, I don’t think you are in any danger of becoming a suck up to Bravo, It doesn’t seem like your style or intent for this site.
    We are all so tired of the Bravo HW marketed persona’s, the masks they wear, and their personal agenda’s to profit from their “fame”.
    I think it would be interesting if you interviewed people who are affiliated/related or have scoop on the HW’s and we all got to know some of the behind the scenes deals about the HW’s or their men. Even if you interviewed someone who was a friend/relative in good standing of one of them, as long as the rules of your site and your interview’s was that you can ask whatever you want, you would at least be able to get a real read on the person being discussed and the person you were interviewing.
    It might take a little research, but I think it would be interesting, a unique angle and fun to think of questions to ask. You could even throw it out to the readers of your site once you know you will be interviewing the person and see if you can work some proposed questions into your interview.
    Whatever you do, I will keep on enjoying your site and I think it’s cool that you ask your readers what they think about some of the decisions you make regarding
    And(last thing) I don’t mind the ad’s one bit. I think you should be rewarded for what you do in every way possible and allow all the goodies to come back to you..I wouldn’t mind full blown ads, as long as nothing blinks, makes weird “you’ve won” sounds or pops up suddenly I’m cool.

  3. Life is short….go with your gut and do what makes you happy. Try to make sure you have an “out” in either case…..If you get stressed then bail! We’ll back you either way.

  4. SH, as you know, I recently found your site. And I love the support and sense of community here; it feels like I’m hanging with a bunch of good friends – and for that, I thank you heartily!

    So — YES! You must accept ads. You absolutely deserve to make money. When you start a blog and it grows, organically, to become a must-read for a certain demographic, it is an HONOR that the advertisers want to support you. For this, too, I say “Congrats!” It is NOT selling out. It’s a sign of success from hard work and dedication.

    Regarding the interviews. I am also a writer and do interviews as part of my work. I interviewed Dina once and it was, for me, quite enjoyable.

    You are indeed in a rock and a hard place with interviews. When you are NOT allowed to venture out of the tight safebox, it makes for a very boring, repetitive piece. If you have to follow script — you may lose the very factor that makes this blogsite extremely popular — its unique essence of natural conversation.

    I do hope my insight is of some value to you. Again, thanks for this terrific site! XOXO, Robin

  5. I totally agree with hereswhat. You have to do what is right for you and your site. The subscribers might really enjoy it in the long run (change can be hard, going from IE to Chrome ETC…). It is just which shoulder do you listen to. The devil side or the angel side. Good luck to you. In addition, I have contacted word-press numerous times to correct the site you have. They are screwing it up as still not repaired. I am not saying I will unsubscribe I just wish they would take your site in to more consideration for repair. XXOO Good Luck.

  6. SH please don’t succumb to restricted interviews! If you bend over and only let them decide the questions, then they are using you and your website so they can look they way THEY want to. I love your website because you always attempt to show all angles of the story and not hold back unflattering details. You work too hard to let some silly housewife have you ask questions to paint herself in a flattering light (we aren’t interested in that anyway!). You are wayyyy too good for that!

  7. Ms SH
    I will support whatever you decide, as it is your blog, and you deserve to make some money!!! You are a talented writer with excellent grammar skills, unlike some of the others out there who cannot form complete sentences!
    Do whatever feels good for you!
    I enjoy clicking ads, so I do it frequently!!!

    ~Mr. R

  8. I see you really have Bravo going…they NEEd you more than you need them. Great job, whatever you decide is A-OK with me. Isn’t it refreshing not to see Taylor splashed all over the tv this week?.

  9. Give at least one interview a try, I would love to see your hilarious Ms SH spin on it.

    Yes to ads, make yourself some money from this.

    Your blog is the most entertaining of all the RHW blogs i’ve seen & the only one I comment on & send my FB stalking finds. So well done, thanks & keep up the good work.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Panda so I just add a big “ditto” to your post (all except the FB part. Can’t remember last time I logged on) :)

  10. I would say give the interviews a try because I KNOW YOU would ask the GOOD questions we discuss on here. The TRUE question and the REAL ones…not the easy ones Andy always asks. Stay true to who you are MS. SH! Love ya and the site!

  11. Congrats on nearing 3 million!!!!!

    I don’t see how you’ve held out on ads for so long. Someone’s gotta help defray the cost of taste testings (Skinnygirl margarita, blk water, etc.) and with this Brownstone sauce coming out well, the ads can’t come soon enough.

    As for interviews, I think there’s enough interviews on Bravo, talk shows and other websites and I am not that motivated to read them. But if you choose to pursue, you should consider publishing any conditions placed on the interview (questions/topics that were off-limits) and any questions the HW refused to answer.

    Also, I think it might be interesting to read interviews of non-HWs. For example, behind-the-scenes interviews with supporting characters or your insiders whose identity you could still protect.

  12. I say that unless they agree to let you ask whatever you want to ask don’t waste your time with a scripted interview! Thank you for all you do and who cares about ads? I don’t and I wouldn’t fault anyone for putting them on their site…. Except the pop up overly elaborate ones- those I don’t like. Thanks for being real with us!

  13. I have to think that bravo is trying to dig its claws into this popular site to eventually have some type of control over its content. If you want to keep this site as a ‘free speech’ type of site I wouldn’t sign ANYTHING from Bravo. You can bet that within the agreement stating what questions can or can’t be asked you will find that it will go into what can and can’t be expressed/exposed on the site. I think they want to lock this down.

    • Korlvex: Thank you! Doubt very much if I can agree to doing something that I know will cause me grief and remorse afterward. Really, just wanted some honest opinions from SH readers and I’m getting them! So, thank you, again! TFC!!! SH

  14. Don’t fall into the Bravo hole… it’s greased up and once you fall in it, you won’t be able to get out! I agree with everyone so far… do not do the interviews IF they are Bravo-approved or fed to you by some PR outfit. Sca-rew those people! I would like to read the answers to real questions, not the junk that is fed by Bravo. But, I don’t think that would be possible… so no interviews. As for the ads, they don’t bother me a bit and I’ll be clicking.

    And, can’t wait to see the t-shirts!!!

  15. I am not interested in the interviews unless you can ask any question you want.
    Bloggers such as Reality Tea have become shills for Bravo ever since compromising in this area.
    With the Taylor Armstrong situation, we have seen and experienced first-hand the manipulative power of Bravo and PR people on behalf of these women.
    Please do not get caught up in that. Bravo wants to control everything out there on these women.
    Please be free.

  16. I’m saying this with my best southern girl manners. Please don’t cave into the housewife PR. No interviews! We love you untainted by them. Your the only place to go for the real scoop. NO INTERVIEWS please please oh please.

  17. I’ve been enjoying this site for a couple of months. Alas, I have nothing more insightful than most of your regulars have already stated. I just wanted to formally offer my congratulations on your hard work and this great site! Ads yes. Interviews no. Don’t mess with a great formula!

  18. I was so excited to do my first post and revealed my inner stoopid. Congratulations on hard work? yeesh. I meant — congratulations on the recognition of your hard work!

  19. I love it here because SH isn’t a butt kisser. I really don’t know who your favorite HW is and that’s nice. I think once you start interviewing (and have no control of questions) the scales start to tip and blogs become pro whoever you interviewed. You keep it light,funny and entertaining. No hatin and gettin yourself all worked up about one particular housewife. And… might piss them off that you won’t pick a team ;-)

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